Post Round 5 AFL Supercoach & DT Podcast

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Reflecting on the complexities of Supercoach in 2012

NOTE:Β Jock’s Round 6 Video is also now up <<Click here to watch it

There are Supercoach bargains on the horizon folks, but do you have the cash available to take advantage? Many face the temptation to trade rookies a touch early this week to take advantage of some real value.

At the conclusion of another sensational round of AFL Fantasy Footy Jock, Crouching and Higgo walk you through the critical Supercoach and Dreamteam issues that you need to be aware of as we plough on into Round 6.

Enjoy the show folks and let us know your thoughts,

Jock Reynolds

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HaPPy ChaPPy

Jump on me this week fellaz, I love playing the deez


go cats!!!!!!


jock, ya rekon i should cash in devon smith


great to hear from you jock. loving the podcasts – entertaining and insightful.

rekon the subvest is a mantle that most gws rookies will hav to cop one day or another.possibly a one off for devon smith?

Carol Reaby

Once again I am impressed by your wisdom. You have given me food for thought. I will not trade this week and I will wait for my cows to become fatter and if I am forced to trade I will trade Devon Smith ( who I don't like that much anyway). I traded Priddis out when he was rested for Masten who has been great but I will not be happy until I have Priddis back as I do believe he is ultra consistent.


Sometimes you just have to cop the donut, Carol. His "quad" injury was a joke, he was just being rested for a nothing game.


G'day Jock,

Need to get rid of Mumford this round, who for though? Kreuzer, Naitinui or someone else? Also keep coniglio or cash him in now, he did look good before getting concussed?

Sammy Winter

I traded him for Nic Nat.


Rucks are impossible to pick at the moment, either a combination of injury, suspension, being rested, or drop of form is killing them. Nic Nat/HMac only seems to be the safe ones, or, for someone different, ivan maric from the mighty tigers! (who got robbed this weekend)


Pat Ryder has been ultra consistent and will continue to be. No idea why everyone keeps skipping him


natitnui kreuzer or hmac

Sammy Winter

Got a score of 2274. Pretty happy but could of got more. Luckily had Swan as my vice so I could change my captain over to Mohr. That meant I only had an emergency for Mohr but then Hargrave didn't play. Kennedy didn't play which meant I had to sub in Devon Smith who scored 17.

Sammy Winter

J.Riewoldt into Hawkins?

Is that considered as a sideways trade?

Is it worth getting rid of him?


pretty good trade get rid of jack and get hawkins


Dempsey ???????


For anyone/jock

I have a big big big decision..

im upgrading devon smith an have a fair amount in the bank and i can afford anyone of these three fowards..

Jacky Roo

Jono Brown

Kennedy from the eagles WHO TO PICK!?


Kennedy – best of a bad bunch to be honest.

Can you switch devon into the mids?


yeah i can but why would i put him in the mids? i could get rid of kennedy or milera too.. kennedy can score tigerman he can score bags too


any of those forwards you mentioned can score bags, and you're right, when he scores big he scores BIG. But he can have shockers (like this week – 3 kicks, 22SC) He is the best of that bunch because these shockers are not as often as the other two.

Switching smith into the mids gives you more rookie options I reckon (a couple of GWS boys spring to mind – adams, miles)

Milera still has more to make you (his BE is 16 this week) Same with kennedy (20)


cheers tigerman really like your feed back mate

jimbo drouid

Did ihear that Kennedy is in for surgery?

Take a punt on j brown. Could be the unique pick that takes you to the top


OK, please place 3,2,1 podcast vote ……


Higgo for getting a spot on the Herald Sun "Tackle" tweets of the round:

@PeterHiggo: Dislike Buddy "Glove" and others taking the sticky hand cheat option… Cloke, Dawes, JPod, QLynch. AFL ruling required?


3 Higgo

2 Crouching

1 Jock


Crouching 3

Crouching 2

Crouching 1


Jock 3 – his passionate rants are a higlight.

Crouching 2 – Balance check gag made me LOL

Higgo 1 – Played his role well but didn't shine.

Crouching's Slipper 0.5

thanks guys

your podcast are my routine start to Monday's now.


Crouching gets all 6 votes


My rucks are ryder and giles, both going over a 100 weekly, happy with that.

jimbo drouid

Jock. How many trades do I need to keep over the bye weeks and then finals


Running #509 overall, but Hale not doing the business, so think its time to go..

Was looking like Hmac or Nic Nat… but both share the bye with Giles.

Ryder looms as best option bye wise but I'm 60k short.

Could trade D Smith to Taylor Adams I suppose to free some cash..

21 trades left before above.


Doh #506 with 20 trades..


maybe downgrade D Smith to Pfeiffer, he looks like he will get you 60 each week.

Nic Nat and mcintosh may have the bye the same week, but they are clearly the best ruck options . Would go to 1 of them, i reckon Nic Nat.


whats happening with dempsey and shaw?

jimbo drouid

Hi jock. I have a new thread to suggest. How to maximize your cash cows.

I know we are still a couple of weeks from cashing them in but it might be worth thinking about our options.

This is my approach.

Step 1 – decide who to cash and who to keep. For me giles is a keeper, old mac is a cow.

Step 2 – know your target. There are 2 options. Premium that has bottomed out or a mid that is injured and ready to come back. (Thinking varcoe here)

Step 3 timing. When will the cow be ready vs the trade up option. Do the planets align?

Interested in your thoughts.


I'd be well keen to have a read of that. I second.


Saw this post on SCT….


Mumford for Hmac or McEnvoy

Everyone is saying Hmac – but could you argue that McEnvoy has better job secruity?

I dont want to burn another trade on my rucks!!


Sammy Winter

Nic Nat is the best option.


I did it .. i traded out ablet on a best two out of three coin toss, 6 minutes before lockout .. traded to avoid donuts and well got an extra 220pts in doing so and am now up to #173 overall .. happy with that but no longer like the shape of my side, as strange as that sounds ..

am committed now so i think i'll have to trade this week to get some extra cash .. Smith will be the one – a risk to only get a 100k but as I said i'm in the hunt so got to keep going

Last year the guy who won it had no trades left after round 14 i think so its that risk vs reward all over again

P.S hope Ablet is out this week :p


Man of Jungle!!

You fight well. On behalf of WHOLE JOCK COMMUNITY – may your trouser continue to be full.

Remember Pyanmanese saying, "Man who work all day for unblock sink company feel drained".

CrouchingOne suggest Man of Jungle not think Supercoach Team for THREE DAY.



Done .. won't see me on here until teams are named Thursday πŸ™‚


Thanks boys, very entertaining! I am holding all trades this week. My opponent has extremely low scores this week, so hopefully so fattening of the cows will let me trade up week after. Am keen to get Pendlebury as my first port of call.


Pendlebury or Swan into my midfield?




Held onto Ablett and it nearly cost me – another straight sets win in all my leauges to move me into the top 2500 in SC.

Porplyzia late changed helped me get over the line by 2 pts in a cash league to stay unbeaten – jeremy cameron came in.

Anyones thoughts on trading ablett out this week if there is no return date estimated – thinking of bringing in S Selwood regardless of price. Eagles home to Roos.

Sammy Winter

If you traded Ablett last week, don't trade him this week.


Wats going on with Dempsey . Trade him ?


should be back this week


Hi Everyone,

I have four rookies on the bench at the minute that just aren't getting a game.

Stephensen and Redden don't concern me too much, however Kerridge and Dickson are a worry. Is it worth burning trades to get guys in who will play/make money?!

Already down to 18 trades, so don't want to waste any more, however their job prospects don't look great of late, and there are some cows ready to jump on…..

Love some advice please!!!


I've bought Horsley in this week, pretty good debut and cheap at $129k


Hey Mark, think Daz Pfeiffer more likely to get games and points plus is bubble this week


Have held onto Ablett, Shaw and Sandilands and scored 2209 this week moving me from 399th to 69th overall. I am pretty thrilled and amazed to be doing so well. Selwood will probably go for 2 weeks so I now have some big decisions to make. It all depends on whether GAJ comes back this week. Somehow I think not. I think I have to hold my nerve until the cows fatten. Tricky!!


Great stuff Rudders!! Proud of ya son


whats rhys stanleys break even this week?


There's a website called footywire which is great for breakevens etc.


hey benny, rhys BE is 67 this week, his average is 76 and in my opinion, nearly ready to cash in, however, i have him on my team and will not do so because he will be in starting lineup every week since saints need tall forwards other than kotsch and riewoldt plus they want to develop their young guns plus he rucks sometimes. so good to keep


Love your work boys!

What are peoples thoughts on trading in pfeiffer. do you think he will consistently get games from now?


I like him. I'd trade him into my team if it was round 9 prior to the bye!


Supercoach: jock, I had 17 trades at the end of round 5, need to get rid of Jetta and Reid from syd. And trade for a premium and rookie. I have 800,000 grand put in swan but who is a good rookie.. I have under 193,000.

Also how does my team look

Backs: Deledio, Goddard, Suckling, bugg, Geary, Hargrave, glass. Bench: Ellis, Smedts

Mids: Stanton, J selwood, bartel, swan, ebert, old Mac. bench: Magner, coniglio

Forward: Tippett, Franklin, crameri, Hale, j reiwolt, porpoyzia! Kennedy. Bench, folau and the rookie I was talking about.. Who should that rookie be??


Sorry, rucks are cox, Giles then bench is Redden and orrenson






hi chris,

pfeiffer definitely, backline looks very solid, 4 consistent defenders in del, god, suck and bugg, 2 smokeys who could score well in glass and hargrave. midfield also solid at this stage of the season, forward line inconsistent in tippett (tough rounds coming up), hale, riewoldt and porpoise. next move, get another premium mid in place of old mac by mid season, then perhaps upgrade hale and riewoldt. I'm liking sidebottom since ball is out for season and Dahlhouse (actually playing midfield these days)


i have decided to get rid of devon smith and get in pfeiffer because im only going to do a similar trade next week so i thought i may aswell do it now before pfeiffers' price goes up


jock and the community, what are your thoughts on downgrading to dazzling pfieffer this week?


im think the same thing but only have 17 trades πŸ™


Im down to 17 trades maybe 16 after this round πŸ™ Have i used to many?

Sammy Winter

Yes way to many! You should be around 20.


Selwood got off!!!


Unbelievable!! Haha


i know its great news


Hi Jock your suggestions about dazzling Pfeiffer and d smith were great in the podcast!

I'm just curious who you think are good downgrade options for smith if we dont pick up pfeiffer this week.

/do you think pfeiffer will get regular games at port or maybe sent back to the 2nds in a couple of weeks.

a couple of questions there me great man.

any thoughts would be great as i think plenty of the community are in the same situation.

Keep up the good work guys you are absolute legends! may your 5049th year in supercoach be a prosperous one!

Sammy Winter

Should I upgrade J.Riewoldt into Hawkins or any other forward. If so who?


yeah you should tom hawkins will have a great year. riewoldt is playing bad.


Have 272,000 to spend on a forward ???need help


Hey fellahs!

What's the latest on the Porpoise? Is he out for a while or not?


Hello i Can get any mid i want but who is the best option out JPK, Pendulbury, Murphy or anyone else thanks πŸ™‚


Pendles for sure. This is the week to pick him up mate


hey jock or anybody do you think that i should trade out cox and who for.

also i have $400,000 in the bank should i trade out tory dickson, clay smith, devon smith or courtney dempsey. and if so who should i trade in?

thanks to anyone who answers it will help me a lot.


I'd keep big cox as he isn't doing anything wrong. Yes there are a couple of other ruckmen who are doing slightly better, but there is no point in wasting a trade considering he is still scoring 100.


hi gocats5

it's too late to trade out cox since he's nearly bottomed out in price, plus he's consistent, will give you nearly 100 per week, in fantasy footy all about consistency, if you must trade, i would downgrade to H mac or i maric, cause they're on the way up, so you can make some money there. I would trade out d.smith, the two doggies may still get games, d.smith nearly peaked in BE score and with 400K in your bank plus his value you can get the prize pick this week in pendles otherwise murphy since he's playing GWS. dempsey should return soon, auto selection and we should wait to see if he can continue his form


i traded smith out for tippet and i have $141,000 left thanks guys


hi gocats,

good to trade out smith but tippet would not be my first choice, rounds for tippett coming up include Syd, Geel, Carl, Coll and Freo, i believe his price is somewhat maxed out already and may not score this well in the next 5 rounds, my choice would be sidebottom (since luke ball is out for season, more touches for him) or Cloke (price is great)or even chapman, dalhause and dangerfield unless you already have these guys. anyways great decision sticking with Cox


which is probably the best choice?


my ranking would be:

1. dangerfield

2. sidebottom

3. chapman

4. dalhause

5. cloke

my theory in SC has always been that midfielders will score the most points in general, so we should pack our fwd and def areas with players that are currently playing center or halffwd or a follower in the league. just to give you a few names of players that are def or fwd but actually playing some mid this season; scotland (carrazzo is out so the blues have moved him), broughton, adcock, heppell, goddard, i'm hoping big pavlich soon given fyfe is out, just waiting to snatch him up after his price drop


thanks heaps patsy keep up the good work i got dangerfield


who else do you have in the ruck mate?


who me?


ive got giles, redden and the big o


Anyone's thoughts on wingard to Pfeiffer ?

Its a waste of a trade isn't it . Just thinking of the long term??

Porplyzia, lake & Dempsey are a worry . I'm holding on tho


Jock mate . Wats the go with kerridge ?


Just wanted to get your thoughts on Smedts after round 5. Worth holding onto or trade out for Pfeiffer?


G'day gents,

Looking for some opinions on a dilemma I face with my team this week.

I'm looking at trading out David Hale (currently in my forwards) and trading in Scotty Pendlebury while he's cheap as chips.

My options I believe are:

1: Trade out David Hale for Jordan Lewis as well as trading out Devon Smith for Dazzling Pfieffer, then using the money from the downgrade I can upgrade either Dylan Shiel or The Magnet to Pendels next week.

2: Trade out Hale for Lewis but then trade out either Scotty Selwood or Matty Boyd for Pendels and save a trade but do a sideways.

Any opinions would be welcomed.


Option 1


never sideways trade, boyd and selwood can outscore pendles in the off chance anyways, they're keeper until end of season


Gday Girls

I currenlty have Maric, Giles, Redden and Mumford as my Rucks

Who should I trade Mummy for?


Dog Dog!!!!!

Never forget Dog Dog. He premium ruck boy now.

I still not think Mr.Ryder premium status now. He remember me of man who run behind car.



Who is dog dog?


Nic Nat. Get on the dog dog!


Trading D smith for Pfiffer and Trading Fyfe for Kennedy ( Swans)


fyfe out im thinking sammy mitchel because of his price drop?

and with the money left over im getting porpyliza out ( if scans come up bad ) for stevie J what do you think?


hi geelong2012,

excellent choice for fyfe, but perhaps a mid-fwd swing like sidebottom or lewis instead of stevie j if there's spare cash, or i just noticed allen christensen at $410K with a breakeven of 12 points and he's a mid-fwd swing, but stevie j good choice nontheless


If you look at mitchells break even this week, it's 186. Too high! He'll be cheaper in coming weeks. He is a handball Merchant too. Reckon there are better options round that price.


Good evening! Was hoping to not trade this week, and since selwood got off I thought I would get away with it. But I must ditch fyfe! Who can I bring in? I have him in my fwd and don't have a swingman in the mid. I've got about 50k in my pocket, are there any premiums I should be looking at? I want to jump on stevie j when he starts improving, and I'm waiting until after the bye to get pendles, to try and minimise donuts (even though he is amazingly cheap!) I have 19 trades left.



Unless I cash in on a cow (is it d smith or Shiel that has a BE in the 60s?) and trade down, so I can get on Mr. Goodes?


s smith, shiels BE still -1

jimbo drouid

Go roughead. He will have a big year this year as second Ruck and lead up forward. Especially seeing as though they are pushing Franklin up the ground. (PS clarkeson, Franklin is not an on-baller)


I was looking at roughie before the season, but wasn't sure about his achillies. Will check it out! Cheers fella


What do you think of roo?


Or tomahawk? I reckon the geelong forwards will have a feast this weekend


tomahawk is gunna have a great season he probably will keep rising in price


Roughie will leave me with 30 bucks in the bank… I'd like a little more spare to trade up later… But he will make a great POD in a league where everyone has Franklin, goodes, tippett…


if you wanna save some money, how about sidebottom (he's getting more touches since ball is out), or pavlich (reckon he will get more now fyfe is gone), or dangerfield or even jarrad waite (the blues is currently running him from one end of the ground to another, so he's not really a fwd atm but rather a follower) that's just my two cents worth


Thoughts on trading Devon Smith to Cory Dell'olio?


Olive oil looks the goods, but until he can shake the Kermit vest I'm not sure he is a good SC prospect




does anyone know the break evens of the following?

brad ebert

scott selwood

josh kennedy(syd)

buddy franklin

travis cloke

ivan maric

jason porplyzia

also, should i upgrade dickson to christensen or sidebottom?, i have enough spare cash

thanks in advance

Sammy Winter

cheers mate


Hi Jock – you guys are doing a fantastic job. I want to upgrade Devon Smith this week – who do you think is the best option between Pendles/Swan/Murphy or Kennedy (Syd)


hi tony,

i'm doing the exact trade this week, was going to go for murphy, but ratten might rest him, so pendles for me


Rest Murphy?? With ablett out as well my midfield is shot.

Is it anticipated that Devon Smith is likely to be dropped this week??

J Kennedy would be a big move – Swans have an easy run the next 6 weeks until the bye.


So Ablett is going to be out for another 2-3 weeks according to Solomon. It annoys me that because ppl hope he will be back in 1-2 makes it so, it was never going to happen and I really should of traded him by now. Might just have to this week.


Is it too late?

Was Solomon talking off the cuff?

Unhelpful development.


Was reported in the Herald Sun, it seems Ablett isnt recovering as quick as they hoped.

Will need to wait on further news.


Smith to Clancee Pearce from the dockers!




In a pickle!!

Any suggestions on this trade, Ablett to Kennedy then Melksham to Masten.

Have Mummy on the bench still and may sit on him until Ablett is back in town and updrage a MID like Magner or MacDonald by buying a Longer or Stephenson?

Any word on Porp this week?


love ya work patsy


hey patsy i changed my mind and im deciding to change the trade of d smith to p dangerfield to d pfeiffer what do you think?


See below for my comments on Smith -> Pfeiffer.

I don't have Dangerfield, but I'd rather have him in my side averaging 100 a week and (barring injury) a certainty to play, than Pfeiffer who is averaging 62 and is not a certainty to play.

And anyway, doesn't trading Smith to Pfeiffer mean you're going to use another trade at some point to upgrade Pfeiffer to someone like, um, Dangerfield?


your probably right thanks

Sammy Winter

It it worth trading J.Riewoldt. I'm thinking of upgrading him into Hawkins.

Sammy Winter

Whats the story with Fyfe? Is he going to play every game from now on not?


Hawkins for sure

I see alot of people trading devon smith ???


Sammy Winter

His break even is 62 his average is 51.


hey guys

thoughts on drummond as a premium lock down back. i


Injury waiting to happen

squalidly pristine

hey jock what about these two trades this week?

thompson to pendlebury

d smith to pfeiffer

508,000 in the bank to use in the coming weeks to get scotland for either lake or malceski and ablett back in the side as a 5th prem.

great work by the way keep it up


Sammy Winter

Thompson into Pendlebury is a complete waste of a trade.


Not a good idea to go sideways with premium to premium but can work out nonetheless.

squalidly pristine

pendlebury is at his lowest and thompson scores poorly against good teams which he plays a lot now.

my other option is smith into the midfield and trade for pendles.

saves a trade but doesnt allow me to have the money to upgrade defender and to get ablett back in the coming weeks


I don't think Smith to Michelle makes sense in your case. I reckon out of the two of them, Smith is more likely to score 60s-80s than Michelle, and while both of them have questionable job security, all things being equal if Smith isn't picked it's probably because of Sheedy's rotation system, whereas if Michelle isn't picked it's probably because Port think he's crap. And with over 500k in the bank you don't need to burn a trade just to get more cash, especially when you're looking at less than 100k.

I also think trading Thompson would be a bad mistake


Hi Jock,

any love for Ablett and Shiels out to bring in Kennedy and Pfeiffer (with extra cash)? If Ablett is out till round 8, Magner or McCarthy will have made enough spare cash for me to get Ablett back in.


Greetings All,

Looking for a bit of comment on strategy please.

I drew up a list of the keepers i wanted in come round 16 and fitted as many as i could in at the start of the year. Now i'm working through and upgrading rookies in as their B/Es bottom out. Have got some good cows fattening up (Ellis, Morris, Clarke, Bugg, McDonald, Magner, Treloar, Kennedy, Smith, Stanley) with the premiums already in being Goddard, Deledio, Shaw, Adcock, Watson, Selwood, Franklin, Cloke, Chappy, Danger, Goodes. Don't worry about rucks.

20 trades left with 379k in the bank.

Looking to do:

Smith —– Zaharakis

Clarke —— Enright

with both being keepers in my opinion and both have bottomed out.

Bit nervous on Enright's injury susceptability

Any other ideas? Could do Pendlebury but then can't do another decent trade. Have Parker and Ebert in the mids holding up ok…..


Doesn't look like you need too much help mate, but here goes: I'd look at Christensen or Clancee Pearce, instead of Zaharakis. They are both DPP and both have R12 byes like Zaharakis, so no structure issues. Probably comes down to break even calcs, and on that count Christensen comes out way ahead (12 vs 55 for Pearce and 67 for Zaharakis). I don't know why, but I'm suspicious of Zaharakis.

I've got Clarke and I'm nearly ready to call him a keeper, I reckon I could do a lot worse than him as D7 averaging 80 a week, and it saves a trade. I'm suspicious of Enright.

WhatsApp iPhones

Good one.