Supercoach & Dreamteam Cattle Market – Round 5

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Reflecting on the complexities of Supercoach in 2012Truckload to get through we have some real issues haven’t we folks!

There are three kinds of Fantasy Footballers in this world folks. Those who can count and those who can’t. I urge you all to study the phenomenon of the break even folks.. it may be the single piece of information that helps you seperate yourself from the rabble in your league and into the elite. The “BE” column below tells you what a players break even is.. that is the score that the player needs to score to maintain their current price. What does a negative or low break even mean? That player will go up in price next week.

Some of the big news items affecting our teams this week;

  • Sandilands out with a Knee – I reckon you TRADE him folks
  • Goldstein has been dropped – Mcintosh is the top ruck dog!
  • Smedts is in for his 3rd game – cha bloody ching. Adam Treloar and Old MacDonald also set to play the sacred 3rd game. Load up on these kids all good selections.
  • GWS young guns Kennedy, Miles and Mohr are out. Bugger.
  • Mature ager Sam Reid named for GWS – WATCH
  • And of course headaches around Ablett, Carazzo, Yarran, Gray, Rohan, Mitch Clark, Mumford and Bernie Vince

Here’s the Cattle Market inventory for this week folks.. have a bloody top weekend of Fantasy Footy!

Whatever you do – don’t miss our preround Youtube clip thingo and our famous podcast. Good on ya.

* prices are Supercoach prices


avg BE Price Jocks Call
Billie Smedts (FWD) GEE 44 -19 $113,200 Named in the final squad for his bubble breaking 3rdgame. Cash in. Can play.
Brian Lake WBD 71 3 $303,500 Ticked every box in his preseason and early on. Fresh from a little break after dishing out a bit of chin music.
Jarryn Geary STK 94 9 $333,600 Getting plenty of action and plenty of the pill early on in the reign of Watters. Consider.
Michael Johnson (FWD) FRE 98 63 $437,200 Benefited from the change in coach, is a defended/forward who you could swing with young Smedts


avg BE Price Jocks Call
James McDonald GWS 89 -113 $106,600 Old Macca. Cash in big time here.  Just be wary of his increased years and high likelihood of missing games.
Luke Parker SYD 88 -21 $351,500 Broke the shackles with a 128 last weekend, will benefit from the terrible injury sustained by Gary Rohan
Jack Ziebell NTH 115 32 $428,500 Looking very very solid after his first 2 back. Could really break out this season. Value. I really like the Roos this season.. fantasy footy relevance lifting for the whole team. Good on ya Roos.
Chris Masten WCE 107 38 $429,800 Still some upside before he hits his price ceiling. Transforming potential into solid output this season.
Brad Ebert PTA 102


$417,500 Another with more upside left.. a kingpin now at Port after crossing from WCE after limited opportunity
Tom Rockliff BRL 119 79 $577,400 A premium lock who seems to be at the bottom of his price bell curve. Snaffle.
Joel Selwood GEE 128 94 $617,400 Bloody love ya Joel. As cheap as he’ll get barring injury.


avg BE Price Jocks Call
Nic Naitanui WCE 106 114 $517,300 Potential replacement for Sandilands, seems to have taken the next step and outscoring Big Cox
Hamish McIntosh NTH 98 60 $432,300 Goldstein dumped.. must mean that big Hamish is the top dog at North. Proceed with caution, Goldstein just resting?
Matt Kreuzer CAR 94 116 $433,400 Been a touch off the boil for a few weeks but still my preferred replacement for old Sandy Turf Toe. Pocket the cash.
Ben McEvoy STK 92 155 $508,800 A week or so off bottoming out price wise, but must be considered, playing Melbourne.


avg BE Price Jocks Call
Adam Treloar (MID) GWS 73 -77 $113,200 Buy.
Billie Smedts (DEF) GEE 44 -19 $113,200 *see BACKS section
Luke Dalhaus WBD 109 24 $425,500 Do you take the punt on this ripping terrior? Massively rated internally at the Dog pound… a tempter.
Jason Porplyzia ADE 82 28 $311,100 Injury free at round 5! Could he be over his shoulder dramas?
Kurt Tippett ADE 122 37 $473,600 Don’t do it folks.. has played both GWS and GCS so far. Faces Sydney, Geelong, Carlton, Collingwood and Freo leading into his round 11 bye.
Nick Riewoldt STK 104 114 $500,000 Has shown enough to convince me he is sound. Playing closer to home. Consider.

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What do you think of;

-Ablett for Rockliff

-Dickson for Treloar?

And trade back for ablett later on.


HOLD GAJ, Dickson > Treloar looks good


Kennedy, miles and Mohr are out????



Mohr has injured himself, and miles and kennedy I suspect are being rested. Nothing serious there


Miles nku played last week cos coniglio was out, if u ask me, miles really should be playing, but the depth at Gws is massive

Jon Fitz

Gotta hang onto Sandi I think Jock. Should only miss 1 week, and most of us got him in for Mumford anyway!

I think if you still have Mumford then grab McIntosh for him, otherwise not worth bring in IMO. Real shame that there aren't as many dominating rucks as we all expected.


Agree with fitz, grabbed sandi for mummy and he smashed out 120 on one leg. Not giving him the flick yet


I'd be a bit concerned.. I heard he had a bleed in his knee and the blood moved down to his calf.. I'm no doctor, but that sounds owww to me.


Does anyone know what Scott Pendlebury's price has gone down to after the round 5 clash?


613,000 mate

Honest Doug

Looks like I'll be mungin' on me first Krispy Kreme this week. Thanks Kennedy.


thoughts on trading kennedy to Treloar, ive been against it as kennedy hasnt reached his peak. Just not sure how long he will sit out for. I'm sure there are a lot of people in this situation.

What are everyones thoughts?


Kennedy is surely only out for resting purposes or, to get some game time into the other kids. Nothing serious here, he has been in solid form. He'll be back shortly. HOLD if you're set on cash cows, consider trading to treloar if you need some more cash, and have used few trades.


the thought is ..if by downgrading him to treloar, gives you enough to upgrade to a prem elsewhere, its a worthwhile trade, otherwise no..


Anyone know why vossys not playing longer and why j.redden is not back in for the power??? Im running short in the ruck stocks


I feel your pain Heath. Needed to get rid of Mummy this week, but still can't decide who. I guess Port are going with a smaller side for the moment, or feel that Redden isn't cutting it. I expect he is being rested.


Redden didn't play in the SANFL this week either (Woodville West-Torrens had a Anzac Day game), so if he's not playing next week I think it's a case of them going with Renouf as their preferred #1 ruck and he's only going to be in the side if Renouf goes down or they have a matchup where they want two rucks.


If that's the case then once Lobbe is back, Redden is fair screwed!


I believe Port held him out so he'd be available for the Showdown, but I was surprised not to see him even named in the 25 honestly. Crows can go big with Jacobs, Tippet and McKernan if they want, while Port will have Renouf who had troubles making it through 4 quarters last week.

Stroppy Jocks

Watched the Lions vs Suns reserves last weekend.

Longer played the first half and didn't do too much. Looked like he was rested after half time (named as emergency this week, so that makes sense).

Might just be a workload issue for a young big. And a match up thing since they did not need him against the mighty Suns (yes, I am one of those deluded GC supporters).

And probably don't need him against Geelong either.

PS, had a chance to watch Jaeger O'Meara of the Suns run around the first half (after a heavy knock looked like he was rested after half time). Looked like the best player on the field and a mid rookie lock for next year. Fingers crossed for healthy pre-season, and for the Melbourne people to ignore him next year.


Ziebel or Barlow. Both are under-priced but don't know who will average higher? Thoughts


Barlow, of the 2. Ziebel's price is inflated due to some easier opposition, and wont be scoring that consistently throughout the season. Barlow is the better pick


Are you kidding Banjamino?

I don't think you'd consider Geelong at Etihad and the Swans in Sydney as easy opposition!


I need a replacement for Mummy. Tossing up between H-Mac and Nicnat. Anyone have any suggestions? Jock ma man, help a brother out?


Who else do you have in your ruck?


Giles, Redden and Orren


NicNat – The year is too long to think that Goldy won't come back and dominate sometime this year.


Yeah id say Nic Nac too.


thoughts on trading kennedy to Treloar, ive been against it as kennedy hasnt reached his peak. Just not sure how long he will sit out for. I’m sure there are a lot of people in this situation.

What are everyones thoughts?


See my above comment Steven


Thanks Ben! you're a legend :)yeah im set on the other cows i guess it was a luxury trade that really didnt need to be made. Thanks for yours thoughts


Benjamino, do you think there is any point downgrading Mumford to Orrenson and then upgrading a mid-rookie to a Murphy/Selwood type? It would leave me with Hale, Giles & Redden in Ruck. I currently have Ablett & Shaw on the bench also.


With a 1-1-2 ruck setup, as you currently have, I think it could be worth picking up the big O. Good, premium rucks are hard to come by, so waiting around for the perfect one could cost you, and Giles has been performing well enough to be a starting ruckmen in any squad. Selwood is a great pickup now as his price won't stay this low for long so jump on. I like your strategy


Thanks, you are awesome with your advice tonight! In regards to your question, I would go Nic-Nat as I think he might have more scoring potential. I think Goldstein will be back. Just my 2c. Bec


I did exactly this as I wanted to cover for ablett. My rucks are now kreuzer, Giles, orren, Redden, and I updated c. Smith to big murph.


one more question for you Benjamino, Rockliff or Priddis. Priddis is Mr.Consistency but Rockliff could increase his input


Rockliff is a bargain at his price, and Priddis has been underperforming of late. If you were looking to get Rockliff now is the time as he had a massive game last week, so his price will surely rise. Its still a close call, but I'd have to say Rockliff


How about Selwood for a similar price? I have Rockcliff in my team and he has performed well bar one really bad week.


already have selwood, wouldnt go past him if he was an option


I have no regrets putting Rockcliff in my team. I think Boyd is building nicely too.


My SC Gold has McDonald rising to 445,000 & Treloar to 255,000. I know which one I'd choose 🙂


cheers boys , still confused dont have the swing player which would be handy . still not sure but thanks for help


McDonald or Treloar



depends on your position with DPP's in the mid. If you got one, go the Ol' Farmer, if you dont get Treloar


My SC Gold has McDonald rising to 445,000 & Treloar to 255,000. I know which one I’d choose.


mate if ol' Mac avereages 109 like he would need to for that to happen i will give you the $445k

David Johnson

Mumford out for Roughead … I'm EXCITED!!!


yeh interesting desicion but very unique. Roughead has the potential to score very well this year if he continues his sweeping role in the backline/ ruck time.


I may have to sell Ablett next week for a ruck as my 4 rookie ruck decision has left me one short this past two weeks. Thinking selling Ablett for Treloar and then one of my rucks for Nick Nat or Kruezer.


same boat… but hopefully one of those rookies gets back next week…plus you will have a dilema if Ablett is named next week.


Hi Jock, Higgo and the Crouching One. Have Caddy and mould the Clay in the mids. Want to trade one out for Old Mac. Is it worth retaining Caddy until Gazza comes back, as the Suns seem to have a few injury concerns (swallow and risch), meaning a bigger slice of the pie for Caddy? Or should i keep moulding the Clay on the bench (or is clay getting moldy on the bench)? Cheers guys


Do people think Longer will come back into the side next week. I thought this woul have been his time to shine with Leunbeurger going down.



hope so i'm running my second week in a row with 1 ruckman…i need Redden or the big 'O' back as well..lucky my opposition is ordinary


Want to get Adam Treloar into my side, who do i get rid of?

Smedts (selected), Hall(emergency)or Kennedy (not selected)?

Cheers 🙂


Hall…take the money and run! the other 2 are guns. Kennedy rested he'll slot back in next week, billy playing.


do you think??

because hall seems to be doing okay but smedts is struggling to get a game and only just got his 3rd.


True but there seems no point trading out a bloke who's playing, you wouldn't trade Kennedy coz he's being rested..just leaves hall, plus you'll get the cash he's increased.


Love to get Treleor into the mids. Who's the best trade option, C Smith or T Ledger?? Smith has already had a small rise whilst Ledger would be a sideways trade……?

Cheers fellas


Hey Scotty, had to make the same call. Dropped Ledger in the end, though both are named as emergencies for the weekend. If Smith comes off the bench will prob score low, and with a BE at 38 might not rise. but no garantee if Ledger will get a gig for a while anyway.


Amber Flamber

I just made a trade to my forward line and now when I go back to view my team Zaharakis has been moved to my bench when he was in my starting line up before!! Not happy Jan – can only assume it was some kind of glitch but he scored over a bloody hundred on Wednesday!


send an email to the SC contact help address on their website .. if it was a glitch they will fix it

jimbo drouid

jock, should I move heaven and earth to get pendles in next week. Even sideways trade a premium? Cotchin,Thompson,priddis or Mitchell are my options.


1. G Ablett 2. S Pendlebury 3. the rest…

Yes you should bust your ass to get him in.


I'll be doing the sideways on boyd—>pendels, looks a wasted trade but it also sorts me out come bye rounds so i'd need to burn one there anyway.

jimbo drouid

I think I will trade priddis for pendlebury.

Or two way trade dusty to trelour and McDonald to pendles.

Been burning trades so might go the first option. Don't think it is yet time to cash in cows


Why get rid of priddis?

Hasnt been going great lately but still averaging 107. will get much better. Save the trades for when you desperatley need them

big fella

fellas. i want too slot 2 premiums in the ruck, backline, and foward line. can afford any 2 players. suggestions for the best point scorers for the year?

the big man

jock, would you recommend ledger -> old mac, a.hall -> treloar? leaves me with 18 trades, with ablett and shaw sitting on the bench. note i can field a full team without making these trades


I reckon only pick one of them… ledger–> trealor is the one i decided on for my team… come round 11 if you have too many GWS players it's gonna look like a bowl of 'fruit loops' on your supercoach team. Remember having trades in the bank as well as $$$ is very important


not a bad option big man, you must keep in mind that old macdonald might not play many games due to his weary age. keep posting Big Man!


your name sounds familiar son…

Boris Yeltsin

Jock, would you consider trading parker in the not too distant future so can upgrade to a m.murphy or just keep parker? Also when is the best time to get Adam Goodes in your team? ily jock


Let me preface this spiel by saying I'm no Sir Jockland Reynolds, however in terms of getting Goodes in it could be a tricky one….I think it's gonna be a bit of a week-to-week consideration, he has some achievable break evens coming up which would suggest now is a 'Goode'…time…(sorry)…. But he also has some very high break evens in the future and it's going to depend purely if he's having an average year, or a year where he performs very well. If you use SC gold as a guide he's already bottomed out…. and is about to rise but whether or not he can hit the high scores he needs to will depend on his SC success (obvious)… i don't think he's played very well at all so far and amazingly he's coming into RD5 with a 90,115,115…There's plenty of room for upside in his game.I have had him since day 1 and hope he can do it, at $569k DPP, ave 106 and a BE of 104, 90 and 98 over next 3 games, he's not a bad prospect…it might be now or never if he goes BANG!


Goodes always has a great end to the year: I wouldn't pay much attention to SC gold projection stuff .. it only takes one really bad game (eg pendlebury vs carlton) and it throws the whole thing out. I will put my hat on being able to get goodes at 500K at some point during the year – the question you got to ask yourself is can you afford to wait – he could get a 60 this week or it might be round 14 – that's the joy of SC you just don't know

Conclusion: If you have the money now, take the punt 😀


Anyone know what's going on with Clay Smith??


He is a rookie, and is not in the doggies best 22 – Thats all


Traded out Carrazzo for Sidebottom before Wednesday's game, so only one trade left this round.

Problem is I've got Ablett and Mumford, and my emergencies (midfield: C. Smith and T. Ledger; ruck Redden and Stephenson) have not named or are on extended benches.

Either way I'm going to wear a donut in the mids or in the ruck.

Question is then, where do I wear it.

As I see it, I've got 2 options:

1. I could trade one of Smith or Ledger, for McDonald, Trealor, or maybe Pfieffer to cover my mids while Ablett's out, and make some cash on these rookies.

2. Trade Mumford, for Nic Nat or Kruezer, covering rucks and making some money, Mumford being at least 100,000 more than either.

Either way I trade Mumford out, if not this week then next.

Either way I need to find a midfeilder to provide some cover while Ablett's out, if not this week then next.

Having written it out, the first option makes more sense. Won't lose any money on Mumford on the bench for another week, but can make quite a bit on the McDonald etc, who has also been scoring well. Wear a donut in the rucks, (or if I'm lucky Stephenson might even play.)

What do you guys reckon?


If it's damage limitation i'd start with your rucks as Gazza could possibly be back next week with a bit of luck so you may not need to cover him. Mummy is out for a month if i remember correctly? Patch him up first and hope for a speedy turnaround with Ablett.


I'd go with option 1 – If you miss out on Old Mc this week you'll miss his price rise .. plus he could score 80plus .. Nic Nat will get you a 100 but thats only 20pts difference and no cash cow .. Get Nic Nat next week for Mummy


Thanks guys. In the end I went with option one. Thinking long term re. cash etc. Couldn't pass up the opportunity of McDonald, especially when I had two rookies not getting games.

After Kruezer's effort last night, think I'll go with Nic Nat next week.

Dons diehard

I'll be downing a donut if I don't make 2 trades (and even then, I may be in trouble). Dickson for treloar seems an easy one but for the other trade There are no defending cash cows avail. Need to trade either boumann, Ellis or mohr and have $120k in the bank. Any suggestions? Best idea I currently have is Boumann for Sam shaw or Brodie Martin, both pretty big risks….


Have you got Smedts? Wouldn't trade Ellis, he's still got some moneymaking to do.

Mohr is injured, but Boumann doesn't look like getting a game, so…

Dons diehard

Yeah ive already got smedts, bugg,Tomlinson and Paine


Sam Shaw from the crows .. DO IT


What are peoples thoughts on Sam Shaw from the Crows?

Boris Yeltsin

Gun! Old Xavier College boy, who has huge potential, however injury prone.


thoughts on allen christenson?


I accidentally swapped mumford for jarryd roughead, i didnt relise you couldnt do reverse trades. Is all hope lost?!? will roughead be any good in supercoach, possibly a smokie……

jimbo drouid

For what it is worth, I'm backing in roughnut. Mind you, I'm not exactly tearing up the course.!!!


Thinking of trading Fyfe to Daulhaus and Carrazzo to Geary. Thoughts?

What Ya Mean

fyfe is named to play this week, i think u should stick with fyfe for this round see how things go and then go from there. in saying that daulhaus is a good option for next week.

geary looks good, pretty consistent this year small breakeven, so i guess it depends on whether he can keep it up. for that sort of money its a risk i would almost be inclined to buy a rookie (hombsh, smets ect) though if u got the money u can buy a suckling or one of the premiums though i dont know who u got in the back line atm.


I don't want to take the risk on Fyfe as I have a 0 this week, if he doesn't play.

Steve C

Best guess on who will wear the green jacket for GWS this week.


What do yo guys think about these trades-

Ablett > Rockliff

Coniglio > Barlow


coniglio for treloar i rkn

big fella

what do you think of carazzo to scotland and gary rohan to goodes? i have the cash for any two foward backline players and am after points.

jimbo drouid

giles played well. he is just not a cash cow anymore. he is moving towards keeping all year status


To my dearest Jock,

Can I firstly say that I thourghly enjoy your humourous yet ill-informed and inept opinions regarding supercoach. I have previously posted the fact that after listening to your advice, I finalised my team with players which you reccomended. Unfortuently this resulted in me feeling like I was the coach of a team which was more skilled at dribbling and looking for their baseball rather than kicking a football. However after a number of weeks I decided that I may give you another chance, and took your advice in replacing mumford with kruezer. I am pleased to announce that after much coaxing by the police, I have decided not to kill myself by jumping off the roof of my house, and landing bum first on a seatless bicycle…. instead I have decided to give up on this year, and delete your homepage from my favourites.

Please know and understand that your appearance annoys me although it is impossible to smell through your computer, I imagine that your breath smells like I rhino's nutsack.

good bye and all the best


if you had used Jocks cheat sheets, then your team would be doin quite good, like the thousands that did use his sheets. If you think mumford to kruezer is a bad trade, you really do have no idea whats goin on in supercoach

jimbo drouid

Jock, I know that I shouldn't burn two trades at this stage but I've gone 0-3 so I need to act. Plus the appeal of pendlebury in the discount bin is too much to resist.

I have 91k in the skyrocket. To do this I am trading out Shaw and clay Smith. Assuming pendlebury goes for 600k, I have to pick a cheap defender to choose.

I am thinking either Paine, Neale or Wilkes. (OR DELANEY as a doughy.

Can you steady my ship in these rough water. (Only got 1858)