Higgo sings the Ablett Supercoach Blues

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Many of you caught a snippit of this in last nights emergency pre round 5 / Ablett dillemma video << click here to watch

By popular demand by the ladies here is Higgo’s viral single… the Ablett blues

DON’T MISS THE PRE ROUND 5 GOLD… The Podcast and also the last minute EMERGENCY Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community Video

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  1. jimbotraralgon says:

    as a singer you make a great supercoach guru, higgo

  2. BOMBERBLITZ says:

    haha, looking forward to seeing the clip on MTV soon!

  3. Krisco says:

    I didn't know you were into Transformers Higgo!

    So you gonna transform Son of God into someone not worthy or what?

    As for me, I made some trades to get Stanton in my line up while keepin the little genius.

    In two or three weeks, with a bit of luck, I'll have Ablett, Murphy, Stanton, Swan and Rockliff.

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

  4. jimbob says:

    beautiful higo, simply beautiful.

    Boys whats news with Mumford? my Rucks are Mumford, Giles , Redden and stephenson. Ive got 21 trades left. What should i do ? Will Mumford play this week? If he dosnt will Redden or Stephenson ? And im playing leader of our ladder. CONFUSIOOON


    • Sammy Winter says:

      I traded him for Nic Nat after having the exact rucks as you. He wasn't going to play this week.

    • Doddy says:

      i had the same and got Ryder and pretty happy with his score today.

      • jimbob says:

        yeah ryder did well that would have also been a good move.

        Im thinking of getting either old McD or Tralore in my team for Tom Ledger who is struggling to get games. Dont have 3 mid/forwards in forward line but no swing in mid aswell so tralore could help this.


    • Dylan says:

      Sydney have ruled mummy out, he is taking antibiotics to get rid of his back infection. I traded him out for orren from geelong, and upgraded smith from the dogs to Murphy, so I can cover for ablett. My rucks are kreuzer, Giles, Redden and stephenson, so I've got two decent scorers, and two who can make me some cash

  5. moncon says:

    Guys I need some advice.

    I have Cripps on my bench doing nothing but averaging 30 and slowly losing value. I also have no donuts and a weak league opponent this week so I have no urgent need to trade. Nevertheless, I'm thinking about trading Cripps for Treloar before the lockout. He'll earn me +100k, and he'll likely score better than Cripps as well, therefore improving my bench strength.

    But it burns a trade for no real purpose, and I have 500k in cash anyway so I don't really need the money (jesus, I never thought I'd ever actually write that).

    What's the better option?

    • Dylan says:

      Trade. Couldn't hurt having some extra cash to upgrade later. You'll kick yourself when you're just shy of having enough cash to upgrade to that premium you've had your eyes on

  6. Alphacats 07 09 11 says:

    Happy I chose Swan as my captain this week!!

  7. Nateo says:

    who should i make cap?

    boyd vs gws

    murphy vs freo

  8. Truth says:

    Need help guys..my first year of SC and doing ok avg 2153. I have Fyfe still and dont trust him to play most of the season.

    Fyfe -> Franklin (using some cash from my bank)


    Fyfe -> Old MacDonald from GWS (bank the cash whilst jumping on a cash cow)

    • Benny says:

      I'd go mac daddy for sure he's expected to rise $90,000 after this rnd. plus i rkn buddy's price isnt goin up anytime soon. 1st yr avg 2153 very nice! rember dnt sideways trade

      • Benny says:

        In fact he's BE this week is 124. Hawks play Syd this week so dont expect alot of goals to be scored in that game.

  9. King says:

    hey jock great stuff really helping me, i was just wondering if your going to do a cattle market this week? cheers

  10. The Pinky Puncher says:

    Heard on the radio today mummy is out for a month with his back infection/problem….

    trading hime down to stephonson and holding the cash for double uptrade in the midfield in two weeks time-ish.