Ablett – Trade or Hold? Supercoach and Dreamteam 2012

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Reflecting on the complexities of Supercoach in 2012Gday folks,

I called an emergency meeting of the inner sanctum of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community this evening to flesh out the current dillemma facing millions of Fantasy Footy Coaches this week. Do we trade Ablett out and take the cash or do we stick fat? We recorded our session this evening for you to watch below.. also make sure you catch the thread here where there is some magnificent advice on the matter at hand.

Lets rip straight into this weeks Video, plenty to pass on.

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Top work mate


g'day boys,i love your work. keep it up.

with ablett on the pine, i don't know who to make my captain this week, stanton or pendlebury. obviously, the captains loophole wont help me because their both playing tomorrow. any ideas on who i should pick?

Jordan Forrest

I have 2 trade options for this week Jock old pal…


Carrazzo > Heppell

Coniglio > Pendlebury

+ 15,200 salary

So with this i would bench ablett and bring on sheil to cover.


Ablett > Selwood

Coniglio > Pendlebury

+ 88,200 salary

Then next week i will trade carrazzo (elis cvering him this week) then bring ablett back in in 3+ rounds.

Really need some help Jock, this is too hard and i need to make my decision by tomorrow!

Ben wrigley

Number 2, its a no brainer for what u get!!!


yeah, number 2. What is your plan to bring ablett back?

jimbo drouid

right on the money there ben. number 2 definitely to go


Gday there Jordan old son… Both are top option son great thinkin..

Mate.. Don't wanna chuck a spanner in the works here but what I'll tell ya is that if you hold on pendleberry for another one or two weeks he will really bottom out. I'd also suggest holding onto Ablett if you can mate (and I know this is a tough concept coz you might have someone in your league you really wanna smash this week!).

Of the two options though mate I'd go with #1 mainly for the fact that you keep the little master on your bench which is the way I am going ie.. Keeping abblett

What you reckon mate?

Jordan Forrest

Thanks for the reply Jock!

Yeah im thinking #1 too… But with #2 i will get some better scores in the next few weeks to hopefully send me up the ranks.

But Ablett is too good of a player and hopefully he will be back in 2 weeks, i think option 1 is the way to go as a little quick fix and when ablett comes back ill be looking good.

Thanks for your help jock, as always, classy stuff mate !


Hey guys,

Great stuff, love the video, am going to be holding onto Ablett as I need to get rid of carrazzo(worst trade ever) and ledger. What you think about Carrazzo > Lake and Ledger > Ziebell? Is a bit risky but both have r11 byes which will come in handy as i have barely any players with the r11 bye.

Will be making Watson VC, so hope he has a blinder!

Ben wrigley

Just rolling them cracking vidoes out my old mate jock, great show tonite!!!! Thanks mate…

Ben wrigley

Go cats


No worries at all Benno!!!


Not really footy related but that bloke second from the left on the 1 direction site shown in the video looks a hell of a lot like Stephen Coniglio


you better believe i'd be tuning in tonight .. Great help boys 😀 have come to think if I can get a captains score from watson or pendles tomorrow as my stand in VC i might just avoid a low score this week and have ablet back next week figures crossed .. he is a little freak after all and after seen what he did on his comeback last year its hard to justify getting rid of him

p.s higgo that was a creaking tune mate, get that out and it will be sure to go viral .. might get an actually hit with that, im sure the 350,000 odd supercoachs would get a laugh from it .. might even get you some crumpet .. just saying

finally who would you make VC, pendlebury or watson .. have a feeling watson might get a better run as stanton is getting a lot of attention and collingwood might look to slow him down ..

thoughts wecome everybody


Ranked in top 2000. Pendles will cop a tag, from hocking but should still outscore Watson.


G'day there my old son hope you enjoyed the video mate we really appreciate your work in the community and hope you don't mind us using your work in the vid mate…

Tough call… I'd have to say Pendles… Big stage player and I reckon the pies will have a fair old plan in mind for son of tim. Having said that Jobe doesn't mind the slippery pill so it's a tough one.


I stuffed up, went with the gut and picked jobe as it was raining as I was going down to the G and thought it would be more suited to him .. tut tut tut, how wrong I was ..

I think i'll give up on my dream this year, have sandilands in the ruck, only traded him in last week too so not wasting a trade on the ruck again this week. So i figure there is no point in trading out ablet either, i'll keep my 22 trades, take a hit to my score this round and be ready to go bang after round 6 .. it is a long season and i guess i never know, if i get my team set come round 11 i could have a strong run home

Thanks for the help boys, now i have to decide who to put the C on this week


Crouching, I think you have waaaay too many Tiger players, when are you planning on trading them out for the Tiger's Bye?



Not too many Tiger if beautiful Branden tells me to trade up him and Morris. Crouching not care, he not win new boat. I take dive in Rd. 13 on way to league flag!



Nothing wrong with stocking up on the mighty tiges

jimbo drouid

tigers have be

Sammy Winter

Who to put captain? Murphy or Boyd with Swan as vice. Or a premium in another position like Goddard, Deledio, Nic Nat, or Franklin?

I'm sticking with Boyd.


How do I reverse a trade ?


click "reserve changes", the red button just above your team where it shows remaining trades, remaining salary cap and total team value.


Cheers buddy. It had to be done through the web not my iPhone 🙂 go TIGES


I don't quite understand the captains loop hole

can someone please explain



G'day ther Ben no worries at all mate..

The idea is that belford the partial lockout today you make your best magpies or bomber player your VICE captain. If that player scores well enough you can then put your CAPTAIN on a player in your team who is not going to play. That way supercoach will give you double points for your vice captain


Thanks a lot fellas!


ben – have you got ablett? Select him as captain, we all know he is not playing (if not, select someone else not playing this week) Start them on the field and be sure to select an emergency for that position.

If your VC dominates today (the captains loophole will only work for players playing today. So pendles, swan, watson, stanton) Then leave it, your captain isn't playing so your VC score becomes your C score. You will get your emergency score for your captain not playing.

If your VC spuds it today, we are able to swap and change all non collingwood and essendon players up to the next game on friday. Change the C to someone else (boyd vs GWS looks tasty, mitchell in tassie)


Sorry Jock, you beat me to it fella


Hi Jock/Higgo/Crouching One,

Absolutely loving your work guys!! SC has never been so much fun. When are Foxtel going to pick you guys up to replace their crappy Supercoach Show??? How can we start a petition to make this happen??

On to serious matters though. I have kept Fyfe last week and he burnt me. Rumour has it he is still not likely to get back this week so it is probably trade time. I also have Ablett so some difficulties in the midfield. Thinking of keeping Ablett on the bench and swapping Fyfe into the midfield to upgrade to Selwood (geelong) as they have three easy games coming up so his scoring potential should be good in coming weeks and bolster my premiums in the midfield.

I have enough cash on the sidelines to do this but it is going to limit my flexibility in the midfield as I will no longer have a mid / fwd swing set.

I could burn one more trade on Magnar or Shiel to Trelaor. Leaning towards Magnar being traded as Melbourne have a few tough matches coming up. This would be just in time for Trelaor's expected price rise but have me down to 19 trades left.

I need your guidance boys!!

Richo Man

Ablett is definately a confirmed hold – the little master is magician at recuperation as well as on the field. Don't fancy all the ice bath's he'll be having this week though!

My problem is this – poor early choices/injury/suspensions mean I have to burn 2 more trades to get some grunt back into my team. I have 384, 000 in the bank ( don't ask!) and am looking at burning Dusty Martin and Teen Wolf Fyfe for some better performers. Thinking Sidebottom to maintain my FWD/MID link and then have options on Murphy/Pendulbury/Stanton/Watson/Swan or Thompson.

Any thoughts?


any thoughts on whether smedts will play?


Hey guys, can someone please explain to me the vice captain rule for when there is a lockout? Why doesn't the emergency that you name for your non playing captain get the captaincy?


Hey guys need a bit of help. I was thinking of trading Carrazzo for beau waters, and then trading wingard for Sam mitchell. That would leave me around 400 000. Then I could leave Ablett on my bench to a couple of weeks, and I wouldn't really lose any points.

Whaddya think?


Sounds pretty good Bob.

If i was you though, i would consider Rockliff. Is cheaper and should score good scores.


What do you think about callan ward? He has been gunning it


That would leave me 518000

jimbo drouid

carrazzo to s sellwood if the funds permit is the way i would go


Have the carrot in my defense, and don't have a connection


Hey Jock,

I think my trades this week will be: Ablett (721k) to Rockliff (577k) and Coniglio (217k) to Barlow (444k)I have 100k in the bank so i can afford this. Will leave me with 45k left in bank.

That will leave me with 19 trades and a pretty set team. I’ll burn 2 trades but i will get a extra gun.

I need to make up some ground to keep me in it and i think this risk will give me some reward.


Hey Jock,

I have a bit of a dilema. Should i trade:

orren in for nic nat and bring giles onto my starting 22

and dalhaus in for smedts, thoughts?

im not sure if I want to use 2 trades so early in the season


the will leave me with 170 000 in the bank

or i could trade out kruezer instead of nic nat?

Dons diehard

Trading in Treloar or old McDonald is tempting for the cash but how many gws players is too many? Already got mohr, Tomlinson, bugg, Giles smith and will be looking to trade Whoever doesn't get named out of kerridge, pfeiffer and Dickson. Is it a trade wasted and will it get messy with too many giants?


jock, your voice is pretty much unbearable


Got Watson in for wingard this week 🙁


I'm keeping ablett on the field as captain this week. Swan is my vc and scored 180…

The Benchmark

Same here

jimbo drouid

What do you think of sidebott 103? He is my vc. Surely mitchell will score more as captain?


who should i make cap?

boyd vs gws

murphy vs freo

What Ya Mean

u would think boyd just coz he should dominate. murphy should have a big one also as he will have a massive ground to pick up heaps of possessions on the spread though he will be getting tagged by either crowley or boughton.

all in all i would prob go boyd only coz murphy will have a tight tag on him.


For captain I'm leaning towords Adam Goodes think he will score big on small ground but I also have Boyd and Mitchell in my team any thoughts? Disapointed in M Clarkes (69) score thought he was fantastic in ANZAC Game


Dools, was at the game and Marty was super: to keep stanton to two touches by half time was unreall .. problem was he was always more concerned about where stanton was even when collingwood had the ball as he knows how well he spreads on the rebound .. keep the faith, wasn't a SC performance just a bloody good footy performance ..

As for Captain, I am leaning towards boyd myself .. looked at his stats from last year and he never followed up a sub 100 game with another and got quite a few massive scores the week after a poor score. Plus I think after dalhouse (excuse spelling) destroyed melbourne last week he might cop the heavy tag this week .. i hope

what makes you think goodes goes well on small grounds ??


649 after 4 played 🙂 thank you captain swan

jimbo drouid

another week, another set of disasters has stuck,,,,3 of my rookie forwards are out….kennedy, a hall and dickson.

chuck in the big o being an emergency and then the injuries to heath shaw and of course gazza.

could have so many donuts that I'll have homer simpson knocking on my door.

cmon karma….i dare you to do worse!

jimbo drouid

10 players either not playing, injured or emergency. oh dear, I have this horribly wrong.


jimbo, head up mate

cop it hard this week .. season is long and if your only going for a league win remember early season form means nothing .. get in the 8 and its only the last four rounds that matter.

Who are your OUTs ??

big fella

fellas. i want too slot 2 premiums in the ruck, backline, and foward line. can afford any 2 players. suggestions for the best point scorers for the year?


Backs – Goddard, Delidio – hands down will be one and two by years end

Rucks – Sandiland will average the most but might miss a few, Can see Coxs having a big second half of the year (think they're priming him for finals this year as he was burnt out last year) . . my tip these two will still be one and two by years end

Forwards – Franklin will average the most as a given – then it could be anyone of Goodes, Fyfe (if fit), Sidebottom, Martin will go big at some stage, and even Dangerfield could go bang .. Key forwards like Nick Roo, Jack Roo, Cloke, Tippet may all average around 90-100 but thier scores will be very up and down ! Id go Goodes from that group

big fella

yeh thinking goodes champ. already have bj and deledio. thoughts on heath scotland? im after some solid points

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