ABLETT – Keep or Trade?

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AFL Supercoach 2012 tips guru Jock ReynoldsGday folks,

Hope you enjoyed this weeks AFL Supercoach & Dreamteam podcast.. if we’ve raised spirits and inspired you to get back on the right track after a fair dinkum shocker of a weekend we’ll be happy. Continue to be blown away by the spirit of camaraderie and ANZAC like spirit that exists with you our valued Fantasy Footy Community.

Most of us are facing one of the biggest decisions of the season folks. Seems the Little Master will be out for 2-3 weeks.

Here’s what we all have to weigh up:

  • Can I afford to have that much cash sit on my bench for the 2 or 3 weeks he’s reported to be out for?
  • Should I suck it up and hold onto the little legend? I won’t kick myself when he comes back and continues to score like the RIPPER he is. Also as is often the case he may be back after 1 and in that case….?

Crouching, Higgo and I will be workshopping this critical dillemma into the wee hours of this morning and will let you know where we stand in tomorrow nights video.

Let’s flesh it out here and now… will you be KEEPING or HOLDING Ablett this week?

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Keeping for sure. Not burning a trade because I know I'll kick myself when he comes backs and starts smashing out 120s again.


Son of God says one week, I believe it. Holding out.


he is the best player in the league.

even from the stand he may outscore some rookies.

watch for his right foot snap from row 35 during the third quarter




even if he plays bad first game back he will still get 100.



Have to keep him I reckon, geez he could be back in 2 weeks, the little star will pay you back 10 fold.

cheers Chicken


How come Beau Waters knows any better ? Must have an impeccable source.


No reference to beau waters mate, "the waters" is another way of saying "my gut"


My gut tells me Worldcuppa was joking. Hope you were too Tigerman


I think im gonna trade out Ablett to Barlow which will give me 3ook plus my 100k in the bank. i will have 400k left over and in 2-3 weeks i will upgrade Magner to Ablett.

It will cost me 2 trades but i will get another gun in the process.


Cheers Jock,

great advice mate, i will defiently think long and hard about this trade, is a bloody tough choice.


look at the maths on that. For it to work you need magnet to be at about 400k, what is he now, 200k odd? Not gonna happen in 2 weeks. Dumb move



What do you think about trading out Gaz for Jack Ziebell? Has had two good games, is playing GC at Etihad this week and is expecting to rise about 70k in the next three weeks. Then, when Gaz comes back, trade him in and Ziebell out again, making a little profit and still getting (hopefully) three 90+ scoring games from Jack??


two games doesn't make a season. Not proven imo


Yeah I think I'll be keeping him. He's a little ripper of a player and today he tweeted that he reckons he can get back quicker than the doc thinks! It'll suck to burn a trade then a week or two later have to try to get him back in! I'll hold for now!


Jock Im personally going to suck in a deep breath, pause…… and exhale…. ill be keeping the legend that is Garry.

But on a seperate issue I'm am totally bamboozled!

I have had Jack Riewoldt and he has dropped 70 odd thousand to date and due to drop another 20ish this week.

I dont know whether to cut my losses and trade him for someone else (not sure who) or hold him all the way home.

The Tiges have had a tough start to say the least and still have for several more weeks, he has looked out of sorts but i just dont know whether he will lift!

Im just after a league win so if he comes good in the second half of the season I'd be stoked 🙂

any thoughts would be greatly appreciated Jock im just totally stumped!!

keep up the great stuff mate!


mate you've taken a 70k hit…what's another 20k? Listen to crouching's 'chip and dip' analogy in the podcast….

Hold him…he'll come good


Thanks Brad,

Thats the reassurance i needed.

Appreciate your thoughts.

I'll have to ride him for most of the season


Hay jock

I'm going to hold him but who do yo think would be a good captin option????


I reckon Mitchell, Selwood, Murphy, Pendles.

Ben wrigley

I think im a little bit lucky as i have penndles, boyd, priddis, j selwood, murphy, magner, treloar & ablett in the mid field so i reckon i can hang on to him for 2-4 weeks if nothing goes wrong!!!!! What u reckon jock??? Good enough mid field to have him on my bench???

Ben wrigley

He's fit enough to be back with 2, he wrote on his twitter today he's pretty sure he can b back sooner rather than later…


I reckon you're right mate, unless your other lines are pieces of…

darren amos

I've only used one trade thus far. So yes I will trade Garry, for who?. Jack Ziebell, who will rise in price after 2 good games. So I can afford to get him back.

Gazza Ablett

Boys, don't panic! I reckon I can get back within a week. No structural damage – just a bit sore! Might need me mate Jock to ice it up a bit!

Thanks for the support fellas. I'm not trading me!

Jacob Cecil

Hey Jock,

Personally, I have him and I am going to hang onto him because as you said in your podcast on Sunday, even if he scores 60 odd, he price will just go down to the price that it started at the start of the year. If you did want to trade him out, consider these 3:

Michael Barlow; He is the super-saver option. Barlow is back to his ball-winning best but is dirt cheap after struggling with injury last season. If you've got a bit of cash in the bank you can effectively get two guns for Ablett by saving almost $300k on this trade and using it to make another big upgrade

Josh Kennedy(swans); Josh Kennedy $563,100

Save some cash for other trades by grabbing the Sydney clearance machine. Averaging 124 this season.

Marc Murphy; you want reliability, Murphy is your man. Never seems to score below 120 any more

On the topic of your podcast, I couldn't agree more with your song choice, AC/DC is legend!!! I also cracked up when Crouchy started randomly going BANG BANG….BANG, BANG!! LOL

Also, can you tell him to put something up on your website soon because it's like he doesn't even believe in the idea of the Jock Reynolds Website so can you get him onto it ASAP.

Alright take it easy, cheers. CEC


im going to risk trading the little master , he is not bullet proof and due for down time , my gut tells me this. my head is saying im nuts oh well ,ill get a gun and cash so onward and upwards .

Jon Fitz

Hey Jock,

Definitely have to hold him! I have been playing with many trade scenarios involving trading him to Scotty Thompson, who I'm sure you know quite well, and then bring Ablett in later on. Every scenario would mean using an extra 1 or 2 just to get him back in! HOLD HOLD HOLD!

Not to mention they play GWS in a few weeks. If he misses 2 matches then comes back for that game, expect an enormous score


Unfotunetly I don't have the luxury of the option this week 🙁

I have carrazzo, Robbie gray, Heath shaw and the little master. Carrazzo and gray have to go. Is Dempsey in this week??? Thinking of droppin c dog for Dempsey and RG for maybe side bum or j Lewis???


Dempsey could have played last week, should be right in the mix for the anzac day clash. Go side bum, I reckon lewis is more likely to belt someone


Cheers mate. I appreciate the feedback


How many trades left do you think we should have by the end of this round?


i think if you have 20 or more your in a good position,

18 and you'd want to have a pretty set team

16 your nuts and are going to struggle come finals

Sam C

I think I will keep him. My midfield is pretty sweet at the moment, consisting of Ablett, Mitchell, M.Murphy, Hayes, Ebert, Cotchin, with Shiel and Magner on the bench. If either of my bench players can score 70 or so each week then I will be fine.

My current worry is what to do with Steve Johnson! Suspended, bad form, etc, but im not sure who to replace him with, if anyone at all!



Replace .. form is that bad .. lots of options up forward that are super cheap at the moment

Sam C

Such as who though? Already have Dangerfield, Franklin, Martin, Porplyzia, D.Smith, Pfeiffer, Treloar, and A.Kennedy.

What Ya Mean

can go daulhouse, side bum, even cloke he still hasnt hit his straps yet.

otherwise cheaper options will be Aaron hall, dustin martin is getting cheaper and cheaper and should hit some form soon (well u would hope so)


No Brainer….. KEEP him!!!


Jock ol fruit, hows my dilemma – have an underperforming fwd line that includes jack riewoldt but alas also the ill-fated robbie gray (prof higgo's suggestion) and gary rohan.

guess i'm keeping gaz – any chance fyfe playing this week?


id say yes on fyfe . . was really close last week


Hey Jock, I benched ablett, but i was thinking of trading out magner (because of his breakeven is kinda high :S) for J. Mcdonald, then also traded out Adam selwood(because hes a flop) and in marty clarke. thought? should i just wait it off, also dempsey is in my backline, should i wait and maybe get him out?

Give me your guidance o' great jock !


Magner's break even is 7 points – pretty sure he'll get that!


dempsey will be back tomorrow .. keep


Hey Jock

All I can say is this is the turning point in the year.

Many people that have spent every cent in the bank are at a cross roads now.

They either will have to sell Ablett or have to use a bench player which is most likely a rookie who has the risk of a low score, being substituted as is happening alot, or gets rested.

Who will all these people who had Ablett as Captain every week, now choose as Captain ?

Another scenario to look at is when and if Ablett does come back in 3 weeks at best, will the Coach risk playing him for a full game ? Maybe he will but I don't really think he will want to risk his best player possible reaggrevating the injury again ?

Now we know he will be out for 2-3 weeks at best. But then coaches do use smoke in mirrors in these cases with top players injured.

So thats $ 721,400 sitting on the bench for two weeks means you are missing out on appx 130 a week plus double for Captains score. Relying on an Emergency socring at best 70.

Then after 3 weeks comes back, but only plays maybe 2 Quarters, because the coach wants to see how he goes. for half a game he might score 70. Playing Bulldogs.

Next week plays 3 Quarters and scores say 100. Playing Port Adelaide

Following week comes back and scores say 135 for a full game. this game would be against Collingwood and would have most likely Pendlebury playing opposite him.

Think about it can you really afford to have an emergency giving you say 70 points a week if u r lucky ? Especially if u r going for overall.




Ripping analysis mate.


how many donuts you gonna have in rd's 11,12,and 13 when players are rested and have bye's…need them trades.


worth a thought but there is no way he will be the sub, they'll only play him if he's 100% fit and if he's 100% fit he'll play all the game.

Its a bruised bone, not a long term injury like a leg break (like barlow) that would require being eased back in ..

however it is worth a thought how much he will score when he does come back. I love how people are saying even if he gets a 60 in his first game back he will only drop to what he was at the start of the year. BUT WHAT ABOUT HAVING A 60 ON THE FIELD, a rookie gets that easy and then there is a 60 in his 3 week rolling average .. even if he bangs out 130's after that his price will drop to 620k by the time that 60 leaves his rolling average

personally I think it is so unlikely that he will score below 100 so I don't see it happening. However if I do trade him out (and i might) there is no way he will be 721k when I would look to get him back round 14

King kp

Seriously considering trading the greatest player in the game out. But i may take a huge risk and bring in James McDonald and make a sneaky 608k profit then burn another trade to bring in a midfielder around the 600k mark. Then when gaz is finally back, trade out one of my rookies (which needs to rise by 100k) and bring the little king back. 3 trades is steep. But my team would be set, with 20trades left.

Thoughts Jock?


Dear King kp,

Excellent. Do you have 20 trades now? If so, a nice calculated risk!

Are you "in the ball park" in terms of the $50k? If so this strategy is important. If not, the value of the three trades will be more important for league wins later in the year.


Peter Higginbotham

King kp

Higgo you ripper, im happy you approve of my possible options. Misread my trades, I'm sitting on 22 trades now, so 19 if I decide to move on little gazza.

Not in the ball park for the 50k (I wish I was)

Looking to bring in someone like Stanton or selwood, premium with a break even of 100 odd. Or even Hayes, great value at 484k, with a b/e of 66.

Plenty of options to trade out for gaz latter in the year as have cash lying in the kitty collecting dust.



If you're not close to the 50k, have a look at future league games. If playing top teams are you're 0-2 right now, I say go ahead. If 2-0 or 1-1, probably not worth it.

King kp

Tigerman I am sitting 2-0 but have played two banana teams and have a tough draw coming up which is my only concern.

MJ rock's b/e is around 75 so you'd think he'd be only going up. That said, Brisbane has a mixed sort of fixture with cats, essendon, pies and gws coming up. Food for thought. But if you do trade gaz, rock looks good!


King Up, on the same line of thinking.

I have only used two so far, have 44k in the bank and I’m now ranked inside the top 1000 in the comp and if I don’t take a punt then I will be left behind. It is important to note Ablet copped the same injury last year and if i’m right in thinking he only managed a 90odd in his return game. If i sell him now I think there is a good chance he will be some what cheaper (if only 50k) after their bye in round 14 when I would look to get him back in.

If I put him on the pine for two weeks and can’t upgrade this week as my cash cows are not ready I could be potentially down two players on other teams going for the 50k.

However if I side swap Ablet now and save my rookies for upgrades in two weeks I could have Ablet back in for one extra trade:

Example: Round 5: Ablet(721k) to Rockclif(577k) +144K

Round 9: Magner(350k) to Rookie (113k) +237K

Mc Donald (350k) to Ablet(675k)-325K

This would leave me 100K to use for upgrades on other areas of the field and leave my midfield set for the rest of the year (barring injury)


Rockclif may very well be the cheapest he will be all year aswel, forget about the ablet trade but what are peoples thoughts on Rockcilf the SC player

What Ya Mean

gday MJ,

Like ur thoughts was thinking about the same sort of strategy, though only using 2 trades rather than 3. i cant see him coming back in one, cant see them risking him and if he is gone for 2 or 3 than i'm not keen to see 700k on the bench.

i have had rockcliff all year. he seems to do really well against shit teams ie GC and melbourne, 167 and 139. than average against top teams such as carlton and freo(though i dont consider freo in carltons class still better than the other 2 mentioned), 61 and 108. he has posted massive scores against top teams all last year also so i think he will come good.

squalidly pristine

thinking along the same line and am ranked in the top 500. you're a worthy competitior for the 50k.

not sure about rockliff he scored big against melbourne and gold coast (which arent the best of teams) and has a tough draw coming up with geelong and sydney.

i was thinking more of downgrading ablett to hayes (BE 66) + 237

i have 213 in the kitty on top of that.

i know its a lot of money not being used but its better than having a 721k player sit on your bench for a month.

liking the magner to rookie in round 9/ mcdonald back to ablett in round 14.

but with the extra money by going hayes instead of rockliff i will be able to upgrade lake to scotland next week when scotland is at his cheapest. that would set my midfield and backline in four trades. i have only used 21 so far. so 17 left for forwards/injury


loving the weekly podcasts and talk on this page boys. keep up the ripping work.

John Bonham

Gday Jock,

Want to keep old gaz in the side just for security but I cant help but look at the possibility of:

– Ablett out, Barlow In

Then after someone like mcdonald comes up to a decent price, because due to unceratinty in how much he will rise, picking up another solid premium mid, meaning I will have lost ablett but gained Barlow and maybe Murphy?



Thats what i was thinking John. sounds pretty good to me

Dead Meat

Jock, you hinted at trading in McDonald and Treloar. Have Shiel and Kennedy made enough money to be traded out?

King kp

Shiel has a b/e of -20 and Kennedy +19

So plenty more coin to be made from them mate.

Keep those cash cows around.


Im holding onto GAJ and just risking it with my rookies this week and placing stanton in as captain he shall not dissapoint against the dissapointing collingwood and GWS are up against the DOGGIES who have not been impressive at all so far this season so looking for the youngsters to score some decent scores! Very happy i did choose stanton preseason though he has not dissapointed at all


I'm Holding Gazza,

Trying to structure my team so that i only use 6 trades during the 3 weeks of buys to avoid donuts, so i'm not going to burn 2-3 on getting 1 player out then back in.




My plans have slightly changed with Ablett going to the pine for a few weeks. I was planning on a no trade week, which included putting Hurley on the bench, but with Ablett gone it's changed to trading Fyfe for Geary (Moving Goddard/Deledio/Scotland into the mids) then using the free cash to upgrade Hurley to a premium midfielder (Moving Dangerfield forward). Ablett goes to the bench and Magner starts, but once Ablett is back, it gives me an All Australian midfield of Ablett, Murphy, Joel Selwood, Josh Kennedy, Brendon Goddard/Deledio/Scotland and my traded-in premium. Then I can later sell Magner and use the free cash to upgrade another position later.

Craig Slots

Gday Jock and footy fans…

Im a little stuck this week, could you rate my team and give me a tip or two?

Defence- Goddard,Deledio,Scotland,Waters,Dempsey,Bugg,Morris.. RESERVES-Ellis,Smedts.





Cox,Giles RESERVES-Redden,Stephenson




My team value is $10,885,800 and i have $73,000 in the bank with 18trades left.

Any ideas would be great, was thinking Porplyzia and Magner for Lenny Hayes or Sidebottom and D.Pfeffier.

Or should i save my trades for now??

Craig Slots

This is my first year in Supercoach so im not sure how preservative i have to be with trades this early in the season?

Dusty Roads

Mate you look alright. With only 18 trades left, hold tight you need 'em later in the season

Dusty Roads

20 trades left, sat on my side last week and got 4 big fat donuts, and 1750 (Goodes,Shaw,Fyfe,Dempsey,Giles the only ruck that played (have McCauley, Redden & Stephenson)

In strife, thinking trade out Ablett for McDonald…if Garry is out for 3, Old McDonald goes up approx 250k. Have just about every other cash cow.

Is it worth the trade, to buy back Garry Legend in three weeks, and cash cows will have matured (Shiel,Magner) where I can upgrade to another premium whose going down in price like a Thompson or Boyd.

Figure in 4 trades I can can trade out Ablett, get him back and back another premium?

Am I talking shit?

Any suggestions?

Dusty Roads

Probably should have said current midfielders are Ablett, Murphy, Cotchin, Swan, Masten, Magner, Shiel, Ledger


You need mac to go up 250k in THREE WEEKS! I'm not sure that you understand break-even scores, but he would need scores of 200+ in the next few games

Dusty Roads

His current break even is -114.

Projected to go up $100k just this week.


If he scores 100+…. and it wont be that high again next week



Little gaz is an absolute, bloody legend, and will be sure to repay the faith when he returns from injury.


Gday all,

any thoughts on who to get for Carrazo?

Sammy Winter

I traded him for Murphy. I'll get upgrade a rookie to get him back though.


Keep him, keep him, bloody keep him!



Too early in the season to burn a trade for Ablett which is a must have in any team!!

I've traded out Tommy Leger for JMac to ride the cash rise!!

Any thoughts on trading out Sam Kerridge for a Fwd/Mid? Billie Smedts maybe?


Unless you're forward line is shot, hold kerridge


How likely is it that he will break back into the team?


Hi Jock and all at this community,,

I will be keeping the beautiful little genius…I had Goodes out last week who comes back in so what I lose in having GAJ on the bench I gain ( almost ) with Goodes coming back. Next week Heath Shaw should be back and that will strengthen my team again. My team Purple Dreams only scored 2146 last week but still went up 80 spots to my record high 399th place. I am tempted to trade Gazza and chase points to strengthen my position but I really believe TRADE discipline is the key to ultimate success. Pretty pleased with my year so far. Thanks for a great website Jock and I am having a ball listening to your Podcasts…AWESOME!!! Good luck for any future Crumpet Higgo ( maybe even some on Anzac day? And is Crouching Ones slipper any relation to Peter Slipper??

Cheers all and have a good Anzac Day.



keeping gazza he will bust back with huge scores who would waste a trade on him im trading out carrazo this round and maybe dempsey



I have only used two trades so far, have 44k in the bank and I’m now ranked inside the top 1000 in the comp and if I don’t take a punt then I will be left behind. It is important to note Ablet copped the same injury last year and if i’m right in thinking he only managed a 90odd in his return game. If i sell him now I think there is a good chance he will be some what cheaper (if only 50k) after their bye in round 14 when I would look to get him back in.

If I put him on the pine for two weeks and can’t upgrade this week as my cash cows are not ready I could be potentially down two players on other teams going for the 50k.

However if I side swap Ablet now and save my rookies for upgrades in two weeks I could have Ablet back in for one extra trade:

Example: Round 5: Ablet(721k) to Rockclif(577k) +144K

Round 9: Magner(350k) to Rookie (113k) +237K

Mc Donald (350k) to Ablet(675k)-325K

This would leave me 100K to use for upgrades on other areas of the field and leave my midfield set for the rest of the year (barring injury)


Rockclif may very well be the cheapest he will be all year aswel, forget about the ablet trade but what are peoples thoughts on Rockcilf the SC player

Jon Jon

If I was in the top 1000, I would definitely trade.

Those missed points will hurt big time otherwise.

Let's say you downgrade to Josh Kennedy (Syd), you will get more points that playing a rookie with GAJ on the pine, and gain 160k (approximately), that you should use asap to upgrade to Pendles or someone else.

If Pendles scores say 130 tomorrow, then his b/e should be around 140ish for the following week, and value be around 610k (as an example).

Money to be made out of this!!


Hey MJ, have rockcliff in my team, think he is very underrated, and that 60 ( vs Carlton I think) a few weeks ago has lowered his price. Would definately consider picking him up. Generally a very good player and will very rarely score under hundred (see last years stats). With a lot less people picking him up could be a great choice to set you apart from the mob.



I think it may be too early in the week to pull the pin on the Ablett trade – but given your position in the top 1000 definately would consider the trade.

Boyd in?


Current Midfield is

Ablet, Pendlebury, Selwood, Watson, Boyd and either Mangner or McDonald

so my options are Murphy or Rockclif and am leaning towards Rockclif due to price and POD


i like it MJ.

I think my trades this week will be: Ablett (721k) to Rockliff (577k) and Coniglio (217k) to Barlow (444k)I have 100k in the bank so i can afford this. Will leave me with 45k left in bank.

That will leave me with 19 trades and a pretty set team. I'll burn 2 trades but i will get a extra gun.

snake handler

Sell him.He will be out for up to 3 weeks.Do the math

Jon Jon

I was top 1000 last year, but back around 14,500 this year, so I figure unless something drastic happens I am probably gawn for the overall.

Nonetheless, I figure trading GAJ out is surely worth it. For me, he will:

– Miss at least 2 weeks (GC won't risk long-term knee damage);

– Go down in value after his first couple of games as I don't expect immediate outputs of 130-140 first couple of games back from injury; and

– There is so much money to be made out of this.

There are a number of ripping cash-cow options to bring in this week – I am going to Old McDonald. I might even trade out another one of my rookies (even though they haven't topped out yet), to bring in Treloar.

I would just go GAJ to Pendles, but his b/e is 190, so a big price drop is still to be had I think.

Figure I will probably have around 1 million in the bank after these moves, which should hold me in very good stead for some serious upgrading as early as next round.


Think I will keep Gazza – too good to trade out and to try and get back in a couple of weeks.

Any thoughts of trading out Fyfe and/or Martin? I kept Fyfe last week but with his B/E of 202, I am thinking is it worth trading him out for a Treloar and trying to cash in on him later or do I bite the bullet and grab someone like Scotty Thompson or a Lenny?

Haven't made any trades so far.

Also thinking about getting rid of the disappointing Martin (B/E of 128) – but who to get?


Can you do the Captain trick with Watson this week?

Hows it work again?


select watson as your VC, if you like his score put an non playing player (eg ablet) on the field and make them captain .. then make sure you have a playing emergency on the bench to cover the 0 for the non playing player. Then you get VC points as double


Cheers, and if watson's score is average I just make someone else captain?


Spot on!


guys dont panic. by now you should be settled on your premiums and rookies.

dont go chasing shadows. keep the rookies until the average points per game is lower than their break even score. then they are nearing their peak $$ amount.

i still think ablett is keen to get back after just 1 week. his preparation and recovery skills are second to no-one. if it is at possible to get back in a week, then gary can.


Planning to put ablett on bench, may be back next week.

What do you think about trading Yarran for Scotland, have about $150000 spare


interesting trade. scotland should average more.

i say yes if you haven't used too many trades at this stage.


i have used 4 trades, have 20 left. this is the only trade i am planning to do this week. Yarran may have a foot injury, so if he does play may not perform that well this week anyway, his scores are decreasing each week. I already have deledio and goddard, not a lot of other defenders available with good averages (also have lake and hurn, and a lot of other first year players, waiting for their prices to increase before i trade)


"Ruckman Aaron Sandilands is in doubt with a calf complaint" on AFL website

🙁 🙁 can't have both sandi and ablet out !! this hurts, really hurts


keep gazza. get rid of sandi….he is a risk of doing further injury

Sammy Winter

Get Nic Nat.

What Ya Mean

i have decided to sell ablett and get him back later down the track. i have decided this based on having made 0 trades thus far also i feel i can have a crack at the big one as i am sitting in the top 5000. now the question is who to trade him for.

what do people think:

Stanton, J selwood, s selwood, pendles, kennedy,swan, watson, mitchell. other???

Sammy Winter

I got Murphy.


in the herald sun ablett said he should hopefully get back for round 6


Traded him for Callan Ward

Wait for Ablett to come back in and then upgrade a rookie to get him back in


mumford is also not looking so good with back worries??


saw this romour on twitter…any truth to it?

aarontmeadowsaarontmeadows: @jock_reynolds @DTTALK Rumour has it @heathshaw39 is set to play vs @Essendon_FC in tomorrows #AnzacDay Match #aflpiesdons


personally very confident of making finals as i had a solid structure initially! my golden rule has always been never trade out a bloke who you know will be a certain starter in your side come the end of the year!! keep the faith on yaaablettttt!


im trading him i dont care, but who for pendles, judd, murphy or mitchel?? what to dooo!


murphy is going to have a break out year if he hasn't already.

I have a sneaky hunch that people are working out how to shut down pendlebury. he will get possession but I think they know how to curve him a bit.

murphy then judd then pendlebury is my order. mitchell is a little too inconsistent to include.


Any ideas who to put in for carraZzo?? Thinking maybe bob murphy????


does the captain loophole exist this week?

Jacob Cecil

It does if you play your card write my friend!

If you have say Scott Pendulbry or Dane Swan uf you put vice-captain on them and if they churn out a 130+ score you just put the captain on a non scoring player like someone on your bench.

Jacob Cecil

Swan, you put*


Thinking Ill keep Gazza. Currently have both GA and Fyfe in team. Want to punt Fyfe. Thinking hold GA trade Conigilo for McDonald (due for a big price increase) and then trade Fyfe for Joel Selwood. Fingers crossed GA is back in one week..


After the performance Ablett's put on this season already, you'd be mad to let him go just for being out for two weeks. He's 300pts on average as captain, difficult figures to pass up, if you're smart you have redundancy in your team to allow for injuries, hopefully (in my case) cunnington from North will step up and give a nice performance of 100pts, and Jobe Watson or Scott Selwood should be able to pump out some decent points as captain.

Now if Dempsey would just get back in I'd be set 😉 Got rid of Hurley btw, for Tippett (I've possibly missed the cash cow, but he's on fire atm, Hurley hasn't been getting the figures to back up what he costs).

Alphacats 07 09 11

Holding onto Ablett for sure. Trading out Dempsey for Waters and Chapman for Johnson, M.


with ablett on the pine for the next few weeks, i need a new captain. tossing up between pendlebury and stanton. pendlebury always plays well on anzac day, but stanton has been getting some big numbers in recent weeks. help!!


Think im going to trade ablett out this week then buy him back when he plays again, I have enough money in the bank to do this. Going to either buy Pendlebury or Stanton to replace the little master. Realy cant decide but. Can anyone help me make this decision.


chris masten or lenny hayes?