Round 4 – How’d ya go? Supercoach and Dreamteam

Published by Jock on

AFL Supercoach 2012 tips guru Jock ReynoldsI can tell you folks that tonight’s podcast will be an absolute rip snorter. So many issues to get through and situations to discuss.

The battle for supremacy in AFL Supercoach and Dreamteam is alrady proving to be one of attrition. Fyfe. Birchall. Carazzo. Ablett. Hurley. Shaw. The list goes on. And on.

Over to you folks – how has your mob coped with the round 4 bloodbath? Tune in around 11pm tonight for your weekly dose of Fantasy Common sense.

Jock Reynolds.

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Pedestrian, 1975 with Reid and Magner to finish (Reid at minute playing a stinker). Need to make some sideways trades think week matey. Hoping Ablett comes good.


Will barely reach 1900 with Fyfe, Birchall, Shaw and Goodes out. Will likely trade Fyfe and Shaw. Morris and Ellis filled in admirably though.


1875 with Boyd and Magner in play, but not too displeased with Shaw, Lake, Goodes all out and a donut in the ruck with 3of4 rookies out


Have not seen this much carnage for a long time Jock! Had Dempsey, Lake, Goodes, Carrazzo (traded for Shaw…D'oh!). Should just crack over the 2k mark.


Shocking run this week… Had 10 out of 30 players who didnt play… Giving me 2 zeros. Will

Probably end up with just under 2000. Hmmm


2 Zeros from Fyfe and Mumford as the rookies named emergencies were also not named.

So ill end up just under 2000 so not good at all.

Gonna trade Mumford and Fyfe this week.


Liking Dahlhaus for Fyfe

What you reckon

Ben wrigley

Could have been a big week with out the injury carnage!!!! Gunna just crawl over the 2000 line without fyfe & lake not scoring!!!!! Trade the big mummy out at the right time but with some of the better sides struggling in there games my trades didnt scire as well as i hoped….. Pretty happy considering alot lot of coaches had shaw, dempsay, fyfe, goodes, carazzo, mummy, lake etc!!!!!! Gunna be interesting week with now ablett pulled up a little sore!!!!! Very close to doing his knee which would off set alot of coaches into melt down….

Greg aloin

On 1934 for magner still playing, but he is playing really bad, looking just below 2000.Traded out shaw for carrazo and carrazo get injured, Unlucky there.onepositives were traded out mummy for sandilands.Also got gablett hopes he plays next week.Will trade out carrazo likely for fisher or maybe downgrade to J.geary??


Cya later mumford grr


Who did you trade to? I have a back injury and I know how shit it is…He had to go…I went Nic Nat


Good choice I reckon.


I have ledger. Don't know whether to hold on or trade him out. Thoughts? (going for h2h win)

What Ya Mean

i was meant to do the same last week but went against it so i could see how treloar went and he got another 73 so i'll be prob making that trade. he is also a dpp player so u can always put him up front in replace of fyfe(depending what happens with his injury) and then go out and get a cheap premium such as pendles or if u got enough cash stanton who i wouldnt mind in my team as he is is looking the real deal atm.


2114 with Magner to go. Had Fyfe and Lake warmin the bench and traded Mummy out at the last minute. So I'm happy with the outcome. Up against Crawf's Champs and beat em – Take that Crawf!


Who'd ya trade for the big mummy?


Was a toss up between Kreuzer and Ryder went for Ryder in the end. Had a quiet week but I'm confident.


scored 2149 and won all 5 league games. good considering redden didnt play and left me with a 0


2045 with magner to come pretty upset fyfe didnt play and adam kennedy got 40..

goodes was benched along with lake so some quality to come off the bench


Got 2062 with Carrazzo scoring only 3 points and Lake on the bench. The question is who do I trade Carrazzo out for? A premium? Or downgrade to Geary?

Hannahs a homo

So I didn't think i scored that well but from what I see I scored just under 2200 which is more than anyone has said they've got…maybe A chance for the cash?! 😉


Just noticed a mate in my league got 2267, so maybe not quite there for the cash. Will be interesting to see what score wins it after this hard round.


2082. Was 1 ruckman short with Stephenson, Longer and Redden dropped. Also had Fyfe sitting on my bench. Looking at trading Fyfe soon and maybe Michael Hurley. Will have to wait for teams next week, although Hurley being the Wednesday game means I'll probably bench him and trade him round 6.

What Ya Mean

hurley got injured so might have to rethink


2043 and lost my league match by 130. A disappointing round albeit not a huge suprise – had Milera cover for Fyfe which meant that I avoided a donut but spud efforts from Boomer, Kennedy and Boyd cost me. Townsend (covering for Shaw) starting with the green vest didn't help either



Fyfe's shoulder

2000. I'll take that with Fyfe, Goodes, Grimes and Dempsey all on the pine.

Time to say byebye to Josh Caddy this week I think. Can't tolerate 50 every week


Got 2144. Had Birchall and Goodes on bench and only got 40 out of Kennedy. Pretty happy still though


a hopeless 1851 with priddis and mcdonald left on the bench by accident.

lucky to win 2 of my 5 leagues


Massive crash and burn, was hoping to sit on my team for 3-4 weeks with no trades but now in damage mode…


2200 even 😀 delighted .. Boyd and Martin only two that really let me down .. also had GWS kennedy, smith and magner on the field but would expect inconsistent scores from them boys so not too down hearted .. averaging 2205 and would still think im a chance for the 50k


A nice 2211 from my boys

Hopefully gonna get close to the top 10,000

Feeling a comeback about to happen.


2088 with carazzo killing me early and kennedy failing with a 40 odd.

Happy the Mitch Golby stepped up (albeit against the suns) and good to see R.Hargrave with the big points!

jimbo drouid

Any word on how bad gazza is?


Scored 2098. Really annoyed, traded out mummy (couldn't deal with his doughnuts anymore) for Sandilands, clicked him to play on the field but my computer doesn't sub him in! Instead i got a big fat zero from stephenson. Could have had 2219. Would be close to the top 5000 then. now probably languishing at 8000-7000.

Guess i know how crouching feels about not putting the right players in.


Hahaha you were my opponent this week nick.

You would've beat me by 8 points if you had him

Strap on

Shocker of a round filled with injuries 1760 yet team value up 870000 ..

Strap on

Shocker of a round filled with injuries 1760 yet team value up 870000 .. Stinker . I am giving up dream team bites


Limped in with 2125, plenty of work to be done this week, with Broughton, Martin and the ruck looking shaky, bench seems to of gone to play back in the VFL.


did not do to bad, I traded shaw for carrazo didn't help much!!. and one of my good trades was sidebottom for Martin. Anyway I scored 2168 this week.


1922, goodbye top 20,000 hello top 35,000 I think I'm travelling in wrong direction..bloody daughter came to visit, missed the late outs..2 donuts..cant wait for next week


2005, pretty average. Was top 3000 and will be well down now. Got Carrazo in for Shaw which was shithouse.

Big V

1992, but guess what I broke into the top 10, 000 for the first time in season 2012 😀

Carrots > Waters – LTI, Carrots out for 6-8 wks.

Kennedy > Treloar- Kennedy has peaked.



kennedy has peaked.



Got a tad over 2200 and back in the top 100 overall, happy days!




2100 which is not too bad considering Dempsey and Shaw were out and some of my rookies are faltering a bit. Bugg is looking the real deal in SC terms, I'm glad Joel Selwood has picked up a bit, and Sidebottom is having a great season so far. Martin, Broughton still a bit off the pace but I'm not looking to trade them yet.


Got 2150..won all three leagues, with No Dempsey or goods. Are wondering whether to trade J McCarthey from Port to get a premium mid or stick with him..


I can't spell..Goodes it should be..


In more stink than a Werribee duck after this week.

did the same Shaw / Carazzo deal – FAIL

did the Duffield / Lake trade prior to suspension of Lake – EPIC FAIL

had Goodes, Fyfe so high 1900's was passable.

Hope Ablett comes up or I'm sunk.

BTW don't listen to Fantasy Freako – flog!

Recommended getting rid of Golby early on as he was playing as a stopper. Has held his own last 2 weeks with respectable scores for a cheapy.

Jock you are the go to man mate!


J Reiwoldt and S Reid are a couple of SPUDS on my fowards line that I can't afford to carry much longer…and as for Jock's "suggestions" of T Dickson, D Zorko and B Smedts???? Well….not much needs to be said there does it! My forward line is killing me….any thoughts on who I can trade the rookies for????

What Ya Mean

well its offical GAJ is out for 2-3 weeks.

Do we trade or bench???

What will everyone be doing?? thoughts?


How many trades have you used?

How many premium mids have you got?

I'd bench him and bring in the JMac Bubble Boy

You have the captains loophole anyway this week.

Ablett's confident he can only MISS ONE WEEK!

Its only bone bruising. He sits in the ice bath more than penguins in the artic circle..


What Ya Mean

havent used any trades yet.

without ablett i have only 3 premo's

i'll be getting rid of ledger for either jmac or treloar but most prob jmac mostly due to his cash potential.

my only player on anzac day is marty clarke, so i'm not able to use the loophole unless clarke pulls off a miracle and gets a 130 or 140, but lets be serious its not gonna happen lol.

i might put GAJ on the bench this week and get in jmac for ledger, and reassess the following week.


2181 with a miserly 16 points from Sticky Tape (GCFC)

Really not sure why i tried to "have a unique"!


Hi Jock,

2030 for me this week. I am after advice on whether to start spending now or wait a few weeks. Current team and budget is


Goddard, Deledio, Waters, Bugg, Clarke, Golby, Dempsey, Morris, Ellis


Ablett, Watson, Boyd, Magner, Shiel, McDonald, Pfeiffer, Ledger


Giles, Hale, Redden, Stephenson


Franklin, Riewoldt Nick, Cloke, Dangerfield, Kennedy Adam, Milera, Smith Devon, Paine, Dickson.

Remaining Salary $1,479,700.

Avg 2063.

Thanks Pepper.


with ablett out for a week or two you need another prem on the ground now! trade ledger for pendles or murphy and get on treloar for paine or dickson i reckon. wait another week or two for drops in price on some key fwds.

or alternatively. with all that cash trade out dickson and ledger, move pfeiffer fwd and get pendles and murphy. KABOOM!!


i got 2126 and i had fyfe and dempsey and overal 5678

short life

lucky to win 2 of my 5 leagues