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AFL Supercoach 2012 tips guru Jock ReynoldsGary Ablett. Nat Fyfe. Michael Hurley. Gary Rohan. Mitch Clarke. Heath Shaw. Andrew Carazzo. Robbie Gray. Matty Leuenberger. Courtenay Dempsey. Luke Shuey. Adam Goodes. Brian Lake.

Could pass as the lineup for the 2012 All Australian team but no folks.. these are the poor buggers who have smashed Supercoach and Dreamteam coaches from pillar to post in an absolute ball tearing fortnight.

Hang in there folks. It’s not the way we travel when we’re flying that defines us as Supercoach coaches. It’s how we pick ourselves up off the deck and make the most of a bad situation that sorts the Supercoach Studs from the Supercoach Shonks. Chins up. Listen in as Higgo, Crouching and I take you through your options in a rocky Fantasy Footy terrain.

In some big news, Crouching and Higgo will join me Tuesday night for a pre Round 5 video. It’ll be a ripper and we hope you can have a watch.

Your mate,

Jock Reynolds



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wish i knew that about fyfe before i traded him out this week

stonner dude

hey jockyyyy boy

I need some big help atm my fine young sir i am unlucky to have MR CARRAZZO in my team and i want to know if you think MR HURN is a good trade for him??? i know he had pour game this weekend but the style of game played on saty night was not really suited to his play i do belive so wat you think mate??? do keep in my mind i would have traded in MR SCOTLAND for MR CARRAZZO but i only had $525,300 left after trading!!!!

Bong on =P


only $525,500? No points for having the most in the kitty mate. Get scotland, hurn is solid but prone to the odd spud score.


how long is fyfe out for?

jimbo drouid

He could play next round geelong. I think he will cause if they were going the surgery path it would have happened during Lawrence week.

Anyone else get burn by redden being rested and the big o not playing?


Add to that Longer out and my 4 rookie ruck was light on. Was tempted to pull the trigger on Longer last week to cover but glad i didn't. I saved 2 trades and a good player to wear 1 donut. Hopefully the up-and-comers will be back this week fresh as a daisy (not Dale Thomas). I think Brisbane really missed him, Hudson is an old man.


hey guys,

few questions what shouldi do with carrazo and dempsey are they injured?

The Wanderer

"many fish in the sea…" Crouching that is gold !!! Can't wait to pretend I thought of it myself πŸ™‚


Will need to replace Carrazo, thinking Adcock. Anyone else a good choice?


Hey Matt, I think Birchall is a good choice in the back, thats if he plays this week.


Id go M.Suckling from Hawks same price better average, Adcock is a great player but too hot and cold…………Birchall has burnt many and might not play again, look at J.Geary from the saints, great scores and frees up cash too


Suckling could be the go, however he is 30k more than Adcock. I like Birchall and had him last year but the injuries worry me.


a great idea could be your mother as she performs really well in tough situations


You're a winner


and whats happening with gary ablett? cheers caaaaarrrrnt xoxoxoxoxo

is he dead?


out for 2 maybe 3


I did the sideways on Boyd for Murphy 2 weeks ago.

Don't tell me sideways doesn't work.

Also sideways on Mummy to Ryder – will see how that pans out.

Chappy playing rubbish but dominating last qtr of close games means he is still bringing home 90+ each week.


Enjoyed the pod cast lads.

Inspiring words about how we bounce back that makes us great supercoaches as opposed to what we do when our team is going great.

Big week of footy indeed! (when is it not a big week of footy?!)


Great Podcast boys.

In regards to Trelor & MacDonald….

would you trade any of my/the following rookies for them?

1. Smedts

2. Kennedy

3. Shiel

4. Milera

5. Magner

I have used 3 trades to date. Not sure if I just stick with what I got – is the 100K worth the trade?


i'd go shiel to mcdonald




dont trade rookies until they are ready to milk.

smedts has a break even of -22 so he will go up in price next time he plays.

kennedy be of 15 so will go up

shiels be of -25 ditto

milera 28 so likely to go up

magner 7 will go up

why trade any when they will all go up? milera is the only questionable one but even he is average 3 times his break even.

i would sit tight for another 2 rounds


Whats Old Mac's breakeven?


old macs break even is -116


Hey jimbotrarlgon, how are u working out there break evens? is there a formula?


Old Mac or Treloar then? Who will make more?


Ablett to stanton?


Hurley to goodes?

Yes or no?

I have the cash


no , waste of trades


What to do then for the next two weeks or so?


sit tight, you will need the trades later in the year


hurley for goodes…complete this trade!!!!

Stants on fire but could easily fizzle out with inconsistent scores as the season runs. Jnr, even if injured for 2-3 will make the difference up before too long. Just my prediction


So just cop a bad score the next two weeks or so?


hey guys, and jock.

first year doing supercoach, currently ranked around 18,000th, pretty happy so far want to get top 15,000 see how i go after the byes maybe even top 10,000 if i'm lucky. But i was wondering, is it too early to upgrade one of my rookies to a premium player this week or next week? i've got $300K in the bank so i can upgrade a rookie if i want, but should i wait and get more cash out of my rookies?

thanks guys πŸ™‚


No. Hold fire until they mature, rookies are mostly 2 to 3 weeks away from mooing. Sit tight.



I don't know guys it's going to be at least two weeks and possibly three: I have only used two so far, have 44k in the bank and I'm now ranked inside the top 1000 in the comp and if I don't take a punt then I will be left behind. It is important to note Ablet copped the same injury last year and if i'm right in thinking he only managed a 90odd in his return game. If i sell him now I think there is a good chance he will be some what cheaper (if only 50k) after their bye in round 14 when I would look to get him back in.

If you put him on the pine for two weeks and can't upgrade this week as my cash cows are not ready I could be potentially down two players on other teams.

However if I side swap Ablet now and save my rookies for upgrades in tow weeks I could have Ablet back in for one extra trade:

Example: Round 5: Ablet(721k) to Rockclif(577k) +144K

Round 9: Magner(350k) to Rookie (113k) +237K

Mc Donald (350k) to Ablet(675k)-325K

This would leave me 100K to use for upgrades on other areas of the field and leave my midfield set for the rest of the year (barring injury)



MJ, I think that is a great idea. I'm in quite a similar position myself being ranked around the top 4000 mark and thinking that ablett has too go, even if it is only for a month. 700k is far to much to spend for a player who is sitting on the bench.


what do i do about ablett?? oh and by the way coming 606th overall, anyone better than that on here???


i'm in the top 100, a few others probably will be as well no doubt – have seen some pretty impressive scores being posted!


yeah im at 34 at the moment. some really good sides going around at the moment


Keep Ablett and put up with a lower score for a few weeks?

Trade Hurley to try and make up some of the slack?

Or keep both of them and have at least one donut for next week?

I have no idea what to do


Thanks for this Jock and co. After another disappointing week at Tigerland I was actually looking forward to this week's podcast. Cheers for the cheering up!


the question is 'who do we make captain now?'

I'm going for mitchell

Sammy Winter

Injuries in team: Fyfe, Mumford, Ablett

Trades Used Already: Two

Trades for Round Five:

Out: Ablett, Mumford In: Murphy or J.Selwood, Sandilands or Nic Nat

Thoughts Anyone?


Id go Murphy and Nic Nat, Murphy is closest to Ablett, and Sandy might be out plus a higher risk of injury


No such thing as a sideways trade for Ablett haha… Hmmmmmmmm might go Ablett to Stanton and save the $$$ to upgrade my rooks =D


Getting sick of carrying Jack Riewoldt, starting to wonder why i picked him to begin with.

Have 410K to spend, need a new fwd


Sammy Winter

Had him from the start and still haven't traded him yet. Have a look at Jonothan Brown in the next few weeks. If you don't like Jono use your cash to get Tippett or Nick Riewoldt who have been in some good form.


had half of those boys you named, played with 4 out on the ground.. racked in a 1600 after a few solid 2100 :/


Ablett is a serious dilemma. i ranked 6,000 overall and would like to go up.

What about Ablett to Barlow, Kennedy to Treloar. Then in 2-3 rounds, upgrade Magner to Ablett.

What do you guys think?

Sammy Winter

Going to Barlow is a huge risk.


Jocks's rant last night was much better than anything I've seen at the Melbourne Comedy Festival this year


Want to keep the little master.

Have some spare cash, so contemplating Ziebell in for C Smith, and Treloar in for Ledger (who has basically been a 0 in my ledger).

Will see what happens with Stevie J and his appeal against the MRP.


i have chad wingard in my side and i am thinking of replacing him with a j.mcdonald or young treloar.

is this worth the trade. dont know if wingard will continue to wear the green vest.


Who should i put in for carrazzo ? Thinking bob murphy,thoughts?


does anyone think its worth holding on to billy longer?


Hey guys! I want to hold on gazza, but I need to trade someone in to cover. My mid rooks are magnet, Shiel, Greene and bulldog smith. Sheil is on the chopping block, only because magnet has more scoring and earning potential, but he is worth more than Greene or smith. BUT I have 30k in the bank so I can't trade up without trading down elsewhere. Mumford is in my sights, I had a feeling about him at the start of the year, and I know he can perform, but can he overcome his back infection? I have Giles on my bench who has done enough to earn a spot in my starting 22. So who can I trade mummy down to so I can trade up in the mid? (I've got my eyes on pendles, I had a feeling his price would drop, I don't know how much lower it will get…)


Dempsey not named in the side for tomorrow


Hey Jock and everyone….any thoughts on Will Hoskins-Elliot vs Clay Smith??