Supercoach & Dreamteam Cattle Market – Round 4

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Reflecting on the complexities of Supercoach in 2012Gday there folks!

Here’s my Supercoach Cattle Market inventory for the week including all the bargains being flaunted about this week.

Really need you lot to make sure you have a gander at this weeks Supercoach and Dreamteam video. It goes through the fact that there’ll be some dead set bargains dangling around in a few weeks so make sure you bare that in mind when you make your selections. The big issue many face is the Nat Fyfe situation. My advice is – if he’s named – is to keep the lad for at least this week. Take a deep breath. Have a walk in the fresh air. Clear your head. It makes sense folks. It’ll give you a chance to assess the damage in terms of his scoring potential, but also to let some of the juicy premium forwards drop in price a bit more in the event you want to give Teen Wolf the flick.

Continue to be humbled and proud at the friendly atmosphere developing in our new online Fantasy Footy Community.  Proud of the spirit of helpin out your mates that exists in this joint. Proud of you lot. Proud of our bloody rip snortin game of AFL and its capacity to bring people together. Proud of our podcast.. make sure you have a listen. Proud of Higgo.. inching slowly but surely towards his first crumpet. Proud of being associated with the great Crouching One. Really am.

Jock Reynolds

*remember BE = Break Even. This is the Supercoach score the player needs to maintain his current price


avg BE Price Jocks Call
Steven Morris RIC 56 -44 $157,100 Looking the goods at cementing a spot in the Tiger backline for long enough for some Supercoach or Dreamteam cash cow action. Last chance to get him cheap enough to call home about.
Marty Clarke COL 76 -42 $224,700 Continues to gain momentum form wise and will begin to accumulate more Supercoach relevant ball now. Still real value here.
Shannon Hurn WCE 104 64 $463,000 Proven fantasy relevance and hitting form within a team on the rise. Consider
Alex Rance RICH 109 70 $478,400 Scores of 99, 97 and 109 for a super consistent start to the season. Could be the unique pick that sets you apart from the pack.
Brendon Goddard (mid) STK 122 107 $588,100 Looks angry, hungry and bloody beautiful. Don’t have him? Find a way


avg BE Price Jocks Call
Dylan Shiel GWS 59 -45 $160,200 You’ve missed his first price rise but showing plenty is young Dylan. Building fitness after interrupted preseason and plenty of Supercoach and Dreamteam upside left.
Chris Masten WCE 135 -31 $376,300 Average may be inflated by poor opposition to date, but no denying his value either way. Good enough to command a spot as a premium lock in your team? Not for me but wouldn’t blame ya
Scott Selwood WCE 135 5 $503,800 Like Masten his average is at overs.. but in red hot form in a West Coast Eagle outfit eyeing off September.
Ryan Bastinac NM 106 -17 $415,300 Crouching Tiger’s favourite – The Basted Chicken. Crouching’s prediction of a break-out season may have merit – a 57 in round 1 is a turn off but worth consideration in a team on the rise.
Brad Ebert PTA 106


$391,400 Likely to rise to around the $520K mark this season in his new Port Adelaide home. Averaging over 20 touches with a high kick to handball ration and goals in every game. Still value here folks.
Lenny Hayes STK 110 33 $453,300 Has ticked every box I wanted him to pick up to this point after returning this season from his bung knee. Bloody love ya Lenny… I’m looking at recruiting ya this week my old mate. Building into the season magggniiificently.
Gary Ablett GC 155 104 $708,000 I love ya Gary. Buy. Now.


avg BE Price Jocks Call
Orren Stephenson GEL 48 -32 $106,600 Last chance to get your hands on big Orren, finally showed promise against the shinboners and a nice big lumbering cow to bubble away on your bench
Matt Kreuzer CAR 103 85 $441,500 Will rack up some big bloody scores this year and don’t reckon he’ll be this price for too long. Massive engine and still building into peak match fitness.


avg BE Price Jocks Call
Billie Smedts GEL 44 -19 $113,200 Very talented youngster to consider if you don’t have him yet or need to replace a dud rookie. Missed rd 3 but tipped to get a gig rd 4. Watch the teamsheets.
Rhys Stanley STK 90 -39 $247,300 Really impressed by this lean running marking Supercoach scoring machine in the making. Stacks of upside left, will still earn you enough cash to upgrade later in the season with the possibility of keeping him on as a lock. Playing the long leading forward and being used plenty.
Jason Porplyzia ADE 78 4 $270,900 Still at unders.. huge injury risk here but equally huge upside if he gets through the season.
Tom Hawkins GEL 105 14 $414,100 I’m forgiving him his poor 78 on the weekend and still believe all signs are pointing to a Tommahawk bonanza this year.
Brendan Whitecross HAW 110 22 $419,400 Plenty of buzz around the Community about young Brendan. I’m not convinced enough that he has the capacity to maintain his current form without regular spud weeks. Would consider at 80K cheaper but not for me. Hodge coming back will hurt his scoring as well.
Kurt Tippett ADE 120 60 $445,300 Proven against the top shelf hawks with a thumping 128 on the weekend. Approach with a large degree of caution. Ripper start but consistency is my query.
Steele Sidebottom COL 94 66 $454,900 Worth a thought for those keen on ditching Fyfe while maintaining a FWD/MID link. Priced reasonably and will have more midfield work with Ball gone
Nick Riewoldt STK 113 65 $495,100 Playing closer to home with Stanley galloping upfield. Those locking him in will be rapt and to be seriously considered by those that don’t.


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Dilemma central. Sitting on Fyfe, Goodes up front, Dempsey and Lake down back. Bench is DEF: B Ellis (Rich) and C Howard (WB – injured), FWD: D Smith and Smedts.

DEF: No matter what, I have to trade to avoid a duck egd (no MID/DEFs). I'm thinking switch Demps for Ellis this week, and trade Lake for ??? $263k in bank.

FWD: Are Dev and Smedts worthy of Goodes and Fyfe to stick with them, or trade Goodes or Fyfe and put Dev in for the other? I'm thinking Option 2, Dev/Smedts won't score anywhere near Fyfe/Goodes in form, so I need to at least get one good scorer in?


Sammy Winter

Hey Jock,

I know you have Fyfe. What are you doing with him?

Jacob Cecil

look at his video that he posted! he has a 'stock take sale' of fwd guns who have not had the best of starts this year and are on the incline price wise. Definitely worth a look at!

Chimmy Changa

There might be value coming but fyfe is going to have a big drop this week. Add to that the chance of reinjury, resting and vesting I would trade him out post haste.


Hey Jock need your help chief.

I need to trade z skinnner out of my fwd line bench,So I can put goodes on bench.

Treloar, Paine or Smedts???


Wise words as always.

Thanks Jock your a gun!


My mate popped his shoulder three or four times playing footy, had surgery, popped it again, and then it got to the point where it was popping out when he turned over in his sleep. So yep, Fyfe might get up this weekend, but I bet he'll have more trouble down the track. So I'm trading him out, and since I've got him in the mids, I'm bringing in Joel Selwood. His next three are Richmond, Brisbane, and Melbourne. I reckon that's a guaranteed 650 points right there.


650? I meant 450!

The Pinky Puncher

650 could be right


Cheers Jock – one more thing about J Selwood, it's trading a R12 bye for a R12 bye.

By the way, who would you get between Carrazzo and Scotland?


thoughts on roughead?

Jacob Cecil

From hawthorn?



Jacob Cecil

Adam Treloar mate! Scored around about a 60-70 odd last week in an 80 drubbing but if scores about 50 will be on the bubble and im my team for the person that he replaced in the starting 21(excluding subs), Curtly Hampton! what are your thoughts or input into that idea and keeping fyfe/dempsey on the pine for a few to see if they score +90 again. If dont work, i can always cash in fyfe or a down priced premuim fwd, eg. pav-lova, petrie and 'happy' chappy! and then upgrade dempsey for a maclcheski or someone like that! Also, i am tired of having matty priddis in the position that i hate him most at…..centre half bench! trading him out for a j. selwood/s. thompson/ m. boyd or someone like that because he hasnt had third game yet so still priced at 615k!

Alright, got to go but hope to hear from you soon, cheers


The Pinky Puncher

TReloar scored well and was apparently only on the field for 23% of the game….. smashed it in a short time. What will he score with a full game??

Don't sideways trade Priddis. If you recall Higgos analysis prior to round 1 Priddis is the most consistent scoring gun you can get… He will come good my friend, be patient and don't burn your trade there going sideways.

I actually swapped Fyfe for treloar. and am axing Dickson, moving smedts fwd then getting carrazzo in the back line…..


"…then getting carrazzo in the back line….."

Did you already have Scotland? If not, what was your reasoning between taking Carrazzo over Scotland? Let me guess, 50k? I can't decide between the two


I'd also say form plays an important part in that trade.

Carazzo flying at the moment, whilst there's no guarantees Scotland will reproduce last week's form again this week.

Plus Scotland's going to lose a ton of cash in the next few weeks, so you can get him on the cheap if you wait a bit.


Good call, thanks


Mate I'm sweating a bit on Priddis too, i kinda don't want him to play this week so i can re-shuffle, but he's a gun and if he's up to scratch he'll put points on the board


Had Carrazzo from the start, also had Treloar. Pinky puncher were did you find out he not got 23% of game Time? He wasn't sub on anything.


Gap day jock, loving your stuff buddy, I was just wondering about a couple of things.

Is cox for Kruezer a good move?

If Fyfe is out of the season ( unlikely at the moment as he got through a whole training session, and is likely to play this week) is it a good idea to trade out Sloane for sidbottom, and then swap sidbottom and Fyfe, then trade out fyfey for josh Kennedy?

Do you reckon backer Houli is a good replacement for Dempsey, I was thinking either him, or Hargrave, maybe even lake at the end of this round.

Sorry if this is too much questions mate, but I would absolutely love it if you could help.

Thanks mate

Jacob Cecil

I know that i am not as good as the Jockster but i will try my best!

First off, sideways trading are never the good unless you are desperate. If this is your last option then downgrading cox for kruezer as cox has the hawks, tigers, roos, bombers and sainters in their next five. Matty Kreuzer has the bombers, freo, gws, lions then crows in their next five. I do beliefe that cox has the ability to score higher then kreuzer but matty is the no.1 ruckman if you like because cox and nic nat are spreading the load more. Cox to nic nat might work because he has been gunning it as for ryder but if cox to kruezer is you option to free up more cash…then go for it!


You are the future jock mate, you should be his sidekick, what do you think about my other two questions?


Just my opinion, but all I'm seeing there are burnt sideways trades for no real return on scoring output.

Sloane is good value as a mid 400K player who is averaging 75-100 PPG at the moment.

Dempsey may only be out for one game, do you have a bench player that could cover for for one round? I know they won't score as much as he has so far, but if he comes back round 5 and does well, you'll be wishing you hadn't burnt a trade unecessarily.

If you still have 24 trades up your sleeve, then by all means consider your trades. However, if you've already used up more than 2 trades, and are now considering using 2 more, I'd guarantee that you'll run out of trades in the business end of the year.


Yeah, i am really worried about buring my trades, what does a trade a round sound like to you? As for this week, I do have Ellis in my bench, who I can bring in for Dempsey. I would only trade out Sloane if Fyfe IS our for the whole season, so I am gonna save that trade until a few weeks go by, and based on how fyfey goes over the next few weeks. I sort of want to trade in Kruezer for coz, so I have a very good 750 000 in my bank to spend after my rookies are fattened up. Thanks f the comment mate

Jacob Cecil

Hahhaaa! Good call bob!

Michael Harrison

G'day Jock,

Loving the work mate, keep it up. I face a pretty common problem, dunno what to do with dempsey and fyfe. I was forced to make a spud of a move getting rid of broughTON for dempsey, my bloody slipper told me too. What are your thoughts on lewis, do you reckon he has got what it takes to become an elite forward? And what to do with Dempsey, hold or get rid of him for someone like marty clarke or geary?


I have Dempsey, and will hold him for this week, and see if he's named in the Bombers side for the Anzac day game.

If not, then I'll consider trading him.

Although if you don't want to spend any money by trading him up, then yes, you may need to get rid of him this week to get onto Geary or Clarke befoe their prices rise again?

It's a dilemma!


Thanx jock! My dilema this week is to keep or trade D. Martin! What would a wise man like yourself do in my situation?! If i get rid of him who would u slot in? Ive already got sidebum, porpus, and smedts! Cheers for any advice!

The Pinky Puncher

Clancee Pearce. Please Consider… Forget round 1 when he got subbed out. Had great NAB cup and last two game has been delectable! Attractive DPP and at a nice price to leave you plenty of change.


what do you think about Kerr, Mackie and j brown [in 2 weeks]


Hey Jock buddy,

Congrats on the fantastic site – been checking here everyday for the latest! This is my first post on here.

Was wondering on 2 trades:

Dustin Martin out for Nick Roo


Fyfe out for Scott Selwood

What do ya think? Particularly the Selwood trade. Do you think S Selwood will be any good long term? Can he sustain his early form?


stick with dusty for now mate, its not a good idea to sideways trade this early in the season except in an emergency, like fyfes injury. look what happened with broughton, almost everyone got rid of him, myself included, and he brought up the ton (no pun intended)as for fyfe to selwood, i would look at masten, ebert, hayes and bastinac before you make the move, but definitely get fyfe out even if he plays,players with shoulder injuries come with enormous risks, and i dont exactly trust him even if rosco lyon does


I'd probably throw Ziebell into any group containing masten, ebert, hayes and bastinac.


I would have Hayes in an elite group of his own…

Then an "unproven" group including Ziebell, Bastinac, Masten & Ebert, etc.


Thanks boys, for the great suggestions!

Alternatively, bcos of my DPP I can exchange Fyfe for a Ruckman also, but switching Hale to the forward line. Is there any ruckmen I should be considering. Maybe Nic Nat or Kruezer plus cash?




Why is nobody considering Ben Johnson as a replacement for Fyfe or Dempsey.

Great Fwd/Defender.

Am I missing something? OR Are you? 😉

The Pinky Puncher

Ben Johnson or Michael Johnson?? wrong yellow bulging eyed steroid pumping sprinter there fella. He is pretty inconsistent. obviously off to a good start and if he keeps it up great….

Any one remember the 1988 olympic final…


Why was he not in your team to start with, He is a Gun if he stays on the Straight and Narrow, very good value for $s and rising with or with out Fyfe


Personally I'm more comfortable holding on to Fyfe if he *doesn't* play.

Bench him for a week and I might be able to engineer a Pendles trade, but if he plays and gets subbed in the 3rd or simply struggles, he'll drop another $50k, and suddenly a lot of trades are no longer viable.


My problem is that without surgery he might sit on the bench this week, then do his shoulder in training next week. Pure speculation of course, but the risk of a price drop is increasing all the time.


Or rather, "spend some time on the bench this week…"


any way you look at it his price is going down, the question is whether or not he's gonna be able to make it back up


Hi Jock,

Cracking Podcast, Video and Cattlemarket this week, hit the trifecta.

Would like some more info on why people are staying away from Whitecross and M Johnson?

For me personally they appear to be solid choices. I like the POD with them as well as Hawkins and Tippett are very common in most teams.

Would love some input from you and the rest of the community.



Staying away from those two as I don't consider them proven performers in SC land. WhiteX has had a cracking start against some good opposition, but as jock pointed out hodge is to come back which may effect his scoring. M.Johnson is probably a safer option, but just having a gander at his scoring history there are definitely a few spud games there. Good ol' risk v reward scenario


Agree with Tigerman, M.Johnson isn't gonna set the world on fire but he'll get ya anywhere between 70-100 this season i reckon.


Hey Jock,

First time typer, long time listener (always wanted to say that)

I have some issues with my backline. With Lake getting rubbed out i will bring Ellis off the bench. But my major concern is Birchall going out for an indefinite period i need to trade him out. Ive been averaging 2208 thanks to your genius and still have 900k in the bank. My Backs are:

Goddard, Deleido, Heppell, Lake, Bugg, Ellis, Morris, Smedts.

I am tossing up between Carrazzo & Hurn. Who do you think will be a better long term player for my team


I have Birchall as well.

I won't be trading him out until I know how long he'll be out for.

If he's only out for this week, I'll take the lower score my bench player (Morris) will provide for this round.

That way Birchall can come back in the following week, rather than burn a trade.


Thanks Jock. I'll sit tight for the time being.

But if it's bad news Carrazzo might get the nod


You should think about the bye rounds too, you've already got 5 R13 byes in there (incl. Birchall), so a R11 or R12 back might be an idea, maybe Hibberd? Or one of the Kangas?


Hi Jock,

who should i trade fyth for he has a massive BE not gnna take chances whitecross or hawkins im thinking recomend anyone else?


I don't know why people are picking unproven risky picks to replace Fyfe with, when it's almost a straight swap for players like Harvet and M.Robinson.

Both are proven consistently high scorers (Harvey more so than Robinson admittedly, but then again he is more expensive)

And the added bonus is both are DPP.


If Fyfe plays the way he played the first two rounds, he'll regain any value lost and he is looking to be a consistent 100+ player if he can stay injury free.


Goodes out, Stanley in?


= Wasted Trade


^ As Higgo would say "Agreed".

Why trade out a conistenly high scoring premium who's only going to be out for one week?

Especially for Stanley, who gives you no guarantees he'll continue scoring the way he has in the last 3 rounds.

Even if he does, all of his price rises still won't give you enough $ to get a Premium like Goodes back into your side.


Just thinking, doing it gives me 324,900 in the bank


I'll Reiterate… wasted trade.

You need max amount of premiums in your side, Goodes is suspended for 1 week, not injured,no impact on price change, averaging 106 and still not outta 2nd gear…….. = wasted trade


Understand and wasnt that keen on doing it, travelling well at the moment but im not super confident lacking goodes this week in my fwd line.

Steve C

Spit or Swallow ???

The age old question of do we close our eyes and swallow hard or not, this question is to be contemplated in many aspects of our lives, love, work, and most importantly supercoach.

I feel there is a unique situation this week for those who have the big Mummy (like me), breakeven 170 this week, very unlikely to make the grade and a devaluation is on the cards after this weekend.

Young Billy The Kid Longer had a wonderful debut and certainly looks like a wonderful cash cow, especially as he may gain some good field time with Mr Leuenberger out for a number of weeks.

Now I contemplate to swallow the big Mummy's current form, which no doubt will eventually turn, or spit him out and take the cash cow for a number of weeks.

We are all contemplating to spit or swallow in one way or another, but nothing is certain other than death, taxes and Crouching's Slipper.

Good luck fellow supercoaches


and nurses. Don't forget nurses.


another wasted trade, keep the premium ruck unless he's injured


News from AFL:

SMALL forward Cory Dell'Olio is likely to make his debut for Essendon against Carlton on Saturday after being elevated to the club's senior list as a replacement for Brent Prismall


He kicked 57 goals for South Fremantle in the WAFL last season.


Also add Cats midfielder Jesse Stringer to the elevated list, could be some good rookies coming through


Hey Jock,

Loving the tips so far, and very helpful. I need your help with what I should do with Dempsey. Ive got about 195k spare cash. I am also not sure if I should make both trades this week, since I have made maximum trades so far.

Thanks in advance.


LEAVE IT! See a doctor about that itchy trigger finger


ok i have made the decision to get rid of fyth due to injury scare and martin aswell his be is high and richmond is vsing geelong no point keeping hes gnna drop value

first choice to buy is Masten, Whitecross

second choice is Ebert,Hawkins

what u guys rekon?


Ebert is the only player in that mix that looks reasonably solid, the others need to prove form. Whitecross may battle with the return of hodge, masten needs to perform against a good team or 2, hawkins needs to kicks 3-4 goals per game consistently


Shaw and Thomas double whammy today…. 🙁


What to do ? Shaw out for 3 weeks!!!


Glad I got rid of him for Marty Clarke after R2


Dempsey and Fyfe named to play, but my gut says Dempsey will be a late withdrawal for Slattery. Should I trade out Dempsey in SC even though I wasted a trade to get him in last week? I have enough cash to bring in Carazzo (premium to keep) and up my score as I'm in touch with the overall prize still or keep Dempsey and risk a low score but save a trade…dilemma? advice please Jock me mate


go with your gut, mate. In the long run carazzo will have a higher average than dempsey


what do you think of sideways trade G. Rohan out for A. Kennedy or R. Stanley?




Cox break even is absolutely unbelievable


or should i trade b. lake for with no money in the bank


SHAW! What do you do? do we keep him? HELP!!


I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM someone help us!


Im keeping shaw because I have two easy opponents in my league.

Morris or Ellis is a good enough cover?


how much has Shaw given to your SC Team? what can You gain by hus trade? I'm dumbfouunded by the question. How many trades have You made? to reach this delima ….


im am looking to trade fyfe this week. i have in mind brad ebert and lenny hayes. who do you think is the best option out of these two??? i am looking to make a bit of money with the trade aswell.

help would be appreciated.


i was on the line of thinking not to trade him out but if you really want to, id go with ebert over lenny .. like what hes doing at port, think hes a safer bet .. that said its only my opinion and too be honest not looking at either :/


unless your name is gary ablett, always go for the guy in the winning side. Hayes is flying


hey guys i need anyone/everyones help…

here's my problem..

lake is already on the bench so i have brought in bugg off the bench but i dont want to bring ellis on for heath shaw do i sell him for delido? i have the money too. SOMEONE TELL ME NOW!


tough one geelong123 (if thats your real name 😉 ) … he is going to be out for two rounds aswell and ellis is only named as an emergency so might not play .. I don't loke sideway trades or trading this early but if I was you this is a trade I would make ..

hope that helps 😀


oh nooooo,

so took the chance at the start of the year and went with the four rookie ruck .. laughing .. or so i thought until i looked on in horror this week as the teams came in with no Redden, Longer and Big O named in the emergencies .. ouch .. if its raining come sunday he's not getting a game and i'm looking at a Big zero from the Big O 🙁

I hadn't thought of using any trades this week, especially since fyfe got named but now I think i may be forced

Option 1 .. Fyfe out Treloar in

non playing ruck out Sandilands in

Option 2 … hope Stephenson is named on field and it doesn't rain

no trades

Jock you were a massive help last week and once again i come back for more .. any option welcome ??


*option = opinion ….


mate i'm in the exact same boat… How Bill Longer didn't get a game has me stumped! I've no idea what to do, the BIG question is if the Big O will get a run?


After Burgoyne's final series last year I got in my dreamteam. He's seems to be playing a different role this year, sell him at $355K before he drops in price, I have $200K in the bank???


I like him. Durable, DPP, winning side, all good. I'd keep him.


Hi guys! I'm also looking to axe Fyfe, even though he carried a shoulder injury last year I just don't think he will be able to do the same this year, I reckon he will score in the 80s, and watch his price fall. He is in my forward line, and I have no one in the mid that i can swap him with. I'm thinking boomer, roo or tippett, all of whom I'm hoping I won't have to trade again, like I would if i went for treloar. I also want to jump on a premium before they get a premium price tag. Thoughts?


Got the same problem mate, but I am gonna give Fyfe a couple of weeks, just to see how he goes with that sore shoulder of his. I have got 750000 in the bank, but I want to save it soi have money to upgrade a couple of fattened rookies to premiums. I have a feeling that Fyfe can get through, and he will get the 100's……. I hope. If not there aren't many candidates for me to choose from to replace him, I reckon I will get tippet if his consistency gets better. I reckon Harvey is getting a bit old, so he will lose his normal flair and ability to get quick points, but nick reiwoldt might might be a better tip, he has found early season form, and you might one to snap him up, before his price skyrockets(only if your very keen on trading Fyfe)

Hope that helped, sorry if it didn't


I don't like Tippett. Too inconsistent. I had him last season, totally unreliable. You watch, this week Walker will get a big ton and Tippett will get 50. Had Harvey last season too, don't really know why I didn't get him this time, just a feeling he's too old (proved me wrong last week) and he'll fall away over the course of the season. Nick Reiwoldt's very tempting at that price but it's his knee and his age and the key forward thing, and he's jinxed with bad luck, I just can't do it.


hey jock need your help here. already traded out fyfe for lewis but considering trading martin out for riewoldt. martin hasnt got the job done for me first 3 rounds and has a huge break even this week while riewoldt looks to be over his form slump from last year, has a tough draw coming up though with games against carlton hawthorn and west coast in the coming weeks… thoughts?


So i've had to make two trades for this round.

OUT: SHAW IN: M.CLARKE as lake is suspended and i have ellis as cover and don't know if he'll play.

OUT: B.LONGER IN: ROUGHEAD as i went with four rookies in the ruck, Longer was dropped, Redden rested and Stephnson is a chance to miss…Thoughts?




If you look at Roughies last performances he's actually easily beating his averages against both teams and at venues, his ave against Westcoast is only 88 but his ave. at Patterson is 111… His projected is 153 this week and theoretically i haven't burnt a trade in the ruck because he can be subbed into the forward line when i decide on a replacement ruck down the track. And he works into my bye strategy


Decided to reverse this trade as Ellis is confirmed on the pine, I'll eat a donut in the ruck (rookie 60-70pts) but i'll get to keep Billy, Keep 2 trades and keep Shaw, who's injury i'm skeptical about with the pies playing port and then a short break to anzac day, i reckon they're resting him… We'll see!

Good luck all.


So, I'm in a bit of a jam.

My defense is looking a bit shot this week. With Heath Shaw out for two weeks, and Brandon Ellis only named as emergency. Unfortunately I put Yagmoor in from collingwood with absolutely no profit so far.

With Shaw's price set to drop 20k this week and another drop next week, thinking of trading him out for Carrazzo to fill out my back line. With his form at the moment he almost be a lock.

Unfortunately I've used more trades than I would've liked, so i'm hesitant to use anymore until I have to. But it almost looks like I have to…

Luckily for me Dempsey has been named again this week. He had me worried there though…


or would Marty Clarke be a better choice?

I'd have to figure out how to work him in though…

Dons diehard

I had a similar problem but with Goddard, Scotland, deledio and murphy all on a bye the same round as carazzo I ended up going with Hurn. Value for money, and actually featured in jocks article here. Also freed up $60 odd k. Worth thinking about. Do others agree?


keep in mind because shaw is OUT, his price wont change because he's not playing.


I settled for the one trade this week. This trade was totally based on price and form.

OUT: Cox

IN: Kreuzer

Icox's break even is huge, and kruezers is in the 80's so this should help my team value


Team Value doesn't win you much at the end of the year Bob. I look at this trade as pointless as at the end of the season, I believe big Cox and Kruze to be like for like (both up the fat end of the rucks). Cox has shown great durability over the journey and I'd be reluctant to ship him out.

Just my 2 cents worth.


What I was thinking is lathing after this trade I will have 750000 in the bank, which is plenty to upgrade a few fattened rookies into premiums. Trading cox to Kruezer is just a way to get money, and cox is spending much more time forward than last year, and I would go as far as saying that natinui is their number 1 ruckman. Cox has a huge breakeven at the moment, so I wanted to make the trade before it becomes completely pointless.



After some community advice from the wonderful Jock Reynolds fans, and maybe even the man himself.

What to do with JRoo?

The poor cousin to St Nick has performed poorly so far this year and reviewing his last two years performance, I'm unsure why I picked him to begin with. My foward line is made up of Buddy, Chappy, D.Martin, Porps, A.Kennedy, D.Smith, A.Hall and S.Kerridge.

Unfortunately i'm $5k off swapping JRoo for NRoo. I've got 3 ways forward.

1. Do nothing and hold fat with JRoo

2. Trade him out for Treloar which would leave me enough cash on the bench to upgrade D.Sheil to Pendlebury after Anzac Day (taking into account Pendles drop in price and Sheil's rise).

3. Trade him for a similar type player (thinking Tippett or Chadwick).

Have used 2 trades to date.

Comments? Suggestions? Feedback?


G Unit

Hey mate a bit late but im in a similar boat, i was either doing that exact downgrade OR swapping for Waite/Hawkins/The Chad. Tough call and the is only an hour to make it….I want to keep him but cant see his scores lifting over the next month they play some handy teams.

G Unit

Downgraded him so I have some upgrade cash to start with in the coming weeks, copped a 40 for it though. Hopefully he does not burn me with a 140!

Jon Jon

Heath Shaw out for 2 weeks. Is it worth getting Josh Drummond in now? Understand the injury risk, but played really well in Fremantle, and if he stays on the park then massive upside.

Don't want to waste trades, but will save me from starting Morris this week as a defender too…


save the trade and use morris. will score around 70+


trading out Fyfe as a mid and i have 150k in the bank already have Ablett,Mitchell,Priddis, and thinking of getting M,Murphy what do you think ????


You copied my name




Bob, Must have murphy or Judd


Just traded out Luenberger for Kruzer and fyfe for Boyd.

Pretty happy with this


I Just traded out Luenberger for Kruzer but I need to Trade Jayden Pitt (my mad moment for the season!) I have $336K in the bank. I have 19 trades left but as I have Lake and Smedts(DEF)and Ellis I wont have enough defenders

Due to my overzealous trading I believe I should make sure I get someone likely to play finals and was thinking, Zach Tuoey, Lachie Henderson, Taite Pears or maybe Kyle Cheney??

Any suggestions?


thanks Alistair but dont you think his a

little to expensive at $642.100


Ryan Hargrave is missing from the higginator??? Go figure


Good one Mumford. That's 50% of the season so far you've had a sore back. That's it for me, you're out and Naitanui is in.


I'm feeling the same, but looking at turf-toe Sandilands. He is ripping it up!!!


Although, could go Nicnat and save 100 grand….


Fyfe out


Sandilands or McIntosh and $200k?!

jimbo drouid

Not a great start 230/3/gaj. Roo, God and milera

jimbo drouid

Just realized I left priddis on the bench..oops.


" ABLETT HAS A KNEE INJURY ". Supercoaches that have him must be sweating on the extent of the injury, and those that don't have him will be cheering. If Ablett is out for how many weeks ?, it will turn the game on its head. Who will people choose as Captain every week ? Will they bench Ablett or Trade him ? All i can say is, I don't have him and if he is gone for a long time it brings everyone in this game back to a level playing field.


Everyone started on a level playing field…. He's a champion of our great sport and wish him all the best, why anyone would be happy with an injured player is strange.