Supercoach Video – Are we out of Strife with Fyfe?

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Reflecting on the complexities of Supercoach in 2012


News hot off the AFL website and now straight from the mouth of Rosco Lyon on 6PR Perth is that Nat Fyfe is likely play against the might Sainters this weekend folks. Surprising news. A relief to many. Hold the phone though folks till he sees the specialist in Melbourne this week.

We discussed your many options with Fyfe in the post round show (don’t miss it folks plenty of valuable advice there). We now might have the luxury of keeping Teen Wolf in our sides to see how he gets on for a week or 2. As it turns out this is the perfect opportunity to let some proven guns ‘bottom out’ before we snaffle them cheap as chips.

In this weeks video old Jock takes you through some JUICY pick ups on the horizon if young Nat doesn’t go the distance over the next few weeks.

I also reveal the secret weapon of the 2nd placed overall Supercoach team Tigers Unleashed. Any guesses folks? *insert head wobble*

Jock Reynolds

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haha you are the best jock, top advice here. Always love listeing to your podcasts and videos

Ice Froggy

Great information once again there Jock, will be watching some of those player you mentioned. Fyfey may just have to sit this week on the bench if the shoulder doesnt pull up before friday. Maybe he should get in contact with and go see Crouching Tiger for some acupuncture and chinese herbal remedies.


Jock, higgo, crouching one, and perhaps the ultimate oracle of knowledge and wisdom, THE crouching ones slipper… May I pose you this question that's bothered me for 68 years of supercoaching….

When one premium is to be injured, and one is forced to trade early in the season, would one be better off trading to a gun whose form has slumped thus picking them up 50,000 cheaper Ie/ Stevie j? Or would one be wiser to opt for the man who has surprised all and found form? Ie/ Kurt 'the tip' tippett?

Thanks for your time, the podcasts, the laughs and the memories. Keep it up blokes.


Master Clinnyw ….. Bah!

Master Funny name man,

CrouchingOne think you have inner special dim sim. This comment, one about type Premium pick up, make you wise mind and CrouchingOne salute you.

I read comment out to my slipper (He velly wise but can't read as hard to see through fluffy warm bit on toe area) My slipper not make sound. This anger CrouchingOne. I go flow frisbee at park with my grasshopper.

When I walk in door, I hear slipper whisper ……. "find de sock ….. find de sock". After bring many sock to slipper, every time he say me, "find the sock". After long time and empty draw and CrouchingOne threaten slipper with brotherhood bin, he whisper, "CrouchingOne you moron, must I be so literal! By finding a sock you need to look in a draw. Tell this funny named guest to consider at length the upcoming draw when he makes his choice. Also tell him not to be deceived by Tippett's recent string of good fortune."

Ahhhhhhhhhhh …… This say me everything you need! Pick a proven premium with a nice soon come draw. Also, Tippett remember me of Hawkins, and they both remember me of car that already leave garage.

Go for cheap proven gun who have nice short term draw.

Thankyou and Welcome.


Hahahahahahahahahaha. The ol sock from draw theory…. Of course!!! Makes sence now. Perhaps I haven't yet harnessed the energy from my inner dim sim?? Thanks for reply master crouching one.

If your left slipper and right slipper, ever get together, they could take over the world. Such a bounty of knowledge and laughs.

Thanks again

I'm still laughing…..

The Wanderer

Stanton had a nice draw and did squat.


I am in a panic with my team at the moment, I don’t know what to do. Please help me.

Backs: Goddard, Deledio, Lake, Dempsey, Hargrave, M Clarke, Bugg (B Ellis, Darley)

Midfield: Ablett, Pendlebury, Swan, Murphy, J McDonald, Magner (Coniglio, Shiel)

Rucks: Cox, McIntosh (Giles, Stephenson)

Forwards: Franklin, Goodes, Chapman, D Martin, J Porplyzia, D Smith, A Kennedy (Smedts, Zorko

Lake suspended, WHAT DO I DO? I don’t really want to play Ellis because he is not scoring high enough

Dempsey, yes I made those trades, I just couldn’t make up my mind, I was gutted when he got subbed off and only getting 6, is going to play this week, and is it going to affect his scores?

Goodes suspended, only have Smedts and Zorko on the bench, Smedts didn’t play this week, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?

Dustin Martin? I don’t know what to do here as well, I want to trade to trade because he is not going as well as we all though and I am thinking don’t trade because he is a premium and I paid big bucks for him and that I will have to keep the faith and hope he comes good.

I have $53,200


im in the same pickle with dempsey and dustin, hope mcdonald will play this week from suspension replacing goodes but i also have fyth need help guys :s


Daniel, I know i'm not Jock but here is what I would do in this situation. First up don't panic you have a really good looking team here and remember this is a marathon not a sprint.

Id wouldn't trade in any backmen. Put Elis on for Lake and hope Dempsey gets named (they say he will). Yes Elis isn't setting the world on fire but its only one week and he will still get you 50pts. Not worth a trade just to give you the extra points this week.

The same applies for the forwardline but I have a feeling smedts won't play this week either. Id sugguest you offload Zorko (he won't be coming into the Brisbane team any time soon) and bring in Tralour from GWS .. will play and should get you 70pts and become a great cash cow down the line.

You have a good team that doesn't need much tinkering so just cop a lower score this week and you will be right to go next.


Thanks for all that mate.


Mate, I gotta agree with Ol mate 'mj' pretty good team my man. But I'd probably let lake go. U don't have a lot of backup on ur bench to warrant keeping him. Cash him in now. And I'm pretty sure u should afford someone like Drummond?? Stick with dusty 'springfield' Martin and gamble on zorko. Chances are by rd 14ish u'll probably want to trade him back in! U've got him now. Take the blow and ride home out. Otherwise u'll only throw 2 trades. Cos YOU WILL want him back later in the season.

Good luck with it mate


Ride 'him' out. Sorry


Is Stevie J the Alan Didak of 2012? Is it worth trading him for Goddard via Smedts.


absolutely… goddard is a MUST in any team



very close to the lead and need advice..

would it be ok to put lake on bench 4 a week?

my bench only consists of smedts and paine?

i dont think paine will get a game so should i trade him for someone like c.delaney or maybe someone else suggestions any1?

will smedts play?

thanku to any1 that could help i feel i have a real shot.

jimbo drouid

I think smedts will play after last weekends loss but not Paine. Collingwood still has some big ins to come.


Jock and the community… if i were to trade out jack redden who would i trade in? I have 50 k in the bank. He is 525k. Thanks


dont be quick to trade your premium mids. look at broughton and lake (before he got suspended of course). everyone traded these guys out and they hit back with big scores the next week. that said, have a look at scott selwood or masten, but remember they havent played any good teams yet


i say hold firm, but if you must trade, consider trent cotchin. about $20k more and will get 100+ pretty much every week this year. other option is lenny hayes.


If you really need to trade taking into account who you trade in is paramount! As you do not need or want to trade that position again, therefore I am thinking you need a relitivley cheep champion, Bartel 'nuff said…


i have 642,000 to i get rid of fyfe in the fowardline for buddy?

or do i get rid of him in the midfield for say a juddy/murphy even a mitchel or swan.

( obviously if his out for a while, if his in il keep him )


Carlton on song trade Fyfe for either of the 2 guns from Carlton, midfield gold is midfield gold, I do think you need Franklin but not now, wait out be clever let the midfield look after the midfield get Franklin by sacrificing some one else by rnd 7 /8 by then you will know if Buddy is on track for Coleman medel honours and worth the trade. I'm no guru but I have been reticent to trade early we only have 24, this is rnd 3 – 20 more to go see what happens. How is your team doin'? Why the trade for Franklin when Fyfe may still get game time Sat.?


Sorry Jock, i disagree. A loose shoulder is no good in Football. It could go anytime. I think this is an upgrade.

OUT: FYFE IN: J Lewis (Haw)



OUT: Fyfe

IN: Riewoldt

other trade a waste at this stage


hey guys, im thinking about trading fyfe for treloar and using the cash to turn clay smith into scott selwood, and then next week trading big leuenberger for longer and picking up murphy. i know this is burning a lot of valuable trades, but my team would be pretty much set after this.



or maybe masten instead of selwood


Just remember that the eagles have had some easy teams so far!


Hey Jock, great video and podcast…just a question for our fellow readers….

So I have used 1 trade so far – i got lucky and had all the best rookies 🙂

My idea is to:

Swap Fyfe for Marty Clark and move smedts into my forward line – then with the cash In a few rounds get a fallen forward. Other forward rookies: Kennedy, Smith and Milera. Also got porps, buddy, Martin, danger field and sideass as my other forwards

My other backs are Lids, goddard, Hargrave, heppell, shaw, bugg, Morris and ellis

Have no midfield dpp

I know fyfe may still play but this may still be a safer option than fyfe playing a few crap games then going under the knife




Great work as usual, keep it up.

One question: is it worthwhile trading dusty Martin for nick "I cry a lot" reiwoldt?



If you are going to put down a St Kilda champion then GTFO of here. We don't want you on this site. Go over to and abuse til your heart is content.

Hey Jock, you're a St Kilda man, you should ban this bloke!!!!


Hey Jock, loving the work mate, bloody brilliant stuff,

I was thinking of tradin fox for Kruezer, Kruezer is primed for a huge season and cox had been quite dissapointing so far.

I'd I do that I will have 750 000 in the bank which is plenty to upgrade my rookies in a bit.

Here is my team so far.

DEF: Deledio, Bugg, Malceski, Dempsey, Goddard, Morris. Carrazzo BENCH: Eliis, Tynan

MID: Ablett, Boyd, Sloane, Barlow, Shiel, Magner. BENCH: Wingard, Smith

RCK: Kruezer, Giles. BENCH: Redden, Stephenson

FWD: Adam Kennedy, Devon Smith, Treloar, Fyfe, Dangerfield, Porplyzia, Franklin. BENCH: Goodes, Dickson

Please leave some comments about my team, Thanks heaps, you guys are really helping my fantasy team.

What Ya Mean

Need to get rid of Tory dickson as he will prob be a constant doughnut thinking either treolor coz he had a pretty good first game and he will have big upside (price wise) also i’m not sure about this but his breakeven is 0, though i’m not sure whether u can have a BE after only one game.

the other option is milera (who i should of got prior to RD3). BE -11 should go up another 20 – 40k, but might struggle to get a game this week after a average game in RD3.

thought would be great.


jimbo drouid

Dickson may get a game as bulldogs were so bad


Jock, Higgo & Crouching one, you guys are the best thing since "Pop-up Toasters" on the Web…

Love your Podcasts….The Wisdom handed out is 2nd to none..

Top Job Boys…

"The Car already left the Garage" is a brilliant line Crouching…"Timing for Fuel Stops & Maintenance" I wait for your "Sniff the Slipper" message with baited breathe…


Mr. Telstars,

First CrouchingOne say you man who understand economics …. Ford Telstar was velly good car, cheap to run with bit extra space in back for chickens.

Also remember, bicycle can't stand on its own because it is two-tired. This say me you hit trade button twice this week your team fall over like bicylce – please grasshoppers …… try save de trade.

What you question again?? Baahhhh



Higgo, Jock and Crouching

Lads, it's time for further statistical and analytical analysis of the 'Fyfe' problem we are all facing. Lets look at likely scenarios involving game time, points, reinjury and price drops associated with keeping Fyfe.

And, if we axe him, do you take a risk on selecting a fwd at this point in uncertain times, or move him to the midfield and select a possible 5th premium lock amongst your mids whilst tere is still value for money???

We all need your much respected and valued advice on this matter.

I for one am looking at removing Ledger from my midfield, leaving 638k to spend. Whilst I can't afford pendlebury or murphy this week, I can get a mitchell, swan, Thompson, Watson, JPK and Ziebell whom are on my mids radar. Do I grab one of these guys now to lock in whilst there is oportunity. Or do I leave a gaping hole in my fwd line. The problem with filling the hole in the fwd line is which fwd to actually select given shaky form on display. This along with the fact that am i better off banking on my rookie mids scoring better than my rookie fwds….

My gut instict keeps telling me one thing at the moment. Clancee Pearce, his last two games and form in the NAB were sublime, If he plays well this week there will be a tasty price rise on the horizon, we get plenty of spare change from him too to target double upgrades in the mid a few weeks down the track…..

What to do??

Sam C

Despite the possibility of him playing, his injury will most likely affect his performance. On top of that, being injury prone, he is a risk of being injured again. So although he is a wonderful player and DT scorer, I am jumping off the bandwagon. Maybe after a price drop or two and some proof of form I will get him back.

So what to do? Well I had an idea which could work very well:

Step 1: Sell Fyfe and put A.Kennedy into the FWD line.

Step 2: Trade Darren Pfeiffer for Adam Treloar.

Step 3: Use resulting money to purchase M.Murphy in the midfield.

The result is my FWD line is comprised mostly of DPP cash cows who are scoring 60-90 points per game (along with Franlin, Martin and Johnson), and my midfield becomes incredibly powerful.

Here is the resulting team:

Def: Goddard, Deledio, Waters, Clarke, Lake, Dempsey, Morris, Ellis, Bugg

Mid: Ablett (C), M.Murphy (VC), Mitchel, Cotchin, Hayes, Ebert, Magner, Shiel

Ruck: Cox, Maric, Giles, Redden.

Fwd: Franklin, Johnson, D.Martin, Dangerfield, D.Smith, Porplyzia, Smedts, A.Kennedy, Treloar.

Thoughts Jock? I know my FWD line isnt great, but the string of cash cows combined with the poor form of a lot of forwards means i can make it really strong later. And love my midfield line-up. As for Lake and Dempsey, im keeping them. Yes they are out this week, but its only a week and I can cover their positions.


I dunno mate, maybe wait a bit for the rookies to fatten before you get Murphy, maybe round 5, or 6?

Sam C

The only rookie i'm getting rid of is Pfeiffer. In fact i'm gaining a great rookie in Treloar, who will earn my plenty of cash. The money to get M.Murphy comes from Fyfe.

I already have plenty of cash to get him, and if I do make this trade, not only will I be set for a few weeks (barring injury), but it still leaves me with 30k left in the bank. Not to mention my fwd line which is filled with cash cows who are scoring well.

I would like to save my trades, but i need to get rid of Fyfe, there are no FWDs that im keen to get other than Treloar, and Murphy is likely to continue rising in price.


Who are you trading for Murphy???? ……. I thought you were trading a rookie for him!

Sam C

Not really. Its a little complicated.

Right now I have A.Kennedy in the midfield. So Im essentially swapping him and fyfe, then trading Pfeiffer for treloar, and then trading fyfe for Murphy.

So the only rookie I lose is pfeiffer who isnt getting a game right now.

In short:

Out = Pfeiffer, Fyfe

In = M.Murphy, Treloar


Oh, ok, that's alright, nicectrades

Sam C

Cheers. The thing about Fyfe playing is that his 22 will make his price drop considerably over the next few weeks by an estimated 100k in DT (He has a break-even of 191). So even if he is scoring 100s, he will still drop a lot in price. So if he proves his form and fitness over the next few weeks, I will be able to get him back at a much cheaper price.


Great strategy!

Sam C

Just to update this, as Pfeiffer has been named, I have decided not to trade him just yet and save a trade this week. So effectively im trading Fyfe for Murphy in a straight swap.

Next week either pfeiffer or smedts will be traded for treloar.


hey jock. what is the names of higgo's, crouching and your sc teams?

would love to is how you guys are tracking.


I'd like to see that too


Looking to get rid of McCarthy from port who has a breakeven of 65 this week against Collingwood which i dont think he will make considering he got only 55 last week. Possible replacements, Josh Kennedy(syd) scott selwood, shuey, Masten, or swap him with Deledio and get Carrazzo, or hold onto McCarthy and hope he continues to make me some dosh?


Does any one know how long Birchall will be out for?

Also got kerridge and skinner on my fwd line bench, now goodes is out im thinking of trading skinner for treloar and putting goodes on bench?

If not treloar any other cheap fwds worth looking at ???


Why did you ave skinner, he probably won't get a game for a while, they will play Dickson an panos


Cause im a fool lol


but seriously only options i can see is treloar or paine what you think?


get treloar. is all class.


who is the best premium midfielder to pick up. i already have pendlebury, ablett, stanton and thompson


Murphy mate, he is gunning t




Have got a good idea this week, I will trade Sloane for side bottom, and then swap sidbottom into my forward line, and Fyfe into my midfield, and then trade fyfe for josh Kennedy ( sydney)

Thoughts, any would be appreciated


I've currently got $200,000 sitting in the bank, Would it be more wise to spend it?


no!!! keep your trades if you can!!

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