Round 3 – How’d ya go?

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Reflecting on the complexities of Supercoach in 2012

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Gaggin to hear back from you lot – our valued Fantasy Footy Community. How did you handle the swirling swamp of an injury riddled round 3?

Its how we handle adversity that defines you in Fantasy Footy folks. Keep your heads, be calm and make sure you listen in to our post round 3 podcast. Some top advice there about how to handle the curveballs that this week has thrown us so far.

Over to you. How’d ya go?

Jock Reynolds

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Sammy Winter

Scored a 2067. Not good, lost by 8 points in one round. Happy with Scotland and Broughton. Not happy with Martin and Jack Riewoldt, versing Melbourne I thought thy would rack up points. Also had Franklin as captain should of put Ablett. Almost forgot Ebert. He is a gun.


Huge round without Priddis. What am I TO DO WITH DUSTIN MARTIN! HE IS REALLY ON MY NERVES. Oh and Rioli? What up BUD?


I got off Broughton, happy with my decision. Got on Jarryn Geary! Also I am considering trading Pav, Ross Lyons game plan takes away his opportunities.


Considering Pav for Goodes and Dusty for a cash cow because my forward line is pretty packed now and I have no injuries or anything?


Well plans for round for are out fyfe (depending on his injury) in sidebottom. also considering taking out pav or martin for whitecross/cornes/goodes (probably get goodes next round) but dont think i have enough trades because i have 20 left


got some good ideas there but watch goodes most likely will be suspended


What did he do?


Got around 2200 in both DT and SC. Not too bad, waiting on the Nat Fyfe news. Stoked with Chris Masten this year. Not enjoying Dustin Martin though. Inconsistency with mid level players is dring me insane.




Scored a 2285 with only Fyfe as an immediate worry. Thinking of trading him for Barlow or Shuey. Broughton buys himself another few weeks, Martin and Hurley are question marks right now, but I'm still scoring well enough to win my $ league, so they'll stay for now.


Well done!


2316 this week. Really happy with that considering Dempsey hurt me with his whopping 6 points this week. Off to my best start to SuperCoach by miles this year thanks to you guys. Loving the podcasts…keep up the good work 🙂


2436 including Nat Fyfe's shoulder has me 14th highest for the week and 309th overall. Bloody happy camper thanks to you Jock.


Awesome mate, bloody wonderful, you could have got up to 2500 is Fyfe didn't pop his shoulder


Hey Jock,

Biting the bullet, sticking to my long term strategy and trades is hard and trying not to get suckered into the first couple of rounds. Tough work but hopefully will work our, scored 2200ish

What Ya Mean

scored 2278, with fyfe's low score, rolled in with pendles shocker. would of been a very healthy score had they gave me a half decent score. stuck with broughton so happy with that. hoping rockcliff and cox pick up the pace a touch.

all in all ranked in the 3000's overall and gained over $500k in value.


Stuck with Broughts, and reasonably happy with 2183, and moved up to 1414 overall..

Trade free week I reckon, then it might be time to grab a Blue or two Jock ole cobber..


2262, with the same Ol problems…. Fyfe, priddis, j.Cameron only knocking up 18, Robbie gray….. Shocker son. But ablett…. What an absolute genius. THE most complete performance I've ever seen. And lenny…. If I see him in seaford this week, I may kiss him. What a champion!!


2052 – not stoked with it, but with the week I had I'll take it. I was one of those bright sparks who went broughton to dempsey and paid for it, early contender for dumbest trade of the year. I also got hit with fyfe's injury and pendles shocker, as well as cripps being sub.

Hey Jock, any chance of creating a page just for ablett worship?


I got 2167 and my team is worth 10,945,800 now. I only have Dempsey as an injury concern at the moment.


Horror round but somehow managed 2101. Poor ol Fyfey, plus traded out Schoenmakers after two absolute crockers and then he pulls out a 90 banger…for Dempsey… :/

Zaharaharakis, Porps, the Magnet all underperformed, Lake and Waters scraped through…even Thommo in the mid got too many damn handballs but he's such a gun that'll be a one off, plus GWS next week.

Feel like I'm carrying a lot of risk, and bench is mostlye rookies so no immediate replacements for Dempsey and Fyfe. Need more Hawks/Weagles!!


scored a 2119, not overall happy, was hoping for something a bit higher, took a massive risk having brown, scored 9 though, considering trading him, don't feel like it was a good choice, and o'keefe (ryan), high price, not producing, shaky on him, and christensen, trade or leave? apart from that, midfield and backline produced, very weak forward line though, any trade suggestions?


Got 2214, which has me at 4848 overall now. Had Dempsey and Fyfe. Dempsey rested for precaution only, Hirdy said, so not too worried. Fyfe's price drop hurts a bit though

Big V

For Dream Team, scored 2090 and jumped 13, 296 places to 12, 640. No Fyfe or Dempsey in my lineup.


Had a bloody shocker. 2001 in DT, 2150-ish in SC.

Still 147th overall in SC or something like that, so can't whinge too much.

Same old Dempsey whinge for me. My forward line needs the biggest shake up – underperforming circus monkeys at the moment.


2150 and ranked 147th overall?


As Higgo would say "Agreed"

There's no way in hell you score have a bad score like that and still be 147th in SC.


Yep you heard right lads. I scored 2150ish and am 147th overall.

When you score 2350+ in the first 2 rounds – you have that luxury.


Scratch that, 197th… should get my eyes checked possibly?


Was going to say i am ranked 148th overall did not see your team one below mine


Got 2053 🙁

I had Dempsey and Fyfe, and to make things worse my captain wasn't the little master, Gary Ablett. Porpoise dissapointing, Magner wasn't great, but I don't expect him to play out the 90's every week and started wingard over shiel.


1914, a round from hell for me.

Dempsey got 6, Jonathan Brown got 9, Fyfe got 34, Steve Johnson got 56, Pendlebury got 62, Martin got 70 and the 2 ruckmen on my bench did better than the 2 ruckman on the field.

And not to mention that I have Goodes and Lake in my team who both got reported.


Waht am I to do? I have been averaging aroung 2280 first couple of weeks with the long term plan in place. Then comes round #3 1884 points, my team includes the following Leunberger (8), Fyfe (34), Dempsey (6), Pendlebury Captain (62). I may potentially need help. Luenberger and fyfe must go this week an wait until round 5 to do more trades.

Stroppy Jocks

Barry crocker. 1,895 with Priddis and Fyfe.

All my 450-550k picks had dud rounds (and just lucky I kept Broughton over Dempsey; close run thing).

Can only get getter from here.

On the plus side, I am a Suns fan and was at the game on Saturday night. Hilarious how players from both teams were fumbling the ball or missing targets, but then GAblett gets the ball and it is a different game.

Has to be permanent captain until leather poisoning sets in.

Where would I (and the Suns be) without him in the team.


Just under 2100 with Dempsy and Fyfe on the ground. Dustin killing me. Thank Ablett for Ablett!

Will upgrade to a premium Mid this week. Thompson or someone else???


Captain Jobe?

Dons diehard

2348. My highest yet! Cheers jock, hopefully it's only uphill from here


happy with the masten – ebert in for coniglio and broughton for week 3 so this week fyfe out for lewis either way with fyfe he has to go because shoulder now loose 3 trades down for year and sitting 20000 keep up the good work jock also loving the podcast


Scored a repectable 2204 this week with Fyfe's 34, Priddis missing and also Pendles' below average score. Currently ranked at 3033 in the land and is all thanks to the 3 fantasy gods. Old Jock, Higgo and Crouching. Thanks alot boys, keep em coming!


Finished with 2207 pretty happy with that, and that's without Ablett as captain.

A team

Good trade for dusty martin in the midfield?? I all ready have GAJ and pendels (have got plenty of money)

Yakir havin


had a bad round: priddis out, ball injured, fyfe injured and walker only got 22 (injury?).

I had $115,000 at the beginning of the round so I traded ball for ablett and fyfe for tippett. Sounds good?

Ben wrigley

2180 for the without priddis!!! Ablett is the new god but have a massive problem with fyfe!!! Im im thinking of a roughead or tippet??? What does every one think??? Leaning towards tippet cause of his price then trading dempsey out fir a solid waters??? Thoughts??

Ben wrigley

I was one of those morans who dropped broughton for dempsey but pick pendles up in the trade!!! Have a class midfield now of ablett, pendle, priddis, murphy & boyd but really need to sharpen my my backs & forwards!!! Or do i i trade mummy for sandilands & fyfe for roughead & run with the great rockies for another week???


I wouldn't go burning trades by trading out one premium ruck for another. Like Jock & co say, you only want to make 1 or 2 ruck trades each year.


I'd never evr trade in Tippet, going by Crouchings rule of "never bring in player who burnt you before". But that's just me..


scored 1994, my first score below 2100 in 3 years of supercoach 🙁

my biggest problem was injuries to leuenberger and fyfe. i was also disappointed in pendlebury, scott thompson, magner, clay smith and cloke. especially disappointed in stanton because i traded out broughton for him. lucky i had little gazza as captain or things would have gotten real ugly


The good thing about Stanton is that as long as he scores over 114 for the next four rounds, he'll be worth 590K by round 7.

Fingers crossed!!


Scrped through to 2102. Fyfe not good, martin dissapointing again, Priddis out and Mitchell not good. Im down to about 13,000 now

G Unit

J.Reiwolt and D.Martin are hurting me, not keen to take a big loss on them but do people think they will fire up? Has martin lost the plot?

What are other fellows with D.Martin feeling ? Crouching you reckon to hold on???

Son of God saved my team from a the brink this week, thanks Garry!


Stinker Jock. I actually feel embarrassed to assoiciate my name to my spud score of 1938. Pendlebury as captain, Priddis on the bench with Jmac so I started Ledger who didn't play, so I got a donut. Fyfe hurt me too, but hurt everyone. No major changes, just Fyfe and probably Ledger. If Ledger played and I had the 'C' on Ablett I would've got around 2230ish.

Fickle game this..


How long will Dempsey be out? Is it worth bring in M. Clarke? Or should I just sit on Dempsey for a couple of weeks?

Ben wrigley

Looks like 4 weeks out!!!


Long time listener, first time caller, lol. Not the best Jock, 2025. Priddis not playing didn't help but at least he was on my bench. Had traded Jack Reiwoldt out for Hawkins last week & still pretty satisfied with that although no big difference there this week. Flacko as captain is such a reward when all your opposition have Pendles :). Fyfe is a prob now though. Thinking of dropping him for Ebert (earns more points and costs less) and using the balance to upgrade Gilbert to Goddard. And still have all my cash cows in hand. How's that for a plan??


Scored 2,118, but made one of the worst Captaincy picks of my 4 years in SC, by choosing Goddard over Gablett!! Would have scored close to 2,300 if I hadn't decided to suddenly shoot myself in the foot!!

I have Fyfe though, so look like having to burn a trade I really hadn't planned on this round.

Also have Hurley and Martin, who I am very disappointed with so far.


Scored just over 2200 in SC and won all 5 league matches comfortably.

Few issues this week though – Dempsey, Lake & Goodes.

Looking to hold onto them all and continue to trade for cash to be used later on during the season.

Am thining of trading the Richmond defenders (Ellis and Morris) out and bringing in some potential cash cows who can provide me with some relief for Lake and Morris?!?!?


Hey Jock love your work mate. I scored 2285 however this week for some reason i cant access my account to my disgust. Therefore i have to find another winning formula. What advise can you give me from starting again.

Now that players have gone up and down. For instance should i elect to go for the guns and rookies theory? or how should i approach my selection process differently


I scored 2387 this week in supercoach with everyone but boyd and ablett underperforming so would like a big lift from them.

Also ranked 148th overall and 85th for that singular round only way is up from here though.