Post Round 3 AFL Supercoach & DT Podcast

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AFL Supercoach 2012 tips guru Jock ReynoldsFyfe gone. Dempsey gone. Leuenhamneggnburger gone. Lake will get weeks. Broughton kicks into gear, Scotland goes nuts…

Absolute truckloads to get through in this weeks podcast and plenty of food for thought leading into a crucial round 4 of AFL Supercoach and Dreamteam action.

No stuffin around this week we take you through some of the big decisions;

  • What to do about Fyfe
  • Lake will get weeks, do you keep him?
  • Big Leuenhamendeggenburger… trade time?
And heaps more kids.
Jock Reynolds


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Jock, need your wisdom. What do you think of Broughton now given Freo will now need a replacement for Fyfe? I have cash to burn, worth trading him in now?


Whoops, I mean is it worth trading him in *to my team* now.


Jock sage advice, you never dissapoint. Little wonder you are the leader of this little fantasy footy tribe. Good karma coming to you mate.


Great podcast lads, i laughed quite a few times tonight at your antics, well done!

So how did everyone go this week?

I'm interested to see how much people's teams have increased in $ value

I've managed a $700k rise and can't wait til i get to cash a few of these cows in a few weeks!


700k? wow, only one team in the top 10 managed an increase that Big! nice!


Hey Jock,

Great podcast once again! And well done Higgo for getting in shape.

I traded in Dempsey last week. Big mistake. Also had Fyfe.

Would I be looking to trade both out or just wait for Dempsey to come back?

(All my players get games)

Who would you recommend for Dempsey and Fyfe?

Keeping in mind a have 100k spare.


hold on dempsey

"Defender Courtenay Dempsey was subbed early in the match due to hamstring tightness but Hird said his removal was merely cautionary following the backman's knee reconstruction.

Dempsey will be available to line up against Carlton next week, which will be welcome news for a Bomber outfit already missing its fair share of players."


Whos a good trade for dempsey?




Does the prices rise every 3 weeks?


or will it rise every week from now on?


Once they play three games it goes up every week they play, it works on a sliding 3 week scale.


Bloody hell. What a crap weekend. I traded out Broughton for Dempsey, have Goodes, Fyfe and Lake in my side, and have made 6 trades already setting myself up to leave my team for 3-5 weeks… Going to have to make another 2 again. Not many trades left and it's only round 3!! Remembering need to keep 8 for finals 🙁


The Broughton trade was dumb ,espesially when you have used way too many trades anyway.

I would use your eight finals trades to catch up cause you wont be in the finals anyway…. 😀


Well Broughton wasn't getting that midfield run and about to go down, scoring poo, and Dempsey was killing it. Still managed 2080 and well and truly in the foot race 😉


how have you used 6 already, pretty sure the most you could have used is 4 :p


LOL good point. I knew I traded two every week and must have gone 3 rounds and 6 trades in my head. You smart good, MJ. Thanks mate. *red face*


1960..good bye top 5000 hello top 20000..yes traded in dempsey, got pendles and fyfe, lost every league match..cmon next week…


i ended up with 2207, pretty pleased with that my only regret of the weekend was that i didn't make Ablett my captain, i thought it was going to be Goddards weekend, well you learn from your mistakes.


2157 without ablett as captain, went with Goddard 🙁

No priddis

Darling had a miserable 49

Chappy 57

On the positive my rookies re really coming on increasing wy team value $700k and i have 4 rookie rucks all getting a gig scoring well (look out for Billy Longer boys)


Was going to trade Broughton for Dempsey all week until Jock convinced me otherwise……………gotta listen to you more often


Same, ended up not using any trades 😀 scored 2193 with Fyfe, pends and chappy really letting me down and have now moved up inside the to 3000 .. upset that i'll have to use a trade for Fyfe .. I think i'll go with Goodes .. any thoughts folks ??


With Goodes out this week you may have to reconsider……….what about N Roo ?


Nroo has had his easiest games already playing gold coast and port could be risky but dunno?


Ya have to agree with Jacko. I think a lot of ppl will jump on Nroo but think his scores could drop off against tougher oposition … might not trade this week and see if he can carry some form into the Fremantle game

jimbo drouid

Locked two trades in alreadt….my hand was forced with fyfe injured and yagmoor still stuck on the bench.

Are these good trades?

Yagmoor for m Clarke and fyfe for fought.

Have l brown on bench as well so had to pull trigger.

If fyfe is ok then will reverse.

Jocko your thoughts?


Already made your trades?


Haha, na mate, they aren't bad, reverse em if you don't think they will work.

broughtons a dud

Only reason young Broughton came good as Fyfe got injured and he pushed into the midfield, has 2 touches at quarter time.. was lucky to get 110!

Traded him out for Scotty Selwood whose price rose by 50 odd thousand after now being the 3rd best ranked player in the league!

Pleased but unhappy I wasted a trade.


im ranked 446th! team has gone up around 60k. what do i do with lake?


Thats a good ranking, as for Lake….. strangle Him!!!


naar seriousy..



Only missing a week: "In other round three incidents, Western Bulldogs defender Brian Lake is set to miss a week for his punch to the face of St Kilda's Tom Simpkin." I would keep him


G'day Jock

Need some help mate, if you don't have time don't worry

I might trade whitecross in for Fyfe, and I might trade out wingard for Marc Murphy. And I will probably keep Dempsey, if he is only 1 or 2 weeks.

I need to know two things jock,

1. Do the prices rise by a lot every week now? If they do should I hold on to wingard for a few weeks while he fattens up?

2. Do you think that having 3 rookies instead of the normal two in the backline while Dempsey is injured bad?

If I do trade out wingard I will only have 1 rookie in the midfield. I might have the 3 rookie stragety in the bacline while Dempsey is injured.

Thanks Jock, AND anyone else who helps.


If I do those trades I will have 240k in the bank


Wingard's price will change every week now as long as he plays. His price is bound to go up over the next few weeks unless he has absolute stinkers.


Do you reckon I sould trade out clay smith instead, or even Dylan shiel?


Thanks for that mate, my only problem now with selling up wingard is the amount of trades I will have left. After the round I will only have 18! Is that enough.

jimbo drouid

Dont sell shiels. Listen to the podcast. He has been steadily improving. Something like 40, 60 and 90.

Even Smith is going up in price.

As crouching said last week. 'Man would chase car get exhausted.

Stick to your plan.


BOB rookies prices will rise alot early and slowly decrease as there three round average meets thier breakeven .. You should try off load your rookies once there breakeven and their average are closely aligned. A quick way to help you is to multiply your rookies average by 5450 and this will give you the price you should be looking to offload them at.

example: redden is averaging 67 … 67 x 5450 = 365,000 .. so basically if he maintains a three round average of 67 continuously he will peak at this price .. would expect this to happen around round 7 or 8

hope this helps


Loving the help guys, thanks or the advise


Keep it comin


Got 2240 this round, moved into 2600 or so and made almost 550k. Doing alright at the minute. Hopefully can keep it up. Thinking of bringing Pendles into the side by getting rid of Swan and Redden.


Sounds like a good move. Pendles price has dropped a tad this round so could gain some $$. Which redden by the way??


Jarred? Port's ruckman. ALso got Goodes and now I'm not sure what to do as he got a week. Might just hang on to him.


if you want pendlebury, his price will go down fast unless he breaks a few scoring records over the coming weeks. id consider waiting a few more weeks before you hit the trade button


2018 – luenbeurger 8… fyfe 34.. lake and goodes all in. struggling.

What im thinking, trade leung… for kruezer have 80,000 left over.

Then Fyfe in the foward line 608,000 worth for buddy at 592,000 what do you think?


like 😀 basically two upgrades on current form


thanks mate 🙂


Goodes, lake only one week, they migh be able to turn it around though


i have the exact same situation same situation

i too was thinking luey for kruezer

HOWEVER longer looks good while luey is gone

fyfe might not miss any weeks


ben, get macintosh his cheaper mate at 400,000 an his scoring the same amount of points


consider mcintosh over kreuzer. he is cheaper and scoring just as much.

Sammy Winter

Tippett as captain versing GWS this week? Is it to risky?

jimbo drouid

Sammy, that would be almost insanity. Kurt can get something from 30 to 130.

Its almost a certainty that a midfielder will top the charts this week.

Surely I don't think he will top gazza or Thompson or pendlebury or Mitchell or…….I could name another 10 I reckon.

Note micthell and pendlebury will not play that bad again.


yes .. go with Ablet


What do you think about Marc Murphy, he should produce the goods. I also like scotty Thompson against the giants


ranked 445 and going for title.

getting rid of lake. how bout this trade?

p.davis and lake —> broughton and bugg??

jimbo drouid

King, if you are travelling so well, why tinker? Save those trades when the injuries hit.

Round 3 can teach us lessons about injuries will come and premiums will come good aka Scotland.

If it ain’t broke mate….



Sammy Winter

Trades this week:

Out: Fyfe

In: Tippett

Out: J. Riewoldt

In: N.Riewoldt

Good trades?

jimbo drouid

Certain getting Jack out is.he has the sooks a bit.

Fyfe, I think Barlow or roughly might be motrin reaible

Sammy Winter

Wasn't sure if J.Riewoldt into N.Riewoldt would be counted as a sideways trade. Anyway since I have Tippett should I put him captain against GWS?


dont put him as captain


Jock, are you tipping Barlow to explode soon and average 100+ again? He came out with 108 this week, and the week before (from memory) got over 20+ possessions as a sub… Could this be a sign that he will start firing again? Could be a good option for a fyfe trade


With Fyfe out, Barlow and for that fact Broughton will get a lot more game time in the middle. I expect both to average 100+ from here on in


Tom Couch is the next Magner: and I predict Magner to slide in the next few weeks so considering a direct swap to pick up some cash.


Don't know what he's gotta do to get a game…but I'll also be on couchy when he gets a run…Pfieffer was an interest too if he ever gets a crack.


Hey Jock, Higgo and Crouching,

Do you know how bad Birchalls calf injury is? He was having an awesome game until he got subbed off. Was he subbed off as a precaution.?

I definitely got it right when I said Nic Nat will outscore Coxy this year! Cox must be disguising some sort of injury cause Giles was playing well against him when rucking. Think the inclusion of Brogan has taken a bit of pressure off him and still scored 81 which was a super effort.

What u think of Billy the "Long Johns" Longer ? Played well against Sandilands especially when the Leuyburger went down injured. Could be a POD and Cash Cow player now ?, depending how long Burger is out for.

Finally how do u think Zaharakis is travelling? ave of 85. Not sure whether I should persist but they do have quite a few injuries now and will most likely spend more time in the Midfield. Plus side is there next 5 games are all in Melbourne. Thoughts ?




Bit harsh when all the bad news hits ya team an if i hadnt listened to Jock n put the big C nxt to that mighty animal Abblet i wouldnt have scraped ova 2000! Thinking of trading Fyfe for either Tippet or Pav(thought he might pull his socks up now he really has to)? A waste? Also any advice on whether i should just bench luenberger and use my rookie rucks(giles, redd. stehp.) or trade him?

Cheers – and loving ya work Jock appreciate it!


Hey Jock, Would it be worth trading fyfe to a rookie, and taking the cash to upggrade a Marty Clarke or Bugg?


Or OUT: Coniglio, Fyfe

IN: Judd, Treloar (or paine if he is playing)

Strap on

Thats what i was thinking, is it a bad move to trade out fyfe for a rookie, if he is rooted that is? i was also thinking treloar as an option and doing the trade next week so i get a chance to see how treloar backs it up. he looks like a firey bugger

A team

hay jock,

what are your thoughts on dusty martin looking to trade him from a premium midfielder any suggestions ( plenty of money to burn)


I will personally stick with Dusty for now. Hopefully he will string some games together soon. He has geelong next week followed by west coast, though, so now could be the time to trade him if you don't think he will pick up.

jimbo drouid

Any news on fyfe and his scan today?


Hi Jock, I need your advice if possible please mate.

I want to bring in either Carrazzo or Scotland. Which one do you like more?

Cheers mate!


Carrazzo, the player he is tagging will probably take him onto the ball


Dropping Broughton for Hurn didn't burn me that much.

Already had Dempsey but will cover him and Lake and Goodes this weekend.

Going to go for:





Cox is losing too much money and with a sub par performance against GWS he'll only continue to slide.

Damn injuries and suspensions

jimbo drouid

Jock me old banana, as grandmaster of fantasy Footy since Noah was a rookie, what's your thoughts on the following proposal?

I suggest that when a player is subbed out of a game, youe emergency should be activated and both players scores count to your score.

Maybe required if the AFL moves to two subs next year.

What do you think?


I don't think that could work as your player could play three quarters, and your emergency might play a whole game – massive advantage if points are added together. I was thinking along similar lines, however I reckon if your player gets the vest, red or green, you get his points plus whoever he replaces/gets replaced by's points. That way you get a full games worth of points, it's just the luck of the draw who the other person is……


interesting idea mark.

i certainly think that there will need to be a change if they go to 2 subs next year.

interested in what other suggestions are out there?


Maybe they could project his outcome from the points scored prior to being subbed on or off.


Hey Jock,

What do you think about these trades- OUT- Fyfe IN- Treloar OUT- Coniglio IN- Watson or Barlow


Great news .. or is it, could well be the sub as ross has used barlow already in that role and could be nursed for the year with limited time in the midfield .. or he could just keep going the way he was going … oh why do i have this problem


Luckily they are playing friday night, we can make some last minute changes to our teams. I might start Treloar, he is a very exciting player


hey jock, i've been thinking about working ablett into my team, magner is projected to rise another 58,000 next week giving me enough money to get him since I have 500,000 sitting there after trading out the injured hodgey last week for magner planning to upgrade. worth the money or should I go someone a bit cheaper in order to spare a bit of cash?


abletts on fire, get him in and make him captain ASAP


Luenberger out for at least 6.

Kruezer? Nic Nat? Who do you reckon?


Billy Longer, use the cash else where and upgrade billy when luey comes back .. just a thought


what if

i have luey, giles, stephenson, redden

who should i get rid of to make way for longer


Interesting reading all the above, just when you think you have an idea, someone else throws a spanner in.

Depending on Fyfe's injury and length of time out, how about Roughie coming in? Point of difference or too big a risk?



Timmy Mohr or Jack Hombsch


I don't wanna look too forward into the future but is anybody even considering the bye rounds when they trade, or you just going in with reckless abandon?


Hey Jock (Supercoach) I am in a panic with my team at the moment, I don’t know what to do. Please help me.

Backs: Goddard, Deledio, Lake, Dempsey, Hargrave, M Clarke, Bugg (B Ellis, Darley)

Midfield: Ablett, Pendlebury, Swan, Murphy, J McDonald, Magner (Coniglio, Shiel)

Rucks: Cox, McIntosh (Giles, Stephenson)

Forwards: Franklin, Goodes, Chapman, D Martin, J Porplyzia, D Smith, A Kennedy (Smedts, Zorko

Lake suspended, WHAT DO I DO? I don’t really want to play Ellis because he is not scoring high enough

Dempsey, yes I made those trades, I just couldn’t make up my mind, I was gutted when he got subbed off and only getting 6, is going to play this week, and is it going to affect his scores?

Goodes suspended, only have Smedts and Zorko on the bench, Smedts didn’t play this week, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?

Dustin Martin? I don’t know what to do here as well, I want to trade to trade because he is not going as well as we all though and I am thinking don’t trade because he is a premium and I paid big bucks for him and that I will have to keep the faith and hope he comes good.

I have $53,200

snake handler

Hi Jock or any other Legends out there.,Ive never asked you for your Superb advise but i dont know what to do with my FWD line.

Fyfe will be out and i only have D.Smith from GWS and T Dickson who hasnt played as my ressies.Do i sell of Fyfe and bring in a gun or do i replace him with D.Smith and wait?. Thanks for all the material you give us all every week. John


How long is Luenberger out for? Thinking that longer will make a good trade next week when he is on the bubble IF his job security remains strong.

Redden will have climbed 95k+ and whilst he will still be $50k short of his likely increase, there are few ruck rookies on the horizon for the next trade at say week 7 or 8.


From the advice i've read on this site from the great man Sir Jockington Reynolds IV, you don't wanna burn trades in the ruck, you'd be looking to upgrade a ruck and stick to 2 trades in this position for the season….luckily i had Longer from the get go.


I've got Luenberger, Giles, Redden and Stephenson.

I really don't like the idea of my premium ruck sitting on the bench until I can upgrade. That would be 4 to 6 weeks away if I just let rookies appreciate in value. That said Cox might keep dropping so it might be worth it.

So the options are:

– Trade to a premium like Kruezer or Nic Nat

– Trade to another rookie like Longer after next week if he goes well

– Hold on bench and trade up in about a month

Not sure which way to go yet.


Downgrade Luenberger… keep the cash until your rookies are ripe the upgrade one of them, probably redden. but that'd be you trading ruck quota


Yeah I think so, as long as Longer goes well this weekend.

But I think I'll have to break the rule and upgrade to a second premium at some stage and use 3 trades in the ruck. Unless one of the rooks is averaging a tonne by then.


G'day jock and others,

You guys are doing some great work. Could you please help me. I have got two questions.

1. Is 3 Richmond defenders in the one supercoach team too much? I have Houli, Deledio, and Morris in my defense. Is that too much. I can trade a couple of them out before the byes hit. I traded in Houli this week, but I am not 100% sure about it. I might reverse my trades and keep Dempsey.

2. Should I wait a bit while my rookie midfielders fatten up before upgrading them? At the moment I can afford to trade in Marc Murphy for Chad Wingard, and have 240000 in the bank, but I am not sure if I should make that move just yet.

Thanks guys, please leave some somments if you have any thoughts or answers for my questions.


I will probably reverse changes and keep Dempsey if he is named this week.


on the mids, id wait a couple more weeks for their prices to rise more before you cash them in. you might as well earn a little more money first


If you have any Carlton and Saints defenders then yes. You will be in massive trouble come the round 13 bye, if you have 5 or 6 from these 3.


G'day Jock and others

in a bit of a pickle, wanting to get rid of jack redden just hasnt done enough for my liking, tossing up between scott selwood and trent cotchin.


Cochin mate, Scott Selwood has done good so far against some bad teams, but cotchin will score a lot consistently


Selwood… he gets the hard ball and his efficiency is second to none.


Playing a very weak opponent this week. Will win by over 500pts but still thinking of making two trades. Averaging 2200pts and want to stay two injured players.


OUT: Hale IN: N Reiwoldt

Projected to get 2420


* Lewis


That's good, but maybe lewis a tad inconsistent?


Also partial to the odd suspension or two…..


Hey Jock, loving the work mate, bloody brilliant stuff,

I was thinking of tradin fox for Kruezer, Kruezer is primed for a huge season and cox has been quite dissapointing so far.

I'd I do that I will have 750 000 in the bank which is plenty to upgrade my rookies in a bit.

Here is my team so far.

DEF: Deledio, Bugg, Malceski, Dempsey, Goddard, Morris. Carrazzo BENCH: Eliis, Tynan

MID: Ablett, Boyd, Sloane, Barlow, Shiel, Magner. BENCH: Wingard, Smith

RCK: Kruezer, Giles. BENCH: Redden, Stephenson

FWD: Adam Kennedy, Devon Smith, Treloar, Fyfe, Dangerfield, Porplyzia, Franklin. BENCH: Goodes, Dickson

Please leave some comments about my team, Thanks heaps, you guys are really helping my fantasy team.


hey jock i need you advise on something,

my side has been preforming really well first 3 weeks but having goodes out hurts me and all the leagues im in im vs the top teams this week, heres my side

backs Goddard, deledio, scotland, malceski, bugg, clark, hargrave emerg: ellis, howard

mid: ablett, murphy, selwood, mitchell, magner, d smith emerg: c smith, ledger

rucks kreuzer, giles emerg: redden, stephenson

forwards franklin, goodes, n riewoldt, martin, dangerfield, porplyzia, a kennedy, emerg: cameron, dickson

with goodes out ill have to bring cameron or dickson in and they are both averging 30, should i stick it out a week and hope i can still get up or is there a better cheap option i can bring into the side?


Don't waste the trade . Take the hit by playing Cameron, Goodes will be back next week and 30 points is more valuable then the Trade lost.

I have Goodes & Fyfe. Just sitting it out I have to take the Hit my two emergancies are Piffer and Keridge if they are named they play if they are not. I still take the hit.

The ox is slow but the Earth is patient…..

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