Round 3 Cattle Market

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Reflecting on the complexities of Supercoach in 2012

Here we are folks. Besides the dead set crucial pre season in which we select our final teams this is the most important 24 hours of trading you’ll do all year.

It’s funny you know folks. In my capacity as a mentor, facilitator, motivator and inspiration for thousands of young up and coming Fantasy Footy coaches over the decades I’ve learnt a valuable lesson. The trades you make over the next 24 hours are critical. But the trades you don’t make are often just as or in some cases more important. They will prove the difference between office champ and office chump. Family legend or family struggler. Master of your mates or butt of the Supercoach jokes. Mark my words. Make sure you catch the video,  podcast and Higgo’s bloody sensational article before you seal your fate.

Broughton? Shaw? Pavlich? Mumford? The debates for and against are both valid. You take a risk either way whether you stick fat with the blokes or not. I’d be keeping these blokes this week but that’s just me. Be disciplined. Be relentless in your pursuit of Fantasy Footy perfection. More importantly have a rip snorting top weekend folks.

Here are my value picks for this bloody massive round.. BE is a players ‘break even’score and is the score the player will need to keep their current price.

Jock Reynolds.


  avg BE Price Jocks Call
Steven Morris RIC 52 -36 $113,200 Saw enough Rd 2 to suggest this kid belongs at the highest level. Son of a gun, body to do the business, Rd 1 he was chasing Garlett so forgive him that run
Tom Bugg GWS 72 -76 $113,200 Top value. Jump on
Marty Clarke COL 72 -40  $170,000 Since an injury niggle in the preseason he has been building momentum.. his Rd 2 performance was what I was looking for. Has my tick. Consider strongly.
Tim Mohr GWS 68 -59 $124,700 A big bodied ruffian capable of both stopping but getting his own pill. Will be a slow burner but excellent job security
Courtenay Dempsey ESS 104 -43 $273,800 Has had a horror run with injury till this season.. could make or break your side. Injury risk but potential also to become a big ranking backman. Rapt to see the kid making hay.
Brendon Goddard (mid) STK 132 91 $584,700 Got a bit of mongrel back about him.. get on him quick smart
Brian Lake WBD 70 34 $286,900 Almost back to the Bri Bri we know and love, still a risk but huge upside



  avg BE Price Jocks Call
James Magner MEL 96 -135 $94,700 The cash cow of the season. Get on. Probably already on him.
Clay Smith WBD 64 -58 $116,600 Ripping kid with a massive future. Dogs have been very quick to vest him early doors which is a worry. Great selection – wary of his fringe player status.
Dylan Shiel GWS 48 -28 $113,200 Just being eased into the season. An absolute dead set gun who will bloom in front of our eyes as the season wears on. Personally would want him before Clay.
Brad Ebert PTA 112 -14 $344,400 Snatched by Port from the West Coast and slots in as one of the kingpin midfielders at Port. Doing the job.
Josh P. Kennedy SYD   40 $520,900 Indications are that the lad may be making the trip up to Fantasy Footy Premium status.. quality at that price.. those with Priddis may be tempted here. Personally I won’t move heaven and earth to get him, yet to prove he has capability to string out consistent 100+ games. Watch him make me look a goose now.
Brent Stanton ESS 157 13 $538,800 Cracking start and good value.. just remember his opposition hasn’t been of the highest standard yet..
Scott Thompson ADE 134 96 $598,800 I really bloody like this GUN as a selection this year. A gun in a team I reckon will have a steep rise in 2012. Another tempter for the Priddis holders



  avg BE Price Jocks Call
Jonathan Giles GWS 94 -111 $126,700 Get hum if you don’t have him folks.
Jarrad Redden PTA 66 -63 $113,200 Love the kid. Can play on your starting team if you need him and will fatten nicely on your bench if not
Matt Kreuzer CAR 112 29 $418,300 Here is a serious value selection. Many tempted to get rid of Mumford to him… or trade down their premium priced ruck to get some $ for other upgrades. I have Mummy and I’ll stick to him.
Paddy Ryder ESS 132 35 $492,600 Like Stanton, cracking start. Playing in the ruck with Hille injured which is good for his scoring. Quality of opposition hasn’t been of the highest level and young for a ruckman who will bear the brunt of the ruckwork… injury risk? No for me but many will disagree.



  avg BE Price Jocks Call
Adam Kennedy (mid) GWS 86 -102 $113,200 A fantasy footy special this kid. Dual position, killin it early. Bargain here folks.
Toby Greene GWS 83 -77 $146,600 Just that bit more pricey which is the knock on him from a must have perspective. Option if you need to get rid of a Tory Dickson and already have Kennedy?
Terry Milera STK 86 -95 $124,700 Don’t forget the Schneider man and Wondersoap Saad are waiting for his position, long term job security not assured. Bargain though either way
Rhys Stanley STK 90 -74 $176,200 Playing the long lead up marking forward with the big Roo staying more at home. Looking tops.
Jason Porplyzia ADE 84 -28 $229,600 Massive injury risk here but just as huge upside. Building match fitness.
Tom Hawkins GEEL 118 -7 $377,300 Has picked up where he left off in finals 2011. In a high scoring season where contested marking is back in town and where FWD value is thin on the ground I’d have a good hard think about Tom.
Travis Cloke COLL 110 102 $529,800 See Tom Hawkins. Strongly consider.


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