Post Round 2 Fantasy Footy Video – Supercoach and DT

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Reflecting on the complexities of Supercoach in 2012So bloody important to be aware of what our priorities are going into the all important Round 3 lockout folks. So important.

As we went through in the new podcast (must listen folks) there’s plenty of tempting sideways trade fodder this week. They might tempt those new to the cut and thrust of a Supercoach or Dreamteam season. In this video I highlight our priorities for this week and also the AFL trend that might change the way you look at building your team in 2012.

Let me know what you reckon, and make sure you check in in a day or two for the pre round 3 cattle market. Wont wanna miss it folks. **note add REDDEN to the list of cash cows at the end of the video folks**

Jock Reynolds

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Thoughts on Meleria and broughton to Dempsey jock?


No HOMBSCH (ave. 64.5) or REDDEN (ave. 66)in the cash cows… interesting!

I hope Darren 'Dazzling' PFEIFFER gets a trot around the park this week, he's been on the cusp 1st two rounds, 18 possession 8 clearances and a goal on the weekend.


Great stuff Jock! Not sure if you saw my post on your podcast, but i'll re-post here to make it a bit easier. Is it worth downgrading Cox to Nic Nat? Saving 150k is nice but my real concern is who will score more in the long run?

Also I definitely think its worth downgrading Broughton to Dempsey. Even if you have to use 2 trades (to trade back to a premium), you will be making about 250-300k difference – which is basically what your expected from your cash cows! And Essendon has a pretty easy run up to round 10 (apart from Carl and Coll) so expecting young Dempsey to go alright over the next few weeks.



Please answer. What are your thought on Jack Redden of the Brisbane Lions. Is he likely to pump out hndred after hundred this year?


thoughts* and hundred* sorry about the english canundrem jock.


I got him. I like the look of him. He pumped out about 110 last week against the blues, and if you watched the game, he gets around the packs, but his teammates dont give the ball to him as much as i'd like – meaning he got his 110 basically from getting his own ball. If his team starts giving the ball to him a little bit more, then I reckon the young gun can push 115+


yea i did watch the game and i agree, he does win a majority of his ball. not sure weather to trade him for josh kennedy though?


Kennedy's a gun mate, i'm spewing I didnt pick him up at the start of the season. Cant go wrong with either player


thanks clayton. good to get someone elses point of view……. would also love the big man himself, yes jock, you.


I got him to james..picked him cause i expect his scores to jump..been scary so far though..especially with ebert and kennedy lookin so good and barlow round the corner.


I have all good rooks, Pav or Martin for Tomahawk?


Dusty is a gun, mate. Probably should have considered his tough draw pre-season. If he doesn't light up against the dees then I don't think he is going to light up at all

Dyno Mite

Jock, as always love your work.

I would like to hear a clearer stance from you on players each week. Sometimes you skirt the edges and leave it to us to work out your greyish advice. However, when it comes to supercoach i love being spoonfed! Should we keep, trade or pick up for every player, in addition to what you already say about them.


Hey jock, love the podcasts and vids and all the rest of it. What are your thoughts on Daz Pfeiffer and also a defense/forward swingset? Im thinking Jackson Paine and Billie smedts


as a pies fan I'd say Paine will struggle to get a regular spot with so many players coming back into the Collingwood line up. Plenty of backs / fwd premiership players who will be filling the gaps. I'd go with a more established fwd option: say Milera or Ellis back.


Thanks Jock. You bought my shaw to Dempsey issue out in your cast.

You saved me. I was going to and hold the cash.

But on your advice, I went for yagmoor to Dempsey instead.

Team looks much more balance and I haven't wasted two trades, just the one. I am only using 1 trade this week as I did two last week.

Now locking down the team till cash cow payday.

Cheers Jock me olde sport


Oh and jocko, I have stuck with Hodge but he maybe another week. Do I hold the journey?

I'm thinking he will become a unique pick as everyone would have jumped of him when finalizing their side before round 1 lockdown….thoughts?


great stuff helping me alot looking forward 2 a great cattle market


Martin out

Stanton in

Thoughts anyone ?

jimbo drouid

Only if dusty is dropped. As Jock has said every week. Don't sideways trade.


chasing points there matty. Watch dusty pump out 120+ against the dees


Should we keep Pfiefer or trade him for say Cameron or Milera? I can see him breaking into the Port side soon although they do have an abundance of midfielders… will he keep his place or get the odd sub vest?


Definitively going to trade Pfief out for Milera..port has a lot of players ahead of old Daz I reckon..gray comes in this week, Phillips carved up in the SANFL, hitchcock, Pittard returning from injury and Brett ebert and Salopek will be back in a couple weeks whereas Milera has shown enough to get a regular gig i reckon


My problem with Milera is that he is a small forward = notoriously inconsistent…


I did read someone saying Rhys stanley better pick than milera..just a bit more and much better job security


Matty, Im considering doing the same! Especially cause Stanton has another easy game and I want to take advantage and get Stanton before his price jumps up.. Might regret it later but if martin continues to get me 70 ill regret it even more..

Dons diehard

G'day jock. Out of your cash cows I've got magner, Gilles, mohr, smith, Ellis and redden.

Haven't used any trades yet and my underperforming rookies are hall, boumann,yagmoor,dickson and Tomlinson. Would do a sideways yagmoor to bugg but only have $4k in the kitty. So I'm thinking Hurley to Hawkins / yagmoor to bugg double trade. Your thoughts?


Hi all! Top site Jock, and cheers for the tips!

Weedon out, milera/kennedy/Cameron in. Discuss.



I could also offload dickson, he is on the pine so my only concern is if he is scoring above his break even. If so, I will hold my horses


weedon-kennedy…if you got smith gws in your mids you could dickson out ..sub smith in..get toby greene..just a thought


Interesting… I have smith… Cheers fella!


Hey Jock, love the site, and the podcasts and everything, At the moment I have $42,300 and I am really thinking about trading Jack Grimes to Dempsey which will give me $149,000 then I was thinking Guthrie to Hargrave or McIntosh to Ryder in the ruck. My backline at the moment is Goddard, Deledio, Grimes, Lake, M Clarke, Guthrie, Ellis (Bugg, Darley) what should I do?

Luke the Duke

Jock old mate! Love the site – I've sent it round the office to fellow SuperCoaches, and the cheatsheets have been a huge hit!

Quick question though: I'm happy with my team on the field, but I do have a few rookies that are just taking up space and delivering zeros (Zorko, Kerridge, Spurr).

Is now the time to trade for a regular and playing rookie?

Is it worth burning a couple of trades before prices are re-evaluated?

Or do I sit tight and wait on them?

Thanks for putting in the work champ!


week 2 is for fixing your rookies..if you still have 24 trades, I would definately use 2

Luke the Duke

Thanks Scotchncoke. Appreciate the feedback!


great video mate, however you cannot be more wrong about broughton. you must offload him now while you have the chance, because freo still have mundy and barlow to come back for more midfield time, and they even have morabito in the wings. if he's not getting midfield time now, then he is no chance when all these boys come back. get broughton out and dempsey in while you have the chance, or risk having this years alan didak in your team!!

jimbo drouid

Hey Jock. Looking to lock my side down for the next 4 weeks barring injury.

One trade left this week and only $400 in the skyrocket.

What do you think of my side? Any gaps or problems?

Def- Goddard, deledio,Dempsey, Scotland Shaw bugg Morris (Ellis LBrown)

Mid- ablett (Capt always) Thompson cotchin priddis magnet Hodge (c Smith, j mac)

Fwd- Franklin Ryder sidebottom Kennedy milera dusty smedts (Dickson TWalsh)

Ruck- leunberger Giles (redden big o)

Please advise.


Nice one again Jock! On David Hale, reckon it would it be worth trading him for Malera (I already have Kennedy, Smith, Dickson up FWD) and using the cash to upgrade Ledger to an extra premium MID?


I have all the same guys as u by the sound of it. I'm also considering using the new trade flexibility to trade Hale out for Toby Greene (via a F/M). Not sure who is a better choice out of Greene/Milera… maybe someone can offer an opinion?


Hey Jock love your work.

Question from me OUT: Scotland AND Cognelio IN: Hawkins AND S.Thompson?

Smedts will need to move fwd to back as well.Ave point pp should go up but will moving on Scotland (who I was thinking was a lock) hurt long term???



I reckon if you want those 2 blokes OUT, go for Scott SELWOOD at $445k in the midfield and the extra cash will get you a better player forward or back.

jimbo drouid

To quote Jock the great man….to trade sideways is to burn a trade. Its hard to win the race if you keep changing drivers.

Hold your course fellas.


Need some opinions on a premium FWD. I'm trading OUT: S.JOHNSON on the back of a horror start (63 ave.) and a HUGE price drop and Impossible break even of 221 looming.

I'll have $525k in the bank so can get any premium player…but who…?

My FWD's are:

Reiwoldt Chapman Goodes D.Pfeiffer


Porplyzia Milera Kennedy J.Cameron


I'll also consider mid pricers

G Unit

Go for the big boys mate, got the Cloke room, Buddy, J Brown is cheap too. I've also liked the look of whitecross but obviously hes no BIG unit!


Jock and Co.

I come to you guys needing help because my head is about to explode. Any advise would be welcome.

Just to give you a back story, have started reasonably well, 2164, 2286 which has me just outside the top 5000 in the comp.

My rookies are Bugg, Morris, Elis and Clarke in the back line, Magner, Shiel and LEDGER in the midfield, Giles, Redden, STEVENSON and CAMPBELL in the ruck and Kennedy, Smith, HALL and DICKSON in the forward line. I have put in capitals the rookies that I ain't overly happy with.

I still have 24 trades and 130k in the bank. I'm currently thinking along three lines

Option 1: Broughton to Dempsey — Hall to Chad Cornes

On current form you would think dempsey will out score broughton by 20pts a game at least(after two games its currently at a 43pt average difference). As Dempsey's price is set to explode, broughtons will implode. Essondons draw is good over the next few weeks up to the bye with GWS GCS MEL and BRISBANE all in there. With Barlow now back and Mundy to come in this week or next I really don't think there is room in the middle for Broughton. I know you have been saying he'll come good but there has to be HUGH question marks over his role and scoring potential after seeing Freo's frist few games and knowing Barlow and Mundy are on their way back into the team.

The Money from Broughton can then be used to upgrade an under preforming rookie (i.e Hall) I have Devon Smith on the field at the moment but if I trade out Hall and put Cornes on the field you would on current form expect Cornes to out score Smith by 40pts (after two games its currently at a 59pt average difference). I'd have to question Halls job security and Cornes if nothing else will at least hold his value until late in the year and then you can be easily be upgraded to Goodes for the run home.

Option 2 : Broughton to Dempsey —- Campbell to Kreuzer

Went with the 4 rookie Ruck and while its going more than ok now i really only have two playing rucks which means it could go pear shaped very quickly with no cover in place. You would think Kreuzer would out score Redden by 30pts at least (after two games its currently at a 46pt average difference) so even though it doesn't offer as big a pts swing as chad Cornes it would give me cover in my rucks.

Option 3 : Do nothing — trades are gold and my team is scoring well. Hold off now and go bang after round 5/6

What would you guys do ?? Any option welcome


dont you love supercoach ๐Ÿ™‚ keeps me awake at nights,hours and hours of thinkin and for what? LUV IT.. my only thought was..if you can hold your rucks for a bit you might be able to do a cheap upgrade for redden


thanks scotchncoke, yes thats what i thought when i went the four rookie ruck option but the risk is now I have no cover .. so if I wait and something happens to Redden or Giles i'll be looking at donuts or panic trades to get a ruck in … oh don't you just love it :p


Thanks Jock, option 3 you reckon … ummm well if anything from your advise i won't go option 1 anyway .. still have MASSIVE doubts over Broughtons role at Freo .. he could very well average 70 for the rest of the year and that would be such a waste for the money i spent on him.

But I guess narrowing it down to two options at least helps .. ๐Ÿ˜€


thank you thank you thank and thank you again .. went with option 3 and did nothing … broughton 110 – dempsey 6 .. big difference and still have the trades in the bank


2123 first week and 2343 second. ranked 3243

I used 2 trades this week what do uu think:

-Had hale in ruck and giles on bench.

-trade hale for redden and put redden on bench and giles in.

-gave me enough $ to turn cooney into pendlebury with $ left over.

what do u think ppl?


sounds like i just lost another 1000 places..


Was unlucky this week as I had Mumford on the ground and no emergency ruckman.

I'm unsure about Scotland at the moment. I was also very tempted to trade out mumford for sandilands until I listened to your podcast.

Take a look at my team and tell me what you think I should do.

D: Goddard, Deledio, Scotland, Broughton, Lake, Bugg, Morris (Ellis, Smedts)

M: Ablett, Thompson, Boyd, Rockliff, Magner, Shiel (Smith, McDonald)

R: Mumford, Giles (Redden, Stephenson)

F: Franklin, Fyfe, Martin, Sidebottom, Dangerfield, Smith, Kennedy (Dickson, Hall)


i had mumford as well mate i feel your pain.

Had giles as emergency and still got 2343.

-shiel might not get a game (or a full one).

-im not going 2 trade mumford for sanderlands unless he's injured.(hoping he's not).

-you chose mumford for a reason mate..stick with him unless injured.

-your benches are very similar to mine and if those cheapys play they will go up in $ and looking @ your side you shouldnt need to use them.

thats what i think mate good luck.

Adam Henschke

Hey Jock,

Just after some quick advice, have scored 4300 points after 2 rounds, but feel that my forward line could do with some work, have phieffer trelor and hall with 140k still in the bank should I be trading and if yes, who should I go after also have Dusty Martin in there as well but will keep him as the tiges are playing Melbourne this week (but on his last chance)

Easily the best supercoach website keep up all the good work

cheers Adam


few queries for u jock, the grand master himself.

these points i keep hearing about broughton not getting time through the middle with certain players coming back seem to have solid backing.

as i have him im stuck asking myself whether to trade him out or go with ur advice.

i already have dempsey, lake, clarke so my only real option is sideways for either carrazo or birchall

and secondly, might be bit easier haha

i have pfeiffer in fwd line, already got d smith, smedts and hall.

who should i get as ive already decided to trade him out

im looking at either kennedy or milera

not sure on kennedy as i already have a gws player in the fwd line.

not too sure wat to think at the moment

the challenges of supercoach, gotta love it ey


Coin toss on Kennedy or Milera, i've got both, Milera may have the edge in a better performing team, Kennedy looks a quality player though.

G Unit

Jock old mate (and other old mates),

My mind keeps on harking back to when the bloke got the load of chook manure dropped off at Punt Rd back in the day, and to this end why did I put D 'neck ink' Martin AND Jumping Jack Riewolt in my side???

I am fairly happy with my side at this point but these blokes have me worried! I'm a massive fan of the big UNITS J Brown and The Big Finley Cat T Hawk and reckon there is some upside in switching Jack to either. Im also looking at maybe a Martin OUT JK Kennedy or S Selwood IN.

However either of these would use up my 2nd trade of the week and 4th of the year so I'm carrying on like a bloody Wall Street hedge fund and Im getting weary of burning to many early!

Please comment!

The Unit

jimbo drouid

Wait I'm onion brown. He hasto play3 games before his price will change

jimbo drouid

Jock thanks to your sage advice, I have brought in riewolt for Scotland thanks to being able to push smedts back.

I am very happy with this as there will be more points to be made up forward compared to the back end this year.

Happy as a Richmond supporter can be.


My idea is to sideways trade Pfieffer for Milera. The other trade Broughton for Dempsey, wait 2-3 weeks and trade him back. Mass gain in money and avoid the loss on Broughton. Spurn 2 trades, but whats it matter, I have all the rookies anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

jimbo drouid

Completely off topic but good win by the Aussies in the cricket!

Rick coyne

Hey jock,

I'm considering on trading dustin Martin down to chad cornes, what do you reckon

Save money as well


Hey Jock whats your thoughts on Tory dickson? He possibly wont get another shot so who should i be looking to bring in?

Should i get stanley who looks like hel stay in saints line up or milera in my team???