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Reflecting on the complexities of Supercoach in 2012
Let me start by saying what a bloody pleasure it is to watch AFL Footy of this quality in season 2012. What a dead set ripping season 2012 is proving to be.

While its all roses in terms of the broader game many Supercoach and Dreamteam coaches face some blood curdling decisions before the crucial round 3 lockout. Should I keep Greg Broughton? Heath Shaw? Matty Pavlich? Should I move heaven and earth to get that quality rookie into my side?

We discuss the big calls in this weeks podcast. We dish out a big helping of some home cooked Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community advice for you – our sensational frequenters.

Make sure you drop in tomorrow night for my weekly video, the Cattle Market later in the week and a must read article from Higgo.

Jock Reynolds


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  1. Simon says:

    Bloody Legend!!

  2. Darren says:

    Jock can you rate my side?

    • Darren says:

      Or anyone….Just click my NAME

      I have already made 4 changes.

      I am afirst year supercoacher and I've no idea what im doing!

      • Doug says:

        How did you get the price rises and break evens on you're SC team page?

      • Jeffro Jones says:

        Your team looks ok – Glass is never a big SC scorer though. All Australian, but those "dour defenders" don't rack up the SC points…

        • Darren says:

          Who could i replace Glass with Jeffro?

          • Jeffro Jones says:

            ha ha, i'm just an average supercoach loser mate, so don't take my advice too seriously 🙂

            but i'd have a look at replacing glass with maybe Hargrave, Mohr or Dempsey. At the very least, they're all going to rise in price, esp. Mohr and Dempsey, and make you some handy cash.

            Seriously, your team has plenty of upside, you'll surely put in a decent showing as a first year player, just have fun and you'll learn heaps 🙂

          • Dean says:

            Definitely get Dempsey in

      • dogg dogg says:

        looks tops mate what have been your 2 scores

        • Darren says:

          I made mistakes early, as this is my first year. I had scotland and burgoyne.

          People told me to get rid of them as they aren't high scorers. I traded scotland to get pendlebury and burgoyne to get a cash cow rook in A Kennedy.

          I should of kept burgoyne i think, he must be close to a 'lock' defender?

          Had wrong people on the bench in the 1st round. I got 1869 in round 1 and 2207 in round 2.

          How about you?

          I still don't understand when to "USE TRADES" and when not too…?

  3. xavier says:

    good day jock, do you know if mumford will lower in price? and if he will return thiis week?

  4. Jeffro Jones says:

    What a cracker of a podcast 🙂

    I've made a few clangers and jagged a few good ones – so its business-as-usual for my team – I'll ride out the tough times with Broughton and Mummy and gaze fondly upon Clarke and Ebert !!!

  5. BennyS says:

    Another top podcast

  6. Jamie says:

    Great podcast guys! Happy to say I had Nic Nat from the start, would you guys trade Broughton for Bock if he doesn't perform in the next few weeks?

  7. Clinnywinny says:

    So, pretty bloody happy with the output of L.Hayes, N.reiwoldt, nic nat, kruezer, magner and a few others. BUT, b.Sewell, and D.Martin….. Do I hit the 'T'??? I'm prepared to ride out the storm with shaw, lake, broughton, and hargreave. But gun mids need to be pulling the ton week in, week out.


  8. Doddy says:

    great work fellas, 1 name that has been letting me down after a great year last year is Nahas from Richmond what to do with him?

    Anyone with any idea?

  9. Felton says:

    Took your advice after round 1 and kept Lake.. You guys are great thanks so much. also glad I kept Morris he looked pretty good this round. Thanks again guys for another amazing podcast…. Who is going to break the news to Higgo about the Easter bunny? LOL

  10. Clinnywinny says:

    Also, what's the story with Robbie gray, had him on the bench for 2 weeks now!!

  11. Carey says:

    2156 this round…dissapoinbted I traded Lake in Hargrave for Lake and brought in Clay Smith on-field.

    The ups…definately Jack Darling 🙂

  12. matty says:

    Hey jock . Wat do you think about

    Out broughton

    In c Dempsey

    Also Wats your thoughts on chad wingard should

    I hold off trading him ?

    D Martin is s t ruggling. Josh Kennedy maybe a good swap for

    Martin ?

    Cheers mate

  13. Monty says:

    Hey Jock 2 things

    First off should i trade out Broughton for Dempsey

    The second thing is how much do you think Magners price will go up by and what will happen to Pendlebury's price

    • Spifflicator says:

      Magner will go up by $100k, Pendles up by $9k.

      I will be killing off Broughton this week, probably Geary in as I don't trust Dempsey, and the bombers get GCS next week but Carlton then Collingwood after that. Geary will earn more over the next four weeks before he moos.

      Will use cash saved here to upgrade Caddy into Stanton, who will go up $63k next week alone, and about $134 over the next 3 weeks.

  14. da Pest says:

    Great Podcast guys. Lovin' the new segments. Hey Higgo, did I see you at the Bullring at the Cats v Hawks game? In search for crumpet?

    • Higgo says:

      Dear da pest,

      Yes, I was there. Would appreciate a bit of help next time. Having no luck with my new pick- up line …… "I need a little help with my Calculus, can you integrate my natural log?"


      Peter Higginbotham

      • Spifflicator says:

        Great line Higgo!!! Might need to try at the Uni Bar rather than the footy 🙂

  15. Shannon says:

    Hey Jock! Have taken some great tips from the site this year. Most have served me well though a few I'm consdering re-shuffling this week. I'm thinking Broughton might need to take a walk whilst I would also like to pick up a playing FWD on my bench. Have Kerrige and Pfiefer who havn't played this year, whilst Milera has had two games scoring around 80 in both for the Sanits. Thinking of trading Broughton for Dempsey and then either Kerrige or Pfiefer for Milera… probably Kerrige as I think he might be waiting a while to get into the Adelaide line up. Thoughts mate?

  16. steven says:

    Hi Jock and Crew!

    I was just curious as to how much you think dempsey could potentially go up in the next round or two and how much broughton could drop in value?

    im tied between keeping him or ofloading and getting him once he drops down.

    input would be great :0

    • Higgo says:

      Dear Steven,

      A great question and an important consideration re:trading.

      While I hope to be posting an article on price changes tonight, I will give you a sneak peek;

      – forecasting a rise of close to $65,000 for Dempsey

      – forecasting a drop in value of around $50,000 for Broughton

      Great question.


      Peter Higginbotham

      • Pales says:

        Cheers for that info Higgo! Everyone seems to be wondering about those 2, been asked that question a million times today!

        Money for jam really…

  17. Wayne says:

    Crouching……….base d chicken (bastinak) lol

  18. Daniel says:

    Hey Jock,

    or anyone else for that matter, just hoping for a couple of thoughts/pointers on my team.

    Scored 2046 and 2055 in the first two weeks


    B. Deledio S. Fisher W. Schofield

    T. Bugg M. Clarke H. Taylor A. Selwood


    B. Smedts B. Ellis


    J. Kennedy B. Goddard N. Dal Santo

    M. Priddis A. Kennedy T. Ledger A.Goodes


    J. McDonald S. Coniglio


    M. Leuenberger J. Giles


    J. Redden O. Stephenson


    L. Franklin B. Harvey P. Dangerfield

    J. Porplyzia G. Rohan A Christensen D. Smith


    C. Hampton S. Kerridge

    With $198,400 remaining in my salary cap.

    • Pales says:

      Schofield and Taylor need addressing in your defence – not reputable point scorers. Will score ok at times, nothing flash though. Look at Dempsey, Hurn.

      Goddard should be in defence, freeing up a role in the midfield for another decent priced mid. Stanton is delivering, Brad Ebert is well priced.

      Nothing wrong with your ruck. Most people have that setup, only their number 1 ruck varies (Mumford, Kreuzer, Cox etc)

      Boomer Harvey is beyond his best up foward. Probably too many mid priced players up there with him, their scores will fluctuate a lot. Maybe look at Nat Fyfe. The forward line is where i've struggled most so far…

  19. What Ya Mean says:

    Hey boys love your work

    got scotland in my side but not rating him think he might be over his best, i want to side trade only coz i will be left with only 3 premiums (adcock,BJ, and lids) if i dont side trade. What u think?

    Also thinking of getting rid of boydy only coz i feel he is not efficient enough for SC. i will have enough cash to get any mid in the comp then, already have ablett, murphy and rockcliff (even though he killed me this week) should i side trade to a stanton or go straight for a pendles, not to keen to downgrade as i think i need 4 premiums in the middle.

    Thoughts would be great boys


    • Jacob Cecil says:

      What about Jobe Watson for Boyd! Priced at about 575k which is great value considering he is averaging about 130 in the first two weeks with gcs next

  20. Gary says:

    Just traded Scotland for Murphy.

    And Coniglio for Mohr.

    After Scotland's arrest today I think his mind

    will be elsewhere.

    • Brad says:

      or his footy will give him something else to focus on…… wishful thinking i know, but i'm hanging onto him with the hope of key defenders returning for the blues in order to free him up a bit.

  21. Clayton says:

    Great stuff Jock! Quick question – Is it worth downgrading Cox to Nic Nat? Saving 150k is nice but my real concern is who will score more in the long run?

    Also, in regards to your podcast, I definitely think its worth downgrading Broughton to Dempsey. Even if you have to use 2 trades (to trade back to a premium), you will be making about 250-300k difference (by about round 5) which you could basically use to upgrade a rookie to a premium. Using 3 trades to get those premiums seems about the norm!

  22. Rick Coyne says:

    Hi guys,

    Is dustin Martin worth trading

    • Tex says:

      I assume you mean trade OUT? Tigers play Melb this week, he could rack up a squillion and minimise the price drop, at least I hope thats what happens!!! Cos i have him as well.

      Stoopid game I am so hooked 🙁

  23. Vince says:

    While Broughton is killing me, I'll be holding onto him seeing it's early days and the trades will be worth heaps come those final weeks.

    Reckon the key now would be to get your FWDs and BACKs reserves right for the next 9 weeks.

  24. rbat says:

    Hilarious podcast boys! Absolutely loved it. Have traded in Goddard & Milera this week. Decided that I couldn't afford to be without the first and need the $ from the second. Thanks for all the input of those podcasts, informative and very funny!

  25. billy says:

    gday jock, higgo and crouching, love your work boys.

    wondering if i could get your thoughts on the following players i have in my team







    cheers boys

  26. Stuart says:

    Love your work Jock.

    Was keeping Broughton, but want to get as many cash cows as possible.

    So what are the thoughts on Bro-> Bower and

    Kerridge -> S.Selwood.

    Kerridge yet to play, so use Bower as cash cow and effectively replace Broughton with a young fella on fire in Scotty Selwood, who will be worth mid 5's in a few weeks and then may be able to snag a Swan, for the same money.

    Or do I trust Kerridge to start getting games?

  27. Starky says:

    Great site Jock.

    Really tempted to trade Martin for Ebert at the moment. What do you think?

    Looking at the Stats Ebert will potentially gain 130k in the next 3 weeks with Martin dropping 130k.

    Thinking that by making the switch now I could end up with a Elite player by round 6/7. Do you still think hold?

  28. Tracey-Lee says:

    Ya bloody dag Higgo, chasing the crumpet. I love your statistical mind but you worry to much. Are you going to analyze your women the same way? This may be your worry. Fun postcast though guys.

  29. Pales says:

    Great blow up regarding Blunstone Jock! I hear ya pal!

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