How’d ya go? RD 2 Supercoach & DT

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AFL Supercoach 2012 tips guru Jock Reynolds Gday all. Stacks to chat about after a crackin round 2… what a rip snorting game that Cats v Hawks clash was. Hats off to both teams.

Many of you have been rewarded. Rewarded for the mental steel you’ve displayed by not trading out your Brian Lakes. By not trading in your Clay Smiths. The stories of triumph over the panic trade have been heartwarming.

Some of you might be kicking yourself for jumpin the gun and whacking the trade button in haste. That OK. Thats fine. We all need to go through these learning experiences before we come of Fantasy Footy age.

This game can chew you up and spit you out if you aren’t fair dinkum kids and it’s important that you keep your head and learn from your mishaps. Make sure you tune in tonight for the weekly podcast which will be a corker, and then on the Tuesday for Jock’s weekly post round video.

Bloody loving the input from you lot.. over to you now.. how did you go round 2?

Jock Reynolds


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not traveling bad 1601 with 16 played!


1290 – sc with 8 more to play including captain. dissapionted in c. smith but marty clarke stood up!


1539 with 7 to go..started thinkin about my first trades..Heath Shaw has to go before price drop..and if kennedy gets another 100 might trade D.martin for him


1360 with 14 players played

Captain yet to play


1231 from 14. Had Magner on the bench and started Clay. #Regret

8 to come, including 4 today with GAJ as captain.


Sitting on 1530cs with 8 to play. Happy with output do far. 2 Lowest scoring players are Martin and shaw tho which is annoying.. Particularly the lower $ players like Lake, magner, porps, Clarke decent scores have set me up for big SC score with many prems to still play!


1269 with 9 players yet to play, including my captain. Let's hope for 200+ from Ablett as captain, could punch out another 1000 yet… Being optimistic anyway!


Travelling fairly well here I think Jock, 1456 scored so far with 7 yet to play. I'm a little disappointed in the scores Martin and Smith produced though. Lovin' Watson's 149 though.


2129 with Buddy left to play, looking good!


1567 with GAJ, Goodard, Buddy and 3 GWS left to play. Very happy with Magna. Spewing about Mummy, H Shaw and C Smith. To early to trade Heater?


I've struggled to 1335 with 7 and Capt Ablett to play

may make 2100 if I'm lucky!!

Already formulating my "lets get rid of Heater" strategy. Very pleased with my not trading in Lake – such restraint…. lol and my Morris/Ellis combo coming good as well – they're going to make me some nice cash!!


1291 with 9 to play. I was one who held firm after crazy thoughts earlier in the week. Supremely glad that I did not offload Lake or put him on the bench but a little disappointed with Rockcliff's score. Magner truly is a little gem! Looking forward to seeing how my GWS boys perform today.


1593 DT

15 played, captain played

A few of my guns still to play


How did lake go? I got rid of him for Dempsey!


110 for Lake


1446 from 13.

Still to come

GWS: Kennedy, Bugg, Giles, D.Smith

St Kilda: Reiwoldt, Goddard

GCS: Ablett

Geelong: S.Johnson, Chapman

Pretty happy so far Murphy 294 as Capt, Ellis & Morris were serviceable.

Magner can't complain!

Lake was great, glad to keep him.

Redden was average but not horrible. Will look to bolster ruck stocks next week.

The two Heaths get 1 more game in the backline for redemption.

Very interested how Ledger and D.Shiel go on the pine along with the big 'O'

Glad I waited on C. Smith as he aint kicking 4 every week.


UPDATE: 2132 with Chappy and Stevie J to come…. hope Stevie J cuts sick, not many have him. could get a good score if he and Chappy fire.

Looking between 2300 and 2400


That's a great team!


1257 with 10 to come. 5 prem 5 rookies. Chris Judds 150 as my loop hole vice captain was 300 golden points 🙂


1111 with 10 to play including Capt Ablerter

Planning for the relegation of Broughton, considering Dempsey for Rnd 3.


this looks like a very popular trade .. def won't be a point of difference anyway


on 1712 with 6 to play and gaz as captain to come. great week so far, murphy, lake, watson, deledio and sandilands all ripping it apart. also clarke, porpes, magner, kreuzer and dangerfield drilling out decent scores.


2200+ possible? or not many quality left?


EDIT: 2300+


ummm well i got selwood, franklin, goddard and ablett to come so yeah hoping for 2300+


Looks like you're gonna end up with a massive score Jim, who have you got in your side ?

Stroppy Jocks

Looking poorly. Hoping to scrape my way to 2000.

Would have much much better DT score (looking at you Fyfey boy and Leigh Adams, and a few others).

Of course, this is why I am enjoying SC as a 1st time player. If you like big stat getters that don't impact the game, DT is the game for you!


No trades, but put Lake on the bench and played Bugg instead. Naturally, was the other way around last week.

A good 50 pts down the gurgler for each of round 1 and 2.


Pretty average so far this around. 1553 with 4 to go (including Ablett as captain).

Another disappointing round from H.Shaw and Scotland as well as some below average scores from Cox and Fyfe.

Thrilled with the output from marty clarke, giles and porplyzia so far!


All I will say is some weeks your the s*** and some weeks your the shovel.

This week I'm not the shovel.

1561 17 played. Captain priddis….oops.


unlucky james 😉

Rick coyne

Hey jock,

Should I trade broughtan for Dempsey and

Martin for Kennedy



I will tradind Dempsey in for sure.


Dont trade martin he will come good. He had a very tough first 2 rds but should be looking at a big one against melbourne this week.


travelling well, was worried about lake but stuck with the hype and it payed off. Now Jock im thinking of trading Broughton this week with the hope he comes down in price, and starts runnning through the midfield again, bit worried lyon has got a different plan for him at the moment. def keen to hear your thoughts in this weeks podcast!!!!


In the very same position so would really like to hear some options on Broughton .. Him to Dempsey could be a good option that would free a lot of cash .. Your thoughts on this Jock would make an interesting listen/read


Looks like 2000-2100 for both, not too bad as got donut for Mummy. Gonna trade out Aaron Hall and was going to trade Troy Dickson, but he came on at 3/4 time against Crows and scored 25/38 points so he can play. Trouble is he's started as the sub, so is that likely to change? Guess see what happens on Friday when teams released. Got few under-performers like Scotland, H. Shaw, Broughton, but guess they can be traded down when I cash cows in the future, don't wanna burn too many trades at this stage of the year.


Hey guys just wondering what your thoughts are as to who would be the better pick between Dempsey and Lake?


very close both look to be in form dempsey is more reliable however .


2007 with selwood and franklin left.


Going to get rid of Heater as part of a 2 week trade plan. I'm one eyed pies and I love the guy, but it has to be done. Trade Heater for a choice of Carrazzo/Suckling or Birchall?


Me thinks it's time to trade out Broughton.

Going to downgrade to Dempsey befoe the price rise, use the extra cash to turn Andrew Swallow into Pendlebury and then after the price rise turn either Hargrave or Dempsey into Grant Birchall with the left over cash.



I'd be waiting til later in the season on pendels…save the $$$ when he comes down in price


On current form i'd say Dempsey could be a keeper, wouldn't be trading him in to trade him out again in a few weeks .. Hargrave would be the better upgrade player

swallow to pendlebury is also a wasted trade .. after all swallow did out score pendlebury this week .. really a sideways trade so might reconsider


Yeah looking like I'll get rid Hargrave, as long ashis price rises enough. To be fair though, Swallow played against GWS, I could score 120 against them. I'm all for getting the best players available, and I just feel more comfortable with Pendles running around then Swallow.


Well if you wanted the best available you should have had Pendels from rd 1. Can't change you're mind now. Stick with the logic you started with cause you'll burn to many trades trying to be 'comfortable with the best avialable'.


I didn't have the inital 100k for Pendles, I'll be getting him now.

Stop mirin, I'm better then you.

Dean B

1907 with Birchall, buddy and Joelwood left. 150 each would be good. ( dreaming)

Trades this week as follows, me thinks!

Broughton out

Hurn in

Pfieffer out

Milera in


Hi Jock,

Got 1950DT with Buddy and Chapman to come, so could get 2150+…..Jack Riewoldt WTF, Woods up next.


Nice work!


If Buddy gets his projected score I'll hit 2200, which is a miracle considering I am a victim of Mumfords dodgy back. All my emergencies were placed elsewhere, its cost me a lot of points. I could really be shooting up the rankings but will have to tread water. Gazza Ablett is a star, how he does it in amongst such a poor team is a credit to him. as for Mumford, 95 pts from 2 weeks is not the return I was hoping to get from 610k. If his back is even remotely an issue this week I will pull the trigger and get rid. I HATE trading out premiums, I stuck with daniel Cross all last season but Mummy is doing my head in.


great score considering .. i feel your pain but agree with your judgement .. if his back is still an issue you will have to burn that trade .. but remember it's just round 2 and the rest of your team must be pretty set if you can get 2200 with 21 players so all is not lost and there are 22 rounds to go


2181 with Franklin and Mitchell still to play


2400 easy .. nice 🙂






First trades

Out: Scotland In: T Mohr

Out: Coniglio. In: M Murphy

I believe this is an Upgrade .


I'm not sure why you want to get rid of Scotland. I think he he has scored over 80 in both games and carltons back line not settled yet, Duigan and Jamieson to come back this week? Might free up scotland.


I was gonna give Scotty another week as he looks likes he's been restricted in his running as scotchncoke has said…. Shaw is the more concerning of the Heath's


1964 with buddy joel and chappy to come … should get to 2200 with ease and if those boys go off i could get to 2300 … but all in all anything over 2200 i'm happy with

still have my 24 trades .. so nearly got rid of Lake, but am such a happy coach now I have shown restraint .. Broughton is the only question mark left in my starting 22 ..


2015 with Franklin to come


And got 0 for Mumford as i was too late to sub him out 🙁


1711 with mitchell, rioli, hale and selwood to play. Hoping for 2100.


2024 with smedts and franklin to come. hoping for 2250. so glad i went for leuenberger instead of mumford this year. i was happy with morris, lake and giles but they were all on the pine 🙁 also got sucked into the hype around clay smith and really paid the price. should have realised he isnt going to kick 4 every week


Broughton and Golby killing me down back….


hey jock,

not had a good week, 1932 with only buddy left. screwed up with mumford starting and no emergency ruck…

I want to back my choices at this stage and not rush into dumping martin and shaw etc.

having said this pfieffer will be getting the push if he's not named this and smedts unless he scores 70+

Who are the must-have kids to replace them with?

what are your thoughts on whether smith, paine, wingard and coniglio will come good for some points? a little concerned with them


I had the same problem with Mumford but strangely if Buddy scores more an 73 today i will out score round 1 so am pretty happy that I am in a good place for next week.

Have not made any trades yet so avoided the panick button even though it was very tempting.


TOO TRADE OR NOT TO TRADE….. (JOCK?? whaddya reckon??)

Thinking of a couple of moves, but, I hate the fact that i'm always trade happy early on in the season. My main concern is missing out on some gems and break out players…

I'm considering dumping of the following

1. H Scotland

2. Boumann

3. Hall or Dickson or both

What do people think of Scotland > for Dempsey and Boumann < for either a. Surjan J (unique), b. B,Lake, c. M,Clarke

My other querys are do i need to go cheaper rookies over those three options like Mohr or Hombsch??

As for the Hall/Dickson affair I have Kennedy in my midfield so I could cull both and get kennedy out of my midfield and into the fwd line and buy Millera and T.Greene whom I'm both interested in.


what do people think? Swap one back and one fwd? swap both fwd and go midfiled reshuffle or swap both backliners? or stay put???


Jacob Surjan? You can't be serious!


hey jock,

unluckily for me I was stuck with Mumford on the ground this week with no emergencies as I was on holidays.

I'm not quite sure what is wrong with the mummy, however I'm thinking a mumford-out, sandilands-in trade as sandi has been in red hot form so far.

Also I have $32,800 remaining still so I could use the extra cash to upgrade a rookie that isn't quite performing to a more expensive one that is in good form.

What are your thoughts?


2062 with franklin and selwood left. dunno if i should get rid of broughton for bircall or maybe even dempsey. thankgod lake pulled through.


Why was Rockliff so horrible this week?


already 2227 with buddy to play


Anyone want to have a stab at what the par score for this round would be?


Can you keep putting up PDF files about players that should be kept and which ones to get rid of? And what do you think of J. Brown from the Brisbane Lions, and what do you think of Marc Murphy?


And Greg Broughton?

Thanks heaps, Jock.

Comonucrows (BigKev)

1804/19. stuffed up having Swannie as captn. Should have kept Gaz as my first choice captn.

To keep Shaw or not to keep Shaw….that is the question?

I know in SC he scores better than in DT, but have to keep both comps in mind. Have not traded just yet, and had in mind that my first trade will be in rnd5. Now I come across Shaw who is letting me and many others…. down.

Thinking of trading Shaw out and bring in Birchall and downgrade L.Parker to T Greene. Not worried about my second trade atm…but it's Shaw that's playing with my mind. Do I…or do i not?


2091 with birch and franklin to come, still thinkin about trades..worried that if dempsey keeps up his good scores and i havent got him,will put me back, have shaw in dt so easy decision shaw out dempsey in + big pile of i have C. Howard so need another 20,000 or so..could swap cogs for greene, then howard to dempsey..but I also wanna get barlow in as soon as hes price need app 400,000 for thinkin dusty get the chop leaves me enough to go howard to dempsey and then cogs to barlow..thoughts anyone?


if i do go thinkin smedts, motlop, kennedy


I've got my eye on Barlow also. Pulled out big scores in a half a game of footy his last two games. If they keep him in the middle and give him a full game he'd be a good buy I reckon


After a decent 2265 last week, was killed by the likes of Shaw, Pav, Broughton, and most of the GWS rookies. Only on 1900 with buddy left to play, will be lucky to crack 2000. From 1700th to about 20,000th in a week, how depressing :/


my week was similiar with most of the same players letting me down.

I was on 1928 with buddy to play, i think i may have just cracked 2000.


hawthorn how can you do it again. i'm a tigers supporter and i am gutted for hawks.

btw…buddy you are off the christmas card list.

so is scott, subbing little billy….just as he was getting near his predicted total.

clearly game of the year….this is the standard other teams will need to match to make the grand final.

that is all


Managed 2218 in Supercoach and 2147 in DT, not a bad return 🙂


2204 mate.not very happy with bugg, shaw and guthrie


Very good mate. Keep it up!

Tim Heald

going to get rid of broughton, who do you reccomded i get?


best downgrade option would be courtenay dempsey, however it could be a risk as I'm not sure how much longer he'll put up scores like this.

if you can afford him, carazzo is probably the best option as he is very reliable and you know he's most likely gonna score 100+ every week.


Got the exact same score I got last week. 2079.


Well at least you're consistent 😛


Ended up with 2255. Happy with that, was hoping to rack up 2300 but Buddy and birchall got 80's and martin got 68. still pretty happy with that though


2301 SC

2078 DT

Considering options re: DT Broughton/Palmer/Conigs

Azza B

Didnt quite crack the 2000 this week either jock, not worried just yet though.. But i do have big toddlet goldstien who has just absoloutly given me donuts the last few weeks, McIntosh got 110 and against gws the opposition doesnt get any easier! Hit the T on him ? thinking McEvoy ?


cracked 2100 with a 0 in the ruck thanks to mummy, and poor performaces from scotland and franklin.


2346 in SC

2150 in DR

Happy days.


43rd, Go Pales!!!! Livin the dream 🙂


Cheers pal!

Would love an improvement in DT, but as far as SC goes, happy days indeed!


2321… not bad with Stevie J, Scotland & Shaw under-performing.

Ellis, Kennedy, Bugg, Redden (2x rookies in the ruck), and Devon Smith all with 60 or less.


2116 DT and 2272 in SC…pretty pleased with that..not elite..but still pretty good :-)Love your website Jock…easily the most entertaining of all the fantasy footy sites out there..thanks for the laughs and the insights!!!


I'd rather not talk about this week…

Lukey Parker is killing me

Had Magnet on the pine (again)

Ledger was sub

Cripps scored 17…SEVENTEEN

Bugg, Golby, Devon all spudded

Mummy late withdrawal forced me to start redden, he didn't go great

Didn't crack a ton up forward

…and then there is broughton

Bring on next week!

Dean B

2194 SC

2224 DT

doing alot better than last year. Thanks to you Jock.

Broughton is GOOONNEE !!!

The grand master

2212- Supercoach

2152- Dreamteam

Hawkins 159sc and 125dt

doing much better than last time.


i accidentaly deleted my team after the richmond collingwood game

but got 2253


2423.. thanks for the tips jock!


bloody good effort right there!!


Wow! Awesome work!


Give us a look at your team paddo, sounds like you have picked well! I scored 2270 in sc. Very dissapointed in broughton again underperforming along with pavlich. Not much we can do with the GWS boys having bad scores, they got pumped by 130 so i wouldnt expect anything higher


2224 with a 0 from mumford and priddis as captain rather than regular captain ablett.

no trades last week, but thinking this week of trading D. Martin out for J.P.Kennedy – and then Dickson for GWS Kennedy.

anyone have any thoughts on these possible trades?? too early to trade martin??


Just my two cents but give Martin another week as the tiges come up against Melbourne so he is likely to get a higher score. But then they vs Geelong and West Coast. I have him in my team aswell and if he has a average score this game then i might look at trading him next week.


2100, not bad. should have made juddy captain, could have had another 100 points, had matty boyd instead