What’s the Plan Folks? Your RD 2 Supercoach & DT Trades

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AFL Supercoach 2012 tips guru Jock Reynolds
Round 2 is nigh folks. Let’s have a look at the trades (if any) you’ll all make this weekend.
As discussed in the video, podcast and in this weeks Cattle Market I’m a big fan of sticking to your guns.

However if you’ve missed 3 or 4 of this years must haves you might be considering a trade or two..

Whats your plan this week?

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  1. Too Hottie says:

    Trade out Ledger if he aint selected for Clay Smith (if he plays after ankle scare). Then have my eyes on both Lake & Broughton most intensely to see if they pull their fingers out this week!

    • Tim says:

      I pulled the trigger on Lake. Expecting a similar performance in the same position. Sub 50-point performance on the cards. Didn't need to trade any rookies though so that made the decision a bit easier.

      • jim says:

        ahahaha good work son, i kept faith in lake and he certainly paid me back with a solid 110. U guys are so quick to jump off 🙂

  2. Brent says:

    Will be keeping an eye on Pffifer and Ledger, if not named then at least get in clay

  3. BB says:

    Bringing in Deledio and Mohr for Gibson and Howard.

  4. Mark says:

    G'day Jock,

    Im looking at Mumford to Kruezer ,then Lake to Carrazzo. I don't think I can handle watching Lake not care that much again!

  5. bamboozald says:

    Im considering trading out Phil davis for tom Bugg? thoughts

  6. Robert ( JR Supporte says:

    Ordinary Round 1 for me Jock. One player being subbed out of the game a round is bad enough but three is pretty unlucky. Didn't see Port's Jarrod Redden substitution coming as he was playing so well. My partial smokie Luke Parker smashed in first quarter then subbed out. And Freo's Clancee Pearce subbed out aswell. Got sucked in by his great NAB Cup form my mistake. Also I had Ballantyne…… Sheeesh !!! No trades willing to cop a mediocre Round 2 score to get a better chance of assessing the field before trading. As head to heads start Round 3. It just proves you DON'T HAVE TO BE DEAD TO BE STIFF !!!

  7. meanie of me says:

    OUT Watson

    OUT Lake

    IN Dal Santo

    IN Geary

    Still kicking myself for choosing Watson in the first place, I just don't trust him to stay on the park (hasn't played a full season in the last 5 yrs I don't think).

    • The galoot says:

      If I could thumbs down this idea I would. Terrible trades. You chose Watson for the reason that he could pump out good scores at a nice price. Back that notion dont bail out after 1round. If the risk part of it (hammy) comes to fruition then trade him then. Could be round 18 by which youve accumulated loads of points. Madness to bail out now. I dont have Watson btw.

    • Charlie says:

      watsons a good scorer,

      not sure wht your trying to achieve but lake, geary is a good one.

    • josh says:

      why the hell would u trade out watson?? his a scoring king… only reason would be because his injury prone but u selected him in original side, just a waist of 2 trades if u ask me.

      lake played a hold down role last week because of the lack of talls down back, give him time he will come good trust me.


    • Charles says:

      poor trades, watson will do well, not better than dal santo but geary? …

  8. Pales says:

    Sitting on my butt and not doing a thing is what I'm doing Jock old mate! Too early in the year for knee jerk reactions…

  9. Tigerman says:

    It has been a long week, but I'm going to hold fire. Broughton is on knifes edge for me, anything below 100 this week as he is on the scrap heap.

    Rookies might need some adjusting to, Yagmoor can't stink it up anymore than he did last week if he gets selected this week, I'd like to see dickson pull a bigger number as well, if not, out he goes for kennedy or milera

  10. dogg dogg says:

    waiting 2 c if ledger is playing, if not will swap for clay, also got no idea what gibbs is doing want 2 get rid of him 2 but only 5k left

  11. S Hurn says:

    dogg dogg – Gibbs scored 118 round 1, why get rid of him ?

  12. Sammy Winter says:

    Hey Everyone,

    No trades happening from me this week.

    I am backing all my players to do well this week like Morris and Dickson and I hope Pfeiffer and Ledger play. If they don't I'll probably trade Ledger for Clay, don't know what to do with Pfeiffer. If Morris doesn't play well I will give him the punt him into Mohr.

    I need some cheap rookie forwards who I can trade in if Dickson has another bad game or Pfeiffer doesn't play again. Could anyone give me a list?

    • Gspotter says:

      Check Jocks Rookie cheat sheet,,, there are shit loads!!

    • josh says:

      Ledger is the surest thing to play this week by a country mile, his a contested ball winning something the saints didnt have last week.

      H will play and kill it watch him. Scotty has already mentioned him in his press confrence his certain starter.

  13. Charlie says:

    thinking of three players who i cant make my mind up on,

    boyd, dal santo or murphy.

    can only have two.


  14. Gspotter says:

    Tell me why I picked Lake in the first place!?!

    Also, big thanks to Old McDonald who managed to take out Parker & himself…..


  15. Gspotter says:

    Whats the latest on Magner…. Fit or not?

  16. Danny says:

    Whats the story with clancee pearce last week, will he play this week?

  17. jtc13 says:

    Shiel for Clay Smith but what is this about an ankle scare?? Should I just keep the status quo as can get Smith next week if I have to.

  18. Benny G says:

    considering of getting rid of broughton for jed adcock or chris yarran, any thoughts

    • Gspotter says:

      do it, I'll keep him though

    • Andrew says:

      Ouch if you did do it LOL

    • Morgs says:


      take a punt and downgrade Broughton for a Malecski, or Dempsey (looked great this weekend) You then have some spare cash to upgrade elsewhere.

      Have a good look at Bower from Carlton or Clarke from the Pies or both….

  19. haydz6 says:

    Hey guys is it a full lockout? Or only a partial lockout? Cheers!

  20. jtc13 says:

    Partial lock out today so you can do the vice captain trick. I have gone for Adcock as my vice captain and if he does well again like last week will pick a player who is not playing as captain after tonight.

  21. haydz6 says:

    Thanks mate! On iPhone so can't really check, haha great trick ! Hope he performs for you! 🙂

  22. Dinolyn says:

    Hey Jock, what do you think of Dempsey? Im thinking of trading coniglio for magner/smith and then upgrading morris for dempsey

    • haydz6 says:

      I was thinking of doing the same thing, but instead of Morris I was going to trade lake if he doesn't perform! Dont know whether I should though :/

  23. jtc13 says:

    Not sure what Jock thinks but as an Essendon fan I had Dempsey in from day one as I think he is great value at that price. Difficult choice between Magner and Smith. I was going to trade in Smith this week but have last second changed my mind and stuck with what I have to see how Dylan Shiel performs this week. Already have Magnar, hopefully his injury scare is just that a scare only.

  24. Benny G says:

    considering of getting rid of broughton for jed adcock or chris yarran, any thoughts

    please jock

    • Sammy Winter says:

      No No No. Back Broughton he will soon play in the midfield and rack up some disposals and points.

  25. james says:

    Any chance of hodgy and yagmoor playing this week Jock me old sport?

  26. Westy says:

    Just rejigging the rookies ATM.

    Yagmoor out for A Kennedy

    Ledger (I know, I know, I was young, I needed the money to get Kennedy) out for T Greene.

    Last week Y & L were good for 6 points, while K & G were good for over 200. While it's potentially a short term cash cow gain it ensures an increase in value.

  27. CC says:

    Hey Guys, know rookies price will increase after round 3, but will non rookies price start to change after round 2?

  28. moncon says:

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know why Bock wasn’t picked for the Suns? I thought his suspension was one game.

  29. Octopig says:

    i can almost hear the knee jerking going on! it's laughable – golden rule is never judge anyone on one match. 'relax people' is my advice. I'd love it if you lot were in my league especially when you run out of trades mid season.

    • Honest Doug says:


      • COYS says:

        I won't run out of midseason trades mate because by trading now I save trades later.

        Trades are golden…yes we all know that but it doesn't matter of you trade before round 3 or not – if they are well considered trades that will help in the long run then they are good trades.

        I don't get these people who say absolutley don't trade this week – too inflexible imho

  30. Big D says:

    Anyone else going with the rock as the captains loophole? Should have a massive game

    • james says:

      Went for Berger as vc. Now have put gazza back into his rightful place as captain

  31. Know eye dear says:

    Scotland will be gone all too soon. Just not sure who for yet. Will keep a close eye on Lake too.

    • jimbotraralgon says:

      i thinking if he plays ok then scotland for dempser and then upgrade a cash cow for murphy once the prices change

  32. Brad says:

    1 trade this week.

    OUT: T.COUCH (unfortunately)


    I'll be waiting on C.SMITH this week to see if he can back it up and I'll consider him as an IN next week depending on the form of D.SHIEL and T.LEDGER (if picked).

    Also taking a good long look at LAKE this week to improve.

    H.SCOTLAND is not up to scratch for mine…. He's got the pies rd3, could be a slippery slope!

    • Sammy Winter says:

      Nice trade but it will be interesting if Kennedy can back up his score or not. Scotland is letting me down a bit to. Should of started with Goddard, but remember that it is still early in the year. Don't trade Scotland give him a few chances.

  33. Martin says:

    Was just about to "jerk the knee" with Blake out for Timmy Mohr, then next week Claymeister in for prob Dylan Shiel, injury permitting and Tim Milera in for Dickinson, but glad I checked in here for a sanity check, thanks for saving me from myself!! Pretty sure Lake will go next week, but best to wait till after the round is finished. Love the podcasts….very funny 🙂

  34. Jason says:

    Had Murphy as VC last night who scored 147.

    Still have Pendles & Gazza in the loophole.

    Thoughts ??

    • Trav says:

      I'm keeping judds score of 150

      • jtc13 says:

        A locked in 147 is gold. no choice at all in my view why risk it for a possible extra 30-60 points when the downside is so much greater.

  35. Doddy2731 says:

    Scotland will most likely be traded after another poor showing, any suggestions? I have Deledio, Broughton, and Goddard.

    • james says:

      I have the same problem. Lets it say I will be watching c demsey (ess) and m Johnson (freo) very closely this weekend!

    • Sammy Winter says:

      Same problem here. Back Scotland he will soon get a big score.

  36. wayne says:

    I've traded out pfeiffer for A.Kennedy. Just fixing up my stuff up from before round 1. I had Kennedy in but made the change to Pfeiffer, turns out it was a bad move. All is re-stalled now but for a cost of a trade 🙁

    If it wasn't for that I wouldn't bother trading, wait until next week

  37. Brenno says:

    Anybody…Please tell me whats happening with A Miles from GWS? was keen on this guy but seems to have disapeared?

  38. BennyS says:

    Anyone looking at Michael barlow for Freo? He looked pretty good in his time on the ground last week. Good price and has the potential to score big.

    • james says:

      The question is how much time will Barlow get on the ball with Lyon in charge? Might be worth seeing how that one plays out.

      • G Unit says:

        Bloody Lyon is stinking up Barlows life right now! I haven't seen any Freo games but he is scoring well enough for what appears to be little opportunity!

  39. james says:

    Jock, only into the first game of the round and already feeling the pain. The pains name is Scotland.

    What to do with this Guy? Break even is already 151. He will never get there!

    • Doddy2731 says:

      same problem and taking a serious look at H Shaw.

    • Sammy Winter says:

      Seriously back Scotland he will eventually get a big score.

      • Morgs says:

        Sammy??? eventually a big score?? Are you in bed with Scotland??? two ordinary scores at that price….. Tough decision isn't it.

        2 options I see.

        1. Burn a trade and take a gamble on a cheaper player like a dempsey, lake, Malceski. Have left over cash for upgrades elsewhere!!!

        2. Hold on to him like Winter says. Because I can't see him scoring any lower than that and he will start scoring 100's again consistently. Never sideways trade! Golden rule!!! You risk the same thing happening on a sideways trade, whoever has had two good frist rounds could just as likely do poorly the next couple of rounds and vice versa.

        In conclusion, HOLD or DOWNGRADE…..

        • Shannon says:

          I traded Goddard for Scotalnd so I could also pick up Pfiefer, what a nightmare! Scotland is going to drop 100k and Pfiefer hasn't played. If you have the cash and don't have him already pick up Goddard. I'd hang onto Heath Shaw, I've had him the last two years and he has never dissapointed (except when he was suspended for 10 weeks). I'm thinking of also dropping Mumford. Everyone said not to get Sandilands so I swapped him for Mummy, big mistake. Sands is clearly fit and for the price I reckon about the best option. Ryder has been brilliant though not sure he will be as consistent. Very reluctant to burn trades this early so will so how it pans out though the Mumford – Sandilands swap might be an exception.

  40. Matt says:

    Holding off this week. Another poor game from McIntosh might see me trade him (either side-trade to Kruezer or downgrade to a rookie, and use that cash elsewhere). Got Giles and Redden on the bench.

    Sticking with Lake and Broughton.

    • Liam says:

      poor game? Macintosh played well for his price and considering he missed so long. If he had kicked that goal he would have had a score over 100. That is by far not a poor game mate.

  41. Sammy R says:

    Hi jock mate I've got j bews and t Davis in my back on the bench. Have I been to optimistic there going to get a game this year.

  42. Bill says:

    I have Marc Murphy as vice captain, should I make Tom Couch captain on the field (I have subs to cover) & get double points

  43. Matt Parker says:

    G'day jock old son!

    With tomlinson dropped from the GWS side should i make the move and bring in Mohr?

    Your guidance would be much appreciated mate…

  44. james says:

    Heads up. Black's out for 4 weeks. Broken hand.

  45. Jacko says:

    Jock need your opinion should i trade out big mumford next week for kreuzer who in my eyes looks just as good so i can have that extra 200k when the need for salary arises??

    • Stroppy Jocks says:

      I started with Kreuzer (and the 3 rooks) and he is looking good.

      But need to see scores with Warnock in the team. I suspect that Kreuzer will play key forward more often, with bursts in the ruck. Will need to take more marks and kick more goals to keep score up. A worry, but he sure looks in form.

      Mumford against Sandilands this week. If he goes well against the giant, have to keep him.

      • Jacko says:

        Mumford out for back soreness i know hel be back next week but i think ill take this as a sign

  46. Bob says:

    I am pretty disappointed in myself this week, but my trades could work( I hope)

    OUT- Lake IN- Adcock

    OUT- Swan. IN- Sloane

    Hopefully it works. Maybe I should have given lake one more week

    • EGG says:

      your a half wit

    • Stroppy Jocks says:


      But if you don't take at least some risks over the year you will not win.

      You cannot win.

      Just remember that doing nothing can also be a risk worth taking.

      PS, on the evidence I don't think you are (or you're) a half wit. The evidence so far is that Lake will be a dud this year. The best prediction of the next score for a player is their last score (that one's for you Higgo).

  47. Matt says:

    I jumped on all the right rookies, but with some cash to splash, I traded in a rookie for masten just before lockout. Was I kidding myself? Will masten be given a chance to score some big points running around on the ball?

  48. moncon says:

    Hi Jock and crew!

    I'm thinking about playing Redden and benching Giles this weekend, because Giles has got Goldstein and HMac against him (and maybe Petrie), while Redden has got Ryder, who blows hot and cold and since he was good last week he's just as likely to be crap this week, and Hille who I don't rate much.

    What do you think?

    • Sammy Winter says:

      Not a bad choice, but risky. Still not expecting Redden to get a big score though, but same goes with Giles. Could pay off.

  49. BennyS says:

    I read somewhere that Redden has had some gastro this week, so I might go Giles over him. Who do you like starting out of D Shiels and Clay Smith?

  50. Darren says:

    Jock and Followers,

    I am a first starter to SuperCoach and I've already made simple errors I now can see in hindsight.

    Should of listened to YOUR show prior to Round 1!

    Here is my side. Help?

    Deledio, Bugg, Golby, Clarke, Smedts, Glass, Lake

    INT – Tape, S. morris

    Pendlebury, S. Thompson, Ablett, Magner, Pavlich, D Smith

    INT – Ledger, Shiel

    Mumford, Giles

    INT – Redden, O. Stephenson

    Zaharakis, N. Riewoldt, Cloke, Porplyzia, p. Chapman,

    Goodes, D. Hale

    INT – A Kennedy, A hall

    My question is with ledger probably not going to get much game time, should i trade him for Clay Smith prior to round two or save the trade (already wasted two with bad first up choices)

    Or do i just hope him and Orren Stephenson get more game time and save the trades.

    I really don't know, how many trades to save?

    P.S I am definately trading S. Tape for B Gooddard next round!

    • Darren says:

      I mean *prior to round 3

      • scotchncoke says:

        if you make the finals in your league you will need 2 trades per round..from memory 4 rounds .so thats 8..2 trades thru bye rounds thats another 6..injuries..I guess about 3..so I think that leaves about 7 you can use..maybe…

        • Darren says:

          Thanks…So knowing Ledger and Stephenson might play soon enough. Leave them on my bench and hold trades like gold?

          • scotchncoke says:

            yep..trades are like gold ..you have to make the best of them..Hope you were able to sub mummy out..your side looks good to me.and you have the big 3 rooks bugg, magner and kennedy

  51. Doddy says:

    Caught out out big time with Mumford being a late out where the hell did that come from, with no Emergency named stuff it.

  52. Monty says:

    should i get rid of Mummy for Kreuzer?

  53. Sammy Winter says:

    When will Mummy be back?

  54. Liam says:

    well the way broughton played last week and is playing today he is out for adcock

    • Sammy Winter says:

      Before I was saying back Broughton but after his last match I'm not sure now after another poor game.

  55. Alex says:

    Mumford has stuffed me. Emergencies everywhere else but not in my ruck stocks. Terrible start to my saturday.

    • Sammy Winter says:

      He stuffed me to and I'm sure a lot of supercoach teams. Don't panic though he should be back next week. Don't burn a trade.

      • Alex says:

        If hes not playing next week Im going to have to get rid. Downgrade to Kreuz, pocket the change and move on. hopefully he comes good and starts pumping out some big scores, the scores youd expect from a 610k player.

        Happy about lake though. Dustin martin massive dissapointment again, everyone has him though so its no biggie.

    • Morgs says:

      Got a big O for mummy and no emergency too!! Also, thopught Giles would struggle with Hmac and Goldtein as opponents and picked Redden whom was ordinary points wise…. What a stuff up in the Ruck this week!!!!!

      Impressed with Giles score given whom he was up against!

  56. Liam says:

    wow, unlucky to everyone who got rid of lake :p

    • Alex says:

      I held onto him (lake), hes a class act and looked VERY good tonight. Clay smith will blow hot and cold but will make people good money for an upgrade midseason. He wasted a bit of posession tonight at important points in the match. He'll get better.

  57. Sammy Winter says:

    Wow, the big question is if we still jump on Clay Smith after a poor performance of 27. Not sure if I want to now.

  58. Doddy says:

    After this late out of Mumford and most of us would not of had a Ruck emergency, i can't see why we cant have 4 emergencies, 1 for each position. It's not like the results would change, if the players play the emergency score does not count anyway, but it would cover these late changes.

    • Sammy Winter says:

      Its all about making the game harder and more challenging. I to had Mumford on the field with no emergency.

      • Doddy says:

        harder a side, the fact that there was a late change inside 1hr of the start is not the fault of the player, and like i posted it wouldn't change the outcome if he played just cover the late out.

  59. Josh says:

    Dustin Martin out the door….maybe for the inclusion of 1 say Nick Riewoldt, honestly didn't think i'd be saying that at the start of the year!

  60. king moonee says:


    I only just read this post. The duds trading out after 1 week make me laugh but the guys trading watson and gibbs should be banned from the site unless they're under 12 years old