Round 2 Cattle Market – Supercoach & DT 2012

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Supercoach genius professor Jock ReynoldsIts early doors folks. We went to lengths in this weeks podcast and in yesterday’s post round video to make sure that we all don’t go trading willy nilly on the odd player that underperformed in round 1. Having said all that it’s an important time to make sure that you snag the picks that are clear early standouts.

I’ll whack this table up every Tuesday night this season. For tonight it lists a stack of value picks who you might want to consider recruiting before the player prices all adjust after round 3. If you’re only missing 1 or 2 of the rookies here I’d bide my time and let it ride till the end of round 2… but if you’ve missed 2 or more of Clay Smith, James Magner, Tom Bugg or young Adam Kennedy you might consider making a trade or two this weekend to allow yourself enough trades next week to finish your rookie rebuild.

Thanks again for the sen-bloody-sational input in the comments, on facebook and on twitter. Lets all rip it to shreds in round 2 eh?

(A quick note.. resist the urge to trade out Tommy Ledger if you have him. If he plays this week you’ll want to have a good hard look at him the kid can play. HOLD.)

Ok.. this weeks bargains…


Tomas Bugg




Looked comfortable with the big boys and could be the bargain back of the year. Look to get him into your team by the post round 3 price rises if you missed him.
Tim Mohr




Looked draught horse like in preseason, was like a wild hairy silver brumby in round 1. Key position back at GWS which lends itself to good job security. Another reasonable performance in round 2 and you’ll want him.
Brendon Goddard (mid)




Put to bed rumours of his Fantasy Footy demise with a solid performance. Need him.
Courtenay Dempsey




Had my preseason doubts but looked tops in round 1 zipping around half back. Could be a sideways trade here next week for those with Lake – but watch closely how he deals with a defensive tag if he gets one.


James Magner




Fair dinkum looks as if he’s played 5 years in the big league, tough, hard, everything Neald is after and if he is fit he’ll play all year. Must have.
Clay Smith




Good honest country lad who can seriously play the game. Another decent performance this weekend and I’ll get him into my mob. Thought he may have snagged the NAB rising star this week but if he keeps that business up it won’t be long.
Scott Thompson




I really bloody like this GUN as a selection this year. A gun in a team I reckon will have a steep rise in 2012.
Brad Ebert




Snatched by Port from the West Coast and slots in as one of the kingpin midfielders at Port. Looked the goods round 1. Won’t go far wrong here.. but will he occupy a place in your midfield that you’d prefer to fill with an out and out gun late in the season?


Matt Kreuzer




Righto. I’ll take my medicine here if big lurch cranks out another like his round 1 effort this weekend. You’d be rapt if you had him and will be on my sights if any of my existing rucks go down with injury
Jarrad Redden




Love the kid. Can play on your starting team if you need him and will fatten nicely on your bench if not
Jonathan Giles




Get hum if you don’t have him folks.


Adam Kennedy (mid)




Cranked out some solid SC scores in the preseason and has shown that the lift in intensity in the real deal is no big drama. Dual position, young gun. Buy by round 3 if he travels well this weekend.
Devon Smith (mid)



Still a massive rap for Devon. Didn’t set the world on fire round 1 but stay tuned this kid will crank out some numbers this year
Lance Frankin




Buddy beautiful. Strongly consider moving heaven and earth to get him if you didn’t snag him in your starting team. Is looking dangerously fit and in form this season and could do anything.

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Nice one Jocko, as always. Really want Kennedy in my side…who can he replace?

MID: Tommo, Gazza, Selwood, Jobe, Clay Smith, Coniglio, Magner and Shiel.

FWD: Buddy, Zaharaharaharakis, Fyfe, Danger, Porps, D Smith, A Hall and B Smedts.

A Hall gets the flick you reckon?

Also what's the word on Manger's ankle?

Dyno Mite

A Hall was good in patches oon week end, bit i think he gets the boot because he is not a proven SC/DT scorer


how do you know that hall isn't a proven SC scorer?? It was his first game haha..


because you have smedts in the forward line and the change in rules this year to allow reverse trades you can trade smedts to kennedy then trade smetds into your back line and i believe its only counted as 1 trade. definitely worth looking into.

Jacob Cecil

GREAT GREAT GREAT work jock! I got 2152.

I have some problems with Tim Mohr though. Sure he might have got 88 in round 1 but I mean if you read up on all of the previous top 10 sc scorers in the backs, how often in a full back in their. Not much. Unless he puts another score of 70+ he won't be in my considerations! He might have good job security but super coach is all about scores unless he puts up another decent score, no. Also, what has happened with crouchy? He hasn't put p anything in ages! Can you please get onto him and try and get him to chuck something up ASAP because some of his advice such as the painting the fence, waxing the car and so forth is really useful!

Also, with your Fwds, curtly Hampton from gws scored a 70 and looks set to continue that trend. Also dual position to mid which appeals!

Mark Dempsey

Was glad to see that round 1 I didn't miss out on any of the good finds. Brad Ebert for me is an instant fix if Lenny Hayes misses a few matches and will possibly trade Pfeiffer for Kennedy depending on who gets more game time.

The big struggle this season is to have a few unique players and perhaps remembering the likes of Treloar (GWS) Neale and Morabito (Freo) when they are injury free later in the season


I could also use a word on my backline: God, Lids, Bugg, Beau Waters – all good…and here's where it hurt me last week: B Ellis (50), Schoenmakers (panic last minute selection and mistake, 39), C Howard (injured for 3, 43), Marty Clarke (50), and the dudly daddy, B Lake (30).

Feel like Schoen and Howard need to go. Possible trades in? Dempsey…another?

Cheers fella


Hey Jock

Some more fantasic work, keep it up loving it..

Kreuzer i think will have a massive season if knee holds up & i reckon good old buddy is about to rip the whole AFL apart he looks in that good nick!!!!!

Magner a great pre season pick up & is up to the big bodies but how do u think the young blokes like C.Smith & Ellis will go after a couple of weeks of big bodies?? Run out of steam early??

Dyno Mite


Nice work this week,

What is your team name?


Hey Jock great work like always. Having a bit of a dilemma, im trying to listen to your advice on not to trade Ledger out just yet but i really want Clay Smith in my team. Im thinking of trading Smith in for Dylan Shiel. Should i go ahead with it.


i meant trade SHIEL for Smith


hey jock making 2178 in the first round was happy but little disappointment at the same time as i should have score a little more but anyway made one trades this week and thinking of doing one more, so far not 100% sure i will stick to, first one was pfiffer to kennedy and next one will be a hard call dont think i will make it but considersing it, jobe waston to thompson or Smedts B to Tim Mohr,wondering what u think?


Hello FLASH,

You want kennedy in your side.. trade him for Coniglio (injured- out for 6 weeks) **EDIT BY JOCK.. not confirmed. may be Clifton GWS injured**


Whats this about conilgio being injured? This is news to me ( bad news)


Its not coniglio its clifton who's injured for 6…


Hmmmm confirmation:

Sideways trade already in Rd2!!


ROOKIES i have are bugg, ellis, morris, clay smith, magnar, ledger, macdonald, sheild, devon smith, dickson.

will give dickson and devon smith another week.

want to trade morris out, … who for? any suggestions?

apart from kennedy did i miss any?… who else would you trade in?


giles redden and oren all in the rucks takes it to 13 rookies.

morris to kennedy ?… 2 trades – (worth the extra cash?) i think not.


Hi Jock, do you like Cats J Kelly in the mids?

Also, the player prices move up or down after round 3, right? So do we need to trade before the round 3 lock out to buy the cheapos and get rid of the crap? Or do we have time between the end of round 3 and the price movements? If so, how much time?

Lots of questions, I admit. Sorry!

Michael Kilkeary

T. Milera…..thoughts?

Michael Kilkeary

Cheers mate, He looks pretty good


Jock, help me, i think i might be panicking.

Thinking about trading slightly downwards Coniglio to Clay Smith and saving $70 for the raining day.

Whats your thoughts


Waste of a trade, by switching to a bloke who will score the same there is no point. Better to wait and use the trade on a more productive swap sometime AFTER round three (like cashing him in to jump on another cow, JMac for example in rnd 5.


what about Conglio to Clay Smith, and use that 70k to swap Clarke to Birchall (I have money in bank). Will have 1k left over


The good thing about trading Ciniglio to a cheaper, higher scoring mid rookie (who will hopefully play and score well in Rnd 2 and 3, is that is gives you 90-odd K to put towards fixing other weaknesses in your side.

If you stay with Coniglio and expect to trade him AFTER the Rnd 3 price increases, there won''t really be any good Rookie mids to trade him to, with possibly the exception of Patton or Clifton (neither of whom will come back until at least Rnd 7-8) or Ledger before round 4 (If he plays the next 3 rounds and scores well)

Coniglio will NOT go up in price anywhere near as much as Smith in the Round 3 price increases, because he was so expensive in SC to start with. His current Round 3 projection is only a 25K increase, compared to Smith's increase of over 100K.

However, Coniglio's Rnd 3 value will increase from his current projection if he scores really well this week and next week. If Clay Smith does the sme though, then his price will go through the roof.


Just a thought guys, what are everyones thoughts on trading out Lake and bringing in Nick Malceski. he looks promising this year if he can get a good run? Or do you think Dempsey/Mohr would be wiser?


Thanks Jock I'll take that on board and see how it pans out this week. 🙂

Sorry I have another question! With old McDonald do u recommend getting rid of him if clay puts in another ripper this week.

I'm trying to figure out what would be the best option but I'm just not sure how much rookies tend to go up on average after say 1 or two weeks. 🙂

Thanks fr your help Jock!


Hey Jock

Should i trade out Mumford for Kreuzer

Sammy Winter

Hold on to Mummy, but if he gets injured jump on to Kreuzer.


k thanks


If trading Mumford to Kreuzer meant freeing up enough cash to bring in Adcock/Birchall for Lake, would it be worth it? Obviously a huge risk, but if Kreuzer keeps his performances up he could easily hold the number 1 ruck spot until another premium is brought in

Sammy Winter

I have Scotland and Deledio. Should I back them or burn a trade into Goddard.



They are both just as likely to score more than Goddard this week? You would use a trade on an utterly pointless swap. If Scotland scored less than 40 (most likely an injury) next week, then you would consider it, but right now it would be a waste of a trade.

SC Rule 1. NEVER sideways trade unless injury forces it.


Agree with spliff on this one. There is nothing to suggest Goddard will deleilo this week or any week. Keep the faith mate

You chose them for a reason. Stick to your guns.

I'm sure Jock will agree that if you chase shadows you are dead in the water already


hey jock- wataya think about T Mileria


Hey Jock, I'm looking at getting rid of Hurley, what do u think of trading J.McDonald for J.Magner, and then upgrading M.Hurley for C.Rioli, or should i just downgrade Hurley for someone like K.Tippet? I have $73,000 leftover at the moment.


Dis remind me Confucius once say:

"Tippet suck you in once, shame on him.

Tippet suck you in more than once…..**EDITED OUT BY JOCK**"


I think you've misread my intention there Jock.

I wasn't saying Dinolyn sucks at Fantasy Football – I wss saying anyone who gets sucked in my Tippet more than once does.

I certainly wasn't trying to offend anyone, just imitate Crouchings "spirited" Kung-Fu pearls of wisdom. 🙂


Yeah, ok, do u think it would be wise to trade coniglio for magner, and then use that extra cash to upgrade hurley for fyfe ?


I have Hurley, and will give him another round to prove his worth.

Maybe use the extra $ from the Coniglio trade to get all of the gun rookies in, i.e. Kennedy, Bugg, Mohr, Smith, Magner, Milera, if you don't already have them all?


hey Jock

ive got morris, darley and ellis in back. should i trade one to Mohr? (already got bugg)

Cheers cookie


I'm in the same boat as you cookie – sucks huh?

Personally, I'm going to hold fire this week and see if any of them play, and how they score if they do.

If they don't play, or suck again (Morris, I'm lookig at YOU!!) then they'll go iwith my Round two trades.

Hopefully Darley and Ellis get a run and score well, so I'll only have to burn the one trade to unload Morris.


hey jock

should i take out dickson and get in hall or should i stay patient with dickson?


Gives you another week to see if Milera plays and scores well Rnd 2 as well.

Kerridge might get named for the Crows this week as well, which would give you another choice for your post round 2 trades.

Jordan P. McNutsack

Hey Jock, you've got a lot of questions I see.


I want to bring in Clay Smith, Kennedy (GWS), and Mohr over the next 2 rounds, purely for their cash cowing projections in comparison to other players I have. Whats the best way to do it?

I can consider removing:

Dickson, Ledger, Shiel, Paine, Tomlinson, D.Smith

Any thoughts ?



I am in the same boat and have swapped Shiel for Smith in the mid, however that is the only certain trade I will be doing this round, still want to wait for rnd 2 before doing any other trades at all to minimise burning too many trades. Will wait until teams are named for rnd 3 before conducting trades to maximise trade and cash cow efficency


I was thinking Shiel will come good, so getting rid of Paine/Dickson for Kennedy, and Tomlinson for Mohr and then holding off on Clay Smith, give both Shiel and Clay Smith to either proove themselves or fail. Then in Round 2, if Shiel comes good, ill stick with him and give Clay Smith a miss (my bad luck for not getting him first go) and if Shiel is not so good, jump on Smith)

Would love some advice from the great Jock. What would you do if you were in my position?



I think ledger (if he is named this week) is out of question, and Jock seems to think D.Smith will come good, so i'll hang on to him, but need some advice with the rest.


You could do the new player trade that is available this year with dual positions players.

i.e. I had Yagmoor in my back line, and want to get rid of him.

I have Smedts (Fwd/Def) in my forward line.

I hit trade on Yagmoor.

When you do that, an "S" appears next to all players who are DPP and can me moved.

Therefore and "S" appears next to Smedts, because I can move him to my backline. I click "S" and Smedts replaces Yagmoor, leaving me a blank spot in my FWD line, where Yagmoor was.

I then traded in Kennedy into the blank forward line spot.

It's an awesome way to trade out a single position player for a DPP without having to burn two trades.

Have a play with this new feature – you can always hit "Reset" if you don't like the end result!


I would keep Ledger if he gets named this round, and see how he goes.

If you have enough $ I'd trade Dickson out of all of the above players for Kennedy – although if you are unsure, hold off and see how they both go in this round before making a decision?


Hey Jock, love your work buddy. I only managed to scramble up 2001 supercoach points this week which was a bit of a disappointment, just didn't have the right cattle on the field, the good young fellas were all sitting on the pine! Have made one trade this week by getting rid of ben stratton and putting in courtnay dempsey. Would like your thoughts on this! By the way, think i may have a couple of good unique picks in the midfield with hamish hartlett and kieran jack..




What do we do with Big Brian Lake?

My gut says "I'm Hungry, hungrier than Lake Looked".

My head says "Patience is a virture"

Where do you sit on this one?


I will stick with him for at least one more round


Silence Mr.Snudz!!

Mr.Lake look dry but CrouchingOne see rain on hori …. Horaz….horiz. .. .bloody rain coming! Mr.Lake play on two freak. NicNat and Cox make Mr.Brian change his hunt skill. This week he stalk Walker, Tippett.

When CrouchingOne tell Mr.Brian on phone to only eat crow intestine this week he say, "yes Master".

He ready better score.

No tlade please.



Haaaa love your work crouching tiger


Wise man also say

"If look like burger, smell like burger and play football like burger, is probably burger."

Jock Juniour

Dear Jock,

Is Adcock worth considering (instead of Goddard who I can't afford) or is he a flimsy flash in the pan?


Hi jock junior, I think that adcock is a bit of a flash in the pan


Jock Juniour,

Adcock is a great player and has been good in a bad lions team for quite a while but whether he can put together a consistent supercoach year im not sure.


I went with Adcock lastg year, and got burnt by his inconsistency, and injuries. 🙁


Whats the verdict on Guthrie from Geelong could he possibly be a good cash cow even though he is an expensive rookie? im considering trading lee Spurr from by bench seeing as though he did not get rookie elevated thoughts?


Geez everyones hit the panic button. I'm backing my rookies and premiums into round 2. You can't look to much into 1 round of scoring


Hey guys just curious as to how much the average rookie tends to go up in the first week or two of price changes.

Would be a great help 🙂


It all depends on several factors:

1) The players intial purchase price

2) How often they beat their "Breakeven" – the score they need to nbeat to go up in value

3) How much they beat their breakeven price by

i.e. if Magner scored 100 for the next two rounds, he'd shoot up in price to $200K by round 3!!

However, Coniglio, initial purchase price 191.6K, will only go up to about 225K if he keeps going the way he is. Even if he scored a Magner like 100 for the next two rounds, and so did Magner, Magner's price increase would be greater – not just because Magner scored more over 3 rounds, but because his intial purchase price was much, much lower than Coniglio's.

That's what people mean when they say a "Player A" has more "upside" than "Player B" – they mean that "Player A" is potentially more profitable because they cost less than "Player B" and are likely to beat their breakeven often enough to increase in value more.


excellent work JE, made something that was complicated for me sound simple 🙂


lads, I traded Lake out for Dempsey good or bad choice?

and i have both Hurley and Petrie in my forward line they were both fairly expensive but i wanted to go with some different blokes compared to most

whats your thoughts?



I think Dempsey is a good choice. Wish I'd trusted my insticnts and gone for him.

Always worried about players coming back from knee injuries, but he looks solid.

Maybe reverse the trade and hold fire until the end of Rnd 2 if you are doubting yourself.

That way, you get to see if Lake improves, and if Dempsey can pull out a similar score again? At least if Dempsey does goes down after playing 3 games, he should have scored well enough to at least make you some $ to help with trading him out.

Can't say the same for Lake at this stage.


hey guys

who would you pick out of…

1. T Dickson and J Paine

2. T Bugg and T Mohr

3. C Smith and D Smith


hey billy, if i had to pick out of them at the moment i would go bugg and Mohr but c smith and d smith wouldnt be to far behind


Please help me Jock!

Panicking a little as I managed an opening SC2303 despite a few non-playing rookies including the big-O in the ruck (gambled on sam rowe) Clay Smith (Ledger), A kennedy (Pfeffier) and playing Boumann and Ellis in defense.

There's obvious a few cash cows I can trade for, but not sure if I should keep my powder dry until after round 2? Every other season I'm scrambling to catch up, so it's uncharted territory for me to be in this position…


Really !?

You're panicking after scoring 2303!?

Wish I was in your shoes mate!

I'd get rid of Boumann for Bugg, or even Dempsey if you don't already have them.

Dour negating defenders never score well in SC. You really want players who chip it around to each other and are the backline playmakers, launching the attacks from the back, for the highest scores.

I'd use the next two rounds to make sure you have the most profitable cash coes going into the Rnd 3 price rise.

Sounds like you don't have anything else to worry about apart for that – top work!!

e.g. Birchall, Suckling, Hurn, Dempsey, etc.



Like to start off saying that 2303 is a good score. You are obviously in the top 1000 which is awesome for week one. I have looked at some of the leading teams and they seem pretty ordinary, they definitely wont be at the top come round 8 maybe. Just remember players wont always get huge scores every week, as teams they play have different game plans to other teams.

Wait till the teams come out on friday and then make your trades if u feel they are needed. As for Sam Rowe in your ruck I would keep him if i where u as firstly its a big waste of a trade especially in week 1, plus he is a DPP which may come in handy at sometime. Also Carltons Rucks are injury prone and he might get a run sooner than you think. Remember once they have major injuries its never the same and they do sometimes have more problems after like ligaments etc.


Hi guys just curious at to whether i should get onto Malceski, im thinking of getting rid of Lake for him. It appears a lot of people seem to have him in your team but i just hadnt done my research on him.

THoughts would be really appreciated guys 🙂


Anthony miles out clay smith in?


Hey guys,

Just traded out M. Clarke (decided to keep Ellis AND Morris, due to them being cheaper and I'm not confident enough in Clarke to perform well enough to earn me some decent cash) for Bugg and Mitchell (Syd) for Magner.



Having problems with the trading system where multiple substitutions are required. Anybody know how to solve?

Am trading out B Wilkes, sub in Smedts from forward, trying to then sub Devon S to fwd so I can trade in Magner. System is timing out?



On the left panel, where all your players are there will be a little S that you can click for players that can subsitute the player that you are trading..

So first you select the player you want to trade, then swap, then make a selection.



Jock, do you think Hodge has any chance of getting up this week? I decided to stick with him asI believed it was a one to two week injury.

But I am hearing rumoured of 3 minimum. Should I keep the faith as according to coach Crawford he could be up for a brownlow style year?


I was thinking to do a downgrade from Boyd to Stanton and upgrade from Lake to Hanley?

Any thoughts on this?


Dont make haste decisions based on 1 game!


I agree 🙂 They were 2 I wasn't sure about. I'll give it another week.


Hi Jock.

Great website and awesome insights

Does anyone have some inside running on whether yagmoor will play?

And what's the story with hodgy and that dodgy leg? Do I need to look elsewhere?


Hey jock

im thinking of trading kerridge for clay smith. Dont like having a fit cash cow on the sidelines of a performing team. But if i do this i will lose my mid / ford link.

I know youve been saying to hold off but i wanna free up both trades for round 2.

Other possibilities for trading out are shiel mcdonald or d smith…



dont forget trades can be reversed nowadays


I am trying to work out how not to play Ellis or Lake in defense.. Is it possible to field a defender ie Spurr who probably wont play this week, and name a dual position player on the bench as the emergency. Can i sit mid fielder Deledio on the bench and name him as an emergency, assuming Spurr is a 0 score player will Deledio be selected as the replacement?


Hi there Jock,

Curious to know what you think of Vardy as I have him on bench with Giles but don't know if hd is worth keeping or not??! Thanks


Anyone have any input please??


I had a read of this thread this morning, and two three things were clear.

1.) Panic buttons were being pushed at an alarming rate. Please appreciate the pun.

2.) Everyone who didn't have Clay Smith wanted him.

3.) Brian Lake was a hot potato.

Well, Lake just pulled 106 while the mighty Smith raked in a whopping 28.

And I had the cahones to leave Lake in 😀


Sorry, 110. My mistake!


whats the deal with pfeiffer? trade him out for clay smith or hold?

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