Post Round 1 Fantasy Footy Video – Supercoach and DT

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Supercoach genius professor Jock ReynoldsGood evening folks,

As discussed in many of our recent podcasts Higgo, Crouching and I are over the moon at the sensational calibre of Fantasy Footballer frequenting the site.

Honestly feel that together we will reach Fantasy Footy Nirvana. One of you.. maybe this season.. maybe next… will hold the winners trophy aloft at the end of the season. When it happens don’t thank Jock. Don’t thanks Higgo. Don’t thank Crouching. Thank our parents and forefathers whose combined genetic material has produced the perfect storm of Fantasy Football Mentor.

You’ve been giving so much of yourselves to others and to us. I’ve been inspired to give you a bit more of myself.. here it is.. the Supercoach Round 1 wrap up video.

Jock Reynolds

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Kade Birchall

One of my teams has the 4 rookie ruck, and it was the best scoring of all my teams with 2278. Thinking this might have been the way to go with my main team


I ABSOLUTELY love your work Jock, I really do. Your a real great bloke and I've loved the pre-season with you old son.

I would like to just have a review of my round 1 SC performance with you mate.

POSITIVES that I can take from the first round:

– Birchall (103). I believe that I was pretty pleased to be able to grab Birchall considering less then 10% of coaches have him, the Hawks game plan suits him and SC output, love him.

– Bugg (88). A lot of people had him but still a positive to have such a fine young talent in my squad.

– Franklin (142). About 2/3 of the SC Nation had him so it isn't a massive win, but still you take what comes your way.

– Dangerfield (93). People are saying that his output of 93 wasn't acceptable… Maybe they are right, maybe he was only versing the Suns. NO! His break even has fell to a neat 55 and if he continues to average 90+ his price will go to around 500K, meaning you can cash him in for a premium (for e.g. Fyfe).

– Magner (102). What an absolute hard nut, love his work.

– Pendlebury (167) & Ablett (139). Perfect M1 & M2 combo.

– Giles (88). Absolute beauty, no doubt that him and J. Redden (71) will bring you a Sandilands, Mumford or Cox.

NEGATIVES that I can take from the first round:

– Broughton (57). Obviously his output wasn't ideal, but as you mentioned in your latest video, hang on!

– Lake (30). Another below par score this week, bye bye Brian.

– Smedts (46), Cameron (40), Shiel (34), Dickson (30) & Morris (30). All great talents and high hopes, Morris and Dickson the ones most in the firing line.

– Ledger (DNP). Argh, hello Clay Smith!

– Stephenson (16). He'll come good the old fart.

At this stage, it's unofficial but my trades for this week:

OUT – Ledger & Dickson.

IN – C. Smith & A. Kennedy.

'[email protected]_reynolds @Fantasy_FC Life too short to remove USB safely. Also, life too short to not trade ass off after Round 1. Please consider.'

Love ya Jock mate, hope you enjoy!


g'day Jock, loving the site and podcasts, keep the videos up as well 😀 😀 wondering if know any news on magner injury if it alright or not? and if you know pfeiffer will most likely get a game this week?


cheers jock, will be keeping a close eye on melbourn for this week and a closer eye on Tommy Couch 😀 but after hearing what coach said "Will the same 22 travel to Perth? Not on your life." expecting couple Kids to get there chance up in the west but still thinking that west coast will score heavy in SC this week, maybe Priddis as Capt XD


cheers jock, will be keeping a close eye on melbourn for this week and a closer eye on Tommy Couch but after hearing what coach said “Will the same 22 travel to Perth? Not on your life.” expecting couple Kids from melbourne to get there chance up in the west but still thinking that west coast will score heavy in SC this week, maybe Priddis as Capt XD


Love your stuff Jock! been a great help and solid entertainment haha.

I'm considering getting rid of Lake this week for Mohr. Just wondering what your thoughts are about this one, im completely stumped as to whether to hold of a week or plan ahead haha.

your thoughts would be appreciated 🙂


randy see below what my trade thought early is … it too involves Lake to Mohr, although I have said Clarke to Mohr but it's the same thing as I am also getting ride of Lake


cheers mate, looks risky but could pay off! i might wait and give lake another chance before i commit to getting rid of him. i might also have a look into adcock, you brough up some solid points!


Gday Jock

Ive just got a quick question thats needs your expert opinion, Is it worth trading pfeiffer out for kennedy from GWS or just stick with him?

Im abit 50/50 at the moment


if thats the only line you need a trade then wait until next week and if Pfeiffer doesn't play again i'd make the trade before the price change for sure. You have 24, one early to get the highest scoring rookie for one thats not playing isn't a bad trade 😀


Jock, great work mate and thanks for the plug .. but as a wise man once said; it's nice to be important but it is more important to be nice. I fancy couching would like that one. So i'll give giving my option and hopefully it helps the odd person out.

BTW i got 2145 first up and even though thats a good score I ended up a little disapointed .. had three players score in the 30's and two players score in the 50's.

Have another brave idea after round 1 but its so risky I'm afraid to mention it but here goes

round 2 Marty Clarke to Tim Mohr

round 3 Broughton to Adcock

Lake to Yarran

I have 132k in the bank as I always like a bit of buffer money going in to allow for a "Brian Lake" senario

Now I know what the obvious reasons why I shouldn't make these trades, sideways trades, wasting trades early etc but I want to know does anybody think this is a good idea and do they see any positives in this trade senario ??

Adcock is the one that intrests me the most. He had a great start last year too but then just went to crap after round 8. Now i think the reason for this was that he started the season in the midfield but as brisbane lost alot of backs through injury last year his role became a shut down backman. Can anybody back this up for me and is there a better chance he will get a full season in the middle this year. If he does he will surly finish in the top 7 defenders as his scoring has always been good when he has played in the middle. The BIG QUESTION is will he stay there this year. Thoughts ???



more inclined to play around with the rookies straight up and avoiding sideway trades with premiums until round 2-3 and beyond, still a long way to go…


Great video Jock, few laughs in there. Keep em coming.

MJ, Adcock looked to be playing in defence still, however he was just a loud the freedom and space to push up to contests on the wing and push forward in attacks. Stronger defensive team's may not allow him that freedom. He was a strong scorer early last season, I think he had his best games when Johno Brown was injured (maybe more points up for grabs without Browny). His still around that top 10 defenders and if he moves into a permanent midfield role then he will be hard to ignore.

I also have Lake and Greggy Broughton in defence. Lake might be a bad choice, he could find it hard to get a rolling average and be stuck at the 250-300k price range for sometime.

It all comes down to structures and strategy, I picked Lake hoping he goes up fast and can be traded into a more solid defender that drops in price (most likely won't happen now). When you pick guys like this you know there is a risk and they might not rise in price fast or become a premium keeper. So you show faith in him or you trade.

Broughton's score was poor but he had a job to do and has played that shut down role on Stevie J pretty good the last few times. So I don't think he will be doing that run with crap often. Did you pick Broughton as a LOCK? Thinking he will be in your team for the whole season (baring injury), then you should stick with him as he may not be top 5 defenders at season end, he should be around the top 10 and will still be a handy D7 by finals.

Ledger is the other player I have who has the 'round 1 bad selection' look. I've gone with a 4 mid premium and 4 mid rookie, JMac and Magner on pitch, Shiel and Ledger on bench. It would have been nice to have Clay Smith instead of Ledger but I am sure Ledger will still provide good cover and rise in price to be a decent cash cow.

Smith is a tough one, when thinking about your structure, can you afford to use a trade to bring in a rookie (straight swap), for a potential cash cow who you will have to trade again(up or down) to make the most of his value? You would be glad if you had him, however I don't think he will kick 4 goals every week and being subbed shows he maybe eased into the season. What do you guys think?

The GWS boys and Magner look the best cash cows to be jumping on if you missed out. Otherwise wait another week before straight swapping rookies.



Very well said mate. I did pick broughton as a LOCK as i really thought he'd be in the midfield this year. I know its only round one and he had to play a shut down role but I just didn't see it coming as he played intra club matches and NAB in the midfield only .. Really upset me actually. I will wait another week to see how he goes again Sydney but if he gets below 80 i'm not waiting for him to come good and will look to get in a premimum i missed out on

I agree with your Smith comment too. He won't kick four goals every week and he will prob only average 70 to 80 after 5 or 6 rounds. I have Ledger too and will play out another week before I go getting rid of him .. However if Smith proves me wrong and gets another tonne next week i'll def jump on.


Loving the work Jock, Higgo and Crouching, keep it up!

After hearing the latest podcast you left me feeling a bit like a late night stop at a kebab shop on the way home after a big night out, taste great but as soon as you finish you just want more!

I agree with all three of you on trading players this week. I vowed I was not going to trade straight after round 1 however like you say, if you are lacking severely in the rookie cash cow department, better do a trade or two now, as only being able to do 2 per round means if 3 or more rookies come up with the goods after round 2, then you are going to come up short hoping on them before their price goes up after their 3 game on the pitch.

Have gone with a couple of Point Of Difference picks and so far they are looking good. Not selecting Buddy and/or Pendles straight off the bat is a big choice, but I believe a degree of POD is nessecariy to have the edge this season.

Keep up the good work and more content from the 3 of you 🙂


If you're just trying to win your local league, rather than the whole thing, I'd hold off on any trades until the dust settles after round 2 this week.

That way, any players you doubt have a chance to turn their form around, and you also get to see if that rookie who burnt the field up in Round 1 shows some consistency and does it again Round 2.

This strategy also ensures you'll have rookies who will maximise their Round three price increase by scoring well over both rounds, rather then burning a trade now to jump on Kennedy, only to have him put in a poor one, or worse, get injured…



Just watched the video and you are a visionery. A SC & DT whisperer if you will.

Great advice to stick to your guns and back yourself in and not go straight for the trad button.

One round does not make a season.

I had a mixed Rnd 1. Some thre figure score on the pine whilst Lake, Dickson & Bouman were on the field. But hey that happens.

My rookies all did their job…..played and will increase in value to fund further team dvelopments. Enough said.

I'm sure the fantastic insight and sound advice will continue throughout the season and i look forward to being part of it.



Jocko, should I hang onto Hodge with magner and McDonald on the bench?


Also can I suggest a topic…

Who is happy with their bench cover given their best 22 on the ground?

To start off, my bench is

yamoor. (Bad, er disappointing)

L brown Adelaide (didn't get picked…but was he close)

McDonald. ( provided my bench stays injury free,

He is a clear cow. Question is how long to hold onto him?


And the rest…

Mayner (not just a cash cow, will be a keeping and is my coverage for Hodge)

Walsh (don't know if he will play anytime soon. Might have gotten that one wrong)

Dickson ( bit early to tell but could be a jet)

What do we think?

charlie g

hey jock. really nice video u just posted. you sound like a top bloke !

i was just wondering if you think mohr can keep it up? and dempsey as well?

if you had to choose which one would it be?

Cheers !


Hey guys I think I'll be almost a certainty to get rid of Lake and bring in Mohr after round one. See how this weekend plays out.

What are people's thoughts on S. Morris down back. Do you think he will retain his spot and be a cash cow?


Thanks Jock for your advice again!

this is the by far the best my supercoach has done since the stone age haha, so obviously this forum is doing wonders haha.

Yeah i believe in the young kid as well. hopefully the blokes down at tigerland do as well haha


Jock mate, i'm worried about lake and broughton, you thoughts?

And Goddard could be a nice captain this week,pendles or Swan?


hey guys, just wondering if i should trade one of Shiel, Coniglio or Mcdonald for Clay Smith?

also considering trading Lake and/or Yagmoor for Bugg/Mohr

thoughts people?


keep shiel – he's gunna be a gun. coniglio will get plenty of game time, but is pricey for a rookie, and mcdonald will get some rest weeks i reckon. clay smith isnt 100% to play this week (some injury – cant remember at the minute) so hang tight.

hold on to lake this week. yagmoor won't get much time once players come back for the pies, maybe him for mohr. seems he will have the best job security at GWS out of the 2. bugg is a weapon as well though, will be very handy if you feel the need to get rid of lake next week.


cheers mate


clay smith just had cramp – disregard the injury!

Robert Saggers

Hi Jock – Like the JR Team's Podcasts I really enjoyed watching the video mate. I noticed when you mentioned the JR Supporters League and you wanted to know the results you clicked on my name rather then the comments lol. For your information Jock our League is ranked 68 out of 33,629 SuperCoach Leagues. In my opinion I think this was a terrific effort by the boys. Keep up the great work buddy 🙂


I want to bring in Clay Smith, Kennedy (GWS), and Mohr over the next 2 rounds, purely for their cash cowing projections in comparison to other players I have. Whats the best way to do it?

I can consider removing:

Dickson, Ledger, Shiel, Paine, Tomlinson, D.Smith

Any thoughts ?



Jock love the work. Those podcasts and cheat sheets are great stuff!

I need a second/third opinion here:

I have sidebottom but I'm concerned of Collingwood players stealing points of each other (with the exception of Pendles who is a GUN), and having him maybe good one week (say 120 points) then ok the next (75 points).

I'm not sure if this is a good idea but I have coniglio and considering of trading him for kennedy this week.

I know he'll be a gun but if couch is named and does a ok job this week, him for Pfeiffer week 3 before prices go up.

Then side bottom for fyfe before prices go up, what do you think.


Plus I'm safe for back up rookies with:

Shiel, Magnet, Bulldog (smith), Ledger, Cog (which could be kennedy) in my mids. And;

D. Smith, Dickson, Smedts, Pfeiffer (who could be Couch).

So really I'm wondering whether it is worth it as I'm side trading 2 players, but then upgrading side bottom for more points, and hopefully fyfe does it consistently.

Plus I'm happy with the rest of my team so I would only use more trades early if there are injuries, which I hope it doesn't happen.


Hi Jock,

Been reading your site and I used your tips to set up my SC team this year. Just a post to say thanks and Im thinking of bringing in L brown from Adelaide as he can be picked in the backline and mid as I don't have Mohr but looking to trade out Bouman. Do you think I should buy Brown or Mohr.


Thoughts on Guthrie from the Geelong cats im tempted to trade out lee spurr as he did not get rookie elevated and i didn't have time to trade him out thoughts?