Post Round 1 AFL Supercoach & DT Podcast

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It’s been an AFL Supercoach & DT opening round of ups, downs, swings and roundabouts folks.

Many of you are celebrating a successful Fantasy Footy preseason and a reasonable round 1 output. Many of you are lamenting the one that got away. Many of you may take several days to be well enough to speak to your family friends and work colleagues. Some tales of woe and joy are playing out in front of our eyes on the How Did your mob go post here.

Many of you will need a fair old dose of good old fashioned common sense right now. We discuss the need to avoid the knee jerk reaction at all costs.

Let us know how you went folks – we’re rapt that the games have begun.

Jock Reynolds


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PendleBEAST!!!… LOCK!

funny stuff, keep it up fellaz


thanks fellas, great stuff!

i was concerned with broughton, i'll hold on though!


wonder just how much midfield time will get once mundy returns. Barlow won't be sub a lot I wouldn't have thought


great show guys, Jock wondering if i should trade Mumford or not? what do you think


trade him out? why would you do that?


Trading a player that got 95? Is there something you know that we don't??


Cracking round of footy even though my Kangas went down.

Super coach score:


Pretty happy as my midfield is Ablett and 7 rookies and I picked Goodes as captain.

no injuries no suspensions and 4 of the top seven cash cow scores….lots of upside.

Cheers for the site Jock, Higgo, and Crouching!


Loved the show again, and I think the DT boys do too!!

Uncanny resemblance to your content has appeared on their website after your podcast went out.

What a compliment! Well done lads.

Crouching wash you bottom …..hahahahahaha.


Hey jock did alright glad I got pendles and ablett the too good to miss. Do you think I should burn a trade on boumann out mohr in cos I kinda need that spot to play?


Hey Jock,

whata you reckon about brian lake


Hey Jock, I'm bit concerned as i've backed myself and gone with the 4 rookies in the ruck. I'm not unhappy with Giles and Redden however WTF are they gonna do with young cat Orren Stephenson…? I'm also sweating the lions introducing Billy…

Great site, and ripper podcast last night mate. Cheers

King Gerrard

u go 4 rookie ruck? very silly, very silly pick


well they got 88, 71 and the premium player i got as a result (S.Thompson) scored 147… That's 102 ave between the three. my ruck backup is my concern, not my strategy


Brad went the same way myself .. I wouldn't be too concerned just yet. Redden got subbed out with cramp and still scored 71. The guy was smashing it .. Looked really good so don't worry about job security and I can see the Giles Redden combo averaging 85pts each over the year .. come round 9/10 they should be priced at 450k and easy to trade up to ultra premium rucks in time for the bye rounds .. this is when i'm looking to do alot of my upgrading

King Gerrard

Dean Brogan will return this week and Renouf will be back for port in 1 or 2 more. This will limit their chance of scoring more then 80s.

You go 4 rookie ruck and you need 200k each for prem ruck at 400k rookie. That means you use 4 trade on ruck… very silly, VERY VERY SILLY


Jock what do u think about lake, should I wait another week or go with dempsey or hargrave??


Give him another week at least – and go with a down grade and not a sideways if he has another shocker next wk


Jordan, I ain't Jock, but here's some advice on trades (See Crouchings article BTW).

Never sideways trade.

Either Trade up to premium, or down to a cow.

If you you think Lake will continue to spud it up, then I would suggest jumping on Bugg, Smedts, Ellis or another rookie who will earn you cash and free up $150k to spend on a premium.


Hey Jock just wondering if i should trade someone out this round to get PendleBEAST or wait


if you don't have him now, then i'd ride it out .. don't go burning trades to try get him in .. cop it and look for him as an upgrade mid season. He will have an off game somewhere and his price will at some pt drop below 700k

HeaDHuNtN RooBoYz

Hey Jock why didn't Nathan Bock play? He had a great pre season and I have him as a prem lock in the backline. Do you know why he was a late withdraw?

Do I keep him or trade into Adcock?


club imposed suspension for first 2 weeks for that betting "mishap" 😉

HeaDHuNtN RooBoYz

Why would they suspend him for round 1? They should of done it for NAB cup games only. So his out for 1 more week?

King Gerrard

TRADE!! you dont want hacks in your team


Bock didnt play due to suspension, not too sure how long for but


Hi Jock great site, Pretty happy with my team scored 2210, but I made 1 stuff up. I thought I had the new ebert to Port but I actually had the older one.

He is not playing and is worth 335k should I trade him or carry him for another week until i can get the BEST cash cow? Very shitty


Jock Do I keep broughton and lake ? Happy with the rest




Great Podcast, well done lads.

Gets funnier every week and fair play to you for taking the time out to help those of us who haven't had 75 years in football.


Alot of people are going to burn a trade getting rid of Lake this week.

I was one of the people burnt by Lake last year.

I didnt know he was injured, So i told myself never again.

This year i realised he was injured last year, so i gave him another chance.

Yes i know he did crap but he played against Cox and Nic Nat who were resting up forward.. So of course they never went ball hunting down the ground. So he was stuck in the Goal square. And its almost impossible winning a marking contest against those 2.

Next week if i’m correct, he’s playing Adelaide so he will probably be on Tippett and i wont be surprised if he follows Tippett up the ground if Tippett goes ball hunting. This can see Lake rack up his usual points.

Keep him in the team one more week..

If your not confident, put him on the bench,

but i dont see a need


Well said Mark 😀 .. I am thinking of trading him but after reading this I think i'm back on board. I had Yarran round 1 last year and he scored a 30odd first round last year and I thought of trading him but stuck it out and Yarran stayed in my team all year getting me a few tonnes along the way

great work Mark, i feel good about him now, will take 70pts a week off him so lets hope next week we see something close


im shattered i dont have that PendleBEAST i got swanny instead, im going to trade lake for a rookie and swap kerr to stanton his a boeing 747 ready to take off so jump on now ladz. what do u think crouchin?


get on grimes


Im basking in Lake's awesomness. Like anyone who doesn't pull their weight in my team he can sit the next game out on the bench.


solid 2110 from my boys this week. managed to beat my smartass mates for the first time ever 🙂

shame i had Mcdonald (100) and Giles (88) as emergencies and Coniglio (59) and Stephenson (16) in my starting 22.

Yagmoor (6) is going straight out. tossing up between Bugg and Mohr as his replacement. im also disappointed in Lake, Morris, Broughton, Shiel and Dickson, but their all getting another chance

also shattered because the mighty pies didnt get up 🙁

thanks for all the advice jock. your a legend mate


Sorry Higgo but unconvinced about Sandilands, news that Freo are nursing him, injury worries still hanging around, wonder how he will go against a veteran ruck. Not sure about Nicnac and Cox sorry Crouching, feel those two could take away points from each other atm.

Keeping an eye on Kruezer however Jock I am sticking with Mummy for the time being.


Hey Jock,

Pretty happy with my score this week, but the one big worry was Christensen. Scored well when he got subbed on but should i persevere, risking the dreaded vest or use the money elsewhere?

Cheers mate


jack grimes looks lovely