How did your mob go? Supercoach round 1 results

Published by Jock on

What a spanking first round of Fantasy Footy. Plenty to talk about tonight.

Crouching, Higgo and I are just getting set for tonights podcast. Can hear Higgo gargling salt water out the back and Crouching has his incense burning away.

How did you all go folks? Which players fizzled on you and which ones put a spring in your step this weekend? Anyone considering some knee jerk post round 1 trades?

Jock Reynolds

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all done, 71 from reddon gives me 2222, shattered by my decision to trade darley to howard christian, wrapped in my cox to kruezer


oops redden 66 gives me 2217


Ended up with 2258, could of been better with Mohr on the bench etc… But solid enough for round one. Just disappointed I didn't get to see Ledger today, and missed on C.Smith….. Wait and see what happens round 2, if smith can back it up i will eat my pride and jump on the cow


What happened with Pfeiffer round 1?

Very pleased with Pendles, Magner and Yarran!

A little disappointed with Broughton but it is rnd 1 πŸ™‚


Brian lake massive disappointment! And Oren got a lesson from sandilands!

Sammy Winter

Ebert is an absolute GUN!!!


2,099…Had McEvoy and Redden as my two on-field rucks.

Same as a lot of other people, I had Lake, and the worst thing was, I tossed up between Hargrave and Lake, and thought Lake would score better.

Oh well, only first round, Jock, so Ill put my chin up, and keep riding the rookie ramp, and getting my team that little bit closer to glory πŸ™‚


thanks Jock…I wouldn't even have come close to this score if I hadn't found your website though…such a gold-mine of information:) Thankyou so much πŸ˜€


scored just short of 2100 never played b4 all down to this website and good fortune got nearly all my picks from cheet sheet 1 & 2 . Love the web site and the banter

Sammy Winter

Let Downs

Mumford, Scotland, Martin, Deledio, Swan, Cloke, Dangerfield and especially Broughton all pretty expensive players scored less than 100.

Smith and Ellis didn't score that well. Smedts, Morris, Shiel, Stephenson and Dickson weren't flash as well but they were on my bench.

Nathan Fyfe scored 109. That might be good but he played a game that deserved a score around 150.

Pleased With

Some of the only premiums that scored well were Jack Riewoldt, Franklin, Ablett and Boyd.

Giles, Bugg, Kennedy and Magner some of my rookies, scored well.

Had Ablett as captain. He scored 139.

I was tossed up between Hargrave and Lake. Luckily I chose Hargrave.

Ledger was in my midfield but didn't play. Luckily i had Magner as emergency, he scored 102.

Despite some of the harsh let downs it is still only round 1. I hope all the players in the let downs improve so I score really well next week.


you're a hard nut to please there SW. In a perfect world our premiums would score 120+ week in/week out.

2133 – Not to shabby. Unfortunately had Magnet on the pine and got Shiel's 33 as emergency for ledger today. Other than that, my bench selections were spot on.

Annoyed with Broughton's 57. Outlay 500k on the bloke and seriously considering if I want to ride that roller coaster this year. I really liked the look of Yarran on Friday night.

As for Fyfe's score, he did give away 5 free kicks…

Sammy Winter

by the way I got 2223 not bad for round 1.

Slippery Pete

Hey dude. Dangerfield is priced at 80. He scored 90 something. How is performing at 10+ above your average (and price) a letdown?


My BIGGEST disappointment was S.Johnson (58pts) at $580k he MUST score better.

H.Scotland and A.Goodes also need a lift. Goodes especially with Buddy lurking at the ready! They'll all get another hit-out.

I kept Pfeiffer, Couch and Longer who i knew wouldn't play as i think they'll have an impact. Hopefully they'll be in the lineup very soon (Fingers crossed on Longer as i'm running a 4 rookie ruck). Couch should get a GOOD look in RD2 with Melbourne performing horribly.

It's only rd1 don't be drastic, if you had a mediocre round, it's only up from here!


Oh… and happy/surprised with Riewoldt, dunno how he got 105


2131. Par for the course.

The good….








The bad…..

The big o





I'm thankful for…

Trading out lake and Hargreaves 10 mins out

Not trading in d shiels (very very close thing)




Man, You're a beast!


Thanks mate, you're not too bad! hahaha


Not too bad for Round 1 – 2,057pts

Disappointed with my Backs efforts. But quite pleased with the Rookie choices doing better than their more experienced and more expensive players in Round 1.

Might bring a couple off the bench for Round 2.

Bob the builder

Lake, muppet effort. Like a lot of players i chose him instead of hargrave. Big mistake!! hopefully he turns his form around. He did look lost though.

Clay smith was my emergency for Ledger who didnt play. Good result, smith was epic. Not sure what happened with Ledger hopefully its nothing too serious.

I have picked Magner and Smith as rookie Midfielders im VERY happy with those two.

Mumford and Goodsy were big letdowns as were the Porpus and dangerfield. I expected more.

Morris is on my bench as a rookie but looks a bit like an old school defender, lots of punching, spoiling not much possesion. A bit prestigiacomo ish. Not a good scorer. – mistake pick. He wont start for me so hopefully he earns enough points for decent upgrade later on. should have gone with GWS Mohr.

Not too many spectacular letdowns in my team though. I have a solid score of around 2200 which is a great start. happy with Ablett as perm-cap, buddy was massive and Ill get pendles into my team soon enough.

happy days.

Slippery Pete

Morris had one kick. 8 handballs. Not liking his chances.

Jacob Cecil

Same Pete. I traded him out for Tim Mohr(gws) because he scored Bout 90 in rd.1


dude for their prices, porpus and dangerfield scored quite well.


sorry i am talking SC, but evein DT dangerfield scored well for his price.


BTB Porps scored 74 in SC, thats better than many premiums managed!

For the bargain price of $229k that is a fair return on your investement. If he only averages that for the next 5-6 weeks he will climb to $400+. Higgo would love him.

What more do you expect? I am very happy with him at F5, hopefully as I bring in premiums he will end up as F7 or 8

bob The Builder

Also, how bad was IMPROMPTU SCE's start to the season. He must be terribly dissapointed. Big target on his back and its already a long way back for him. gotta have at least one of Buddy or pendles. im no expert but his team is ordinary to say the least. no doubt he'll prove me wrong, I mean who am I to make comment but from an outsider it does look like hes missed far to many guns and the wrong riewoldt.


how did you check that?


pauly –

Impromptu blog's here


I got 2,131…not a total debacle but was hoping for better. Lake an obvious letdown and Broughtons low score was a shock but I'm hanging in there with both as I am sure Broughton will be fine and Lake will eventually make some good cash.

Scott Thompson put a spring in my step after I almost decided not to go with him…so pleased about that. I certainly won't be doing any trades until at least round 3. It's great to have footy and Fantasy Footy back again!!! LOVE IT!!


Hi Jock,

Loving your work mate.

Went relatively well this week, a couple of last minute swaps have cost me dearly (ie putting Shiel on field) however it is only the first round so not too worried, need to wait until the teams settle down into a steady rhythm to get a better gauge of where I am at.

Had a lot of success with my POD players than the generic safer picks.

I like how you guys provided a wide selection of players to consider when building our teams to allow a bit of uniqueness to each team. Looking toward to the podcast mate, keep up the good work you three.

Oo jock by the way you mentioned taking one of the lads down to the Kooringal pub on one of your podcast, your not a riverina boy are you?


overall – 2214

very happy with premiums – goddard 116, boyd 110, fyfe 109, ablett 139(278 as capt), franklin 142, mitchell 139, j riewoldt 118, deledio 100, luenburger 100 and birchall 103

s reid 93 as my only mid price

rookies that went good – giles and bugg both 88, magner 102, smith 102, mcdonald 100

rookies that let me down – morris 30, ellis 50, shiel 34, smedts 46, stephenson 16, smith 55, yagmoor 6 and townsend 40

not too sure whether to be happy with redden's 71 but on bench so all good


redden got subbed out for the last quarter, he was dominating Mcevoy in ruck


Beginner question but if we don't use 2 trades before rnd 2 do they carry forward?

Or is it use it or lose it?

Talking SC here not DT.


Slippery Pete

You have 24 for the year. A maximum of 2 per round. It's not a case of use it or lose it.


the trades are reversable this year now

darren amos

2195 with lake the stinker. Not to shabby and room for improvement



Lake stunk it up

Shiel on ground instead of Magner

Poor r1 from Broughton

and the worst of them was putting the C on Goodes instead of little Gaz. Damn him under performing against GWS!!!


A bit deflated after seeing most people managed 2100 + in SC on here, and the best I could do was 2066 πŸ™ πŸ™

The Bad:

I had Kennedy, Bugg and Mohr in my initial team. Too much fiddling about with different scenarios meant I ended up going without any of them. Should have stuck to my first instincts!

Brought in Cameron for Kennedy a couple of hours before the first partial lockout (Smacks head)

Also traded out Bugg for Darley! Hopefully Darley plays and scores well Rnd two, otherwise I may have to burn a trade there if he doesn't, and Bugg scores well again.

Brought in Yagmoor and Morris! WTF was I thinking!

Coniglio (59) Started him on the ground (Another WTF moment) wondering if I'm going to have rto burn a trade before Rnd 3 to jump onto a cheaper, more profitable rookie, in order to free up cash to use elsewhere.

Hurley (70) Fell for the prospectus hype!).

H.Scotland (83) Disappointing, especially considering his premium price, and that I had Yarran (111) instead of him for quite a while when planning my round 1 side.

Jack Redden (84) Also disappointing, and Rockliff going nuts and scoring 139 only rubbed salt into my pick, when I thought Redden would be more "unique". Not much point being unique if eveyone's scoring more than you!

The Good:

Clay Smith (102) Started him on the ground, one of the few things I did right for the whole round!)

Magner (102) – Started him on the bench, but at least I have him (although so does almost everyone else!)

S.Hurn (94) Hopefully a good POD who will score this well consistently and be a keeper

Birchal (103) – Same as Hurn, just more expensive to have in the squad! Worth it if he keeps scoring this well.

All in all, could be worse. Darley was my only non scoring player for my whole squad. Although Yagmoor's 6 and Stephenson's 16, and Tory Dickson's 30, and Morris' 30 all have me worried that I'm going to have to burn a lot of unecessary trades early to rectify my trading out Kennedy, Mohr & Bugg error.


I think you gonna have to trade hurley- you might get a few hundreds,but mainly 70 – 80

I wouldnt be surprised if we dont see yagmoor for awhile..

coniglio might do a lot better when scully returns,he was no 2 pick..kennedy, bugg and mohr might not back up there scores this week..might be a completely different 3 that top scores for them..

morris and ellis will improve, how much i dunno but morris did look very willing..and ellis looked starstruck..

Jack redden has improved his scores every year he has played..

hope you dont mind me puttin in my 2 cents worth was just some thoughts


It's early days, people. you shouldn't be trading at all until the conclusion of Rd 3….

Incidentally, only Bugg, Smith, Kennedy, Redden and Magner were the notable rookies worth parading about.

Two trades after Rd 3 will allow most people to have them as cash cows until the first Bye πŸ™‚

congrats if you had Dempsey and Hargreaves in your side…


conclusion? if you have a player that has played ridiculously bad and is going to drop, why not pick up someone who is going to go up at rd 3?


Conclusion of R3?


i finished on 2159, just worried that with jmac suspended, i had magner as a back up… what if hes injured too?? aaahhh!!!


DEVASTATED…..Got Morris,Lake,Coniglio,Howard,Shiel,Dickson (a big let down all of em)….Only scored 2027….Had mummy as skipper.Ablett or pendles are the locks..Oh Jock…….."THE PAIN"…..Gonna fight back and trade a few out….Cant even get my head around who to trade for…..Morris out and Shiel too…..Suggestions peoples,please…..Gotta beat my mates,and gotta beat Jock in "Jocks Jokers"……Love it that footy is back..My chins up,as its only round one…….


keep shiel..all the pple in the know say hes a gun.

howards a worry i got him too. looks out of his depth plus his injury..if mohr bacs up this weekend will have to swap for him..everyones saying wait a week or two for lake wont be on nic nat every week.I swapped captians all last year it cost me dearly..this year im just gonna lock ablett least i wont miss any big could do the same with beat your mates just try make the finals with 2 trades for every round..hope this helps a bit..


2175. Not too bad. Had a few on the bench that could have boosted it up over 2200 if played.

Thought I had done well with McDonald from GWS until he got rubbed out. Soft tribunal nothing in it.

Happy to get Adcock last minute and N. Riewalt who scored well enough for his price and will get better.

Dissapointed with Lake as per most on here and will most likely have to get on Clay Smith before the end of round 3.



Pretty happy as my midfield is Ablett and 7 rookies and I picked Goodes as captain.

no injuries no suspensions and 4 of the top seven cash cow scores….lots of upside.


2281, Bugg on the bench and a grand total of 144 from Boumann, Morris, Wilson and Cripps. The good news is that that meant some good celery choices.


I got 2,128.

Alright but i was hoping for more. had Shiel on the field instead of Magner and Dickson on for Kennedy


I got 2443 but not happy with ellis


you live in a fantasy world Nicko – there is no score of 2443 reported on the SC site.



He is only there to make money and if he averages 50 or more, he will do just that. As a rookie you do not expect a score of 100+ every week.

Also Tiges play Melbourne in week 3, he score anything that week!!


no you didnt haha…theres no-one by that name, or that score lol, unless you go by a different name. Nice try πŸ˜›


no you didnt haha…theres no-one by that name, or that score lol, unless you go by a different name. Nice try πŸ˜›


sorry…I keep trying to reply to a previous statement, but it keeps going onto yours. Sorry πŸ™


2094 – Left me feeling like a bear with a sore head. Was stoked with efforts from Magner and C. Smith though. Hopefully Giles can start dropping some hundy's too.

Broughton needs to improve!

Already made some knee jerk rookie trades…

T Dickson -> A Kennedy

S Morris -> T Mohr

Dean B

Not too upset 2153.

Magner and Kennedy on bench for Shiel and Devon Smith. Oh well.

Traded out Mohr for Lake, and Adcock for Broughton before lockout. Should have seen a psychic.

Will ride the Lake, Broughton trainwreck for next couple of rounds but may need to burn a trade.


2147 with Enright and Broughton spudding it up, & had Bugg, and JMac on the pine.

Fairly happy to stay clam right now. The questions are;

1. Should I trade out either Enright or Broughton for a rookie? or even Adcock (I know NEVER sideways trade)?

2. Dickson at Bulldogs, keep or jump on another cow (Milera) before prices go up?


Enright will come good. Broughton has his off weeks but has BIG weeks too – tough one.

Too early to know about Dickson – monitor this week and decide after that.


2146 – not too bad first up with a stinking B Lake on the field. also only 97 from swanny – surely going to be one of his lowest scores of the year (i hope!)

and jordan lewis dissapointing, have i made a mistake with him – or just a quiet game?? Jock, your thoughts my old son??


2089 with goodes as capt, lake and shiel let downs, had clay smith on bench. its round 1 so im fairly happy with my side still. plenty of ups, give lake and shiel a chance guys.


I'm gonna be the first to admit to a sub-2k score – 1931. Messed it up by fudging my emergencies, for some reason they didn't stick and I ended up with Pfieffer in my team and getting a donut whilst Kennedy's 102 for GWS was for nothing.

Shiel and Orren were disappointing from my rookies, as was Yagmoor but he was on the bench and can't get worse. Some of the guns really failed though, Stevie Johnson & Broughton were disappointing and a few others under performed slightly.

Very pleased with Magner, Smith, Kennedy and Giles – shame I had all of them benched. Wingard, Bugg and Guthrie look the real deal too and I should have some good options in terms of cash cows or keepers.

I think on a fair week though, and with no rookie errors like not having emergencies in place, the team I have can score 2,200 on a consistent basis, so I am keeping faith in for now.

Stroppy Jocks

2103, but too early to get carried away.

But will need to start correcting mistakes in next 1-4 weeks.

First to go: Lake.

Worrying trend: Broughton

Might have stuffed up: Adams, Chapman

Hoping for reversion to mean (that's for you Higgo): No Buddy and No Pendles yet.

Confident that scoring will come (look better than score): Fyfe, Cloke, Caddy, Porpoise, Dev Smith, DShiel.

Hopeful for useful POD: Yarran, Hanley, and Kreuzer as only prime ruck.


2056 –

Major errors

Bugg stuck on the pine and Yag-less on the ground.

Johnson & Broughton = low scores for premiums. Lift lads!


Goodes, Martin & Mumford all a little less than expected.

Ledger's late replacement

Major Pluses

Bugg, C Smith, Magner in the 30

Hargraves up the back.

Dal Santo, Ablett, Murphy, Boyd = very happy midfield.

With a little tweaking that could easily have been a 2200, so not too upset.


Overall, pretty happy with round 1. Scored 2263 with most of my midfield and forward premiums scoring very nicely. As for my rookies, was happy with the performances of Bugg and Mohr in defense and in particular Kennedy down forward. Unfortunately I had Magner on the bench but he'll get a certain spot in my starting 22 if he keeps putting on performances like he did on the weekend. The most disappointing aspect for me was Heath Scotland and to an extent Heath Shaw. As premium defenders, I need them to be pushing the 100+ mark by the time the league matches get underway.

Harry Nelli

Great Round 1

2267 points all up, wouldn't have been able to do it without you jock

cheers mate


Got 2330-ish.

350-something overall – pretty happy with that.

Having Stanton dominate, and Ablett as captain was handy. Ebert went better than expected, and my mid range defenders (Dempsey, Hargrave etc) went ok.


Yeah i wanted a point of difference in there somewhere, and he was at a good price considering his output. Can be a little haphazard with his disposal, but sure as hell racks them up!! Yeah happy with Hargrave, always had him pencilled in. Ebert i left til late, as with Dempsey too, but glad i re-shuffled and got them in.

Bloody love this time of year Jock old pal!!


G'day Jock

Last year was my first SuperCoach year and I have to tell you it was a poor effort because it lacked a strategy.

This year, thanks to your help, at least I feel that I can put up some competition. 2194 with 16 rookies and just the one mid, Matty Kreuzer. I was a bit disappointed that I was so far away from the leaders, but I can't really see my team hitting its straps until after Round 3.

My really big mistake is Corey Enright, the only gun that didn't fire….47!! and he was going to be my POD.

Happy with all the young uns, all making good cash.

Thanks for a great resource and an 'onya mate' to Higgo for the spreadsheet.

Brissy lions


traded lake out for Dempsey because he was terrible and cant see him getting better.

good: Pendles, j. kennedy, ablett and kreuzer and cotchin

Bad: hurley only 70 and petrie only 74 iffy about those 2 . and broughton 57


Ta Jock Ta,