Supercoach and DT Bludgers Cheat Sheet v2

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What a time of year. Gotta say it’s been a preseason to remember. Crouching, Higgo and I are just over the moon with the thousands of fantastic young fledgling Fantasy Football coaches who are participating on our online community.

Supercoach genius professor Jock Reynolds

Supercoach genius professor Jock Reynolds

We are impressed with the young Fantasy talent revealing itself among you. We are more impressed by your positive and constructive participation in our community and the tendency for so many of you to reach out to others and give em a hand. Bloody top notch.

I need to appeal to you all now. I need you to shut out the noise. I need you to look deep within yourself and back your guns. Above all else I need you all to be disciplined. The next 48 hours are the most hazardous 48 hours of the whole preseason. You’ll overthink the caper. You’ll listen to the whispers about that young midpricer who is set to “shred em to bits”. You’ll fall back on the apparent safety of that old draft horse who’s past his prime. You’ll grab that suspect bloke named in round one coz he’s a warm body on your bench for round 1.

Shut all that stuff out.

Back yourself In.

Remember your roots.

Remember where you came from.

Now this site will be pumpin away all bloody season folks, each week will kick off late on a Sunday night with our rip snortin podcast and articles will hit the site like nobodies business to help you all with your midweek trading.

All the very best,

Jock Reynolds

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  1. Kade says:

    I don't know much about ledger, where will he play with dal, Montagnards, Goddard and perhaps Hayes? Is he better pick that kerrige?

    • Jock says:

      Reckon he's a good thing.. best of the young brigade for mine and Watters has said a few times he'll be bloodin younguns

  2. mat says:



    tomlinson, morris



    ledger, magner


    stephenson, redden



    smedts, Kerridge

    ? Anyone ?

    • Jock says:

      gay there mat – just a quick note – that wasn't me that left that note last night some galah pretending to be me made the comment.. team lookin real nice mate

    • The galoot says:

      Fantasy freako tweeted yesterday something about the Berger having an ongoing issue that will prevent him rucking entire matches. Freako was spruiking longer as a result. I'm not saying you should bring in longer but the Berger may be a bit suss.

  3. Beattie says:

    Jock! Any reason you've chosen not to use DPPs in the midfield from the start? Is it because the buys aren't til round 11 and you've got time to mix things up selling some of your cash cows?

    • Jock says:

      Gday there BEattie, the sheet isnt my team as such mate.. you'll see the relavent DPP picks in the backs and fwds on the cheat sheet

  4. mat says:

    I would have thought either of them are a good choice for emergencies at this stage ..

    until we see them in action. its a gamble .

  5. mat says:

    Hahaha thanks jock can I still look on your website cause its awesome.

  6. mat says:

    Thanks mate Owe it to you . Great site mate.. cheers

  7. Kade says:

    Which 3 rookies in the middle do I pick out of





    • BeeBop says:

      Magner I reckon is the only one out of that lot I'd have in the mid field unless you want the DPP link from Wingard or Kerridge. If you don't have GWS mid rookies locked in by now like Mac, Shield etc. then you're in trouble, if so, fill the midfield with guns and get rookies in other lines.

  8. Col says:


    Goddard, lids, fisher, Hanley, lake, bugg, Ellis (bouman, Morris)


    Ablet, Boyd, priddis, dangerfield, coniglio, old Mac (shiel, magner)


    Mummy, Giles (redden, Stephenson)


    Buddy, goodes, fyfe, Martin, riewoldt, pfeiffer, smith (Kennedy, Cameron)

    Any comments mate, love your work

  9. moncon says:

    A Swallow or S Thompson?

    Both round 11 byes, both got good draw

    • Jock says:

      Love Scotty Thompson mate – in a team on the up, still on the improve, reliable as an old hat

  10. matty says:

    Pfeiffer or kerridge ?

    Fwd emergency

  11. Nato says:

    Lake or Hargrave??

  12. James says:

    Last decision for my team. Wingaard or clay smith to start on field??

    • Jock says:

      Very close call mate.. could go either way but Wingard for mine.. Clay an outside chance at the vest of wrath?

      • James says:

        Thanks jock. Must Say I have been following u like gospel. AmazIng resource mate

        • Dylan says:

          Unsure about wingard… Looks great but read an article on him today, he didn't seem like he was a chance for r1. Waiting for the selector's call methinks. Either that or he is modest.

          B. Ellis named in the mids tonight…

  13. matty says:

    I went with lake . Think he will make more $ .

    Pfeiffer for any reason ? I dunno much about him. Seen

    Him in a lot of teams ?

    • Jock says:

      Gday there matty.. Dazzling recently lifted off the rookie list which is a top sign, big body much required by Port in the guts, mature aged so not picked to develop.. picked to play

  14. Martin4brownlow says:

    What's b.lakes stats for the preseason? I haven't heard much about him. Please help

  15. Nato says:

    anyone know if spurr from freo is off rookie list?

    • Jock says:

      Clancee Pearce got lifted mate – Lee Spur listed with a 1 week calf injury by Freo poor kid looks like he just missed out

  16. GJ says:

    Anyone know much about Clancey Pearce from Freo? had a ripper NAB cup.

  17. Ice Froggy says:

    Jock and Team, any comments on my Supercoach Team?

    Defenders – Goddard, Carrazo, Broughton, Heppell, Waters, M.Clarke, Bugg, (Ellis, Smedts)

    Midfield – Ablett, Boyd, Fyfe, Deledio, Dangerfield, D.Shiel (Ledger, Magner)

    Ruck – Leuenberger, Kruezer (Giles, Redden)

    Forwards – Franklin, Martin, Sidebottom, Winderlich, Porplyzia, D.Smith, Pfeiffer (Hall, Couch)

    This is my first year listening to you guys and have really enjoyed the podcasts and the cheat sheets and other info you guys produce. Keep up the good work.

    • Nato says:

      nice team mate, try squeeze in kennedy next week i'd down grade kruezer for steph unsure on kruzers performance swap smedts or clarke for morris

  18. Nato says:

    Need another rookie def

    already got ellis,lake,bugg,morris

    thaoughts on clarke/smedts?

    or any other good rookie deffenders please

  19. Westy says:

    Hi Jock, love the site. Would you care to cast your eyes across this group?

    D: Goddard, Deledio, Broughton, Heppell, Hargrave, Ellis, Morris, (Smedts, Bugg)

    M: Ablett, Murphy, Boyd, Mitchell, Pfeiffer, Magner, (Shiel, Ledger)

    R: Mumford, Giles, (Redden, Stephenson)

    F: Goodes, Fyfe, Martin, Gray, Dangerfield, D Smith, Dickson, (Kerridge, Saad)

    67K left over. Any comments much appreciated.

  20. Mav says:

    Jock love your work! Comments and feedback when or if you get a chance

    D: Goddard, Deledio, Broughton, Heppell, Golby, Smedts, Clarke, (Ellis, Bugg)

    M: Ablett, Murphy, Priddis, Rockliff, L.Parker, Ledger, (Magner, K.Stevens)

    R: Z.Clarke, Giles, (Redden, Stephenson)

    F: Goodes, Franklin, Martin, Cloke, Riewoldt, D Smith, Dickson, (Pfelffer, J.Cameron)

  21. MC ROO BOY says:

    Jocl, luv your site.

    Any tips at the last minute:

    DEF: Carrazzo, Smedts,Bugg, Suckling, Deledio, Ellis

    (Bower, Wilkes)

    MID: Kerridge, Fyfe, Ablett, hodge, Boyd, Kerr

    (S Gibson, Baguley)

    RUCK: Mumford, Cox


    FWD: Buddy, A Hall, D Martin, Saad, Goodes, Dahlhaus

    ( D Smith, T Couch)

  22. jawbreaker says:

    SOS to Jock.

    I managed to pick Parker & McDonald last week. I like Parker a lot & thought him worth a punt. You can imagine my horror when McDonald decided to break his jaw and rub himself out for 2 weeks. Certainly my mother in law to be was also horrified as I expressed my disappointment at the former match review panelists ridiculous actions in a loud and offensive manner.

    With Parker out for 3 I am down 2 blokes for 2 weeks in my mids.

    What do I do?? Sit & hope Shiel can cover for a couple or get rid of Parker. Seems I can do nothing before this weekend to influence the situation. Any ideas?

    • Ryan says:

      Nah dont waste your trades. Hope for shiel to cover for next few weeks. He will score well in the future. it was his first game back from his appendictics inury. He will dominate. Be patient.

      Shiel will play every game this season for sure.

    • Jon Jon says:

      Wait and see who is named in round 2 before you do ANYTHING!

  23. BomberBuys says:

    Hi Jock,

    Just a quick enquiry, when premiums are named on the I/C instead of on field, is this necessarily going to effect their overall score or is it simply the way they are starting the game? I am looking at Carrazzo, have him, but unsure how Carlton are going to play him this year.

    Cheers Mate!

    • Dylan says:

      All players cycle through the interchange during a game, premiums tend to spend more time on ground so you should be right! I had carazzo as well but dropped him for deledio

  24. James says:

    ledger or clay smith

  25. Jason says:

    Hi Jock,

    Great site, impressive list of ideas and thoughts. So I thought I might try a few different ideas myself, any feedback much appreciated:

    D: Goddard, Deledio, Broughton, Lake, Bugg, B.Ellis, S.Morris (Paine, Smedts)

    M: Ablett, Boyd, M.Murphy, Pendlebury, Carrazzo, Coniglio (Pfeiffer, Kerridge)

    R: Hale, Giles (Redden, Stephensen)

    F: Franklin, Fyfe, Gray, D.Martin, Sidebottom, A.Kennedy, D.Smith (A.Hall, T.Dickson)

  26. haydz6 says:

    G'day guys just a question , who would pick out of ledger & couch??

    Leaning towards Ledger but couch gives DPP so i'm not sure

  27. haydz6 says:

    Also guys, could somebody please post the names of the players in the blisters cheat sheet in these comments as for some reason I can't view it, muchly appreciated! cheers guys!

  28. Pablo says:

    Ledger for mine haydz.

  29. haydz6 says:

    Cheers mate! 🙂

  30. Pablo says:

    My only Real concern on my fwd bench is Kerridge… have him there with pfieffer while Magner and Ledger take the pine in the mids.

    What do you think Jock? Is ther another option I'm missing?

  31. Pablo says:

    Ended up putting young Bulldog Dickson on the Fwd bench in place of Kerridge.

  32. dj says:

    how important is it to have ddp's in middle

  33. moncon says:

    I've been wondering about something. Let's say I have Lake in my defence and he plays his first 2 games like he played all last year so I want to trade him out. Meanwhile let's say Jamie Cripps gets hundreds in his first games so I want to bring him in as a forward before his price goes up.

    Under the new trading system, can I trade out Lake, then move Deledio for example from my mid-field into defence, then move Devon Smith from my forwards into mid-field, and then buy Cripps?

    (By the way I don't actually have Lake and I never will again after 2011).

  34. Nicko says:

    Need suggestions.




    Who would you choose? Who has the highest scoring potential and who is most likely to play? All are named.

    • haydz6 says:

      No to paine needs more time, yagmoor will fill the roll of Leon Davis so should play all games & dickson is a good player and I'm a big fan! between yagmoor and Dickson, I'm leaning towards Dickson

      • Nicko says:

        Yagmoor is named on interchange, abit worried that he will be the sub, although Seedsman looks likely for that. I'm leaning toward Dickson too although I have also have Smedts in at the moment and he hasn't really impressed me that much.

        Which pair would you have out of the 4 players?

  35. ky6jzze says:

    Wait and see who is named in round 2 before you do ANYTHING!
    What do you mean?