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Oy Jock – Rate My Team!! Supercoach & DT 2012

Published by Jock on

Partial lockout #1 has come and gone. The biggest week in Supercoach and Dreamteam preseason is about to kick into gear.

The site will go off like a frog in a sock all week. Another Bludgers Cheat Sheet is due early in the week, some more Higgo gold and the reveal of my Supercoach 2012 final team are all just around the corner. If you haven’t tuned into the podcast get cracking and have a listen the feedback has been bloody fantastic. They’ll be released every Sunday night for the whole season.

Righto. Down to business. Lets have a look at your Supercoach and Dreamteam teams. As always Higgo, Crouching and I will get to as many as we can – apologies if we cant get to yours. You’ll understand that my phone runs hot with AFL coaches, administrators, past and future lovers all wanting to get a piece of old Jock in this busy week – but I’m here for you lot nonetheless.

Lets go – how are your teams shapin up?

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Here is my team

DEF: B. Goddard, B. Deledio, H. Shaw, N. Malceski, M. Clarke, B. Ellis, T. Bugg (T. Mohr, B. Smedts)

MID: G. Ablett jnr, M. Murphy, M. Priddis, J. Selwood, J. Caddy, D. Shiel (J. McDonald, J. Magner)

RUC: S. Mumford, J. Giles (J. Redden, O. Stephenson)

FWD: L. Franklin, A. Goodes, N. Fyfe, D. Martin, P. Dangerfield, D. Smith, A. Kennedy, (D. Pfeiffer A. Hall)

CASH LEFT: $20,500


This is for Supercoach by the way (:


I’m personally not much of a fan of Broughton….I don’t think he will get midfield time when Barlow and the rest of the freo midfielders come back (:

Any other suggestions??

Dyno Mite

out; malceski, shaw, goodes, fyfe

in; broughton, lake, pavlich, sidebottom, and use money gained to uprage rookie to premium


whats ur thoughts on boumann and jacob brennan?


My SC Team!

B Deledio, H Shaw, G Birchall, G Broughton, B Lake, M Clarke, B Ellis, (T Bugg, S Morris)

G Ablett, M Boyd, N Fyfe, B Goddard, P Dangerfield, D Shiel, (T Ledger, J Magner)

S Mumford, H McIntosh, (J Giles, J Redden)

L Franklin, M Pavlich, D Martin, J Porplyzia, J Cripps, D Smith, A Kennedy, (S Kerridge, A Hall)

Not amazingly happy with the forward line there, but I think I can live with it, especially with Kennedy showing what he's capable of.



Im not sure that having a swing man in the MID for both BAC and FWD is needed this year. As there are only 3 weeks of byes, it may be worth just copping a donught and loading up on premium mids, as that is where all the points are gained. Good premium and rookie choices though. Ellis and Morris in one team is a bit sketchy as I doubt both will get lots of playing time


Had Darley in there originally, but given that he wasn’t selected, decided to dump him while I still could. Not too sure who to replace Morris with, I’m open to suggestions though

Decided to keep the swing men in the midfield for a bit more flexibility down the track. Ideally I’d like to upgrade to a couple more premiums around those rounds to help cover the donuts.

Thanks guys!


Mate for defence look to geelong… B.Smedts or C.Gutherie

Dyno Mite

no need for McIntosh, Jock is a big advocate for Giles as no.2 ruck. id like to see steele sidebottom in there somewhere


gday Jock,

Firstly i have to say love your work and podcasts are genius!

Backs: Goddard, Deledio, H.Shaw, Broughton, Lake, Ellis, Bugg, M.Clarke, Smedts.

Mids: Ablett, Boyd, Priddis, S.Thompson, Shiel, Ledger, C.Smith, Magner

Rucks: Mumford, Kreuzer, Giles, J.Redden.

Forwards: Franklin, Fyfe, Martin, Dangerfield, Smith, Pfeffier, Kennedy, A.Hall, Weedon.

with $500 left.

would love some input.


thanks pal,

any suggestions to who i can replace weedon with?


Young Sam Kerridge from the crows look a good type mate


Hey Jock my team for now is

B: Goddard, Deledio, Broughton, Heppel, Hargrave, Ellis, Bugg (spurr,morris)

M: Ablett, Murphy, Boyd, Shuey, Dangers, Ledger (Shiel, Magner)

R: Mummy, Redden (Giles, Stephenson)

F: Buddy, Pav, Martin, Gray, Porpz, Smith, Pfeiffer (Kennedy,Smedts)

Got about $46k left


hahaha thanks mate, yeah Im tossing up between lake or hargrave still. I know Shuey is a risk but I reckon hes an absolute gun and could really step up this year, massive pre season apparently before the little ankle injury…but yeah im still not certain on my mids set up!

Big t

Def: god, shaw, broughton, deledio,lake, hargrave, Ellis – bugg &mohr

Mid: Swan, ablett, selwood, priddis, shiel, ledger – d.smith & magnet

Ruck: Mumford, giles, redden & big o (not sure on r4)

Forward: franklin, chapman, fyfe, sidebottom, porp, Kennedy, pfeiffer – kerridge, cameron


Id say Big O would be a lock for R4 in a 1-0-3 set up. Having both Lake and Hardgrave is a risk, I hope is pays off. Solid FWD and MID.


DEFENDERS: Goddard, scotland deledio, heppel, hargrave,Ellis,bugg.


MIDFIELDERS: ablett,boyd,Murphy,Mitchel,ebert,magner

Shiel, ledger

RUCK: mumford, giles

j redden, stephenson

FORWARDS: franklin,, rioli,Martin,dangerfield, porplyzia, smith, kennedy

Kerridge, camron.

Any advise would be appreciated 🙂


super risky FWD with rioli, franklin, porps and dangermouse. All of these guys are notorious for scoring either 50 or 150. I like the rookie choices, and the midrangers are interesting. Props for a unique team


G'day Jock and Co.

This team is basically set now as Rd 1 is underway. Although I would love some comments.

Thanks guys


Remaining Cap: $41,100

DEF: B Goddard, B Deledio, H Shaw, G Broughton, B Lake, B Ellis, T Bugg, A Tomlinson, L Spurr

MID: G Ablett, M Boyd, J Selwood, J Watson, D Shiel, T Ledger, S Kerridge, J Magner

RUCK: S Mumford, M Kreuzer, J Giles, J Redden

FWD: L Franklin, N Fyfe, D Martin, S Sidebottom, D Smith, D Pfeiffer, B Smedts, A Kennedy, T Dickson


Thanks mate. I agree on Watson's hammies, but I think he is set to explode this year. Considering Redden as well. What do you think, straight swap? I'm keen on holding back on Murphy/Swan/Pendles at the start of the year as there is more value in the cheaper lads, so I can upgrade to your Pendles later on.

Also, you've got me worried with that big R word in there. RISK. Your mate Higgo said that Supercoach is all about removing RISK. In the FWD's I though I would take a RISK on Sidey, but now you've got me worried.


Yeah I'd be more comfortable with redden rather than watson mate, sidebum I'm pretty keen on though

































Devon Smith



$12,900 remaining.

I've loaded up on round 13 bye players.

Any thoughts (I'm aware I'm St Kilda-heavy) would be appreciated.

Dyno Mite

out; fisher, hayes ,cripps, riewoldt

in; scotland, redden or boyd, kennedy or dickson, sidebottom.

riewoldt has dissapointed too many times for me, and he hurt me the whole of last season


DEF: Scotland, Broughton, Bugg, Birchall, Deledio, Hargrave, Waters,(Tomlinson, Ellis)

MID: Murphy, Mc Veigh, Watson, Ablett, Coniglio, Shiel (Magner, Pfieffer)

RUCK: Cox, Giles (Stephenson, Redden)

FWD: Dangerfield, Porplysia, Fyfe,Smedts , Franklin, Martin, Veszpremi (Hall, Dickinson)

I actually play against the footballers at our club and last year was my first cause they thought they would all flog me. This year I am a little uneasy about some players so any tips or hints would be great!!!

Dyno Mite

out; mcveigh, watson, maybe dangerfield, veszpremi, cox

in; priddis, mummy or mcevoy, ebert/masten, pfeiffer

cox will be rested and nic nat will begin to take over ruck role time

Jordan P. McNutsack

Quick question Jock, sorry but it is a boring Player A vs Player B question.

Matty Priddis or Tom Rockliff for my M4? Both around the same price, both have the R11 bye. Am leaning towards Priddis because he is from a Top 4-8 team (better for SC scoring I reckon), but I like the smell of what the Rock is cooking.


Priddis is far more reliable and the safer pick. However, since SC is all about getting more points than your opponent, Rockliff could make a great POD if he is able to rack up the big scores. I doubt he will be able to do so on a regular basis, as historically the lower ranked teams score worse. In short: Priddis

Jordan P. McNutsack

Thanks BJ.



Dream team listed below

B: Goddard, Deledio, Shaw, B.Waters, Lake, Ellis, Bugg (Smedts,M.Clarke)

M: Pendles, Ablett, Boyd, C.Smith, Magner, Ledger (Shiel, S.Clifton)

R: Leuenberger, Redden (Giles, Stephenson)

F: Buddy, Goodes, Cloke, Martin, Dangefield, D.Smith, Pfeiffer (J.Cameron,T.Dickson)

570K in left


should I be keeping money in the bank based on this team at this stage of the season, or should I get another gun


you as much money as you can at the start of the season…cash cows will give the extra coin you need throughout the season.


get another premium in the midfeild with the cash left over


Thanks 4 the tips guys, I've added Priddis for C.Smith and have 150k left over (Unfortunately Clifton is locked in so couldn't drop him) Would like to get Swan but too pricey atm


any tips would be nice:


deledio,D 2 H shaw 3 broughton 4 bugg 5 heppell 6 dempsey 7 C Howard then Ellis B and Morris S


pendlebury 2 boyd 3 coniglio 4 masten 5 HIll S 6 priddis then Shiel and Magner


Mumford and Giles then redden and stephenson O


Franklin 2 Fyfe 3 Martain 4 Smith D 5 Porplyzia 6 Bate 7 dangerfield then Saad and Dell’olio

Please rate


Backs: Goddard, Deledio, Shaw, Enright,Lake, Ellis, Bugg, Boumann, Mohr

Midfield: Ablett, Priddis, Selwood, Martin, Hayes, D Smith, C smith, Shiel

Rucks: Mcevoy, Giles, Redden, Stephenson

Forwards: Franklin, Fyfe, Rioli, Dangerfield, Porplyzia, Pfeiffer, Hampton, Smedts, A Kennedy


thoughts jock? anyone feel free to comment, cheers xx


thoughts on alternatives?

Jordan Forrest

DEF: Goddard, Deledio, Shaw, Birchall, Broughton, Ellis, Bugg (Smedts, Morris)

MID: Ablett, Murphy, Boyd, Mitchell, Coniglio, Shiel (Ledger, Magner)

RUC: Mumford, Giles (Redden, Stephenson)

FWD: Franklin, Fyfe, Martin, Sidebottom, Pfiffer, D. Smith, A. Kennedy (C. Hampton, Dickson)

Be great if you could have a geeze jock my man 🙂

Jordan Forrest

Thanks Jock for all your help youre an absolute legend !


Hi Jock

Thanks heaps for your rookie choices help out heaps as I work away and didn't catch a huge amount of NAB action

I'm still thinking of adding Morabito for MID and replacing either Magner or Ledger

I've talken a risk with Tarrant R as he's set to play centre half FWD.

Sorry Jock your to popular to post my whole team 🙂

Keep up the fantastic work.

BTW thanks heaps for KENNEDY Adam & BUGG, Tomas they boosted my score this week.

Look foward to rest of the season.


Thanks for the update Jock.

Just login in and read about that it.

He's playing for Peel reserves this weekend.

rookie Cheat Sheeet v6 a beauty.




Sc team

Rookies to be confirmed and made a mistake with Mitchell (didn't play)

Goddard Scotland, Deledio, Broughton Lake, Hargrave, Smedts, (Ellis, Bugg)

Ablett, Selwood, Thompson, Watson, C Smith, (Shiel, T Mitchell, magner )

Leunberger , Kreuzer, (Giles, Redden)

Franklin, Martin, Reiwoldt, Dangerfield, Poplizia , Smith, (Kerridge, Pfeiffer, Kennedy)


DEF: Goddard, Birchall, Carrazzo, Heppell, Waters, B.Ellis, Bugg, Smedts, Yagmoor

MIDS: Ablett, Priddis, S.Thompson, Watson, Stevens, D Smith, Shiel, Neale

RUCKS: Leuenberger, Derickx, Redden, Stephenson

FORWARDS: Franklin, Goodes, Fyfe, Martin, Zaharakis, A. Hall, T.Dickson, A.Kennedy, Kerridge


Very unique team, heavy on risk and heavy on reward. Zaha, Watson and Luey: I like.

Im not a fan of your backline. I think there are plently of better options. Although, they certainly have the potential, so if they perform you will be smashing it. best of luck


LOL no GIles in the ruck??

Need to burna trade and fix that next round.


DEF: Goddard, Deledio, Adcock

Murphy, Hargrave Clarke, Bugg

(Ellis, Morris)

MID: Ablett Capt., Boyd,

Rockliff, Ward, Hayes, Shiel

(Ledger, Magner)

Ruck: Mumford, Giles

(Stephenson, Redden)

FWD: Fyfe, Cloke, N Riewoldt

J Riewoldt, Dangerfield, D Smith, Pfeiffer

(Hall, Dickson)

Dyno Mite

out; adcock, murphy, hayes, saint nick,

in; broughton, scotland, masten/ebert/rookie, sidebottom


Thanks mate 🙂 Im pretty confident with St. Nick and Lenny but i was doubtful about my DEF so changed it up.

DEF: Goddard, Deledio, Shaw, Broughton, Guthrie, Clarke, Bugg

how is that?


now ive got

DEF: goddard, deledio, scotland, shaw, guthrie, bugg

Mid, ablett capt, boyd, redden, ward, hayes, shiel

fwd: SAME



I'm yet to come across a team with Bryce Gibbs. Yes, his lost his DPP status, but all reports are his set for a big year. Clean user of the ball who averaged 110 ppg for the 2nd half of last year and he'll spent more time in the midfield this year.

Good point of difference too. Thoughts?


Great player, great SC scorer, but there are just way too many options in the MID that he is often overlooked. If he held his DPP status then he would be the lockiest of locks, but unforntuantely he has just been overshadowed.

Rick D'Andrea

Hi Jock,

Rate my DreamTeam Squad

DEF: B. Goodard, H. Shaw, G. Broughton, R. hargrave, B. Ellis, M. Clarke, T. Bugg (S. Shaw, S. Morris)

MID: M. Boyd, J. Selwood, J. Watson, D. Martin, S. Burgoyne, D. Smith, C. Smith, J. Magner

FWD: L. Franklin, C. Rioli, P. Chapman, A. Goodes, R. Gray, P. Dangerfield, D. Pfieffer, A. Saad

Rick D'Andrea

And RUCK: H. macintosh, J. Redden, J. Giles, O. Stephenson

Have 300k in bank


That is ALOT of money to have sitting in the bank. I know how useful it is to have some for upgrades or rookie trades early on, but MAX $150k is my general rule. Use some of it to upgrade a player or 2. Not a fan of Martin in the MID, perhaps that spot could be used for a Redden??


If you could rate either that would be super, or both haha!


Scotland, Goddard(C), Deledio, Hanley, Puopolo, Lake, Bugg (Docherty, B.Ellis)

Swan, Pendlebury(VC), Dal Santo, Peake, Coniglio, Shiel (Yeo, B.Hill)

Cox, Giles (Witts, Stephenson)

Franklin, Fyfe, Hale, Darling, Dahlhaus, J.Hill, D.Smith (Smedts, Cameron)


Goddard(C), Scotland, Deledio, Fisher, Carrazzo, B.Ellis, Mohr (Morris, Yagmoor)

Pendlebury (VC), Swan, D.Thomas, I.Smith, Peake, Shiel (B.Hill, Magnet)

Mumford, Stephenson (Giles, Witts)

Franklin, Rioli, Darling, J.Hill, Howe, D.Smith, Hampton (Saad, Elliott)


Honest Doug

G'day Jock old' chum.. A bit of feedback would be delicious mate!

Back: Goddard, Birchall, Broughton, Bugg, Hargrave, Ellis. (Morris, Paine)

Mid: H. Scotland, M. Murphy, Ablett, Priddis, Watson, Shiel. (Kerridge, Magner)

Ruck: Luenberger, Giles. (Stevenson, Redden)

Forward: Franklin, Fyfe, D. Martin, Porplyzia, Winderlich, D. Smith. (Smedts, J. Cameron)

Cheers buddy.

Honest Doug

I forgot to mention S. Thompson in the midfield and old mate D. Pffeifer up forward.

Honest Doug

That is a top notch point you make there knackers! I just got put off a couple of weeks ago with his little injury scare and forgot about him..

Thanks for the reply mate. You're a good egg!


Hey Jock, what do you think of my team?

Defenders: Goddard, Deledio, Birchall, Broughton, Lake, Howard, Ellis (Bugg, Brown)

Midfielders: Pendlebury, Ablett, Murphy, Selwood, Shiel, Magner (Miles, Ledger)

Rucks: Mumford, Giles (Redden, Stephenson)

Forwards: Franklin, Fyfe, Chapman, Gray, Porplyzia, Smith, Dickson (Kerridge, Smedts)

I already screwed up big, by doing a last minute swap of Kennedy out for Miles. Wtf did I do that for? Oh well.


p.s. this is for supercoach. Also, Thanks in advance


hahah. rookie error there with the last minute swap, which i will admit, I have done a few times in the last few years. It's important to remember to stick to your guns and be confident.Love the team, both premium and rookie choices are great. One question mark arises though. Robbie Gray. I know alot of teams will have either Dangerfield, Gray or Sidebottom, and I'd say Gray is my least favourite. Historically the poorer teams get players that score poorly, and you'll notice that Gray avg. when playing in a lose is about 10 points lower than that when playing in a win. Maybe Sidey is a better choice.


Hey Jock. Great job on the website, loving the podcasts:

Backs: Goddrad, Deledio, Shaw, Broughton, Lake, Clarke, Ellis (Bugg, Morris)

Mids: Pendles, Ablett, Murphy, Boyd, Coniglio, Shiel (Kennedy, Magner)

Rucks: Mumford, Giles (Redden, Big O)

Fwds: Goodes, Fyfe, Martin, Danger, Porps, Smith, Pfeiffer (Cameron, Dickson)


GWS on-field choices were ordinary, and shattered i didn't chuck old mac in, but overall good signs from the young GWS boys.

What do ya think?


I had very similar reactions to last nights game. But please, please. STICK TO YOUR GUNS. Old Mac can't play every game, at 100%, so I think other rookie choices will prove to be better. Its a shame that shiel performed so badly though. Both Dangermouse and Porps is risky, maybe Danger>Sidey/Gray??. Very, very solid Backs and Mids.


Hey Jock love your work so far,

Def: Goddard, Deledio, Shaw, Lake, Clarke, Bower, Ellis (Smedts, Bugg)

Mid: Pendlebury, Ablett, Murphy, Selwood, Pfieffer, Shiel (McDonald, Magner)

Rck: Mumford, Hale (Giles, Redden)

Fwd: Franklin, Goodes, Fyfe, Martin, Porplyzia, D.Smith, Hall (Cameron, Dickson)

What do you think?


hey jock, would be great to hear some feed back form you, and anyone else would be great 🙂



Goddard, Deledio, Broughton, Lake, Clark, Ellis, Bugg

(Morris, Spurr)


Pendlebury, Ablett, Swan, Murphy, Bartel, Shiel

(Ledger, Magner)


Mumford, Redden

(Giles, Stephenson)


Franklin, Goodes, Fyfe, Martin, D.Smith, Cameron, A.Kennedy

(Pfeiffer, Dickson)


Gday Jock ,have a gig and tell me what you think mate:


DEF-Scotland,goddard,deledio,heppel,lake,hargrave,mohr (ellis,darley)

MID-ablett,watson,corey,boyd,magner,coniglio (shiel,wingard)

RUCK-mcevoy,giles (stephenson,redden)

FWD-beams,martin,zaharakis,dangerfield,porplyzia,christensen,d smith (pfeiffer,zorko)

any feedback is much appreciated,cheers mate


Gday Jock! please gimme your thoughts on my team , i know it could use some improvement!

DEF : Goddard, Scotland, Shaw, Broughton, Hargraves, Ellis Bugg (Mohr, Smedts)

MID: Ablett, Boyd, Watson, Delidio, Dangerfeild Coniglio (Magner, Ledger)

RUCK: Mumford, Giles (Redden, Stephenson)

FWD: Franklin, Goodes, Fyfe, Gunston, Porplyzia, Phieffer , Smith.D (Kennedy, Dickson)

Im not so sure about Gunston, Maybe i could downgrade a defender and get J.Reiwoldt instead? What you reckon??

thank youu!!!



DEF : Goddard, Scotland, Broughton, Lake, Hargraves, Ellis Bugg (Mohr, Smedts)

MID: Ablett, Boyd, Murphy, Delidio, Dangerfeild Coniglio (Magner, Ledger)

RUCK: Mumford, Giles (Redden, Stephenson)

FWD: Franklin, Goodes, Fyfe, Sidebottom, Porplyzia, Phieffer , Smith.D (Kennedy, Dickson)

Dyno Mite

i personally like the second one better, pendlebury is too expensive. question marks on fyfe (with new clanger rule), dangerfeild, coniglio (too expensive compared to mid rookies like shiel, reid,and gibson) maybe these alternatives are not as good


DEF:Goddard, Scotland, Suckling, Lake, Clarke, Ellis, Bugg(Tomlinson, Guthrie)

MID: Ablett, Swan, Deledio, Carrazzo, Dangerfield, Shiel (Ziebell, Kerridge)

RUCK: Hale, Giles (Stephenson, Redden)

FWD:Goodes, Smith, Porplysia, Fyfe, Smedts , Franklin, Martin, (Pfeiffer, Saad)


By the way keep up the bloody good work!!


Hey Jock,

This is my squad is $22k remaining.

Is there anything I've missed or any suggestions you might have?

Goddard, Carrazzo, Broughton, Heppell, Schoenmakers, Bugg, Ellis. (Guthrie, Morris)

Ablett, Boyd, Selwood, Deledio, Parker, Pfeiffer. (Shiel, Ledger)

Hale, Redden. (Stephenson, Giles)

Franklin, Fyfe, Chapman, Martin, Dangerfield, Smith, Kennedy. (Smedts, Kerridge)


Nice looking tem Benny, very strong back 6. Like the gutsy selection of Hale too.

Here is mine for everyone to look over.

DEF: Deledio, Broughton, Waters, Lake, Ellis, Morris, Bugg (Smedts, S Shaw)

MID: Ablett, Mitchell, Selwood, Fyfe, Coniglio, Martin (Shiel, Magner)

RUCK: Cox, Kruezer (Giles, Redden)

FWD: Franklin, Chapman, Sidebottom, Dangerfield, Ballantyne, Pfeiffer, D Smith (A Kennedy, Kerridge).


Love the site and the podcasts Jock!!

Here my SC team;

Backs; Goddard, Scotland, Deledio, Malceski, Lake, Ellis, Bugg (Smedts*, Morris)

Mids; Pendlebury, Priddis, Hogan, Ledger, Magner (Old Mc'd, Shiel)

Rucks; Cox, Mumford (Giles, Redden)

Forwards; Franklin, Goodes, Fyfe, Martin, Porplyzia, Smith, Dickson (Kennedy, Hall*)

*denotes unsure at this stage about these players

45k in the bank.

Plan, upgrade mids and keep the faith in the premiums!


missed GAJ in the mids


Here it is Jock, Higgo and Crouching .. If you remember I did have an idea to go with a 6 gun midfield but my team has moulded into something a little different over the weeks with a lot stronger forward and backline with just FIVE guns in the middle .. I like it 🙂 what do you guys think ??

D1. Goddard D2. Delidio D3. Broughton D4. Hargrave D5. Lake D6. Clark D7. Bugg (87pts) (bench D8. Elis D9. Morris)

M1. Ablet M2. Pendlebury M3. Boyd M4. Selwood M5. Watson M6. Sheil (33pts) (bench M7. Ledger M8. Magner)

R1. Giles (87pts) R2. Redden (bench R3. Stephenson R4. ???)

F1. Franklin F2. Fyfe F3. Chapman F4. Martin F5. Dangerfield F6. Porplyzia F7. Kennedy (103pts) (bench F8 Dickson Smith F9)

going with rookie ruck – risky but not if giles can score 87 and mummy only getting 95 .. hes suppose to be a gun ??


Mummy did not give a [email protected]#k out there on Saturday.


and thats a good enough reason not to pick him 😀 I like my players to give it their all


Either way Ellis or Morris will play right? I'd get another rookie and put Ellis on the field.

Drop Goddard… waiting for him to have a terrible year.

Spend money on a premo ruck that will make you more points than a defender.


Sorry English is hard…I'll write in points so my brain doesn't write something else.

1) Keep Ellis and Morris… one of them will play

2) Drop Godard for a premo ruck

3) Look at the ruck numbers last year… they all smashed it. Don't do it!


Thanks Hairy, week is early yet so changes will prob happen ! I see the wisdom in your premium ruck option but I think i'm going to sick with my gut feeling on this one.

1. because i don't know which premium to pick (was going to pick mummy) as form is an issue for them all

2. both Giles and Redden will be two of the top scoring rookies.

Therefore I don't see the point in putting an extra back rookie on the field that i can't be sure will score well and adding a premium ruck when i can't be sure they will score really well .. thats my line of thinking anyway 😀

but thanks for comment mate 😀


Hey Jock, let us know what you think of SC team please mate?

BACK: B.Goddard, H.Scotland, B.Deledio, D.Heppell, B.Lake, B.Ellis, T.Bugg (B.Smedts, P.Yagmoor*)

MIDS: S.Pendlebury, G.Ablett, J.Watson, L.Hayes, D.Pfeiffer, D.Shiel (C.Smith, J.Magner)

RUCKS: D.Cox, J.Giles (J.Redden, O.Stephenson)

FOR: L.Franklin, A.Goodes, N.Fyfe, D.Martin, P.Dangerfield, D.Smith, T.Dickson (G.Weedon*, A.Hall*)

*Means I'm no 100% sure on these guys.

26k left over.


The alternative to this side is:

BACKS: B.Goddard, H.Scotland, B.Deledio, G.Broughton, B.Lake, B.Ellis, T.Bugg (B.Smedts, P.Yagmoor/J.Paine)

MIDS: S.Pendlebury, G.Ablett (C), J.Watson, P.Dangerfield/L.Hayes, D.Pfieffer, D.Shiel (C.Smith, J.Magner)

RUCKS: N.Naitanui, J.Giles (J.Redden, O.Stephenson)

FOWARDS: L.Franklin, A.Goodes, N.Fyfe, D.Martin, T.Cloke, D.Smith, T.Dickson (G.Weedon/D.Zorko, A.Hall/C.Dell'Olio)

The guys with slashes between are the ones I'm not 100% sure which way to do.

Be great if you could give us your thoughts on which would be the better team. Cheers guys 🙂


Jock, mate! So Clifton (GWS) didn't get a gournsey for rd 1… That said I've taken the risk, kept him in my side on the fact that his NAB Cup was bang on and Sheeds will find it will find a spot for him come rd 2!!! Other wise its kiss 130K good bye…


Hey Jock,

huge fan of yourself, Higgo and Crouching! Open to any suggestions 🙂

Backs: Goddard, Deledio, Broughton, Suckling, Lake, Hargrave, Bugg (Ellis, Smedts)

Mids: Ablett, Boyd, Priddis, Selwood, Smith C, Shiel (Ledger, Magner)

Rucks: Mumford, Giles (Redden, Stephenson)

Fwds: Franklin, Fyfe, Pavlich, Martin, Porplyzia, Smith D, Pfeiffer (Kerridge, Hall)

Aware of the Lake/Hargrave risk but I really think it will pay off in the long run!

For supercoach.


Any thoughts and feedback on my team would be great!

DEF: Shaw, Deledio, Birchall, Waters, Hargrave, Ellis, Bugg, (S Morris, Darley)

MID: Boyd, Ablett, Pendles, Murphy, Parker, S Coniglio (Magner, Shiel)

RUCK: Mummy, Giles, Redden, Stephenson

FWD: Franklin, Fyfe, Robinson, Martin, Sidebottom, Smith, Kennedy, (Dickson, Hall)

51,000K in the bank


Lovd your work jock: would love your thoughts






Shiel,(clay smith. Magner)


Macintosh, maric, (Giles, redden)




223k left


What do you boys think?? I am thinking that I can upgrade Pfieffer eventually for someone like Goodes, who usually hits his strides mid season.


B.Goddard, B.Deledio, G.Broughton, B.Lake, Hargrave, M.Clarke, B.Ellis (Smedts, Bugg(E))


G.Ablett(C), M.Boyd, M.Murphy(V), M.Priddis, J.Selwood, D. Pfeiffer (C.Smith(E), J.Magner)


H.McIntosh, J.Giles (J.Redden, O.Stephenson)


M.Pavlich, C.Rioli, D.Martin, P.Dangerfield, L.Dahlhaus, J.Porplyzia, A.Kennedy (D.Smith(E), S.Kerridge)


First time player – your site, the podcasts and peoples comments have been a great help.

All advice appreciated

B:H. Shaw, Broughton,Grundy, Duffield,Lake,Ellis,Bugg (m Clarke, Smets)

M: Penders(c), Ablett, Murphy, Palmer, B Ebert, C. Smith (Ledger, Magner)

R: Cox, Minson (Giles, Redden)

F: Buddy, Martin, Dangerfield, Dahlhaus, Post, D. Smith, (Veszpremi,Hampton)


Hale is my other forward sorry.


Hi Jock, love your work on twitter and Facebook. This is my team.

B: Goddard. Scotland, Deledio, Broughton, Lake, Ellis, Bugg (Shaw, Morris)

C: Pendlebury, Ablett, Murphy, Selwood, Smith, Magner (Kerridge, Stevens)

R: Mumford, Giles (Redden, Stephenson)

F: Franklin, Goodes, Fyfe, Martin, Cripps, Smith, Dickson (Kennedy, Hall)


Hey Jock…love your website, thanks so much for all the information you give us supercoachers :)…here is my team:

Backs: Goddard, Scotland,Broughton, Burgoyne, Lake, Dempsey, Bower (Ellis, Bugg)

Midfield: Ablett, Priddis, Selwood, Dangerfield, Lucas, Pfeiffer (McDonald, Magner)

Ruck: Leunberger, Giles (Redden, Stephenson)

Forward: Franklin, Pavlich, Chapman, Martin, Darling, Smith, Kerridge (Kennedy, Hall)


i have Ablett as my Captain, and got around 56 k left in the kitty…anyone help please? 🙂 thx in advance


B: Goddard Scotland Deledio Broughton Lake Hargrave Ellis Mohr Bugg

M: Ablett Swan Boyd Thompson Coniglio Magner Shiel Kerridge

R: Kreuzer Giles Redden Stephenson

F: Frankling Fyfe Martin Dangerfield Porplyzia Smith Kennedy Cameron Dickson

Not sure about thompson, especially because of Round 11 bye, and very torn between

Pendles Carazzo or Swan Scotland


140 k left as well


Here is my supercoach team what do ya reckon?

DEF: Goddard,Deledio,Shaw,Lake,Dempsey,Ellis, Bugg,(Darley,Morris)


RUCK: Mumford,Hale,(Giles,Redden)



My SC team advice guys? thanks 16k left

Goddard, Deledio, Shaw, Birchall, Lake, Clarke, Bugg (Ellis, Brown)

Pendlebury, Ablett, Swan, Selwood, Coniglio, Magner (Shiel, Ledger)

Mumford, Giles

(Redden, Stephenson)

Franklin, Fyfe, Martin, Cloke, Smith, Pfeiffer, Kennedy,

(Smedts, Dickson)


Def: Goddard, Deledio, Shaw, Broughton, Lake, Ellis, Bugg (Morris, Brown)

Mid: Ablett, Swallow, Selwood, Watson, Caddy, Coniglio (Shiel, Magner)

Ruck: Mumford, Giles (Redden, Stephenson)

Fwd: Franklin, Fyfe, Johnson, Martin, Porplyzia, Smith, Smedts (Kennedy, Hall)

$3,500 remaining


Supercoach team

Goddard, deledio,shaw, Burgoyne, hargrave, Clarke, bugg, spurr, morris

Ablett, Mitchell, Murphy, swallow a, ledger, Stevens, shiel, d smith

Mumford, kreuzer, Giles, reddan

Franklin, pavlich, Mitch Robinson, Dangerfield, porpus, Kennedy, Dickson, dell'ollio, keeridge

Thoughts jock? I know there are 3 crows up forward but I am open to suggestion


Out dell'olio, Stevens in pheiffer, magnet


Thanks for all the help in selecting my final team Jock, here it is

Def: Goddard, Deledio, Carrazzo, Broughton, B.Waters, Ellis, Bugg (Morris, Spurr)

Mid: Ablett, Pendlebury, Boyd, Priddis, Coniglio, Shiel (Ledger, Magner)

Ruck: Hale, Giles (Redden, Stephenson)

Fwd: Franklin, Fyfe, Martin, Sidebum, Dangerfield, Smith, Kennedy (Smedts, Dickson)


Def: Goddard Scotland deledio broughten lake Ellis bugg smedts Morris

Mids: Ablett Murphy Mitchell Boyd wingaard shiel ledger magner

Rucks: kruezer Giles redden Stephenson

Fwd: Franklin fyfe Martin n.reiwoldt dangerfield d.smith a.kennedy Pfiffer kerridge

Thoughts?? I'm quite happy with this and have done a lot of swapping over preseason but now im satisfied and ready to go 🙂

Sam C

As a Richmond supporter I must say Morris and Ellis will be brilliant and Martin about to take the world by storm. N.Riewoldt interesting. Risky, but if he moves onto the wing like Richo did years ago then he will be brilliant.

Sam C

Keep an eye on J.Riewoldt too. Scored 62 goals last year despite having hip, rib and ankle injuries.


Nice work looks similar to mine so I like it. I swapped n riewoldt for the jack variety on preseason form, first team I've done without nick.I also traded to get a 5-3 rookiegun split in mid rather than 4-4. Mines two down