MASSIVE 11th Hour Supercoach & DT 2012 podcast

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The atmosphere in Jock studio was absolutely electric tonight as we discussed the MUST have GWS players as well as the Sydney lads that you need to get your mitts on.

Supercoach genius professor Jock Reynolds

Supercoach genius professor Jock Reynolds

Here it is folks – the one you have all been gagging for today – our final word on the first partial lockout for Supercoach season 2012.

Now remember Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community fans – this site will be absolutely ablaze with crucial between-the-rounds advice during the year, and the podcast will hit the airwaves every week late on a Sunday night.

We look forward to meeting more of you on the site, on the facebook, and on the twitter as we progress towards our ultimate destination. Fantasy Footy immorality.

Jock Reynolds

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Jock, what about Rohan? Ya think he's still a go-er coming off the bench?


I was having a long hard think on Mumford. I know he is a premium ruck, but will Seaby take away from his scoring output this year? And Mumford will be rested on the bench when he is tired, Is it better to go for a ruck-man that will be rested up forward Like Cox and maybe Nic Nat?


Another rip snorter!

Crouching had me and the lads cracking again.

Def 1 3 ruck for me now


Surely you mean "immortality", Jock? Or was that a Freudian slip (maybe an Aussie Rules based porno)?


Jock what about A Maric at the tigers has been promoted off the rookie list?


Hi Jock,

Just wondering who I should get, Rhys Cooyou or Devon Smith?

Your help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

David M

Easiest question I have seen… Cooyou not named in rd 1 and had 1 good game in the NAB, whereas, Smith is a Lock mate!


Hi Jock me again,

Just to add to my last comment, it's now out of Rhys Cooyou, Devon Smith and young gun from Saint Kilda Terry Milera. I can get 2 out of those 3, so which 2?



Im deinitely not Jock but I think everyone would agree with me when I say Smith is the way to go.


Another ball tearer, thanks lads. Just a quick one on the make or break ruck strategy selection. I'm pushing the emergency button today on Giles; if he looks good, holds his own and scores 75 plus against the Big Mummy tonight, I will put Rowe or Big Tom D as my R4 (assuming they're not picked this round) and start that player on the ground, meaning I get Giles' score. If Giles looks bad, seems out of his depth or picks up an injury, I will select the two ruck premium strategy. Yes, I know this may mean I pass up the Big O from Gee-town. But that's a risk I'm prepared to take to get this all-important make or break ruck strategy selection CORRECT! Thanks again.


Hey Jock!

Just wondering who i should get in my forward line

– Dangerfield, Monfries or Sidebottom?

Jacob Cecil

dangerfield mate! Gunning it this preseason and both him and dusty martin seem set to explode and be a huge find this season!!


Thanks mate!


Jock-another great podcast. I'm still not sold on the 1/3 ruck setup though – locked in Mumford (VC)and named Giles as emerg to give me another week. Also locked in Old Mac. What's your thoughts on Lenny Hayes as M5???


What about Adam Kennedy? You guys were talking him up in the last podcast, but he didnt get a mention in this one. Is it because hes been named down back?

Also is Aaron Hall a chance at Gold Coast? Heard he has hamstring issues but hes a good player.

Cheers Jock Old boy


hi jock,

any suggestions on my team?

DEF: goddard, broughton, suckling, b.ellis, smedts, bugg, s.morris (yagmoor, bootsma)

MID: ablett, priddis, thompson, j.watson, carrazo, coniglio (d.sheil, pfeiffer)

RUCK: mumford, giles (redden, stephenson)

FWD: franklin, goodes, fyfe, martin, dangerfeild, porplyzia, D. smith ( saad, a.kennedy)


gday Jock, whats your opinion on C.Masten of WCE has had a ripper pre-season and his value is at $310,000 reckon its a bargain. Whats your opinion on him this season?

Jacob Cecil

injured mate…and better options out here too


Jock mate great stuff!

What do we think about L. Brown from Adelaide and Sam Gibson from North didn't see any of them but think they'll get the game time? or reckon get rid of A kennedy and go the tomlinson and smedts option?

Cheers all keep it up


what do you think about Josh Caddy from Gold Coast?

White Lions

Crushed it again boys – the initial rev up was a crack up. Great and getting better.

Luv the development of the Higgo character too.


White Lions


Backline Nil

Mids: Coniglio, Hoskin-Elliot, Old Mac and Shiel

Ruck Giles

Forwards Smith cameron and Cornes



Four from GWS in the mid? You're keen!


This is such a crack up. Just awesome. Well done!


Great work fellas

I have gone Mummy and the Nic nat 2 and 2 Ruck strat

and both Parker and McCarthy in the middle.

As you discussed if they fail I will down grade to cash cows. If they succeed I will trade them up to guns mid season

High Risk high reward!!

Keep up the good work :o)


Hey Jock any space in any of your leagues for a tragic like yourselves?


Wonder how many people picked Mumford ?

Considering Mumford costs $ 610,300 scores 95 and Giles cost $ 123,700 scores 87. Pretty average performance from Mumford, everyone expected him to score about 150 against the Giants. Giles out played Mumford all over the field. Wonder why Port Adelaide never gave him a run.


nearly picked him mark but so happy now 😀 go on the big man Giles ..


🙁 had Tim Mohr in the my team, listened to the podcast and traded him out 🙁 .. round three trade in if he smashes out another 80+ game … not too disappointed though, can't pick them all. went with 5 GWS rookies

Adam Kennedy 103 (on the field)

Johnathan Giles 87 (on the field)

Thomas Bugg 87 (on the field)

Devon Smith 54 (bench)

Dylan Shiel 33 (on the field)

Average 77.5 for my on the field rookies = VERY HAPPY COACH. . had a horrible feeling Shiel would get subbed out with his very limited preseason and should have stuck to my gut feeling and had him on my bench .. Also old mac could very well be that second trade along with mohr in my corrective trades for round three .. 99 .. well done mate and sorry i didn't have the guts to pick you 🙁 get another score like that next week (if your not rubbed out 😉 ) and i'll jump on 😀

isn't it great footie is back .. LOVE IT

Slippery Pete

J Mac will keep it up.He averaged 99 odd in 2010 from a full season in a side that was just as bad as the Giants. He might have himself a nice holiday first however.


Hopefully my gamble on a 4 Rookie Ruck has paid off !

Giles 88 with Redden to play who had an awesome pre season. These 2 players are the Smith of 2011.


Not really a supercoach question, but just for interest sake, Does anyone have any current info on Daniel Wells return for North? He played one pre-season game, but his injury is still listed as indefinate. Is he going to play at any stage. There isnt must info getting around about it. Not sure how well he is tracking. Cheers guys. Great site.

Slippery Pete

My understanding is that he's right to go round one.


Great advice on Mohr. Only was one of the best backs in the vfl, a much higher level than the neafl thing, mature age and guaranteed a game every week.


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