Supercoach 2012 Rookie Cheat Sheet – version 5

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Been involved in the Fantasy Footy caper for many years folks. Tell ya what though.. doesn’t matter how many preseasons I go through I can’t help but be filled with nervous anticipation during this period in which we all need to nail our final teams.

Peter Higginbotham and I disagreed on the merits of having 3-4 GWS lads in your team in our latest podcast which went up last night. Now while I reckon Higgo is being too conversative on his GWS rookies I’ve gotta warn you all…. please.. for gods sake.. don’t get sucked into the trap of whacking 8 GWS rookie lads into your team just because they’ll be named for round 1. Yep.. we’ll all see the GWS and Sydney teams named during the week and you’ll need to pick the GWS rookies you want in your starting lineup before the partial round 1 lockout this Saturday. Be disciplined folks. Who remembers Relton Roberts?

Hope this new rookie cheat sheet helps. Remember folks, Green = I’m strongly considering, Orange = I’m also considering, Red = I’ll steer clear

And again, we are so bloody happy to have taken our little Tuesday night 7pm @ Hungry Jacks Fantasy Footy Community onto the wide world interweb this year. Face Book, Twitter, Blogs… all mind blowing stuff and fair dunkum lovin it.

Jock Reynolds

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Jock, you're a bloody legend.



Hey Jock sorry to be a bother again mate, but I could use some advice about my rucks: Atm i have Naitanui and Mummy, can you see Naitanui being top 5 at the end of the season with cox's load in the ruck decreasing and nats increasing?? or should I upgrade Mummy to Mcevoy or Leuenberger, i have the cash for it btw 🙂


i mean Naitanui to Mcevoy or Leuenberger


I've gone Nicnat too. Bloke is a freak. If for some reason he's having a horrible time in the ruck due to having the squirts or something else extreme, at least you can bet on him running rings around the opposition up forward. Similar reason to keep Kreuzer in mind.


Thanks for the update mate. I'm seriously torn between Stephenson and Longer. On draft night, I thought Longer was about to break out in song and dance when he was talking. Looked like a completely different bloke in the Nob Cup and looks to get some early game time at the Lions. Stephenson looked pretty average to me all preseason except for a step up in the final game. Just seems like that as soon as Stephenson goes a bit average then West will come in and take over. AAAAAAAAAAAARRGGHHH!!


Sorry to double post, just went over it again and saw Shiels. I was also over this fella like a cheap suit a while back but fell off after I read this:

It's just one article, but Treloar and Shiels with interrupted preseasons. As good as they are, I'm stand off'ish in case they need to work their way back in considering the amount of young blokes they have to cycle through. I understand they've got Miles in there and he had a ripper on the weekend, but I'm going in somewhat conservative.


Love ur work Jock…. Been a bit of a wait through this pre-season but we r nearly there!!!! Ur sheets have been an amazing help so let the games begin mate!!! Cheers


Let the gamesssss begin!!! I can't wait


Jock, you are a legend mate !! – hey as a long time Blues supporter anyone ever say you look like Phil Maylin ?


Cheers Jock luv your work as usual, Whats your thoughts on Sam Shaw from Adelaide???



Shiel or Coniglio?

Weedon or Kerridge?

Clay Smtih or Stevens?


And what about Luke Brown? I can't get the guts to put him in when he hasn't played a NAB game…


And also what are your thoughts on Caddy from Gold Coast?


Shiel, Kerridge, Smith


coniglio is going to be a gun, 80+ most weeks i tip… get on him


Hi when i try to open the link it will just enter into a blank screen. Tried different browsers too?

Anyone know how to make it work?


Jeffro Jones

The cheat sheets are in .PDF format, meaning you need the free Acrobat Reader and/or the free Acrobat Reader Plugin for your browser to read them. If you have Acrobat Reader installed, and there is still a browser problem, try "right clicking" the link, and choose "save file as", to download it and view it on your computer.

hope this helps m8 🙂


Jock – you guys are doing a sensational job – thanks. Anybody got an opinion on whether to pick Marty Clarke or Cam Guthrie??


Hey Jock great work, do u think M.Baguley from Essendon will get early games?


He's locked in the forward line Jock .. just threw away the key 🙂


He's still about 4th or 5th in the pecking order for a role, especially with inclusions like McCarthy and Ebert who would of been recruited to play. Just keep a book mark on Pfeiffer for a delayed berth in case some of the other SC prospects don't work out I reckon.


Jock, No mention of Lee Spur in your latest list. I have to say I have him in my team at the minute and he might even get a place on the field .. had a good game on the wknd. A little worried on elis's scoring potential, a lock for game time yes but only 59SC pts on the wknd .. Spur might end up a better scorer !! Just a though anyway


Freo fans on bigfooty reckon Pearce will get the promo ahead of Spurr since he's dropped off the radar.


Hey Jock could you have a olook at my team and give me some feed back

BACKLINE: Goddard, Scottland, Deledio, lake, Dempsey,

Marty Clarke, Beau Wilkes, Mohr, Bugg

MIDFIELD: Pendles, Ablett, MArc Murphy, Priddis,

Wingard, Shiel, A kennedy, Magner

RUCKS: Mummy, H-Mac, Giles, Redden

FORWARDS: Buddy, Goodes, Fyfe, Dangerfield,

Devon Smith, Zorko, Smedts, Sam Rowe, Aaron Hall


Hey Jock,

Myself and a mate have started up a new website to cover all things fantasy footy, punting, media and basically anything to do with AFL. We’ve already given Jock Reynolds a plug on our first podcast and will be referring to you guys a lot during the year during our ‘SuperCoach Match Committee’ segment. Hopefully you don't mind the free plug here on your site.

Cheers, keep up the good work.



Any other news on elevations??


Jock, what do you reckon about josh caddy for GWS, reckon he is a breakout contender? By the way, love your work


Luke Brown, Jock? I know you liked him before but I don't know about him now that he hasn't had any game time in the NAB…


lee spur not elevated off rookie list as yet

Jacob Cecil

What about Lachie spurr(freo) and Luke brown(ade.) in your backs! Worth a punt old jock?

Sammy Winter

Come on guys join my league Future Kings only a couple more spots remaining!!!

The code is 498459.

Hope to see you there!!!


Hey Jock, whats your opinion on 4 rookie rucks? Giles, Stephenson, Redden and Longer?

Sammy Winter

Extremely Risky

But would work great if they all made money and played most games.



Defenders- b.goddard g.birchall p.duffield m.clarke J.drummond b.lake r.hargrave BENCH b.ellis l.brown

Midfield- d.swan h.scottland s. burgoyne l.hayes s.coniglio j.mcdonald BENCH d.shiel j.magner

Ruck- h.mcintosh j.giles BENCH j redden o.stephenson

Forward- l.franklin t.cloke b.harvey d.martin p.dangerfield a.christensen. d.smith BENCH a.kennedy t.couch

You are a stinking B

Jock….You are a stinking Bogan. Do you live in Carrum Downs?

Sammy Winter

One spot remaining in my league. The code is 498459. See you there!!!

Greg aloin

Do you think matt suckling is worth getting or Jed adcock


Hey Jock,

Your rookie predictions seem on the money. Unfortunately, I found this site too late and need a hand with my rookie forwards. Need to fill 3 rookie forward spots (GWS players are out):

1. Dickson, Kerridge and ??? (smedts is in defence)?

Who do you reckon? (Cheers mate)


Your rookie predictions seem on the money. Unfortunately, I found this site too late and need a hand with my rookie forwards. Need to fill 3 rookie forward spots (GWS players are out):
A good point but I don't agree with that.. domyessayforme