Post NAB 4 Review Podcast – Supercoach and DT 2012

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The Father of Fantasy - Mr Jock ReynoldsOver the next 5 days we’ll all need to make some tough decisions. We will all need to lock those unpredictable GWS lads that we’ve had our eyes on into our team. Take a deep breath. Sit in a comfortable chair. Go to your happy place and listen into this podcast. In this our 11th podcast this preseason we make sense of the swirling swamp of choices that us Fantasy Footy coaches face in the coming week.

Got a wife? Children? Job? Put all that aside for the next few weeks and leave no stone unturned in your search for the best Supercoach and Dreamteam rookies. In this podcast we focus on the rookies and bargains that you need to consider for round 1 with particular focus on the GWS young guns.

Stay glued to the site this week, my Rookie Cheat Sheet verson 5.0 has now been released – have a look and see how ya go

Don’t be a stranger.. post the GWS and Sydney fellas that you’ll be locking into your Supercoach and DT teams below

Jock Reynolds

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Hey Jock what do you think of Robbie Gray? would you have him or dangerfield in your forward line?


Dangerfield easy! Robbie wont be very consistant this season. Dangerfield has also shown us his talents in the nab cup with consistant scores


Also jock do you rate Redden and Cotchin as cheap premiums

Stroppy Jocks


after several years of dutifully plugging away at DT, decided to shift to SC. Several years too late to avoid watching dud players rack up big scores.

But getting ready to have a crack at SC by paying attention to Higgo, and occasionally tuning in you and Crouching.

Current team has 4 GWS and 2 Swans.

I find the rookie forwards the hardest. Not sure the St Kilda boys or A. Hall will play early.

So 2 GWS FWD rookies in Smith and Cameron.

Giles of course.

And only Mohr in the backs. As a big body, should play all the early games. And the Richmond rookies give more options in the behind area.

Swans are Goodes and Parker.

I know some people avoid mid-pricers like Parker, but I will pick them if they offer good value with low risk. Less risk than many rookies, anyway. In this, I think Higgo and I agree.


Please explain the swing captian again ?

Jeffro Jones

To make it work, you need

a: a partial lockout

b: a bench player who won't play.

This weekend, GWS and Swans players will be playing, so their players are "locked out" once the game starts on Saturday. But you have all week to continue tinkering with the rest of your squad, because none of them are "locked out". So – choose a likely Swans lad as your Vice Captain. Say Mumford, who should rack up the points against the Giants. Fine, Mummy is locked in as VC, that can't be changed. If Mummy smashes it and gets a big score, put your Captain on the bench, make him an emergency, and put your non-playing reserve on the ground. As your captain isn't playing, Mummy's VC score is now doubled, as he is your de-facto captain, and you also get your Captain's vanilla score as an emergency. If Mummy fails to score well, simply keep your regular Captain on the ground, and hope he scores better than Mummy.

Jeffro Jones

To clarify just a little bit – the non-playing bench player you put on the ground will be your new captain, as you can't have a captain on the bench.

Jeffro Jones

I for one had forgotten that – my head is spinning with the excitement of it all !!!


Thanks too many options !!!!! so hard to get your around !

Jeffro Jones

yeah, you can get too tricky for your own good. I'll think about the tricky business, but I might just lock and load one "G Ablett" 🙂


higgo and jock

is luke parker a def lock for u guys? can see him averaging 80+ loves the contested footy and looks like a gem.

yeah im also keen to here your thoughts on porpliza and dangerfield… for me they are both in my side at the moment or is there any other mid-price picks u would prefer?

had a bit of a look at g.rohan but may not be there just yet?


The MUST have GWS rookie is James Mac ($94k), played the general accross half back & racked up effective possesions. A proven performer and will play most games this year. Ignore him at your peril


Seriously misguided advice my friend


He is already out with a hammy, one questions his durability. These old blokes are there for some wise heads, Sheeds would play the young bloke before Old Mac I would think.

Jon Jon

Hehehe, he (Kane Lucas) chop-up ball like I chop-up bokchoy. He make mess on floor.


G’day mate

Just got on to your webisite

It’s amazing!

Mind giving my team a quick look at?








S Frost


(S Morris)





Dusty Martin

S Coniglio

A Miles

(S Clifton)

(J Magner)




(J Giles)

(J Redden)



Nathan Fyfe





A Black


(A Hall)

Cheers mate


Jock, what do you think of caddy, coniglio and cloke?


will caddy definetely be in the best 22 though


Caddy is a jet. From a fantasy perspective, not this year. Better value rookies around


Tomlinson, Treloar?? worth it?


Backline –

Deledio, Shaw, Broughton, Lake, Hargrave, Ellis, Bugg

(Darley, Morris)

Midfield – Murphy, Boyd, Watson, Sloane, Masten, Coniglio ( Treloar, Miles)

Rucks – Kruezer, Hale ( Giles, Reddan)

Forwards – Franklin, Fyfe, Martin, Zahakarakis, Dangerfield, Porplyzia, Smith (Smedts, Hall)

Any info?


Website is a dead set ripper. Love the podcasts and have been coming back constantly for the past few months getting the info from other comment writers. Down to the nitty gritty now and I reckon after a few weeks I have my skeleton of premiums, vanilla rookies, and a sprinkling of not-too-shabby mid pricers who will fast track a premium upgrade or two, but will most likely tweak it every night from here on out. Wouldn't mind a bit of feed back and also don't mind sharing for anyone who may of overlooked a player or two.

(in no particular starting order at this stage)

DEF: Scottland, Deledio, Birchell, Broughton, B. Waters, R. Hargrave, B. Ellis, Tomlinson, Bugg

MID: M. Murphy, Priddis, J. Selwood, Sloan, Clifton, C. Smith, Ledger, Magner

RUC: Nicnat, Longer, Giles, Redden

FOR: Franklin, Fyfe, Dusty, Sidebum, Dangerfield, D. Smith, A. Hall, Smedts, T. Dickson

Wasn't particularly pleased selecting 5 GWS at this stage. But after some deliberation I guessed Giles doesn't count since everyone would have him and he's safe, and Tomlinson/Smedts gives me that for/bac flexibility if the poo hits the fan one week. Fingers crossed the rookies can generate enough cash early on to upgrade blokes like Waters before/if they start going down.

I'm a Tigers man and I'm going Ellis over Morris. Plenty of talk on the Tiger boards what's going here. I'm a bit worried Ellis will start as sub against the Blues with Conca coming back in. It's a tough one to call when there will be blokes like Conca and Batchelor playing very similar roles. Leaning to Ellis because his disposal and tackling is class and is third in line for kick in duties behind Newy then Houli. Morris has pretty poor disposal if the NAB Cup is anything to go by and he was recruited for a lock down type role – an argument in his favour to play round 1 to take out the Betts/Garlett type, but wouldn't exactly be the best scorer. Just what I reckon anyway.


Fantasy suicide not having one gary ablett from round 1 IMO


Crouching is definately on the money. Couldnt agree more with everything he said. Wicked podcast boys


gday jock would just like to know your opinion on A.Gaff from WCE I'm watched him this preseason and has impressed me and for $331,000 could be a great bear gain




Jock your dedication to your readers is nothing short of brilliant… You're a #&^%ing legend, serious man crush going on right now.


Thoughts on Malceski mate??


Broughton or enright?


Lyon has had Broughton ripping through the midfield during the Nob Cup.


Backs – Deledio, Goddard, Lake, Hargrave, Ellis, Smedts, Guthrie (Morris S & Bugg)

Mid – Ablett, Mitchell, Priddis, Thompson, Scotland, Martin (Smith C & Magner)

Rucks – Macitosh, Maric (Giles & Stephenson)

Forwards – Franklin, Fyfe, Gunston, Dangerfield, Rohan, Porplyzia, Smith D (Treloar & Tomlinson)

Thoughts Jock?


Love your posts Jock they have helped me out heaps since I've missed majority of the NAB cup.

Backs – Goddard, Shaw, Broughton, Lake, Dempsey, Ellis, Bugg (Morris & Guthrie)

Mid – Ablett, Murphy, Goodes, Watson, Clifton, Smith (ledger, magner)

Rucks – Mumford, Giles (Redden & Stephenson)

Forwards – Franklin, Fyfe, Martin, Hurley, Chapman, Porplyzia, Smith D (Smedts & Kerridge)

What are your thoughts Jock?

?Dempsey or Hargrave

? on putting Tomlinson in backline instead of Morris or Guthrie as a DPP

Any thoughts would help! Thanks


Wow I didn't realise Jensen Button was Chinese!

Michael Kilkeary

Hey lads,

Just a couple of questions,First of all love the site helps me loads as I'm in Copenhagen and the TV coverage of the NAB cup was minimal.

What do you think about Rohan as a mid price forward?

Also Hargrave as a mid Defender?

Would you have any other players of the same price (280-300k) instead?




Hey jock been like a stalker of this page and loving the work you put in. Just wondering if u can give me ur opinion on my team. 

Def: goddard, deledio, shaw, newman, broughton, ellis, bugg. Res: smedts & brown

Mids: pendles, ablett, boyd, clifton, ledger, old mac. Res: clay smith & magner

Rucks: cox and giles. Res: redden & stephenson.

Fwds: buddy, goodes, fyfe, martin, dangerfield, devon smith, kennedy. Res: jeremy cameron & t dickson. 

Ive gone the 3 mid premiums because it allowed me to make my def and fwd line stronger, which will more than cover the points i would lose from not havin that 4th premium.Plus the mid rookies are going to increase in value faster, so i can upgrade to premiums eventually.

Ive also gone the 1 prem ruck cause i feel giles will be good enuf to score close to what another premium would.

As u can see ive gone for the gun rookie strategy, which gives me the point scoring ability from my premiums and hopefully some well chosen rookies, but also gives the opportunity to really make some money off my rookies. 

Lastly i have chosen a fair amount of gws players, but most would agree they are mainly mature big bodies or players who will be almost guaranteed a spot. 

Would love any feedback from a sc legend like yourself jock 🙂 cheers mate!


Pavlich or Chapman???

Or even someone else?


Fyfe he is flying


Yeh got Fyfe already his gonna be a top player this season.


Maybe Mitch Robinson??? Cheaper and a lot of tackles


Trust Chappy's body Jock – IMO, he will be back in a big way in 2012.


Hey Jock lovely site mate great reading!

What are your thoughts on such players as porplyzia, Brown (mitch) and zeph skinner? Porp's was alright with being impressive in the NAB from what I saw anyways, Zeph skinner looks a good price but not sure about the game time he'll get and same with mitch brown.

Bit shakey on gunston and stratton. Gunston looks like an ok price for what his abilities are. Also Haven't seen much of brissy did zorko get a run? they had some good raps on him from what i've heard.

Any thoughts??



jock or fellas

you got a defender for me under a 104K that will play round 1,2,3?

need one bad.

Jock I would get my mrs to give you a wristy if I seen you at the pub.



Mate your going to be s-t-ruggling here. Yagmoor at $106,000 but he'll prob struggle to play the rounds I reckon.

Maybe try and look at structuring in something like a Smedts ($113,200)/tomlinson (156,600) type set-up, its a defence/forward swap…that's if you can afford it or just go straight out Smedts.

Looking forward to see what others would say.


Hi Jock,

Loving the work, eagerly waiting every podcast and article you put up.

I have been chopping an changing my team around like a madman this pre-season. I wanted to get your take on running with two premium rucks this year with two gun rookies on the bench, currently running with Cox & Luenbeeeerrrger with Giles and Redden on bench, whats your take on this strategy?

Also Pav vs. Fife, whats your take?


Hey Jock,

Myself and a mate have started up a new website to cover all things fantasy footy, punting, media and basically anything to do with AFL. We've already given Jock Reynolds a plug on our first podcast and will be referring to you guys a lot during the year during our 'SuperCoach Match Committee' segment. Hopefully you don;t mind the free plug here on your site.

Cheers, keep up the good work.



Haha what can i say mate, supercoach has taken over..

Thats how i did have my team structured and with two premium rucks. But i feel a large majority will also adopt that strategy so going out of the norm might be a way to get an advantage. I was even considering dropping goodes for another fwd rookie so i could get another prem midfielder.

But havnt decided completely yet… But will definitely take ur idea into consideration! Cheers mate.


gday jock struggling here, would like your opinion on a mid that i could get for under 500k . cheers


Mate for 507k you could have Simon Black, what's that moncon you say, are you out of your freakin mind? well let's see, he's a gun Brownlow medallist with total JS and unbelievable durability who would also be a totally unique POD, so that's all good, and then if you're the opposition coach you'd be looking at the Lions midfield and thinking about a tag on Rockliff…no, Redden…Rockliff…Redden…or what about former Rising Start winner Daniel Rich who had better pull his finger out this year…you get my drift, I reckon Black's got one more year in him.

But it's a big call and I'm probably not brave enough to pick him myself.


Fantastic work all, very helpful and just a ripper of a read. One question I pose to you all (and Jock), which package would you pick ahead of the other? Swan and Hayes or Boyd and Watson? Any thoughts would be much appreciated!


Boyd and Watson.

I have been asking the same question alot these few weeks.

I've come to reaslise that Hayes may not get a full season in.

Whilst Watson has just recovered from a serious injury too, he is younger and a superstar.

Hayes may also be past his prime.


Was thinking along the same lines, thank you Mark.

Alphacats 07 09 11

I'm going for this side in DT


Deledio, Birchall, Broughton, Waters, Malceski,

Golby, Dempsey, Bugg, Morris

Mid Fielders

Ward, Mzungu, Caddy, Parker, Polec, Magner, McDonald, Kennedy


Mumford, Hale, Giles, Redden


Franklin, Fyfe, Cloke, Martin, Petrie, Dangerfield, Hurley, Smith, Hall


Im a mad pies man, but today my heart beats true, not only for a legend of our game, but a legend in more ways than football. A man to leave a wife and 2 young children breaks my heart.

Dublin Jim, my heart breaks for you.


Hi Jock where did you finished overall last year in super coach and when will your team for round 1 be put up


Would love your thoughts on this…

Option 1: Malceski, Caddy and $147K


Option 2: H Shaw, Ledger and $73K

Malceski makes me nervous, and I’m worried $218K is too much to pay on Caddy who is essentially on a rookie. But option 1 could really pay off?


Jock, old son, how ya doing? What do you reckon of Mr. Weedon out west? Haven't heard much lately, JS? Might jump back on Saad. Thoughts?

Keep up the good work lads! Hopefully my mates haven't found your site


Hey want to know what you reckon about my side for supercoach 2012 🙂

DEF: Deledio, Fisher, Enright, Heppel, Hargrave, Clarke, Bugg

SUB: Ellis, Morris

MID: Ablett, Swan, Murphy, Selwood, Shiel, McDonald

SUB: Magner, Cunningham

RUCK: Mumford, Giles

SUB: Redden, Stephanson

FWD: Franklin, Martin, Zaharakis, N Riewoldt, Sidebottom, Porplyzia, Saad

SUB: Pfeiffer, Dickson

Not sure about Saad in the starting team, is it a risk going with McDonald?

What about 3 rookie rucks?

Any feedback would be awesome!! 😀


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