Supercoach 2012 Midprice Player Cheat Sheet v2

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The Sultan of Supercoach

The Sultan of Supercoach

Click above for version 2. Green=Good,  Orange=Watch, Red= No

About this time of year we have this debate. It’s a worthy one. Are we better off steering clear of the midpriced player completely? Should we go with the “guns and rookies” strategy and select only the very best gun players and the cheap rookie bargains?

It’s a question I’ve been asked countless times at the various Fantasy Footy events and conferences that I speak at. The truth is you need to keep a broad and open mind when on the hunt for preseason value. Here are just a few do’s and dont’s to help;

  • Steer clear of your own club. You may have a passionate opinion about your favourite player. Sure Jason Blake may have a bit of extra definition on his bicep this season but is he really gonna step up and be that premium lock I need?
  • Study your turncoats. Someone like Brad Ebert has been snagged by Port away from West Coast. Would have been restricted for opportunity at West Coast but will be Boss Hogs at Port so you might have a close look at him
  • Ask yourself…. is this bloke going to be one of the years best scorers? It’s all well and good being confident that your player is going to improve this year.. but how much? Picking a player at $400k ish who may rise to $480k ish won’t make you enough $$ to cash in and won’t leave you with a player you’ll really want in your team later in the year

You should have a gander at Crouching’s article on Jay To’s winning 2011 Supercoach lineup. You might be surprised at what you’ll find in terms of midprice cattle.

Enjoy the cheat sheet (link as at the top of this article)

Jock Reynolds


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  1. MJ says:

    Thanks Jock,

    Have locked Hargrave into my team as i think anybody who knows anything about the game will. Big McIntosh with cheese is giving me a little headache at the min .. He's doing all the ruck work now but surly Goldstine will be number 1 ruck come the home and away season and he won't be getting 100+ ??? How do you see it playing out ?? oh and on a side note are you put off with Luenbuger's form ??

    What about Paddy Dangerfield in the forward line or have you upped him to a premium ststus .. I have him locked in .. looks set for a big year and not betting against him finishing in the top 7 forwards come the end of the comp 😀

    • Jock says:

      No worries mate – gotta say that big Hame has got me scratchin my chin as well. In the cold light of day it's likely Goldmember will take the #1 ruck sport at North with Mahe pinchhittinh and going fwd. Would be surprised to see him avg 100. Having said that… bloody cheap though!!! and Bought it in the weekend..

      LeuenHamnEggnBurger I'd like to look at more closely for a week or 2 in good conditions.

      Dangerfield. Putting serious study time in there.. could be huge this season

  2. johnnoB says:

    Cheers Jock – that's another beer owe you old boy!

    Any thoughts on the following mid-priced-ish lads….

    Nick ROO – ??

    Jack ROO – looks to have body back, was good the other night

    Morton – Sydney have a knack for recycling, reckon he could be suited to snags around the corner at SCG

    Hampson – Will he be key forward in front of good team?

    loving your work!

    • Jock says:

      hah it's an absolute pleasure Johnno old son.

      Nick Roo (love the bloke) hasn;t shown me enough yet to suggest he is back in the game. I'll hold off on him but early signs not fantastic..

      Jack Roo – not convinced he can rise far enough above his current price bracket to justify picking him..

      Morton – pass, enough chances for mine and only had the few touches the other nite.

      Hampson.. at 350k is value as I reckon he'll appreciate this year.. but at awkward price amongst many better picks in the ruck so a no for now..

      Just my opinion of course mate… I'm sure one or 2 of the above will prove this old battle horse wrong

      • johnnoB says:

        bloody champ …. ta

        what about chicken parma?? (reece)

        Bit of tasty melted cheese on offer there at a mid-price?

        • Jock says:

          Yeah – nice chicken wing on the Conc man.. could be a couldron of melted cheese with Conca if what I saw Rd 1 was anything to go by.

          • johnnoB says:

            not he conca old fella – reece palmer.

            reckon he could get a fair look in at GWS

  3. Rhys says:

    Hey jock, this is my second year in supercoach, been muckin around with my team for a few weeks tryin to sort it out. What do you reckon of Scott Selwood in 2012?

  4. Ron Burgundy says:

    No mention of Will Minson. He tore it up on the weekend and should be the dogs number one ruckman this year. I know a lot of people are thinking about him. Thoughts??

  5. Mitch says:

    surely chris masten from eagels should be considered? whats your thoughts

  6. Ryan Hargrave or Brian Lake?

  7. Amber Flamber says:

    Hey Jock,

    Any thoughts on Tom Hawkins? He is priced @ $377k – you think he will fire up this year?

  8. Michael 'Micky says:

    hargrave i think

  9. Hard to say early I reckon. Lake got though which is the main thing. His upside is bigger but the risk you get with him is also bigger. Lower risk with Hargrave but possibly lower risk… watch em both in the rest of the NAB

  10. ethan says:

    Sidebottom? Chance?

  11. Mark says:

    Nice cheat sheet there mate.

    Thoughts on Malceski.. Could this year be his year?

  12. Jacob Cecil says:

    What about Shannon Byrnes form geeeeelong. Sure at 220k a pint? Been thinkingg about him but worries about job security.

  13. Sammy Winter says:

    Kane Cornes looked good in the nab, your thoughts on him or should i stick with Ebert?

  14. Sammy Winter says:

    Your thoughts on Barlow?

  15. Sammy Winter says:

    Hey Everyone,

    Who wants a challenge. Join my supercoach league Future Kings. This is the right league for you if you have been thrashing everyone in all your leagues for the last or two.

    The code is 498459.

    I hope to see you there!!!

  16. haydz6 says:

    hey Jock! just wondering who you think i should pick between Hargrave & Lake?