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A sen-bloody-sational weekend of Supercoach 2012 couch study awaits us frequenters of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community website. If you are lucky enough to have pay TV here are the bargains you might like to keep an eye on in the televised games in Round 2….

 Gold Coast Suns v The Catters – Metricon Friday @ 7.40pm

Plenty of Supercoach interest here.

  • Keen to see if 21 year old Aaron Hall (GCS FWD $106,600) can back up his ripping Round 1 performance. This kid was 161cm in year 10 as Higgo told us in this weeks ripping podcast. Then he spent most of his 18th year in bed with growing pains. I spent most of my 18th year in bed, how can I put this, discovering myself. Poor bloke. Really want this champ of Fijian background to succeed.
  • I’ll be expecting Billie Smedts (FWD/DEF $113,200)  to improve in this game after adjusting to the pace after last weekend. Was ok but not the slashing game breaker I know. Watch him closely.
  • The dynamic in the ruck between Orren Stephenson (RUCK $106,600) and Trent West (RUCK $373,200) will be interesting. West seems to have lifted which isn’t great for the big O’s fantasy stocks. Either way gig Orren is still a ruck bench lock for mine, but seems clearly a 2nd fiddler to me unless this weekend sheds some extra light on the subject.

Hawks v Greater Western Sydney, Aurora Saturday @ 3.40pm

Where does an old Supercoach legend start with GWS?

  • Will have the binoculars set fairly and squarely on Sam J Reid (GWS MID $113,200) who features in the latest Jock Reynolds Rookie Cheat Sheet. Mature big body who may become a cash cow of significant magnitude. Old mate Sheeds will be keen for this ex bulldog to bullock his way through the season without missing many.
  • Then there’s Tomas Bugg and Sam Darley (both GWS BACKS $113,200). Both looked the business with 10 touches apiece against the pies the other week in the shortened game.
  • Rhys “The Beast” Cooyou (GWS FWD $128,700) aroused me in round 1. The 21 year old slickster’s only knock is an injury plagued 2011 in the NEAFL last year. If those injuries are behind him he will be slap bang in my starting forward bench.
  • Ex Port fringe dweller  Jonathan Giles (GWS RUCK $126,700) needs to be a member of your ruck 3 or 4 position. Simple as that. Watch him lumber his way around Aurora and into your fantasy footy heart.
  • Not sure if Sheeds will let gun recruit Adam Treloar (GWS FWD/MID $113,200) out of the cellar. If he does have a good hard look. This kid could be just what you need to swing between your forward line and your midfield.
  • Stevie Clifton (GWS MID $130,700) is on my radar. New to the AFL caper as a ripe 25 year old, has won 3 flags and a Liston in the VFL and now has his chance in the big league. Just the 3 touches in NAB round 1, but an improvement on that would see his stocks rise.
  • For the Hawks we have the comeback kid Benny Stratton (HAW DEF $276,500). He showed a few cobwebs the other week but he is still a smokey chance at being a significant ball winner off the Hawk half back line and a midpricer if you’re that way inclined. I’ll keep half an eye on him.

Collingwood v Melbourne, Etihad Saturday @ 7.40pm

  • Peter Yagmoor (DEF $106,600) is a young buck at 18 in a season where mature aged rookies are all over the shop. But what I saw in round 1 made me sit up, crack another Hahn Ice and take notice. The worry for me is his job security at the star studded Pies. But with injuries hampering Collingwood he could be a real round 1 chance. A sneaky chance to make next weeks Rookie Cheat Sheet
  • Marty Clarke (DEF $170,000) is no stranger to Pie land and if word that his current injury is minor is true he will be a real steal at $170k. He’s tipped to take over where Leon Davis left off across half back, but Yagmoor may be putting a bit of pressure on the Irish kid. Watch them both with interest this weekend. Hope Clarke plays.. word was he had a 1 week injury but wonder if they’ll risk him?
  • Demon James Magner (MID $94,000) is almost a certainty to be lifted off the rookie list and added to the main list after his performance in round 1. He is cut from the same cloth and myself. Huge ticker. Extracts the hard ball. Hard body. The 24 year old ex Sandringham player is a great get for the Dees and a real chance to make my final Supercoach team. Another good game in round 2 would seal the deal.

The Doggies v Carlton, Etihad Sunday @ 5.40pm

  •  And now to deploy some world class humour. I need to Seymour Skinner. That is humorous because it is a clever play on words around the fact that I would like to see more of young  bulldog live-wire Zephaniah Skinner (FWD $113,200). This spring heeled jack from the NT looked downright bloody exciting the other week. Will he be able to hold down a spot in the Dogs lineup? Helped himself to 53 Dreamteam points in his single hit out against GWS.. watch closely.
  • Brian Lake (DEF $286,900) has been tipped to return. Would be surprised if he has much of a hit out after a revised preseason. Any hint of injury related restricted movement and he will be well and truly off my starting Supercoach lineup. Wish him the very best in his comeback – such a talent. Could be a bargain but proceed with caution kids.
  • Blue Kane Lucas (MID $223,900) sizzled last weekend. Highly rated kid in his 3rd year at the club. Has struggled with form and injury in his first 2 seasons but has been tearing shreds off them this preseason. Can’t quite see him cementing a spot in the Blues midfield or in my Supercoach team at this stage. Job security coupled with his injury risk have me holding back. This weekend could just change my mind.. watch.

Fremantle v Richmond. Patersons Stadium Sunday @ 5.10 WA time

  • Young Docker Lachie Neale (MID $106,600) has Ross the Boss approaching a heightened state of smile risk. He starred in the first of his 2 hit outs in round 1 and looked very very slick. Will want him to back it up with at least a serviceable performance against the Tigers in the full 4 quarter version of the game to stake a claim for regular season round 1. Was picked 58 in last years draft.
  • Tigers Brandon Ellis (DEF $126,600) and Steve Morris (DEF $113,200) are two defence prospects that you should watch this weekend. Morris was the better performed of the two on round 1 and is slightly cheaper so leads this two horse race so far. Ellis has the better rap. Have the feeling that Ellis will emerge this weekend after getting the hang of the pace. Look forward to watching these lads.
  • Tom Derickx (RUCK $106,600) is worth consideration behind Orren Stephenson and Jonathan Giles on your ruck bench if you are considering going in with 3 rookie rucks. Is being experimented with up forward and can take a fair pluck. Watch.

So over to you lot now eh? Who will you be keen to have a gander at this weekend?


Jock Reynolds




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Jack O'Neill vi

Wheres the Saints match

Jason McMahon via Fa

yep the the cobwebs are blown out , time for some nitty Gritty

Jordan Forrest via F

You're a champ Jock, i'll be giving you a share of my $50,000 SuperCoach winnings this year 😉

Xavier O'Hallor

cheater jordan

The Big Fella

Good write up Jock! Will be keeping a close eye on a few of these for sure. Also, on Magner – Brad Green is now on the veterans list, and Max Gawn on the LTI List, and I think they already had a spot open also. Making 3. So you will find Nicholson and Magner will be promoted for sure. Couch a maybe. Magner is already in for me. Also – Get onto Higgo with that formula I mentioned regarding Player Value Rating that also factors in the players fixture. Reckon that may see eg Pendles slide a bit, and Goldie fly up.

The Big Fella

Serious Note – 5 Mid Premiums? 4 Mid & 2 Ruck? Or 4 Mid and Spread the cash? – My thinking is the cash is going to come from the Mid Rookies this year, moreso that there is more options… Thinking about 4 Mids and the rest rookies, but just can't bring myself to pull the trigger on it. Have 5 Mids over 600k, and it looks really good Jock. REALLY good!

Jock Reynolds Fantas

Jack – ran out of gas mate and thought I'd just cover the televised games. Appreciate the support lads and glad you're getting some use out of it

Jack O'Neill vi

Do yoy know why theyre not televised

Jock Reynolds Fantas

Spose Fox footy couldnt get around to all the games this weekend mate – regular season they'd have the commercial networks at the others

Jordan Forrest via F

saints are playing at Wangaratta, probably not the greatest place to televise the footy

Jack O'Neill vi

Regardless.. Bit disappointing..


Its only the saints


Love your work jock, great in site to building my winning team…. Let the games begin, pretty pumped for round 1!!!!!


great stuff Jock! dying to know what you're gonna do with big J Brown…


what's this i hear about cooyou being rookie listed, any truth to it?


any news/opinions on michael coad from the suns?

Shane Rodwell via Fa

I heard the coach laughed at suggestions these two would play anywhere near 20 games… Any truth to that Jock?

Jason McMahon via Fa

Have the noculars on lake to be sure to be sure

Arnold Quirong via F

any thoughts on allan christensen?

Jock Reynolds Fantas

Christensen could be a nice unique pick – im not too keen though as he is at that awkward midprice range… cant see him pushing the 100+ avg and making enough money to be a cash cow..

Jason McMahon via Fa

Pick 40 mate nuff said 🙂


Any info on my team?

Backs – Goddard, Deledio, Broughton, Grimes, Clarke, Ellis, Bugg ( Morris)

Mids – Ablett, Murphy, Boyd, Rockliff, Hayes, Wingard (Neale, Magner)

Rucks – Leuenburger, Giles (Stephanson)

Forwards – Franklin, Fyfe, Martin, Zahakarakis, sidebottom, smedts, hall ( Treloar, Frank)

Arnold Quirong via F

was looking into christensen to replace j.brown. any ideas on a replacement?

The Big Fella

If you have cash or can find it there are heaps of options floating around. Mitch Clark, Hale, Watts.

If you want to downgrade, Jack Darling around the same price. Especially with LeCras out for the season now.


heres my team any feedback be great

Back: Deledio.B, Shaw.H, Broughton.G, Fisher.S, Adcock.J, Waters.B, ellis.B, Smedts.B, Bugg.T

Mid: Ablett.G, Scottland.H, Fyfe.N, Lucas.K, Coniglio.S, McDonald.J, Magner.J, Gibson.S

Ruck: Kruezer.M, Derricx.T, Giles.J, Stephenson.O

Fwd: Franklin.L, Martin.D, Riewoldt.N, Sidebottom.S, Walker.A, Ballantyne.H, Rowe.S, Cooyou.R, Hall.A

Shane Rodwell via Fa

I'll be chewatching 😉


Is News LTD's pay TV arm REALLY the only place where you can watch the game?


Has anyone considered Nathan Brown. Only 200k and premiership player for the pies. Likely to be played round 1 given Pies injury woes.


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