Supercoach 2012 Rookie Cheat Sheet – version 3

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The Peoples Prince - Jock Reynolds

Supercoach legend Jock Reynolds

JOCK’S SUPERCOACH 2012 ROOKIE CHEAT SHEET  <<click here for version 3

Another spankin weekend of NAB Cup action and some more young guns on the old radar. We discussed the young colts who have put their hands up for this version of the Rookie Cheat Sheet in last nights podcast.

Notable by their omissions are poor old Dayne Zorko (BRL) and Dylan Shiel (GWS). The Zork man has been confirmed by Vossy as having a buggered hip and will be out till early in the regular season. Dylan Shiel didn’t do much to inspire confidence by appearing in a moon boot last weekend and is off the list. Suggestions that the boot was to keep that particular foot warm have been put to bed. We wish the lads a speedy recovery.

New kids on the block in a big way are;

  • Demon James ‘Please Consider’ Magner (MID $94,700)
  • Gold Coast lad via Tassie Aaron ‘Growing Pains’ Hall (FWD $ 106,600)
  • and Port lads ‘The Chad v2’ Wingard (MID $171,600) and ruck hopeful Jarrad ‘The Other’ Redden (RUCK $113,200)

Stay tuned – The Crouching One will be revealing the first version of his team in the next day or so. He reckons it’ll give my mob a run for their money. Dreamin. Tell him he’s dreamin.

Jock Reynolds


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  1. Jordan Forrest via F says:

    youre a freak jock

  2. Again with missing off my boy Yagmoor 😉 Gotta be in the team with all the injuries at the Pies

  3. I'll take a punt Jordan Forrest me mate and say – thanks

  4. Jordan Forrest via F says:

    no no, thank you mate.
    will you be having a league with some of your followers perhaps? 🙂

  5. Create a DT League Jocky! i wanna vs you, I'm in it to win it, 😉

  6. haha right lads righto I'll get to it soon you lil whipper snappers.. thanks for supporting us lads 😉

  7. Jordan Forrest via F says:

    no problem, so glad i came across this page, youre a legend!

  8. Still want to see him a 2nd time Bullet me old mate.. if Marty Clark is in definite trouble Í see him with more of a go at rd 1 actions

  9. Ross Tsouflidis via says:

    i dont see Redden playing in round 1 for Port
    also is cooyou a rookie listed player? the green is confusing me

  10. What about tynan from the dees jock? Hard at it, thought he looked ok

  11. Great work Jock, really appreciate it a lot

  12. SoftSocks says:

    Hey Jock I was wondering if you could give me some feedback on my team mate! I was afraid if i posted in the comments with your team it'd go missing and be un-answered. Here goes!

    Defence: Goddard, Lids, Shaw, Fisher, Buggs, Darley, Morris, Brown and Wilkes.

    Mids: Ablett (C), Murphy, Priddis, Selwood, S. Reid, Neale, Magner and S. Gibson

    Rucks: Berger, Mummy, Giles and stephenson

    Forwards: Franklin, Fyfe, Chapman, Dusty, Cooyou, Treloar, Hall, Smedts andKerridge.

    Hope you find time to give me some fead back Jock!

  13. Do u know why kyal horsely didn't play for the suns on wknd mate?? And also what does the red,green orange etc mean on cheat sheet? Keep up the good work!!!

  14. Cam says:

    Tim McIntyre caught the eye, has the build and attitude that a coach like Sanderson will love. Mid/Fwd and rock bottom price. Yes please.

    • Jock says:

      Did look ok didn't he – absolutely burning up the track as well. The doubt there is that he was struggling for a game for Sturt in the SANFL midway through last year.. ready for the step up?

  15. Not sure Lucas Oates my man about Horsely will have to loo into that. Green = GO and RED = No Go 😉

  16. Arnold Quirong via F says:

    random question; during the bye weeks will we be playing against a coach as well, if i remember correctly at some point last year there was a week where no coaches played against eachother

  17. We need a JR supercoach league too, looking forward to stoushing it out with the three greats!

  18. Cheers mate 😉 Jock Reynolds for PM!!

  19. Pales says:

    Timmy McIntyre didn't look out of place on Sunday at all! I think it will be between him and Callinan as to who gets the last spot on the senior list. Callinan is a crafty little fella, can kick a footy with the best of them that lad… Bit expensive for DT but.

    Rory Sloane could be a good unique pick…

  20. love it jock. You rippa

  21. Jock for PM.. cannot count that out as a possibility mate Lucas Oates

  22. Mark says:

    Can you provide news links about these injuries to Zorko and Shiel? I haven't seen anything to totally confirm this.

  23. Luke says:

    heyy just wanted to see if anyone had some feedback about my team…


    goddard STK

    scotland CAR

    deledio RIC

    broughton FRE

    Lake WB

    Clarke COL

    bugg GWS


    brown ADE

    Darley GWS


    pendlebury COL

    Ablett GC

    dal santo STK

    Selwood GEE

    reid GWS

    mcdonald GWS


    Magner MEL

    Gibson NM


    leuenberger BRI

    mcintosh NM


    giles GWS

    stephenson GEE


    franklin HAW

    fyfe FRE

    Goodes SYD

    Brown BRI

    cooyou GWS

    pfeiffer PTA

    Smedts GEE


    Treloar GWS

    Kerridge ADE

    Any feedback or comments would be good 🙂 only question is whether to have brown ADE or wilkes STK

  24. Adam says:

    Im Tossing up between Dangerfield and J Riewoldt but im not sure which one to go with in my forward line

  25. Cooky says:

    Nice work Jock loving the cheat sheets can you have alook at my side and give any suggestions


    MID –





  26. Jordan Forrest via F says:


  27. Jordan Forrest via F says:

    Whats your view on Devon Smith?

  28. Tops in the contest – mid/fwd – looked very strong on the weekend. Beg chance to be on the v4 sheet jordan old son

  29. Luke Brown not picked for the Crow eaters – with Sanderson suggesting that the squad picked for this weekend being the 'likely'round 1 team…

  30. No Luke Brown Jocko……there goes my DPP rookie defender grrrr

  31. Oliver Glaister via says:

    Jock, what's your take on Couch from the Dees?

  32. Caine Chappell via F says:

    Agree with Oliver. Couch looking like promotion with Magner

  33. Jenkins might get games to help Jacobs

  34. Are there any rookie mid/def this year that will play??

  35. Oliver Glaister via says:

    How about Richie Cunningham @ the swans?

  36. What's the story with Kelvin Moore from Richmond is he going to play this year

  37. Tracey-Lee O'Br says:

    Yeah I like the look of Cunningham too Oliver. Clay Smith, Dell'Olio, Couch and Saad should get a mention in vers #4 if they prove well again.

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