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The Peoples Prince - Jock Reynolds

The Peoples Prince – Jock Reynolds

I mentioned in this weeks post NAB weekend 1 podcast that I would reveal the first version of my Supercoach 2012 team during the week. What Jock Reynolds says Jock Reynolds delivers folks. I haven’t reached lofty heights within the AFL community by making silly promises willy nilly.

Our maths and stats brain Peter Higginbotham last week revealed the first version of his team. Fair to say that Higgo has had chins wagging and tempers flaring by the water cooler. I’ve booked him into counselling sessions to help him deal with the demands that come with his growing public profile. His recovery is progressing nicely. Eating solids again. Due to be right by next weeks podcast.

Righto – here it is folks.  I’ve used the sen-bloody-sational “Higginator” Team Analysis Tool to get this together:

Supercoach 2012 Defenders

Goddard was about the only fella I didn’t give a 2nd thought to here. The main concern with Scotland  is his age which still has me worried. Hard to look past the bloke though on current form, reliability and his DEF/MID abilities. Brian Lake I will be watching like an absolute HAWK for the rest of the preseason – the slightest hint of a setback and WOOOSHKA he’ll be out the door.

Supercoach 2012 RucksBeen keen on the 1 gun 3 rookie ruck format for some weeks now. Big Matty HamNEggnBurger is a real star and I am a dead set rap for the kid. Read more about my thoughts on him in Jock’s Locks here. With Vardy crook big Orren ‘Ayres Rock’ Stephensen will be my rookie on the ground with Giles the other lock. Not too sure about young Sammy Rowe yet, I’ll see how his shoulder pulls up otherwise big Tomy Derickx is next in line.

Supercoach 2012 midfieldersReckon Leigh Montagna has been slipping under the radar so far this preseason. A proven Supercoach gun a bit off his game last year and at a nice price. No secret I’m a big rap for gun and all round good bloke Matty Priddis . Steele Sidebum is one player in and out of my lineup – reckon he is due to bust out and also like his MID/FWD abilities. Rookies not locked in obviously at this stage but liked the look of Bauguley and he’ll open up a link with my defenders.

Buddy will smash em this year if what I saw last weekend is anything to go by. Looks bloody tops. Big Jono Brown carries with him some risk, but the reward will be too juicy to pass up on. Can play with injury so at least he’ll be a warm body on the field if his rig doesn’t quite hold up. Gary Rohan… look out AFL here he comes. Will have a close look again at him this weekend but a super talent at a tempting price.

Supercoach bye strategyWe all know that rounds 11 thru 13 will be a real bugger this season with the multi byes. Higgo’s tool is showing red for me in round 11 which is alright as most of my round 11 blokes are rookies that I’ll have cashed in by then.

Round 13 is gonna hurt with many of my premoim guns having the bye. I’m not letting this sway me in my team selection. I’ve been pretty vocal in my view that there is a lot of water to pass under the old bridge before then. Concentrating too much on round 13 at this stage risks you compromising the quality of your picks. I’ll think more about bye friendliness as injuries and upgrades become a factor. Read up on my warning about Noise Pollution here to help you get onto the straight and narrow in this regard

Supercoach team balance

Looking at the team balance I’m pretty bloody happy with my Guns to Rookies ratio. Generally not a midprice man unless there’s something especially juicy in that price range, and reckon J Brown and Rohan could tick that box.

So team… what do you reckon of Jock’s first Supercoach 2012 team?

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Jordan Forrest via F

No Dustin Martin?


He's there.


Jock, wouldn't mind your thoughts and opinions on my side for 2012…question mark over one fella, what do you think of big sammy reid from sydney?































s.reid (sydney)




Also wanting joel selwood in there somewhere, but don't know how to slot him in…you're help would be much appreciated!!

Joshua Beattie via F

gonna move to my study and have a good look at this. 🙂


I was thinking Lenny Hayes would be a decent pick.

Even if his old body wont last the entire season, he can prove to be a great trade up option to a top Gun like Pendles after a few weeks.

And Sam J Reid is a bloody superstar. Can definetely see him playing a lot of Games and seeing a nice rise in his price. Great pick on him

Is Luke Brown still a suspension risk??


Even not at top form Hayes can probably still rack up 80 points at least, May not seem like much with so many other players to choose.. And he also runs the risk of injury.. But if he can make it at least 5 rounds.. Then theres plenty of money to get a top quality superstar.

Its a risk but if all goes well, the trade up will be too good to pass

Jock Reynolds Fantas

In the forwards mate – love young Dusty this year 😉

Jordan Forrest via F

oh he is too, dont know how i missed that!
god I almost had a heart attack haha

Michael Bullet Bandy

Jock….i've told you many times my friend, get on Shuey.

Jock Reynolds Fantas

Haha good on ya Micky – he's in the mix mate


Defenders-B Goddard, B Deledio, H scotland, B Lake, M Buntine, M Clarke, B Ellis, S Darley, L Brown

Midfield-G Ablett, N Dal Santo, M Murphy, M Priddis, M Barlow, S Coniglio, S Reid, T Mitchell

Ruck-M leuenberger, J Giles, O Stephenson, J Staley

Forward-L Franklin, R Okeefe, D Martin, S Sidebottom, J Porplysia, S Gumbleton, D Pfieffer, D Zorko, B Smedts

$50,900 remaining

15 rookies, 2 mid-pice, 13 premiums

byes-Round 11, Round 12, Round 13

11 8 11

Thanks Jock 🙂


Could you please have a look at my team thanks

The Big Fella

M.Clarke is under an Injury Cloud.

Scott Gumbleton has played 7mins in 18 years. Rest of the side is fairly decent. Might want to also look at some more DPP flexibility


marty clarke did soft tissue damaged so he will be ok. I reckon gumbleton will go good this year.. but i might change him for another rookie:) thanks big fella


dude u seriously cannot be thinking of putting gumbles in?? he hasnt played a NAB cup game yet and is probably the most likely player in the afl to get injured, not to mention his had a shit pre-season

Michael Bullet Bandy

I'd drop Priddis for him tbqh 😉 But thats me

Jordan Forrest via F

i wouldnt agree michael, sorry ahah

Michael Bullet Bandy

Each to their own Jordan, I just see Priddis taking a drop in price this year. Shuey has the right mindset to elevate himself to the level of Ablett/Swan/Pendles/Dal


Yeh i see your point there Jock.

But do you think its wise to play Goddard, Scotland and Deledio at once?

They all have a bye in round 13, And im assuming you don't plan to trade them out cause they are all solid point scorers.

Come round 13 your score is going to dip a lot unless you burn a trade getting rid of one of them


Its a massive gamble there..

Your basically guessing they would get injured/ suspended.

For me Im gonna have:




and Maybe Jed Adcock or Heath Shaw

That way when the bye comes around, I'll have at least 2 Superstars in my line up

Ben Kemp via Faceboo

Get seb Ross in jock..


Can you rate my team please

As all ways beginning of the season is the hardest time


B, Deledio Rich. MID

C, Enright Cats

D, Heppell Ess

M, Johnson Freo FWD

L, Hanson NM FWD

B, Ellis Rich

T, Mohr GWS

B, Smedts Cats FWD

B, Wilkes SK


S, Pendlebury Col

G, Ablett GC

B, Goddard SK DEF

P, Chapman Cats FWD

C, Wingard PA

A, Morabito Freo

D, Zorko BL FWD

T, Mitchell SY


D, Cox WC

Z, Smith GC

J, Giles GWS

O, Stephensen Cats


L, Franklin Haw

M, Pavlich Freo MID

D, Martin Ric MID

J, Brown BL

J, Porplyzia AD

A, Tomlinson GWS DEF

D, Pfeiffer PA MID

A, Treloar GWS MID

T, Wlash SY

Thinking of changing Pendles out so i can get a stonger MID for Morabito.

And Giles for Smith and spend on another small priced ruck to leave more money for else where

Please rate my team Jock



Barlow he hunts the ball like nobodys business. Or Cotchin, Fyfe (MID/FWD) and Goodes or O'Keef


Morabito looks a risk at this stage. Coming off a bad knee injury. Done nothing so far.

Michael Bullet Bandy

And Gibson 😉

Chris Midgley via Fa

ive not herd much of baguley

Kade Birchall via Fa

gotta have buddyyyyy

Lee Coolman via Face

ziebell over sidebottom i say, ROK in mid to give DPP


And Sloane over both.


Hey Jock, can you take a look at my team please.


1 B.Goddard STK

2 H.Scotland CARL

3 B.Delidio RICH

4 H.Shaw COLL

5 M.Suckling HAW

6 T.Bugg GWS

7 L.Brown ADE

8 P.Yagmoor COL

9 M.Baguley ESS


10 G.Ablett GC

11 M.Murphy CARL

12 M.Boyd WB

13 S.Mitchell HAW

14 C.Wingard PTA

15 S.Ross STK

16 J.McDonald GWS

17 S.Gibson KAN


18 M.Leuenberger BRIS

19 J.Giles GWS

20 O.Stephensen GEE

21 T.Derickx RICH


22 L.Franklin HAW

23 N.Fyfe FRE

24 M.Pavlich FRE

25 D.Martin RICH

26 R.Cooyou GWS

27 B.Smedts GEE

28 Z.Skinner WB

29 D.Zorko BRIS

30 C.Dell'Olio ESS

Cheers mate




Jock my auld flower,

Was really looking forward to having a look at this team mate and you haven't disappointed 😀

You sly dog, you keeping this baguley guy to yourself ?? I like how you have gone heavy on the midfield, five guns in there .. nice .. that's were the real points are coming from 😀

If I have one concern i'd say you have spent too much in defense on guys I don't think will guarantee big scores off the bat .. Deledio has a little nigglely injury and a horrible run of games at the start of the year Carlton, Collingwood, Geelong, and WCE in the first 5 rounds. Can see him starting slow and could be a great first upgrade come round 6 🙂 I see Shaw and Scotland as both risks too and don't think either are ganteed to get you the asking price value of points.

However if they do this team looks really strong and a really well balanced, Has given me some fresh ideas too so big thanks 😀


Why start sidebum in the mids???


For a FWD swinger. He'll need at least one.


For mine, not sold on Baguley or Wilkes thus far. I think one of your premium defender/mids has to play in the middle instead of maybe Monty.

Chris Midgley via Fa

so you're pretty cofident zorko will be fit


Hey Jock, could you have a look at my team please?!

Defenders: Goddard, Shaw, Birchall, Broughton, Duffield, Clarke, Bugg (Smedts, Brown)

Midfielders: Ablett, Murphy, Boyd, Selwood, Neale, Gibson (Docherty, Pfeiffer)

Rucks: Sandilands, Giles (Derickx, Stephenson)

Forwards: Franlkin, Fyfe, Martin, Sidebottom, Porplyzia, Weedon, Walsh (Tomlinson, Hampton)

13 Premiums

2 Mid-Price

15 Rookies

1 Def-Mid

1 Mid-Fwd

1 Def-Fwd

Def byes 2/5/2

Mid byes 3/2/3

Ruck byes 1/2/1

Fwd byes 4/3/2

Thanks Jock!


Hey Jock! Great to see someone else has picked Boydy. What a gun! Probably one of the most underrated players in the AFL and a red hot chance for the Brownlow (I'm a pies fan BTW). What do you think of Mitch Wallis? He missed games last year as a fringe player in his first year though scored well when he played. With Ward gone I reckon he'll be a regular. Also is Didak too much of a risk? We know he has the skill and couldn't possibly get any worse. Thanks mate, great side!


Hi Jock, nice team! But I notice having 4 premos and 2 swingers in your mids has left u with only 2 of those valuable midfield rookies.

Do you think having the swinging option in your starting team is an absolute must?

The Vibe Squad

Jock, I'm not sure where you transcended from, but we as mere mortals are benefiting greatly from your prosperous wisdom. It takes

After much deliberation, thought and blue cheese i present you my Supercoach 2012 team for your perusal, advice and guidance.














Priddis (your man)



(Neal, Gibson)




(Stephenson, Derickx)









(Walsh, Wheedon)

Kitty: $23,700.00

Thanking you in advance sir.


Clarke injured, only soft tissue though still a gamble. Same with Shiel. Would go for Stephensen over Giles as your on field ruck.

Great side, fwd's look dangerous! No Jonno Brown???


Hi Guys,

Would apprecaite some advice on my side. Have re-jigged a bit based on Jock's words of wisdom though plety of time for improvements.

Backs: Goddard, Deledio, Shaw, Broughton, Lake, Bugg, Morriss (Mohr, Wilkes)

Mids: Ablett, Swan, Boyd, Priddis, Chapman, Reid (McDonald, Baguley)

Rucks: Sanderlands, Stephensen (Giles, Rowe)

Forwards: Fraklin, Sidebottom, Dangerfield, Brown, Rohan, Zorko, Smedts (Cooyou, Treloar)

Considerations: Would like Barlow in the side though may need to swap for Sidebottom. Also wondering if Goddard is a wise first round pick. Didn't look too good in his NAB games last week.


Hey all,

Early days yet, I know – but any thoughts on my team so far? Basically looked at the early rounds to kick off good price jumps (hopefully) and stayed away from Richmond (for the moment) given their horror first 5 rounds – Deledio and Martin are top of my things to do list afterwards. Went heavy on DPP's; trades are there to be used 😉

Insanely helpful advice by all postings really!

Backs: Goddard.B, Carrazzo.A, Lake.B, Guthrie.C, Bower.P, Smedts.B, Bugg.T (Brown.L, Baguley.M)

Mids: Ablett.G, Swallow.A, Shuey.L, Sloane.R, Hayes.L, Lucas.K (Pfeiffer.D, Treloar.A)

Rucks: McEvoy.B, Giles.J (Stephensen.O, Rowe.S)

Forwards: Franklin.L, O'Keefe.R, Dangerfield.P, Adams.L, Brown.J, Zaharakis.D, Goodes.A (Hall.A, Weedon.G)



heyy just wanted to see if anyone had some feedback about my team…


goddard STK

scotland CAR

deledio RIC

broughton FRE

Lake WB

Clarke COL

bugg GWS


brown ADE

Darley GWS


pendlebury COL

Ablett GC

dal santo STK

Selwood GEE

reid GWS

mcdonald GWS


Magner MEL

Gibson NM


leuenberger BRI

mcintosh NM


giles GWS

stephenson GEE


franklin HAW

fyfe FRE

Goodes SYD

Brown BRI

cooyou GWS

pfeiffer PTA

Smedts GEE


Treloar GWS

Kerridge ADE

Any feedback or comments would be good 🙂 only question is whether to have brown ADE or wilkes STK


Hi Jock,

Could you please check on my team. Could you review and rate this team out of 10 on the team please?

I'm playing a 13:1:16 system.-Premium:Mid-Range:Rookie

and a 4,4,1,4 system-Number of superstars and mid-range players.

Defenders: B.Goddard(STK), B.Deledio(RICH), C.Enright(GEEL), S.McHamon(NM), M.Buntine(GWS), M.Clarke(COLL), B.Ellis(RICH), B.Smedts(GEEL) and J.Bootsma(CARL)

Midfielders: G.Ablett(GC), D.Swan(COLL), M.Boyd (WB), S.Thompson(ADEL), S.Coniglio (GWS), D.Tyson(GWS), D.Pfeiffer(PA) and T.Mitchell(SYD)

Ruckmen: M.Leuenberger(BL), B.Longer(BL), J.Giles(GWS) and O.Stephensen(GEEL)

Forwards: L.Franklin(HAW), A.Goodes(SYD), S.Johnson(GEEL), D.Beams(COLL), N.Haynes(GWS), A.Tomlinson(GWS),D.Smith(GWS), A.Saad(STK)and A.Sexton(GC).

Salary Cap remaining: $52,900


P.S.: You may have a great team there Jock.


Hi Jock,

I want some advice on D Martin.

I've got him in my forward line and i could trade him for either N Fyfe, S Jhonson or M Pavlich. Who should I get or should i keep Martin and save my salary cap (with Martin it is $72,300).


P.S. you have a great team!


Hey Jock..

Who would you put in now that Brown will be out for the first couple rounds due to that injury.. Such a shame when will he learn?


Hey Jock and other readers! Would love any thoughts or advice on my team if you have the time…

here goes…

DEF: Goddard, Scotland, Deledio, Burgoyne, Lake, Ellis, Darley (Bugg, Baguley)

MID: Ablett,Goodes,Martin,Ebert,Coniglio,Devon Smith (Neale,Sam Gibson)

RUC: Cox, Leuenberger, (Giles, Stephenson)

FWD: Franklin, Fyfe, S.Johnson, Dangerfield, Porplyzia, Cooyou, Saad (Smedts, Kerridge)

Any Thoughts Lads? Cheers


Hi jock could you please give me any advice on my Supercoach team

Def Goddard Scotland Hargrave Lake Wilkes Bugg (Darley Baguley)

Mid Ablett Fyfe Boyd Priddis Ebert Wingard (Neale Reid)

Ruc Luenbeeger Mclntosh (Giles Redden)

Fow Franklin Martin Riewoldt Pavlich Butcher Cooyou Weedon (Smedts Treloar)



Hi jock could you please give me any advice on my Supercoach team

Def Goddard Scotland Hargrave Lake Wilkes Bugg (Darley Baguley)

Mid Ablett Fyfe Boyd Priddis Ebert Wingard (Neale Reid)

Ruc Luenbeeger Mclntosh (Giles Redden)

Fow Franklin Martin Riewoldt Pavlich Butcher Cooyou Weedon (Smedts Treloar)

Thanks put in wrong email first time


What do people think of big Jarod Witts of the pies?


Jock, any tips on my team would be appreciated

DEF H.Shaw N.Smith B.Reid T.Mohr K.Hunt T.Mcdonald J. Russel (S.Frost T.Armstrong)

MID S. Pendlebury S.Selwood J.Redden[Brisbane] D.Swan J.Bolton S.Hill (M.Arnot J.Tutt)

RUC J.Giles J.Redden[Port] (O.Stephenson J.Witts)

FOW K.Tippett T.Cloke J.Darling J.Hill C.Dawes D.Smith L.Hansen (J.Brown A. Sexton)



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