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When I first get hair down the stair I think, “I man now – I strong!”

Next time I go down to village market I try to push in line for the best meat off fresh kill buffalo. My neighbor, Phillip, who 22 years old, who 4 year older than me, who look same size as me, was only man who stand between me and prime buffalo cut. I push him, I say, “I have hair down the stair! You move or I hit you!”

Phillip laugh. I swing big punch. He duck and at same time punch me in guts. I winded. I walk away making funny gasping sound like mentally disabled bear – whole village laughing.

This story velly important. This tell us all to remember importance of MATURE AGE ROOKIE (I talk about this in podcast 7).

It start with Barlow in 2010. Then everybody think this make good sense – this man have lots of hair already, he know how to punch in guts. Then we see many names like Podsiadlly, Duigan, Muzungi, Puopolo, Crameri …….

Crouching One now look at MATURE AGE ROOKIE for this year. These are the player that you pick before young kid – this more sensible pick.

Here is my Special Crouching One rating system;


This mean mature age but no hair down the stair – no good pick


This mean the mature age rookie has little bit of hair – maybe good pick.



This mean rookie has good hair down the stair – make good pick.



This rookie has lot of hair down the stair – he strong, you must pick him in your team.




This year, Rucks offer velly good rookie picks and the best are the mature ones. Crouching expect many coaches to go with a ONE PREMIUM – THREE ROOKIE strategy …….


Orren STEPHENSON.Geelong. Rd. 12 Bye. $106,600. 24 Years Old. from VFL (Nth Ballarat)

Mr. Jock call him Uluru ( coz he big and old). Vardy injured – he play. He may not have huge score potential but have enough to get you lot of cash. Not need to talk about this one, LOT OF HAIR DOWN THE STAIR.Evellybody just pick him.


Jonathan GILES. GWS. Rd. 11 Bye. $126,700. 24 Years Old. From Port Power

Little more cost, play in a suspect team but still thick hair down the stair. If fit, play every game. NAB cup form suggest he has good scoring potential. Pick him also please.


Tom Derrixk. Richmond .Rd. 13 Bye.$113,200.22 Years Old .2nd Year on Tiger list (from Calremont)

He third rookie ruck pick and I like him also. He will play more as forward which make interesting pick. Looked like good agility and mark. Rumor is he smashing it at practice match.


Sam ROWE .Carlton .Rd. 13 Bye.Ruck/Fwd. $106,600.24 years old .from SANFL – Norwood

He have lot of competition at Carlton but maybe he play and maybe he very useful as DUAL POSITION for swing with Roughhead later in season …. Maybe, but maybe not.




Remember sneaky small forwards with hair before? JPOD, Puopolo, Crameri .. this position good for mature rookie! Maybe one of these jump out next.

Gerrick WEEDON . WCE .Rd. 11 Bye.$113,200.20 Years Old.Drafted in 2010

He play one game last year, look OK in NAB ….. maybe he velly smokey pick? Maybe WCE need him now LeCras gone. Keep looking at him in NAB.



Ahmed SAAD.St Kilda. Rd.13 Bye. $124,700.22 years old.from VFL – Bullants

Fast(number one at sprints at draft combine), and applies forward pressure. Could work well with Milne but little too risky – he still punch most young rookie in guts though!


Tommy WALSH.Sydney. Rd. 12 Bye. $113,200,23 years old, from Saints list(from Ireland)

Strong forward who could play a role in new Sydney forward structure with Mitch Morton.



Corey DELL’OLIO .Essendon. Rd. 12 Bye.$85,800.21 years old.South Fremantle

Look good! Taken by Bombers with second pick at 29 ….cheap and by the way he play I think they make a spot for him.



Rhys COOYOU.GWS. Rd. 11 Bye.$128,700.nearly 21, pick 2 in 2010 draft.

Played with magic and while you would expect a lot of game time, one problem is that he is in GWS ….. hmmmm, maybe he find it a very long year?? Pick with caution.



Darren PFEIFFER.Port Adelaide.MID/FWD Rd.13 Bye. $126,700. Norwood but Journeyman ..

Could be the story of 2012 …. Adelaide – Carlton – Queensland – VFL …. Hard at it but can be found out with disposal. Dual Position status makes him tasty pick.


James MAGNER.Melbourne. Rd. 12 Bye. $94,700.24 years old, from VFL – Sandringham

He not only win Sandy B & F but he lead VFL in disposals! On rookie list … watch NAB CUP. Will have to beat a few others to crack into midfield. Maybe trade down target later in year.


Steve CLIFTON.GWS. Rd. 11 Bye. $130,700.24 years old. from VFL – Nth Ballarat

GWS take him with first pick in 2010 rookie draft …….. he strong and should play many games. He win JJ Liston Trophy for the best player in the VFL in 2010! Me rickey velly much.


Sam GIBSON.Nth Melb. Rd. 11 Bye. $94,700.25 years old.from VFL – Box Hill

 Looked good in NAB Cup, expect elevation from rookie list and expect big numbers(averaged 28 possessions in VFL).



Kyal Horsley.Gold Coast Suns. Rd.13 Bye. $128,700.24years old, from WAFL – Subiaco

Second in Sandover Medal, averaged 24 possesions …. Very keen to see his NAB CUP form.



DanyeZorko. Brisbane Lions. Rd. 11 Bye. MID/FRW. $113,200. Nearly 23 – QAFL

Small(175cm) but potent with long kick. Shame he have small injury but worth pick given him start on your bench til get fit. BOG for Queensland against WA …. 4 B&F’s and hard at it. Dual Position, me likey!



Defenders traditionally don’t make you lot of score in Supercoach …. But the right one can. Here are a few hairy ones to consider …

Steven MORRIS .Richmond. Rd.13 Bye .$113,200.23 years old. from SANFL – West Adelaide

Looks set to take key defence role, looks set to make you lots of cash …. Expect to play Round 1.



Lee SPURR. Fremantle Dockers. . Rd. 12 Bye.$116,700.24 years old. Central Districts

Good mark, good kick, reads play well and very consistent. Not sure if he can gain elevation from rookie list but may be one of those classic running back types ……. Keep close eye on him.


Tim MOHR. Greater Western Sydney. Rd. 11 Bye. $124,700.23 years old. Casey Scorpians

Tall(195cm) key position back who can win his own ball and use it well ….. expect him to be busy at GWS. Should be seriously considered.



So this year, consider hair down the stair when you pick team – this good startegy!


The Crouching One

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Ben Madden via Faceb

Thank you very much.

Jamie Copeland via F

Not sure 21 years olds are mature footballers, Also the big O is 29 not 24, safe to say he is mature age


Honestly writing in this "Crouching One" style is distracting and annoying. Please just write in your normal style.


Agreed and it comes from the same school of humour as the black faces on red faces fiasco–outdated and not funny.


Jeeeeezzz. ……. Lighten up!

Thanks Crouching! I am ejoying your left-field take on what is just a game anyway.


Don't change a thing, I enjoy


Tom needs to grow a funny bone. This is priceless.


great read! velly wise.


Ya have to agree with Tom on this one Crouching .. a little annoying and not too much to gain from the article.

You make a good point and i agree that mature age is the way to go but while your style can be very funny and entertaining at times this one has missed the mark ..

Jocks cheat sheets have the same info and are better put together

Sorry dude not a hater and hope you come back strong with your next article 🙂


Hee he. Call me out-dated but LOL!!!!

Maybe you need to listen to the podcast to get it??


Gold.. Thanks.

Ok… hairy men in .. Priddis in chappy out.

( I realise that was not the point!)

Good follow up from podcast.

Still looking for those frog sandwiches though..


Nice work crouching one!!!!






I agree!!

HadAFewBeers ....

Great to see MAGNER getting plenty!

Crouching, I think he has more hair down there than you think!

Looking forward to next PCAst.