Supercoach 2012 Premium Guns Cheat Sheet – version 1

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Supercoach and Fantasy Football legend Jock Reynolds

Supercoach and Fantasy Football legend Jock Reynolds


In the various Fantasy Footy workshops that I have facilitated I draw a parallel between selection of premium players for your Supercoach team and the selection of a wife. You want to be completely sure of getting this right to avoid the possibility of a messy and expensive trade. I like to see several seasons of proven predictable scoring in different conditions before I consider a player for a premium position in my starting 18.

I learnt that lesson a few seasons back when my wife Narelle left me. Why? She wasn’t able to fulfill the required duel position situation of playing second fiddle to my pasion for fantasy footy. So do your homework kids. Make sure your premium players have served their apprenticeships.

Enjoy the first version of my Supercoach 2012 Premium Lock Cheat Sheet. You’ll find more research on the matter in the Jock’s Locks section of the site. also be sure to catch the latest podcast which Higgo, Crouching Tiger and I are cranking out every week.

Jock Reynolds

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Old cliche that Goodes starts slow. Last year had 110+ in 5 of the first 7 games he played… if thats slow I will take it. Swans start with EASY draw, lock!

Jack McCubbin via Fa

Gold jock! Im thinking mummy for my premium ruck.big big body and reckon he ll. calm the sling tackle down

Jock Reynolds Fantas

Good point about the calming of the sling tackle mate. Surely the big fella will have learnt his lesson. And maybe the AFL will also calm down on the rule after having drummed in in so hard last year..

Jack McCubbin via Fa

Correct! Our man kosi was stiff, too.

Jock Reynolds Fantas

bloody oath he was. Can see how they are really busting a gut to make the game safe and spose sometimes the big wigs needs to make a firm statement

Jack McCubbin via Fa

If they are trying to make the game safer they might have to ban lenny hayes right shoulder

Jock Reynolds Fantas

hahahahaaahhh god i love that bloke

Shane Rodwell via Fa

I like your ruck selections. Had McEvoy in DT last yr, definitely capable of taking the next step


should i keep tom mitchell or get some1 else????