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Of course, with the NAB CUP looming, it would be foolish to settle any team without further analysis.

It would also be foolish to go into the NAB CUP without a good idea of the strategy, rookies and locks that you will be considering for the season proper.

Here is mine…..








Of course I have gone for reliable locks with the added bonus of swing potential. Heppell is on my radar as taking it to the next level. Tuohy is very much NAB dependent. The rest would all be fairly popular picks – a query over both new Tigers getting a game, however, my mail is saying yes at this stage.








Ablett is an obvious first pick for mine, as is Goddard. I feel Cotchin will elevate to elite with the help of a stronger Dustin Martin to block and perhaps even Newman spending more time in the middle(freed up by the two Tigers in my backline). Sylvia is a risk and Lucas is my smokey. Coniglio is pricey but I feel he is a must have.






I feel that Sandilands is worth punting on. If he fires and you don’t have him you will be forced to burn a trade and cash to get him. Hampson is another punt but I can see him having a big presence up forward at Carlton this year – exceptionally quick over the first 20m.








Again, risks a-plenty! Feel free to pick faults in my forward line. Yes Cyril is a risk, as are the two Jacks …….. but my data tells me that they are a worthwhile pick. J. Brown is a must and Liam Jones is showing enough for me at the re-structured Dogs. Dangerfield has added endurance to his already fine bag of tricks giving enough for me to feel that he is under-priced.


To me, this is the all important table. For those ill informed, I used The Higginator to take these stats.

As you can see, I am going for The Dive strategy, as outlined in Podcast 5. I have stacked my team with Round 13 bye players, anticipating donuts only in this round. This will enable me leauge success in Rounds 11 and 12, but given that it is the last bye round, the likelihood of changes prior to this round anyway is greater. I can cover rucks, and using swingmen, should be able to negate a forward line donut in Round 11.

My final consideration is the TEAM SPLIT;





As you can see, I have not gone for the very popular Premium -Rookie structure. My plan is simple. As soon as I can cash in a cow, I will be able to upgrade a Mid-pricer for a Premium. Without some Mid-pricers, managing Premium upgrades can be tricky.

As last years winner states in Crouching’s analysis of his team, you need luck and need to take risks.

I also believe strongly in spending up big. I have only $6,000 left!

Please “Rate My Team”


Peter Higginbotham

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  1. Beattie says:

    looks solid pre nab cup. love that your ave per player is $333k!

    • Ash says:

      Ummm, wouldn't everyone at the start have pretty much the same average player spend if they use all of their cap?

    • Pelican Point says:

      My stragety is to make the most of the Dual Position players. That way I only have to trade for cash cows and upgrades. 🙂

      Please rate!!!

      GODDARD, Brendon (MID) $584,700

      CARRAZZO, Andrew (MID) $505,800

      PUOPOLO, Paul $439,700

      JOHNSON, Michael (FWD) $390,800

      STAKER, Brent (FWD) $326,900

      HANSEN, Lachlan (FWD) $310,300

      CLARKE, Marty $170,000

      BROWN, Luke (MID) $106,600

      WILKES, Beau $106,600

      FYFE, Nathan (FWD) $585,700

      DELEDIO, Brett (DEF) $568,700

      ZAHARAKIS, David (FWD) $494,100

      DANGERFIELD, Patrick (FWD) $435,400

      BURGOYNE, Shaun (DEF) $433,200

      MCVEIGH, Mark (DEF) $345,200

      CONIGLIO, Stephen $191,600

      ZORKO, Dayne (FWD) $113,200

      JAMAR, Mark $467,700

      SMITH, Zachary $423,700

      GILES, Jonathan $126,700

      DERICKX, Tom $113,200

      BEAMS, Dayne (MID) $546,400

      MARTIN, Dustin (MID) $536,200

      SYLVIA, Colin (MID) $521,800

      BENNELL, Harley (MID) $371,700

      MCKERNAN, Shaun (DEF) $272,700

      TOMLINSON, Adam (DEF) $156,600

      SMEDTS, Billie (DEF) $113,200

      TRELOAR, Adam (MID) $113,200

      WALSH, Tommy $113,200

      Remaining Salary Cap $15,200.

  2. Jock says:

    Bloody nice work Higgo – and some very interesting uniques in there old son. Haven't seen too many with big Hampson in the rucks.. very interesting

  3. TheSilk says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Branson Ellis in the podcast – see that you have him in your backline Higgo. Think I am going to bring him into my team for Marty Clarke

  4. DA says:

    Higgo – you are a genius – but a hypocritical one. You talked up Sammy Reid on your recent podcast – then failed to put him in your side. What the?

  5. Bradley Jackson via says:

    Very unique team higgo

  6. Wow, very interesting higgo! Theres a few blue boys in there ur hoping breakout….i hope ur right 😉

  7. Hawkeye says:

    Thanks again Higgo. I am really enjoying your take on SC.

    My one query on your team and infact yor "dive strategy" is that your team becomes too dependent on the fortunes of clubs. If Richmond fall over, your team may also.

    Do you have any thoughts on this??

  8. josh says:

    pretty poor side to be fair….. where to start!

    so many other better options out there ill be plain and simple.

    i wouldnt touch hampsen, sylvia, dangerfield, watts, tuohy and winmar will not get a game and theres so so many other better options out there…. and kane lucas?? u have way to many mid range players, who ever says this is a good side doesnt know what they are on about.

    • LovingLenny12 says:

      Name a few "better picks" then JOsh?? Let me guess, your team name is Attack of the Clones.

      Given that Higgo was builing this in light of NAB CUP, I feel he has every right to parade a few uniques.

      Cheers Higgo – loving your angles mate!

      Will LEnny Hayes get a NAB gig??

      • Jock says:

        Reallly hope Lenny gets a gig mate. He absolutely flewwww in the intra club last week. Interesting to see how he pulled up. Great to have you on the site mate!

  9. josh says:

    dangerfield has proven that he is a let down the past 2 years why any different now?

    sylvia is way to hot and cold and for his price could do a lot better and cotchin will have a tag every week and his price is to expensive.

    how could u honestly take hampsen over the likes of mcintosh for the same price, hampsen will be lucky to get a game when rowe is eventually fit and kruezer.

    why would u take jroo for that price when u could take a zaharakis for virtually the same money. i could go on

    • Higgo says:

      Thanks for the feedback Josh.

      If possible, please post up a team for some analysis?? It could prove insightful.


      Peter Higginbotham

    • Jock says:

      Dangerfield I'm not gonna write off at all yet Joch but see your point.. Sylvia had a horror last year but can tell ya right now his demenour around the club has changed significantly since Neeldy has entered. Cotchin… word is Deledio, Martin, Foley and others will be rotating through the midfield so taggers will have their hands busy. Great to have you on the site – we are rapt to hear from you all 😉

  10. ritzy says:

    i agree with the other josh!!! he is spot on not just because we have the same name lol. But that team is very iffy and rough. hear are my negatives of your team Jack watts =dud, Kane lucas=risk you could of got a young gun cash cow and have $100,000 left over. Zach Touhy needs more time then he will be a good super coach player. Shaun Hampson is also a risk on a positive your forward line is very strong but that is all. Deledio is overcoming an injury but is a gun, Cotchin will get a heavy tag but i rate him highly. Is it true second year players are not worth touching as a general rule (besides fyffe) or is that a myth?

  11. General Hodge says:

    No offence, but that team won't bother anyone.

    • Jock says:

      now now mate – me good mate Higgo is a bit sensitive you know how these Genius are? Hold the phone on that call though mate – Peter Higginbotham has surprised many 😉

  12. jason64 says:

    I'm perplexed higgo, on one hand i like it and i think you've done a great job! On the other i'm very intrigued as where this team will sit by round 11 ?

    One thing i do love is fact you can double premium trade once your bankroll is established before diving into round 11-12's premiums.you wont have to wait for X player to hit X dollar & you wont have sweat on BE's.

    Your Dpp's are well thought out btw ( Grat'S )

    could you explain the 16 Rnd 13 byes to me please i'm running a 9-11-10 bye structure mid/fwd & def/mid inc

    Thanks Jas

  13. Higgo says:

    Dear All,

    Unfortunately I couldn't fit Smoke in and I do feel vulnerable without Mirrors.

    Thanks for the advice!


    Peter Higginbotham

    p.s. Really enjoying the feedback.

    • Jock says:

      Great to see the Community come out of the old woodworks Higgo – great food for thought this team

      • Higgo says:

        Ah Jock,

        Did you not get my subtle hint?!

        Finding this hilarious! But then again … I don't have a lot on at the moment.


        Peter Higginbotham

  14. captain chardonnay says:

    Team is tubbish.

    That's somewhere between a steaming hot turd and rubbish.

    Look, I get what you're saying with having a few mid-pricers to quickly upgrade (and score points along the way) but those guys are going to be lucky to go up at all or score more than a $100k rookie.

    Stratgey might work, but not with those guys.

    • Jock says:

      Brave man there captain chardy.. not a lone ranger thinking that Higgo has a screw or two loose but tell ya what – when he speaks I fair dinkum listen 🙂 great to have you on the site mate

  15. Damion23 says:

    Wow and i thought my Supercoach team was bad. Backline is SHOCKING.

    after seeing your team and a Listen to some of your podcasts with the silly voice overs i now know this website is all for a bit of a laugh…well id hope so.

  16. ritzy says:

    Seeing as though i ripped into you higgo heres my team:

    backs: h shaw, g birchall, j adcock, b waters, j Grimes, M clarke, T Mohr, B Ellis LBrown

    Mids:G Ablett, B Goddard, L Hoadge, M Barlow, L Hayes, K Horsley, N Haynes, T Mitchell

    Rucks: S Mumford, H Mcintosh, O Stephensen, T Downie

    forwards: L Franklin, C Rioli, D Zarharakis, P Dangerfield, G Rohan, D Zorko A Trealor D Pfeiffer B Smedts

    Feel free to rip it to shreds i would have loved to have fit brown and upgrade my midfield, i have kept it fairly safe but like you the NAB cup is a huge indicator and my team will change after that. Advice would be awesome! i lost the granny last year i need to beat my mate cant give him the glory agin ahaha

  17. ritzy says:

    sorry if i spammed your page

  18. Mark says:

    Hey Jock and Higgo,

    Great sight, given me a few ideas of whom i should pick. This is my team so far.


    1 Goddard STK

    2 Scotland CAR

    3 Deledio RIC

    4 Lake WBD

    5 Clarke COL

    6 Mohr GWS

    7 Wilkes STK

    8 Sierakowski NTH

    9 Brown ADE


    1 Ablett GCS

    2 Swallow NTH

    3 Beams COL

    4 Barlow FRE

    5 Steven STK

    6 Pfieffer PTA

    7 Reid GWS

    8 Mcdonald GWS


    1 Leuenberger BRL

    2 Stephensen GEE

    3 Giles GWS

    4 Derickx RIC


    1 Fyfe FRE

    2 Martin RIC

    3 Zaharakis ESS

    4 Brown BRL

    5 Fasolo COL

    6 Rohan SYD

    7 Smedts GEE

    8 Zorko BRL

    9 Walsh SYD

    This is just a starting team until the NAB cup is played. I still have 402,700 remaining. I figure risks need to be taken in order to win. People will most likely trash this team, but if these rookies play especially the GWS ones i will have enough money by round 5 to start upgrading. An thoughts appreciated.



    • Jock says:

      Gday there Mark – thanks for droppin in mate. My take on your side:


      Ruck structure and selections.. pretty much how I'll go in pending the NAB.

      Gutsy forwardline with a mix of ballsy mid price lads. No Buddy leads me to believe you have a sizeable set of spuds. Not how I'll go in but respect your unique setup

      Might want to look at Marty clark -r eckon that injury could be worse than we have been told

      Barlow after his busted leg…. I'm leaving him alone.. kids who bust legs usually go through a long string of soft tissue drama following

  19. David says:

    The only team who'll be bothered by Higgo's will be Shane Crawford's.

  20. fryer says:

    jesus…. people its a bulshizen team? he's havin a laugh! wake up! and by the way mark and ritzy, your teams are rubbish.

  21. ritzy says:

    haha cheers Fryer thanks for the advice much appreciated lighten up a little bud

  22. cptFantasy says:

    Love the team Higgo, very daring, I only have 11 of your side at this stage.

  23. josh says:



    goddard (mid)

    deledio (mid)







    and maybe docherty (mid) if fit.







    pfreiffer (fwd)

    brown (def)










    chapman (mid)

    zaharakis (mid)


    zorko (mid)

    treloar (mid)

    smedts (def)

    kerridge (mid)

    try that on for size. obviously rookies could change a bit with NAB cup form. Deledio is still a maybe due to hammy but with 47k in the kitty could take what ever defender i wanted (scotland,newman or enright)

    may also upgrade martin to fyfe depending on NAB cup form. feel free to praise!

    • Jock says:

      Mids and rucks have me just a tad aroused mate.. not ashamed to say. Really nice to look at. Bit worried bout the weak bellies of both your bakcs and forward.. Chapman, Brown, franklin in the FWDs and lake, clarke, Deledio in the backs all injury and/or suspension risks.. early doors though see how the lads pull up through the NAB

  24. josh says:

    what are your thoughts on my side higgo and jock?

    i would love to have picked dangerfield but his burnt me the past 2 years so his gone.. watch him early on and i dont mean NAB cup because to killed it last year.

    sylvia i had him last year but i think there are a few better players around the same price which i would much prefer.

    had cotchin last year and loved him…still same thing would prefer others around the same price, dont think he will step it up much more from last year.

    cheers boys

    • Higgo says:

      Thanks Josh,

      Without having crunched any numbers my first comment is a potential weakness in your Rucks.

      I wouldn't expect Stephenson to warrant a starting position as he will be playing second fiddle to West and is very much untried at this level.

      Have doubts over Chapman. He has had nerves in his groin burnt to eleveate the pain he played with last year. I feel he is too prone to breakdown.

      Just two thoughts …. I'll crunch some numbers and think some more.

      I like you confidence re: 2012 Winner, however, feeling it may be a little false at this stage.


      Peter Higginbotham

      • Higgo says:

        One more thing re:Cotchin.

        Please look back on this post in round 5 and marvel at my prediction;

        "In season 2012, Cotchin WILL rise to one of the competition's elite midfielders".

        Peter Higginbotham

      • josh says:

        haha.. yeah chapman is a bit risky could go for fyfe or rioli instead, your thoughts on rioli? maybe a bit risky as well. im not sold on the rest pav,goodes(early on),ROK,beams,roughhead coming off injury and johnson will need a big year to match 2011.

        i think stephenson will play a big part for the cats, mature age and when given an opportunity usually the mature big men step up to the plate,watch NAB cup? isnt west and vardy injured? giles will also play most games as will derickx.

        ok with fyfe OR rioli in for chappy, regarding the byes that gives me:

        R11 R12 R13

        D 3 3 3

        M 3 3 2

        R 2 1 1

        F 4 3 2

        im pretty happy with that.

        • Jock says:

          Reckon if its risk you want to avoid i wouldn;t be lookin at Cyril or Fyfe. Cyrils hammy's are probably made of scar tissue by now and Fyfe looks loke he'll snap in half Bruce Reid style if he gets lined up good n proper.

          Gotta agree re:Stephenson.. think he'll be like a fish to water.

          • josh says:

            Who u recommend then jock? im thinking maybe big pav always reliable and i think the dockers will kill it this year… pushing top 4.

            and jock in reply to your above comment on j.brown how can u not pick him at that price? basically his body has had a year off, his injurys havent been tissue injurys just freak incidents he will destroy the comp this year 100+ avg easy.

            deledio is a must have his hammy is only a tweak and he will play round 1 possibly even last round of NAB cup.

            • Jock says:

              Like Matts idea of considering a rookie heavy fwd line.. quality reliable fwds are thin in th eturf this year old soldier. Yeah – agree – you wont go far wrong with big Pav either.. dependant on Ross the Boss and his designs on how Pav will play this season.

              Re: Big Bad J Brown Im actually considering him. My comment above was in contects of having him – an injury risk you have to admit – in your team alongside 5 or 6 other high risk players. J Brown is the ONE risk im willing to take coz of his massive upside, but I wont be throwing him in my team alongside other injury proners.

              Thanks again for enging with the community son 🙂

  25. Billybob says:

    Damn Josh, your team is almost exactly the same as mine. Except Minus lake, swan, zaharakis and brown, and instead with murphy, pendlebury, walker and porplyzia. Couple of different rookies but mostly the same.

    Looks like us two will be battling it out

  26. MJ says:


    After reading your articles and loving them I was a little surprised by your side. Going to have to agree with the side that this team isn't that great. I see the thinking behind your selections with the DPP but after playing this game now for three years if there is one thing I have learned is that Mid priced players are a no go and I strongly think you should revisit your selection strategy in this area !!

    You are a man of maths and I have gone a little out of the norm this year with my team selection strategy that is based on simply picking the players that will get the most points off the bat .. I haven't seen this on any other forum as of yet but I call this "The Midfield Set and Forget Strategy" and it is as simple as it sounds. Pick 6 midfield elite players off the bat. Here is an example of such a team starting with the Midfield followed by my reasoning.


    M1. Ablet M2. Swan M3. J. Selwood M4. Murphy. M5. Priddis M6. Swallow M7. Sheilds M8. Mitchell

    Midfielders are the most expensive players but for good reason they are the elite SC scoring machines in the comp. So why not spend your money at the start of the year on players that you know will average 120+ and just sit back a watch as your midfield roll in 840+ each week with a captain coming from in there and never have to worry about it again. Makes sense to me !!


    D1. Goddard D2. Broughton (depending on how much midfield time he gets in NAB cup) D3. Grimes D4. Conca (depending on how much midfield time he gets in NAB cup) D5. Clark D6. Brown D7. Morris D8. Wilkes D9. Mohr

    Obviously with a fair chunk of money in the Midfield my other lines may look weak but lets analyse first. I have gone with 2 defender premiums, 2 break out hopefuls and three starting rookies out of five to chose from. So if I break it down this way

    Premiums 110+ x2

    Breakouts 85+ x2

    Rookies 60+ x3

    This will give me a back line score of 570 minimum.


    R1. Leuenberger (depending on Brisbanes ruck rotation in Nab cup) R2. Stephensen (going to be a SC gun) R3. Giles R4.Derickx

    Like Midfielders with the new scoring system that came into effect last year Rucks now have become elite SC scorers. I was very tempted to spend even more money in this department only for I think Stephensen is a Gun and wordy of the R2 position out right. If Jocks right i can put Leuie in the 120+ catagory and with Gelong short on Ruck options early I expect to see Stephensen average 90+ early and if his scores start to drop off in the middle of the yr he will be sitting at 400k+ and be easy to upgrade 🙂 Happy days. Therefore I will be looking at 210+ in my ruck deparment


    F1. Franklin F2. Martin F3. Dangerfield (depending on how much time he gets in the middle during Nab Cup) F4. Brown F5. Smedts F6. Zorko F7.Treloar F8.Walsh F9. Pfeifer

    Again I have gone with a similar strategy in the forward line as in the back line.I have gone with 2 forward premiums, 2 break out hopefuls and three starting rookies out of five to chose from. So if I break it down in the same way

    Premiums 110+ x2

    Breakouts 85+ x2

    Rookies 60+ x3

    This will give me a forward line score of 570 minimum.

    And for those of you who who don't like doing the math that would give my team an early season average of 2170 straight up .. I like the look of those numbers 🙂

    It is also worth noting that forwards are the compositions most inconsistent scorers as a quick look at Higgos standard deviation and lock value sheets will prove with not one forward on it. (great work by the way Higgo) This tells me that out of all the positions I am most likely to pick up a premium forward at better value during the year than any other position. This is why I don't mind spending less on my forward line. And again in works the other way for the midfielders dominate the lock value sheets and who tend to hold there value more throughout the year. Just another reason why I like "The Midfield Set and Forget Strategy"

    Its only maths but I Love it 🙂

    • Higgo says:

      Dear MJ,

      Read back and consider what I meant by the "smoke and mirrors" comment. Another player who I really wanted to pick was Red Herring.

      Love your feedback! Will consider and reply when brain has done some analysis.


      Peter Higginbotham

    • Jock says:

      MJ. I am a universally respected figure in the world of fantasy footy. Spend most of my time travelling to remote communities to teach kids about life using parables related to Supercoach. Like to think I know my craft.

      Dont get surprised too often by something dished up to me by supercoach hopefulls.

      But gotta say that I read your post above with a gut warming sense of pride and emotion at what I read. Its almost as if I wrote the article myself.

      Love your theories on stacking the midfield. Dont often get challenged to change my won para-dimes but gotta say you've got me scratchin the old chin here…

    • COYS says:

      Mate, you are going to be severely disappointed as you have over estimated the Rucks, Backs and Fwds.

      • MJ says:


        I’m an incredibly optimistic man and have been known to wear rose tinted glasses. However I have given my team a lot of thought and think I can justify my estimated average. Take my defenders:

        D1 Goddard – 2011 average – 107 – Think we can all agree he had a poor year and still managed a 107 average. Would expect a much better year and closer to his 2010 (130) or 2009 (115) average.

        D2 Broughton – 2011 average – 92 – This average doesn’t look that great but considering he had to play a more defensive roll last year with Fremantle having a horrible run of injuries I don’t think it’s that bad. I love this guy, I think he will play a lot more in the middle this year and food for thought he averaged over 125 in a run of five games he had in the middle towards the end of last year. Not saying he will average that over a season but will not be surprised if makes the 110 average I have set for him.

        D3 Grimes – 2011 average – 78 – One word ‘BARGIN’. . Is there risk with Grimes . . yes but I think the positives far outweigh the risk. He’s priced to average 78 but remember he only played 6 games last year and he went down early in the sixth really hurting his average. In his five games playing across half back he averaged 13 kicks, 9 Handballs, 6 Marks, 2 tackles a game WOW .. Add that to the fact he has just been made Captain and the new coach has stated he will get more midfield rotations to give the midfield more steel this kid is going to explode this year. 85 average is a given and I’m betting on Grimes finishing in the top 7 defenders for the year (heard it hear first)

        D4 Conca – 2011 average – 55 – Here is my real breakout hopefull – granted that average looks horrible but the whispers around Richmond are telling me Conca is set for a run in the middle this year. Am going to be watch the preseason games like hawk (or a tiger in this case) to see what roll he will be given. If it looks like I am way off field with this I have the money to get any player I want in the 300-400k price bracket. Nick Suban is another I have my eye on for my D4 roll.

        D5 Clake – 2011 average – N/A – last time he played he averaged 80 and with him most likely to replace Davis I don’t see why he can’t average that again.

        D6 to D9 – 4 Rookies, 2 spots – will have four more rookies to chose from and if I go back to last year I started with Lower (81), Stanley (77) and Heppel (83) I really don’t think 60 as a minium is that unlikely from two of my four remaining rookie defenders.

        So going on last years averages alone and 60 for the rookies and 80 for Clarke gives me 107 + 92 + 78 + 55 + 80 + 60 +60 + 60 = 514

        56 off what I posted but I haven’t picked my team on the expectation that they will hold their average and I think you would be a brave man to say that all of the above won’t have average increases. That and I’m pretty confident with the four rookie spots (not counting Clarke) I’ll be able to snag a Heppel, Stanley or Lower

  27. MJ says:

    Yeah i might see if I could get Smoke in the back line, Mirrors in the forward line and only just realised I could use red herring in the ruck 😛

    Yeah if you could crunch some numbers on this that would be awesome. Would be very interested to see what you thought. I think it works out I have 125k in the bank so its easy for me to change players but would keep the same strategy (ie could go from broughton to delidio or Leuenburger to Sandilands with ease if i am not liking what I see in Nab Cup)

    • Higgo says:

      Dear MJ,

      I have crunched some numbers on your Loaded Mids theory. While solid, I can only forcast one key problem.

      Stacking your Mids will mean that you will miss out on many of the key cows for 2012. As you have correctly stated, Mids offer the most reliable scoring potential – the same is true for the rookie mids.

      Relying on cows from the other lines to fatten enough to trade up your weaknesses may prove difficult.

      I need to work some more on this by running through a few possible scenarios.

      Thanks very much for the stimulating idea.


      Peter Higginbotham

      • MJ says:


        And thank you for considering it 😀

        Very valid point and one that I have given very careful thought. I know that going into the season without the correct cash cow midfielders could end up very costly but I think it’s possible to survive with the stacked midfield option or as I like to call it “Midfield set and Forget Strategy”. Here’s where I am drawing hope:

        1.I still have two rookie midfield spots. It might make it harder only having two spots but this just means I’ll have to chose my midfield rookies wisely. A task I am game to take on. At the moment it will be two from Shields, Reid, Mitchell, Horsley and Gibson.

        2. I won’t be picking any dual position rookie mids in the midfield line as I can pick them in the other lines. And there seems to be a lot of good quality dual rookies this year. Pfeiffer, Brown, Zorko, Treloar are all in my side at the minute in lines other than midfield.

        It is a very good point though Higgo and one I will give a lot more thought to right up until lockout. However I like the risk to reward ratio on this strategy at the moment and might very well have a very good Point of difference on a lot of teams from the get go.

        Also Higgo what do you think the chances of Conca having a breakout year this year ?? Will he get time in the middle ??

  28. chels says:

    very interesting MJ

    It's only maths but a standard deviation from the mean can be negative or positive. I suggest you consider the implication of the negative values as well as the optimistic positive values in your projections. The maths says each is equally likely.

    I think you have hit on something interesting and am amazed at the 125k in the bank. Very much food for thought



    • Jock says:

      Hasn;t he? Look – I dont know about all this standard deviate stuff but that midfield theory has really got me tickin over

      • Liam says:

        Let me say it doesnt work, i tried it a few yeara ago, without the correct amount of cash cows and rookie players the overall team value drops and it becomes impossible to upgrade. We saw this last year when the likes of judd, swan, murphy, hodge, gibbs and many others actually dropped price aignificantyl in the first few weeks even after they averaged 110 a piece. You really do need to start of with rookies premiums and ypur caah cows, players like sidebottom, zaharakis, walker, waters, adcock even bartel as they will not break the bank.

        Without an around the ground field then your team will not score well im sorry but its a flawed system. Wish MJ the best and hope he can prove me wrong but from my experience i could hardly hit the 2k mark for points.

  29. Matt says:


    Keep in mind with Sylvia that he will not be playing round 1 because of a club imposed suspension.

  30. jimbob says:

    gday Higgo,

    after my years of experience in fantasy football, it's that you can plan to far ahead as you never what is round the corner. trying to plan a team 11 weeks ahead is almost impossible in my opinion. while i see that you are going for a league win, im still not sure planning a whole team around 3 weeks of byes will be profitable for the first 10 rounds – 3 games does not make a season.

    myself, i am going for a pure GnR strategy (not even Barlow!), trying to spread my keepers across the 3 by rounds, and assessing the bye stuff the fortnight before, there is just too many variables in between rd 1 and 11!

    good luck higgo


    • jimbob says:

      *cant plan too far ahead* spelling police will pull me over!

      • Higgo says:

        Dear Jimbob,

        Valid point re: Planning early.

        This is why I posted up the team I did. To answer PA and those other frustrated replies, the exercise has been fruitful.

        At this stage, it is not so much about who you will pick but general strategy. My team above, Red Herrings FC, has been a valuable learning tool in relation to the use of Mid-Pricers and also on how you might approach the byes.

        It has drawn some valuable feed-back!


        Peter Higginbotham

  31. Carlos says:

    Loving this blog boys!!!

    Can't wait to get cracking with this season!

    Would love to hear your feedback on my pre-NAB Cup side!











    (can't decide on Shaw just yet)



    Ablett (C)









    Sandilands (can't go past the power duo)













    • Carlos says:

      $40K still in the bank too!

    • Jock says:

      Gday there Carlos! Thanks for joining in mate 🙂
      Firstly – you've done your homework and great job on the work in progress here mate. Love your work with the strong midfield – you'll have a solid points scoring engine room from day dot there. Early doors for selecting rookies – really interested to see how the McDonald thing panns out.. may not get enough games??
      See you've gone for the old faithful Big Cox and me old mate Turf Toe Sandilands… my question mark there is my concern over Turf Toes ability to play anything approaching a full season. Cox is solid based on last years revival but the wheel must turn Nic Nats way sometime soon. I'll go in with Leuenberger and a 3 rookie structure at this stage I reckon.
      Nice team though mate

      • Higgo says:

        Dear Carlos,

        I often disagree with Jock on many things. I disagee with him on Sandilands – Keep him!

        Big question marks over Bower & The Porpise(I know of the pre-season hype but I just feel that he is too risky – better to cow it).

        Small question marks over S.Thompson & Had A Farm (Old McDonald) .. but I suppose, given his price he can be justified.

        I am steering clear of Zorko. Feel he will be of little relevance at this level – was nullified easily with tags at VFL level. While he won't have a tag as such, any AFL level defender should be able to handle him.

        Have you considered a bye strategy?


        Peter Higginbotham

        • Carlos says:

          Higgo – that's some bloody great food for thought on Bower, Porps and Zorko! will be watching them like a hawk through pre-season! I figured Thompson and the Crows have such a good early-season run that he's tough to pass up.

          No bye strategy as of yet – I thought it may be a bit too early just yet… my cash-cows could turn to scape-goats for me come bye-time!

          • josh says:

            u obviously have no idea also carlos by the sounds of those comments.

            i also wouldnt take 1 g.ablett either, to pricey 😉

      • Carlos says:

        Jock – The Burger did cross my mind (being a staunch Lions supporter) but Cox and Sandi served me so well last season and it was hard to pass up the dynamic duo. Cheers for the feedback!!

        • josh says:

          how the yell did sandi serve u well champ??? he only played 13 games!!

          and with nic nat on the improve cox will become less dominant, other options.

        • MJ says:

          Carlos, I went with the big too eary last year and I thought Sandi burnt me harder than danny zuko's balls :/ I had a situation where I had a gun sitting on the bench because I didn't want to burn a trade incase he made an early comeback and stuck it out with Mr Smith as my R2. I do like the man but might just have to pass on him early .. Maybe one of my first upgrades as I am going with the 1 gun 3 rookie approach in the ruck.

  32. wayno says:

    Geez hugo wouldnt be a tigers fan would he?

  33. RoyBoys says:

    Higo sorry mate I think you should stick to your statistics because clearly you have no idea about football when you make comments about leaving Zorko out of your supercoach side…Firstly Zorko will not be playing in the midfield for the lions so you don't need to worry about him breaking the tag. Secondly Zorko hasn't played at VFL level so don't know where you plucked that one from. Zorko has won 4 consecutive best and fairest awards for Broadbeach in the NEAFL and is only 22. Thirdly I think he will replace banfield in the lions side alowing banfield to get more of a run through the midfield. As for the defenders being able to handle him, i think the AFL defenders should be more worried about keeping away from him as his defensive game and tackling is Zorkos strength and he kicks longer and alot straighter than banfield. Finally he has a 60 metre kick on the run which will be penetrating afl defenses all year.. Higgo gets your facts right!!!

    • Higgo says:

      Dear RoyBoys,

      You are spot on. I don't believe in deleting posts but after I read my earlier reply I cringed!

      My brain was actually thinking of SAAD not Zorko.

      So yes, forget the Zorko speil ….. don't touch SAAD from St.k …… from NTH Bullants.


      Peter Higginbotham.

    • josh says:

      well said royboys agree 100%…

      • TheCrouchingOne says:


        Crouching One kung fu slipper tell me bad thing. I wise enough to not listen. For it is said, "Wise man never play leap the frog with unicorn".

        Mr. Jock and Mr. Higgo velly nice man, you come here and lay cable on them


        • josh says:

          **COMMENT HAS BEEN REMOVED – pls see Jocks comment below**

          • Jock says:

            Cmon now lads – warms the heart to see the passions on show here and lets be honest it is a game that can raise the ire at times.

            The last thing I want to do is have to get the IT man to start moderating these comments.

            Lets make sure we stick to what I'll call the R C P rule,

            Make sure you stay




            We want this to be a place where all of us can come without fear of having the boot stuck in.

            Fair enough lads?


          • josh says:

            no dramas jock

  34. Zeph says:

    This is my first SC in a couple of years and I thought I would put together a team before the NAB Cup to get a kick start on things. Please let me know what you think.


    1. GODDARD, Brendon [MID] (STK)

    2. DELEDIO, Brett [MID] (RIC)

    3. SHAW, Heath (COL)

    4. ENRIGHT, Corey (GEE)

    5. MURPHY, Robert (WBD)

    6. CLARKE, Marty (COL)

    7. MOHR, Tim (GWS)

    8. BROWN, Luke [MID] (ADE)

    9. WILKES, Beau (STK)


    10. ABLETT, Gary (GEE)

    11. MURPHY, Marc (CAR)

    12. PRIDDIS, Matt (WCE)

    13. BARLOW, Michael (FRE)

    14. SHIEL, Dylan (GWS)

    15. MITCHELL, Tom (SYD)

    16. PFEIFFER, Darren [FWD] (PTA)

    17. REID, Sam J. (GWS)


    18. MCEVOY, Ben (STK)

    19. GILES, Jonathan (GWS)

    20. WITTS, Jarrod (COL)

    21. STEPHENSEN, Orren (GEE)


    22. FRANKLIN, Lance (HAW)

    23. O'KEEFE, Ryan [MID] (SYD)

    24. MARTIN, Dustin [MID] (RIC)

    25. RIEWOLDT, Nick (STK)

    26. BROWN, Jonathan (BRL)

    27. SMEDTS, Billie [DEF] (GEE)

    28. TRELOAR, Adam [MID] (GWS)

    29. ZORKO, Dayne [MID] (BRL)

    30. LAMB, Jed (SYD)

    Team Summary:

    Round 11, 12, 13

    DEF: 3, 3, 3

    MID: 3, 2, 3

    RUC: 1, 2, 1

    FWD: 3, 3, 3

    Note: Im taking a risk with 5 GWS players and I decided to spread my byes instead of stack. Ive also gone a rookie/Prem combo with only 1 Mid Range being J Brown

    • Jock says:

      Mate – great first up team after a few years off the supercoach tools. Very good effort indeed.

      Would love to see young Jed Lamb set the swans on fire this season. A great kid with some special stevie j like skills – has had a rough trot in his private life and would really warm the ticker if he cut shreds off em up there

      Like your guts with the 1 Premium 3 rookie ruck setup.. gotta say I'm looking forward to having a look at Witts coz what I've seen so far hasn't been real flash

      Great effort mate – lets see how the lads go in the NAB (note on Marty Clarke – will miss this weekend – injured.. apparently minor but mail he is worse than 1 week)


  35. RoyBoys says:

    Jock and Higgo i would love your feedback on my first supercoach line up.

    Def: Goddard, scotland, shaw, clarke, docherty, mohr, morris, sierakowski, wrigley

    Mid: Pendlebury, abblet, priddis, selwood, delidio, coniglio, brown magner

    Ruck: Leuenberger Stephenson, Giles, Rowe

    Fwd: Franklin, pavlich, beames, reiwolt, brown, smedts, walsh, zorko treloar.

    • Jock says:

      nice work mate – very very beefy midfield and a long tail in the backline.

      Thats alright though – you're mids will be a very solid points scoring engine room from day dot and you can pick off the quality backs and forwards as the real guns become apparent into the season.

      Just Pendles and Abblett together in the guts is a heap of $$$$ to slap down early… must have just squeezed in the salary cap eh?

  36. BB says:

    Gday everyone. Just thought Id put up my team for everyone to look at. Rookies to change.

    [b]BB's Bombers[/b] Fanplanner squad in the Super Coach competition coached by [b]bomber5186[/b]. Salary cap left: $4,200.

    Brendon Goddard, Heath Scotland, Grant Birchall, Dyson Heppell, Jack Grimes, Brian Lake, Beau Wilkes

    [i]Sam Darley, Brandon Ellis[/i]

    Gary Ablett jnr, Joel Selwood, Michael Barlow, Jack Ziebell, Tom Mitchell, Alex Sexton

    [i]James McDonald, Sebastian Ross[/i]

    Matthew Leuenberger, Trent West

    [i]Jonathan Giles, Orren Stephenson[/i]

    Lance Franklin, Adam Goodes, Cyril Rioli, Jonathan Brown, Allen Christensen, Liam Jones, Tommy Walsh

    [i]Billie Smedts, Sam Rowe[/i]

  37. BB says:

    Gday everyone, thought I would post my team. Rookies to change.

    BB's Bombers Fanplanner squad in the Super Coach competition coached by bomber5186. Salary cap left: $20,000.

    Brendon Goddard, Heath Scotland, Greg Broughton, Dyson Heppell, Jack Grimes, Brian Lake, Will Sierakowski

    Lee Spurr, Brandon Ellis

    Gary Ablett jnr, Joel Selwood, Lenny Hayes, Jack Ziebell, Tom Mitchell, Alex Sexton

    Dylan Shiel, Rory Taggert

    Matthew Leuenberger, Trent West

    Jonathan Giles, Jarrad Redden

    Lance Franklin, Adam Goodes, Cyril Rioli, Jonathan Brown, Allen Christensen, Liam Jones, Tommy Walsh

    Billie Smedts, Sam Rowe

  38. Brenno says:

    Got team but struggling with one to pick still….need your help Jock!


    Goodard Deledio Broughton J Grimes B Lake Smedts Darley S Morris L Brown


    Ablett Swallow J Selwood D Swan K Jack D Pfeiffer D Shiel S Gibson


    Leunberger J Jenkins T derickx O Stephensen


    N Fyfe R Gray N Reiwoldt M Hurley J Reiwoldt J Porplyzia T Walsh D Zorko.

    So as you can see I am missing 1 forward line player….I have $106,800 remaining. So do I downgrade on a player, if so who? or do you have a young rookie in the forward line that you can suggest?

    • Jock says:

      Bring in maybe a Treloar (GWS) or a Cooyou (GWS).. early days with the rookies so keep an eye on the cheat sheets, v2 will be out soon

  39. BB says:

    Gday everyone. Here's my team. Rookies to change.

    Salary cap left: $20,000.

    Brendon Goddard, Heath Scotland, Greg Broughton, Dyson Heppell, Jack Grimes, Brian Lake, Will Sierakowski

    Lee Spurr, Brandon Ellis

    Gary Ablett jnr, Joel Selwood, Lenny Hayes, Jack Ziebell, Tom Mitchell, Alex Sexton

    Dylan Shiel, Rory Taggert

    Matthew Leuenberger, Trent West

    Jonathan Giles, Jarrad Redden

    Lance Franklin, Adam Goodes, Cyril Rioli, Jonathan Brown, Allen Christensen, Liam Jones, Tommy Walsh

    Billie Smedts, Sam Rowe

    And yes I know Ziebell is suspended.

  40. Cody says:

    Please give me some feedback on my team?
































    • BB says:

      Looks alright apart from Stratton, dont see the value in him.

    • Jock says:

      Nice lookin team mate!
      A few notes – remember Didak is in a bit of injury strife.. should be fit for regular seaosn rd 1 but fit?
      Love your rucks.. smicko.
      Alos young Saad – 3rd in line behind Milne and Schneider as the small fwd at the mighty sainters and has pretty low scoring potential so just watch him next weekend…
      Great to have you on the site mate!

  41. Emre says:

    Hey Jock, any sort of constructive criticism or feedback on my team would do.


    B.Goddard, H.Scotland, B.Delidio, B.Lake, D.Connors, M.Clarke, L.Brown, B.Wilkes


    S.Pendlebury, G.Ablett, M.Murphy, M.Priddis, L.Hayes, S.Coniglio, K.Horsley, D.Shiel


    J.Giles, O.Stephensen, J.Jenkins, S.Rowe


    L.Franklin, A.Goodes, N.Fyfe, D.Martin, D.Zaharakis, B.Smedts, A.Treloar, D.Zorko, J.Redpath

    Question marks over the heads of B.Lake and my ruck. Also trying to fit J.Grimes into my defence.

    • Jock says:

      Gday there Emre, great to have you on. Like the look of your team.. one new development fyi is that young Dylan Shiel looks to be in a bit of strife – was wearing a moon boot last night which doesnt look good. Also, reckon Goodes will be one to pick up midseason as his price tends to dip nicely and make him a meaty trade up target midseason. Nice team though mate

  42. Sainter66 says:

    always had a very strong backline to start the year but bit disconcerned with this line up:

    B Goddard

    B Deleidio

    G Birchill

    Z Tuohy

    B Ellis

    T Mohr

    L Brown

    B Wilkes

    W Sierakowski

    are these guys gonna get games?

    however the rest of my starting team is fairly strong and depending on the NAB cup want this to be my side,

    MIDS: S Pendlebury, M Murphy, M Priddis, T Cotchin, K Lucas, D Sheil

    RUCKS: S Mumford, B McEvoy

    FORWARDS: L Franklin, C Rioli, D Martin, D Zaharakis, J Brown, B Smedts, T Walsh


    • James says:

      Your backline does look a little bit frail.. didnt see Sierakowski play the other night is he injured?

  43. Dellanator says:

    Hey Jock.

    New to the site, 3rd year of sc so time to get serious… Any feedback/ suggestions from you or anyone else would be good.

    Only early days, but here the list at the moment:

    Goddard, Delidio, Garland, T McDonald, Gillies, B Ellis, Smedts RES: Mohr, L Brown

    Abblet, Murphy, Beams, Martin, Coniglio, K Stevens RES: Sheil, S Gibson

    Leunenberger, T West RES: Giles, O Stephensen

    Franklin, J Lewis, N Riewoldt, Walker, Brown, Ballantyne, Hawkins RES: Zorko, Treloar

    Cheers guys

    • josh says:

      sorry mate i would scrap that side and start again. not very atractive at all.

      your rookies arnt so bad but the rest. west is out injured. i wouldnt have martin the the mid put him forward and get premo mid in there.

      your backs are very weak no to garland, mcdonald, gillies.

      forwards get out ballantyne, walker, hawkins and maybe lewis there is a lot better options and consistency out there.

      • Jock says:

        Think there is some upside to many of your selctions mate.. Your top 1-2 premiums in each line are good – your rookies also arent bad.. just too much mid price action elsewhere for mine.

  44. Phantom Phil says:

    Just need a hand with my team, this is my first time and want to beat my friends let me know what you think of my side. Would love to hear back reagrding it.

    Backs: b goddard, h scotland, c enright, r tarrant, b stratton, j patfull, t mohr, s morris, l brown,

    Mid: m murphy, m boyd, s mitchell, d martin, d hannebery, k horsley, s reid, s gibson

    Ruck: t goldstein, z smith, j giles, t derickx

    For: l franklin, m pavlich, j brown, b miller, j winderlich, r cooyou, d zroko, b dick, z skinner

    $7300 left in the salary

    So what do you think ?

    • Jock says:

      Nice crack at your team on the first attempt mate.. impressive. A few shaky mid pricers in the backs there, I'd look at alternatives for at least Tarrant and Patfull.

      Like your mids.. Winderlich Im pretty doubtful on but your bench rookies are tops and your premiums are sound

      Not a fan of Zac Smith in the ruck, would like to see him down or upgraded

      Great forst team mate

  45. Mez says:

    Hi everyone.. please can someone help me with my supercoach..

    Would love some ideas please… I have now changed it 5 times.. lol

    Please leave your input.. Cheers hope to have some great input soon.


    1. Goddard, B

    2. Deledio, B

    3. Shaw, H

    4. Suckling, M

    5. McDonald, T

    6. Clarke, M

    7. Tomlinson, A

    23. Spurr, L

    24. Smedts, B


    8. Pendlebury, S

    9. Ablett, G

    10. Hodge, L

    11. Barlow, M

    12. Hayes, L

    13. Coniglio, S

    25. Zorko, D

    26. McDonald, J


    14. Mumford, S

    15. Giles, J

    27. McNamara, S

    28. Stephensen, O


    16. Franklin, L

    17. Martin, D

    18. Petrie, D

    19. Fasolo, A

    20. Butcher, J

    21. Cooyou, R

    22. Pfeiffer, D

    29. Folau, I

    30. Tunbridge, S

    • Jock says:

      Mate you are on the right track there.

      Just a few notes – Barlow's leg is giving him grief, scratch him I reckon, Folau is a no after the weekend, and keep an eye on the rumoured Zorko injury

  46. Carl says:

    Hey guys great site, wish I found this for previous years, love your work.

    Just wonder on your thoughts on my team atm, obviously rookies and things can change but I'm pretty happy with it.
















    K Stevens



















    $38,500 Left.

    The only thing I'm not 100% on is rookies but I'll get that once I watch some footy, loving foxtel!!! 🙂

    Please everybody let me know what you think. Cheers


    • Jock says:

      Interesting tack going heavy on the premiumish forwards. I'm starting to lean towards a rookie heavy forward line and a stacked midfield..

  47. Luke says:

    Got my team pretty locked in but just a few question marks on a couple players! Buntine? I have hargrave from wb in at the moment but only because i hear buntine might not get much game time. Dylan shiel?? Injured or whats with the moon boot?? And last one is whether to have heath shaw or maybe downgrade to a birchall or suckling because of their effective kicking and ability to score very well thus freeing up a little cash to maybe go from swan to pendles or even j brown in the fwd line. Any feedback would be great thanks!!

  48. Phials team says:

    Just need a hand with my team, this is my first time and want to beat my friends let me know what you think of my side. Would love to hear back reagrding it.

    Backs: b goddard, h scotland, c enright, r tarrant, b stratton, j patfull, t mohr, s morris, l brown,

    Mid: m murphy, m boyd, s mitchell, d martin, d hannebery, k horsley, s reid, s gibson

    Ruck: t goldstein, z smith, j giles, t derickx

    For: l franklin, m pavlich, j brown, b miller, j winderlich, r cooyou, d zroko, b dick, z skinner

    $7300 left in the salary

    So what do you think ?

  49. Wardy says:

    hey fellas just wondering if i could get some advice on my team.

    DEF: B.Deledio, G.Broughton, M.Suckling, M.Buntine, P.Duffield, B.Lake, Z.Tuohy RES:M.Clarke, C.Heath

    MID: M.Priddis, T.Rockliff, N.Foley, J.Zieball, L.Hayes, S.Clifton RES: A.Morabito, D.Shiel

    RUCK: M.Luenberger, H.McIntosh RES: J.Giles, T.Derickx

    I still have around 75k in the bank so that i can make a few more changes. So what are you opinions? thanks guys.

    FWD: N.Fyfe, S.Johnson, N.Riewoldt, J.Brown, I.Callinan, D.Pfeiffer, T.Walsh RES: B.Smedts, D.Zorko

    • Emre says:

      Hey Wardy, im no expert what so ever but there a few players in your team i would reconsider.

      1. In my opinion your defence is strong. But i would trade Buntine and go for a lower priced rookie. Also, no Goddard???

      2. Your first 2 premiums and Hayes is good but (I) would think twice about Foley and Zieball

      3. Your ruck is gold, im kinda jealous.

      4. Riewoldt is a risk and i would also scratch Callinan. IMO i would trade Riewoldt for Dangerfield and Callinan for Sidebottom. Otherwise good job mate

      • Wardy says:

        cheers for the feedback mate, yeah well the thing with goddard is i got him last year and he didn't exactly live up to my expectations of him, so I'm a little put off with him. might consider getting him for one of my premium-ish players. and those two swaps sound really good, thanks heaps mate!

  50. Ken says:

    G'Day Fellas,

    Here is a bit of a radical team – however there is a method in my madness

    More than welcome to put in feedback.



    Goddard, Brendon

    Carrazzo, Andrew

    Shaw, Heath

    Broughton, Greg

    Heppell, Dyson

    Lake, Brian

    Clarke, Marty

    Spurr, Lee

    Wilkes, Beau

    Boyd, Matthew

    Ablett, Gary

    Hayes, Lenny

    Pfeiffer, Darren

    Smith, Clay

    Gibson, Sam

    Reid, Sam J.

    Brown, Luke

    Cox, Dean

    Giles, Jonathan

    Rowe, Sam

    Stephensen, Orren

    Chapman, Paul

    Franklin, Lance

    Zaharakis, David

    Giansiracusa, Daniel

    Roughead, Jarryd

    Weedon, Gerrick

    Zorko, Dayne

    Treloar, Adam

    389,000 in the bank

  51. luke says:

    heyy just wanted to see if anyone had some feedback about my team…


    goddard STK

    scotland CAR

    deledio RIC

    broughton FRE

    hargrave WB

    spurr FRE

    bugg GWS


    brown ADE

    wilkes STK


    pendlebury COL

    Ablett GC

    dal santo STK

    boyd WB

    reid GWS

    mcdonald GWS


    kavanagh ESS

    gibson NM


    leuenberger BRI

    mcintosh NM


    giles GWS

    stephenson GEE


    franklin HAW

    fyfe FRE

    martin RIC

    Zaharakis ESS

    cooyou GWS

    pfeiffer PTA

    Smedts GEE


    Treloar GWS

    walsh SYD

    any tips or opinions would be awesome thanks guys!!

    • Ken says:

      I like it Luke, going for the rookies to make some money. Though about Hargrave WB, went Lake instead. Well stacked back line.

  52. lee says:

    Lee says

    can you rate my team please


    B, Deledio Rich. MID

    C, Enright Cats

    D, Heppell Ess

    M, Johnson Freo FWD

    L, Hanson NM FWD

    B, Ellis Rich

    T, Mohr GWS

    B, Smedts Cats FWD

    B, Wilkes SK


    S, Pendlebury Col

    G, Ablett GC

    B, Goddard SK DEF

    P, Chapman Cats FWD

    C, Wingard PA

    A, Morabito Freo

    D, Zorko BL FWD

    T, Mitchell SY


    D, Cox WC

    Z, Smith GC

    J, Giles GWS

    O, Stephensen Cats


    L, Franklin Haw

    M, Pavlich Freo MID

    D, Martin Ric MID

    J, Brown BL

    J, Porplyzia AD

    A, Tomlinson GWS DEF

    D, Pfeiffer PA MID

    A, Treloar GWS MID

    T, Wlash SY

    Thinking of changing Pendles out so i can get a stonger MID for Morabito

    Please rate my team Jock


  53. Tracey-Lee says:

    I think after the 2 round 1 NAB cup pools you will change your mind on a lot of these players.

  54. Jason Dunstavitch says:

    Worst team I've ever seen…Zach Touhy, you're joking right?

    • Higgo says:

      Dear Jason,

      Simple answer – yes! Read above …..


      Peter Higginbotham

  55. Jacob says:

    My team so far:

    Defence: b goddard – b delidio – n bock – b reid – b lake – m buntine – s docherty – reserves – b ellis – s darely.

    mid: s pendlebury – g ablett – n dal santo – d kerr – s colingo – c wingard – reserves – k stevens – j magner.

    ruck: m leuneberger – h mclntosh – reserves – j giles – o stephenson

    fowards: l franklin – d beams – d martin – t hawkins -j porplyzia – d smith – d pffiefer reserves – t adams – a hall what do you think

  56. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to your blog before but after going through many of the articles I realized it’s new
    to me. Anyways, I’m certainly delighted I found it and I’ll be book-marking it and
    checking back regularly!