Supercoach 2012 Mid Price Player Cheat Sheet – version 1

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Jock Reynolds - The Father of Fantasy Football

Supercoach legend Jock Reynolds


Glad to be able to bring you the second in my series of AFL Supercoach 2012 cheat sheets kids. As a humble genius in the field of AFL Supercoach it gives me quite a deal of pleasure to share my limitless reserves of wisdom with you all.  The first revision of the Rookie Cheat sheet has been flicked to all corners of this wide brown land and here is some more for you to get your greasy mits on.

You’ll notice I’ve only added one player in green so far for the mid-price players. I’m an advocate of the guns n rookies theory this year so I’ll want to be very bloody convinced of any mid price tempter before I whack one into my team. Make sure you keep a very sharp eye on all of the orange lads during the NAB cup though, it’d be crazy to count em out.

Hope you all enjoyed Monday’s Supercoach podcast and make sure you run your eye over some of Higgo’s midprice research right here.

Jock Reynolds

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Ben McDonald via Fac

Great work again jock!

Jason McMahon via Fa

interesting call the hawker in the back line bud …hmmm

Hans Schumacher via

Hehe, and we can all put a line straight through Didak 😀

Benny C

You spelt Connors wrong…


I am keen on Winderlich as well Jock

Luke F

Hey Jock, what are your thoughts on Malceski, Drummond and Cooney as mid range picks?


Im kind of a little bit keen on Drommond – but he is a bit injury prone isnt he?

Luke F

Thanks Jock


What do you think about Tony Armstrong and Beau Waters?

Ben McDonald via Fac

Gday jock, Whats ur thoughts on gunston this yr? Did well in a scratch match yesty and could slot in nicely as that mid fwd the hawks need….what are ur thoughts? Keen on the next cheat sheet whens that out? 😀 love the mo and the site mate 😀

Jordan Forrest via F

Can you please take a look at my team on your wall jock

Tracey-Lee O'Br

Try posting your team again Jordan as I don't see it either..

Jock Reynolds Fantas

Gday there Ben McDonald Gunston is an interesting one and can see the temptation there. Try not to get too carried away with how the kids travel in the scratch matches… wait till the NAB when the real heat is on I reckon. Cheat sheets – premium cheat sheet is due early in the week – and make sure you tune into the podcast should be out monday night i reckon mate

Jock Reynolds Fantas

Yeah still cant see your team there Joran mate – try whacking it on my wall or write it straight into the comments on the website. Good on ya mate

Ben McDonald via Fac

Thanx mate, been thinking of him since he got traded….i know intra club are muck around but hey its a start 😉 im only gonna have 1 maybe 2 mid priced so tryin 2 pick wisely

Tracey-Lee O'Br

Don't forget he had Buddy practically giving him the ball from the wing. So will be interesting to see how he stacks up in the real deal 🙂

Jock Reynolds Fantas

And didn't Buddy look bloody magnificent Tracey. Lock him in eh

Jordan Forrest via F

Okay I uploaded it to your wall just then, hopefully you can see it !

Tracey-Lee O'Br

He's a definite lock but..argh I hope his new role doesn't just rack up DT points and slow his SC down.

Jordan Forrest via F
Ben McDonald via Fac

What about trav cloke? His first half in the gf was awesome….thinking he mite up it a level 2 after losing the gf

Ben McDonald via Fac

Tracey, if u have buddy nroo and jroo….thats pretty heavy up fwd…

Jock Reynolds Fantas

reckon Trav is absolutely worth considering this year Ben McDonald

Jordan Forrest via F

Jock, can you please analyse my team…

Greg Hunt via Facebo

What do you think of my team Jocko!?

Tracey-Lee O'Br

Throw chappy in that mix Ben McDonald

Jock Reynolds Fantas

Greg Hunt – you've picked som reasonale rookies there and have done your homework. Would have a rethink though on Seaby, Patton, possibly Malceski and Conglio. Overall looking sound mate


Good summary of what's out there. Gary Rohan is one who has escaped my radar until now. Got a bit excited but alas, doesn't look like he's keeper potential.


The one mid priced Ruck worth having, is Geelongs Trent West. Will play as the No. 1 ruckmen at the cattery, played a solid stopping role accross half back in the GF, reads the play well and a strong mark. At $373,000 he offers plenty of upside, minimal downside, and he can then be traded up for a premium after you've made some dough from your other cows. Almost a must have IMHO.


Im in the GF and Im the underdog. Need help, who to play Gibson (nth melb) or Sam Mitchell. Franklin or Pav..Have two spots in the backline and 4 to choose from Sam Shaw, Tom Bell, Morris and Baguley???Any suggestions.