AFL Supercoach & Dreamteam 2012 – Episode 5

Published by Jock on

Supercoach legend Jock Reynolds

Supercoach legend Jock Reynolds

We have to put up with byes in rounds 11, 12 and 13 this season folks. This will throw the cat right amongst the pidgeons and sit the Mickey Mouse teams fair and square on their bums.

You could be a Supercoach master like myself and have your eyes on the overall #1 prize. You could be in the caper to prove your superiority over your workmates. Doesn’t matter – we still play each other in leagues during the byes. Like it or not at some stage this season we will spend time neglecting our work duties, partners and health while we ponder the 2012 Supercoach bye situation.

Crouching’s cracking left field bye strategy article was food for thought for this one. Have a listen. What do you reckon all – what is the best way to approach the byes this season?

Another busy week coming up with some more Supercoach 2012 Rookie research and more Higgo Statistical GOLD not far away at all.

Jock Reynolds.

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Hi Jock,

Listened to this episode with interest. Higgo mentioned a possible strategy where 3 trades were made each week during the bye period to avoid the donut but I thought the rules were a maximum of 2 trades per week? e.g. 9 trades over 3 weeks is not possible unless the rules have changed.


Hey jtc13. Yeah the rules have changed to allow 3 trades per week during rounds 11, 12 & 13. Check out this link to learn the other new rules in 2012.


Thanks Bender. I had read most of that article but missed the bit about the 3 trades and how you can now trade for other positions. So this was valuable to revisit!


GOLD ….. GOLD …… GOLD!!!

Thanks boys, entertaining and VERY funny. Can't listen to them at work as I can't cantain laughter.

Can't wait til next week. Will you expect them to be out Monday night each week???


Just how talented are these guys!!! Forget the telly for the footy show….an infinitely better show is right here…The Jock Reynolds Show.


Very funny and very interesting view on the bye situation lads – thanks


Hold the phone…

funny stuff guys.

Have to agree with Higgo's donut theory for rnds 11-13.

World history tells us that great empires had to go through lean times, yet survive with their trades intact.

The Soviet Union was cranking out Donuts in 1941. But the Nazis used all their trades during the winter and the rest is history.

Supercoach is a long campaign, not a desperate, week to week, knee jerk trade policy.

"Let the maggot eat the donut, and let the frog eat the flies" – old myanmah proverb


theparxman…..interesting piece of historic analogy. Agree entirely with you that it is a 'LONG CAMPAIGN'


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