Supercoach 2012 Rookie Cheat Sheet – version 1

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Jock Reynolds - The Father of Fantasy Football

Supercoach legend Jock Reynolds


**note this has been superceded by Supercoach 2012 Rookie Sheet version 2 <<click**

Yes folks just click on the link above and download a little piece of Supercoach 2012 Rookie research gold. I’ll update this every fortnight leading into the season.

There are many of you who may be new to the Fantasy Footy Caper. Collecting the best Supercoach advice, bargains and tips can be a bit of a pain in the old backside. Higgo, Crouching and I are rapt to be able to give all the gear that you’ll need to attach the 2012 season right here at

I am not new to this caper. Some like to think of me as a fatherly figure in their quest for AFL Supercoach and Dreamteam glory. I’ll let you be the judge. I prefer to consider myself a lover of the game, a leader of men, an inspiration to many and a champion lover to those lassies lucky enough to have crossed my path.

Make sure you listen to our regular AFL Supercoach and Dreamteam podcasts and check out our other tools such as Higgo’s Supercoach 2012 Team Builder.

Look forward to taking the Supercoach and Dreamteam journey with you,

Jock Reynolds

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Julietta Jameson via

Thanks Jock!

Jock Reynolds Fantas

welcome Julietta 😉


Nice work with the site Jock, check it regularly

Mitchell Bird via Fa

Thanks Jock. Again!

Jack McCubbin via Fa

Cheers! Marty clarke is straight in for mine


Thanks Jock this is awesome to have. 1 more i would like to know a bit about is Matthew Arnot, Do you have any info about him?


No worries ill keep an eye on him. Cheers

liam cole

Great stuff Jock. Thoughts on Docherty from the lions? Defensive swinger. SC $141,600.

liam cole

Thoughts on Docherty from the lions? Low cost swinger.

Mikey mike

Could Redden from port be another possible ruck rookie?


Best buy this season?

Jimmy the fish

Gday Jock. You seem like a nice chap and this site is a good excuse to do bugger all on a Saturday!

Tell me mate, theres a couple of rookies down Windy Hill way by the names of Hunter and Baugley. Both seem like old school toughies from what ive heard, but with all these closed training sessions its hard to get a gauge on how theyre going.

You know much about them and what chances are they to pull on the blood stained black come round one? Any point scoring potential info would be appreciated.



Hi Jock, ripping website – Love your work!

Thoughts on Clay Smith (WBD), Chad Wingard (PA) & Elliot Kavanagh (ESS)



hey jock, whats your thoughts on danny butcher (PA)??


hey jock whats your thoughts on the gws boys docherty bugg and golds? trying to decide if theyre on top of ellis and morris of richmond.


Hi Guys,

Loving the page!

I was wondering if perhaps the link was broken? It is not coming up with anything for me!!