Jock’s Supercoach 2012 Forward Line Rookies v1

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 Supercoach legend Jock Reynolds

Supercoach legend Jock Reynolds

Your ability to pick some rolled gold rookies will be the difference between winning and losing in Supercoach and Dreamteam 2012. Do you want to swagger into work after round 1 like an absolute He-Man or would you rather slink in a sheepish loser?

You want to nail best rookies possible. Its such a massive factor that you simply have to nail in both forms of the game. In order of how I rate them here are the rookies that I’m looking at in the forward line for 2012. I’ll be updating this as other lads hit the radar during the NAB

1. Billie Smedts
Club:                      Geelong
Position:              Forward/Defender
Price:                     $113,200 Supercoach, $104,200 Dreamteam
  • A fierce competitor who hates to lose. One of the intangibles that an elite fantasy coach looks for but that can’t be measured. Coach loves him.
  • Versatile, can be used all over the park which is tops for job security
  • A swing man – if you can find a decent defender to wax with him you can swing him between your forward line and defence
  • An elite athlete while being a genuine footy player. Won the agility run in the 2010 draft camp.
  • A great kid. Lists his old Dad and his big Brother as his main influences. Like the boy and they like him down at the Cattery as well

My call: My man in Supercoach 2012. There is a risk in that he had a crook hip last year but surgery has fixed all that up. This bloke is a great footballer who will play many games in 2012 if he’s fit. In my team. Identified him in podcast 1 as one of my specials.

 2. Adam Treloar
Club:                      Greater Western Sydney
Position:              Forward/Centre
Price:                     $113,200 Supercoach, $104,200 Dreamteam
  • Tipped to start round 1 and is ready to play footy with the big boys
  • Cheap – would have gone pretty high in the latest draft if he hadn’t been plucked by Sheeds as a 17 year old (listen to my conspiracy theory about Sheeds at GWS here)
  • Swing man – a big plus is that you can flick him between your FWD and CTR lines to plug holes
  • Improved his 3km time trial by over a minute the other week and is training like a maniac
  • About 6th favourite in the NAB Rising Star betting at the minute

My call: Lock him in. A good kid from a good family. Thick as thieves with partner in crime Dylan Shiel, these two kids will rip shreds off the comp in a couple of years. A classy playmaker with all the tools, needs to get stuck into a few weetbix to bulk up but he’ll rack up the games

3. Dayne Zorko
Club:                      Brisbane
Position:              Forward/Midfield
Price:                     $113,200 Supercoach, $104,200 Dreamteam
  • Snaffled as a mature aged 22 year old and makes up for his puny size with his pace and massive kick. What age was Barlow when he ripped the socks off the comp? 22.
  • The mob down at Brisbane see him stepping straight into senior footy
  • Kicked 12 goals for Broadbeach up North in 2010, but the most remarkable part of that same game was how the kid tackled. Cha bloody Ching mate. Points ahoy.
  • Cheap as buggery and a mid/fwd swing man. Match him up with Treloar and Bobs your uncle

My call: 3rd in line at this stage looks a good prospect. From up North so unlike the other kids I don’t know his parents but seems a decent sort of a chap. Will be keen as mustard after having been overlooked for the last 4 years so no stone will be left unturned. An absolute midget which is a worry… but they are gagging for him in the inner sanctum in Lion land. Also question marks over his name. A bit bloody strange and gen yish for mine.

4. Tommy Walsh
Club:                      Sydney
Position:              Forward
Price:                     $113,200 Supercoach, $104,200 Dreamteam
  • Cherry picked. Has been picked by the Swans under the understanding that he’ll play games
  • The big Irishman was highly rated at the Saints where Ross the Boss didn’t let him play. He is hungry and will smash heads in 2012
  • Will play if fit. Simple as that. Guaranteed warm body racking up points.. how many points is the worry for mine…

My call: Pass for now but one to have a good think about him depending on my team structure. His role might not be a good point scoring one. I’ll wait to have a proper look at him in the NAB. You won’t go wrong picking him but you might miss out on some higher scoring rookies who might give you more cash cow money later on. Not a dual position man either… and he burnt my beloved Saints after we poured a bit of development into him. That’ll take time to heal Tommy.

 5. Darren Pfeiffer
Club:                      Port Adelaide
Position:              Forward/Midfield
Price:                     $126,700 Supercoach, $117,800 Dreamteam
  • Ready to rock and roll, picked as a strong bodied mature age player from Norwood and Port didn’t pick him for famous blueberry muffin cooking abilities.
  • Has had a sniff. Spent time and Adelaide and the Blues before nickin off back home to learn the caper
  • A ferocious attacker of the pill which the lowly Port will be keen on given their limp 2011

My call: Still needs to be lifted up off the rookie list before the season which is a given I reckon. Will get games but worried about the whispers that the kid isn’t a great decision maker and kick of the ball. Also that bit more expensive than a few other options. Not one for me at this stage but I’ll be having a close gander at him in the NAB.

 6.  Jed Lamb
Club:                      Sydney
Position:              Forward
Price:                     $113,200 Supercoach, $104,200 Dreamteam
  • Has the Stevie J X factor about him – kicks goals from all angles
  • Was the Swannies first pick in the 2010 draft and they rate him
  • Beat the kicking skills record at the draft camp in 2010 with a 29/30.
  • hamstring injuries in 2011 saw him hampered but he showed a lot up forward but also in the guts (midfield)

My call: I’ll wait to see him in the NAB. But I really want to see the kid succeed. Has had a hell of a time growing up living through the murder of his old man. Some might say that’s not a factor for Supercoach or Dreamteam selection but it is for me so they can go whistle dixie. I’ll will the kid to success coz I’m Jock Reynolds .

7. Ahmed Saad
Club:                     The might of the St Kilda Football Club
Position:              Forward
Price:                    $124,700 Supercoach, $115,800 Dreamteam
  • Impressive goal sneak who had a top year with the Bullants in 2011 kicking 50 as a small forward
  • Has been working hard on his tackling and will be like the junk yard dog inside 50

My call: No at this stage. Love the kid. Got real spunk. Too many in front of him. At best he will snag a few goals and with Milney and the Schneider man buzzin around his job security isn’t as good as some of the other hopefuls. Would take an almighty NAB for me to have him in my team come round 1. Will be a nice red herring to dangle out in front of your rivals if you want to keep em off the scent.

There you have it kids – the Supercoach and Dreamteam forward line rookies on my radar at the minute. Be sure to check back in as this will be updated during the NAB and before round 1. Make sure you’ve listened to our Supercoach and Dreamteam podcast, checked out some of Higgo and Crouching Tigers finest work and get stuck right in here at the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. Its tops to have you onboard!

I’m Jock Reynolds.

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Thanks Jock – I'll put Billie Smidts and Treloar in on my bench. Still reckon that Tommy Walsh will be a good selection this year. Maybe you have sour grapes after he left the Saints?


what do you think about Israel Folau? good choice?


Sour Grapes indeed, blame Rossy for stinking up the joint, not poor Tommy!


Billie Smedts actually had surgery on his hip last year not his shoulder.

Tracey-Lee O'Br

Keep em coming great stuff 🙂


Need the good oil on Cripps, Jock. Being a Saints junkie and fantasy expert, I bet you're in the know. Hidden gem or one to avoid?


Again post Xmas? Or the quad beforehand which I understood he had already returned to training from? All those closed sessions down at Frankston has me suss.


The good lads at tooserious say in their latest preseason training summaries that he may be a goer. Saints looking to play him off half back as well. Sounds like fantasy gold to me.


I heard that he is was back training with the main group last week and looking pretty good. Aaron Sipposs also a tip to play every game this season. Worth a thought?


Jack redpath should be there, remember the name!


No Brad Dick? His cheap as chips but will he get a run?