Jock’s Locks for 2012 #8 – Gary Ablett jnr

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Supercoach legend Jock Reynolds

Supercoach legend Jock Reynolds

I know what it’s like to grow up in the shadow of a great man.

We lived a few doors down from our local pub where my old man was a local legend. In his early 20s he’d skulled a jug of warm Swan Lager through his nostrils in 8 seconds. An oil painting vividly depicting the feat hung proudly behind the bar. It was a daily reminder to me of what I had to live up to some day.

So I reckon I know what Gary has gone through to break away from his old man’s shadow. Forget his Brownlow. Forget his flags. I reckon the way that Gary Ablett played football and carried the Suns in season 2011 well and truly hoisted him up to a pedestal alongside his dad.

The ‘experts’ prattled on like old bloody chooks about how he’d struggle not being propped up by the Cats talent. He’d cop too much focus from the opposition being the tall poppy at the Suns. The pressure of parting with Geelong for big bucks would be all too much. Didn’t he stick it right up em. Didn’t he prove them wrong. Isn’t he worth every bloody cent that the Gold Coast Suns payed for him.

And he is worth every cent of your AFL Supercoach and Dreamteam 2012 money.

  • Point machine: Averaged above 125 in Supercoach for each of the past 4 seasons (111 in DT)
  • Skipper Ahoy: Is a set and forget Captain – just lock him in each week and rack up the points
  • GCS on the up: The Suns will go into the season more AFL ready – with more team success his points will rise. He was scoring like a maniac in the last half dozen games in 2011 so expect that to continue
  • Big Start: Can’t afford to wait to get him cheaper – he has a very soft first 10 weeks of the season
  • Worth the money: At $689,000 in Supercoach ($554,700 DT) he aint cheap. Bu’t you risk missing the boat if you set sail in Dreamteam and Supercoach 2012 without him.

Will you be heading into AFL Season 2012 with Gary Ablett in the guts?

Jock Reynolds.

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"that's what I'm taking abooooout"

Dale Woonton

Another of Jock's Locks with funny hair. Locked and loaded. Still the best. Which other player could have gone up to the suns last year and managed 20 brownlow votes? No one. Except the little bald man.

Troy Anderson

He was the first player I picked. He wont drop much in price so might as well have him from the beginning


Get on the Little Master!!!!


should be #1 of your locks


Wouldn't Dream of going into 2012 with out him its for every game your opposition does not have him that you accumulate extra points and watch them play catch up.

Tracey-Lee O'Br

No Super Coach team would even get a look in with out GAZZA!

Jock Reynolds Fantas

agree mate! what a champ!


Ablett is such a lock this year. Only way is up. You just can't go wrong!


Hey love the site some great tips! want to know what you reckon about my side for supercoach 2012

DEF: Deledio, Fisher, Enright, Heppel, Hargrave, Clarke, Bugg

SUB: Ellis, Morris

MID: Ablett, Swan, Murphy, Selwood, Shiel, McDonald

SUB: Magner, Cunningham

RUCK: Mumford, Giles

SUB: Redden, Stephanson

FWD: Franklin, Martin, Zaharakis, N Riewoldt, Sidebottom, Porplyzia, Saad

SUB: Pfeiffer, Dickson

Not sure about Saad in the starting team, is it a risk going with McDonald?

What about 3 rookie rucks?

Any feedback would be awesome!!


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