Jock’s Locks for 2012 #6 – Nick Riewoldt

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Jock Reynolds - The Father of Fantasy Football

Jock Reynolds – The Father of Fantasy Football

2 players listed as Forwards in Supercoach for season 2012 averaged above 100 in 2011. Just the 2. Forwards who can bust out midfield like scores are rare as hens teeth and need to be snaffled up.

In each and every season between 2005 and 2010 Nick Riewoldt averaged at least 107 Supercoach points. We could chew the fat till blue in the face about the life, times, genitals and underperformance of Riewoldt in 2011. The fact is that a rabid competitor like Nick will not let what happened on field in 2011 happen again in 2012.

Must admit that I took some time to decide on Riewoldt as Jocks lock #6 – some points had me scratching the muzz;

  • His 2011…
  • He will turn 30 during the season
  • The feeling that his best might just be behind him
  • Durable but when he goes down he goes down good and proper

But the following points have gotten the big blond champ across the line for mine;

  • Cheap as Chips. At just $472,400 in Supercoach and $416,700 in Dreamteam you can’t go wrong
  • A Rare Forward. Should score enough to see him finish in the top handful of Forward line scorers for the season
  • Freshened Up and Fit. The feeling in the guts that Scotty Watters will really spark Nick again, and also his dodgy knee will be aok
  • Durable(ish): Aside from 2010 when he ripped his hammy off the bone his other past 5 seasons have yielded 20+ games

He stuffed my Supercoach and Dreamteam teams last year but I’ll be keeping the faith with the champion Saint. What do you reckon folks – will St Nick be coming down your Supercoach and Dreamteam chimneys in AFL season 2012?

Jock Reynolds

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sorry mate I'm not convinced. while he should be on the radar, im not sure he is a 'lock'. I would prefer to gamble on J Brown at 331k

Dale Woonton

No. No. No.

His best is behind him. He gets triple teamed. He can't kick. He is getting older. His output is declining. He gets triple teamed. He gets no support. Sides know that if they triple team him, they win. He doesn't kick enough goals. He doesn't win the ball in dangerous areas like he used to. He gets triple teamed.

Sorry to rant, but Rooey's not a lock. He will try his guts out and I respect the footballer but I douby he'll finish in the top 7 forwards.


Sorry Jock, I agree with the commenters. Buddy is the only forward lock. While Rooey will probably have a better 2012 for the reason you give, it's not going to impact SC/DT scoring for the reason Dale gives. And $400k+ is still way too much. Better off going for fwd/mids for numberds and rookie cashcows for $$$.

Big V

the Brown-dawg for me.


The article needs to mention that the game has changed. Until the introduction and popularity of the forward press, Riewoldt never had 3 opponents at a time, which was a regular occurrence last year (at least someone like Brown has the physical size as a true "power forward" to cope with this a little better). He is a great player, but the game suits him less than it did 2 seasons ago as well as his knee being a perennial problem. It's a "no" from me.


He is not a secure lock and best is behind . . . Hith Jonathan Brown and Porpyzia cheaper and will score similar. Cant see why you would have him and you spent that extra bit for Fyfe, Franklin and Rioli just can not convince myself. Sorry 🙂 Cheers for your work and Cheat sheets are amazing most useful thing in the supercoach world 🙂

liam cole

rumours around him being rested at regular intervals during the year?


There were 10 players in SuperCoach who averaged over 100/game, not 2.

happy wheels

Fair enough mate. Fair enough.


Thanks man this is beautiful and great good work