Pendles slugged with $700,500 Supercoach Pricetag

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I like beer. And every sip tastes nicer when I know that I have achieved value for money.

Like an honest can of Melbourne Bitter you know exactly what you get with Scott Pendlebury. So much so in fact that Jock Reynolds heavyweight The Crouching One tagged him “Deep-end-lebury” in our first podcast. Not because of his dependability. More due to his ability to float in the metamorphic “deep end” and score points against all opposition.. gun or hack. You see… a can of Melbourne bitter will also float in the deep end of a pool. It will also stay cool there.

How would you feel if you walked into the bottle shop to find that they want as much for a can of Melbourne Bitter as a stubby of Crown “Only for Toorak Toffs” Lager? You’d tell em they were dreamin. And I am here to tell you here tonight that the good folk at the Herald-Sun Supercoach are dreamin if they want me to fork out $700,500 for Pendles to start in my team in season 2012. Sure – my can of Melbourne would still taste tops but it would bloody well want to for the price.

Now close your eyes and picture yourself settling into your favourite chair with your overpriced can. You have a ring pull accident. The structural integrity of the vessel is compromised before you drink it. An expensive disaster. I wouldn’t wish a ring or pull accident on anyone but imagine this scenario with Pendlebury in early 2012.

Prices across the board will be higher for premiums in 2012. Remember folks that there was a competition wide premium price drop in 2011 to help us cope with the balls up the byes caused. This makes me take stock and think. He is expensive but doesn’t seem as expensive when compared to the other premiums that will also have a big price hike. However sure as hell Pendles will drop in price within the first 5-6 rounds and you can snag him then.

Hold your horses on Pendles. The dynamics of supply and demand would knock the price of Melbourne Bitter back to its rightful place, and so to will the cut and thrust of the 2o12 AFL Premiership season knock Pendles back into the mix mid season.

I have already written Scott Pendlebury up as a lock for seaosn 2012 – but lets just say I’ll put that on ice till mid season eh?

Jock Reynolds.

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Dale Woonton

Why the surprise at Pendles being priced highest? The 2012 prices are sjust a reflection of 2011 averages. Highest average = highest price.


The $700k price tag is still relative to the other players prices so it shouldn't make any difference if you ask me. For $700k you get a guy who scores well every week and rarely gets injured (missed no games in the past 2 years and only 1 game in 2009 i think?)

I can't see his SC price dropping significantly enough during the season to make it worthwhile holding off so I'll be selecting him from the start.

In DT I'll be starting Swan over Pendles.


Does anyone know what Ablett's starting price was in SC for the 2010 season? Was quite high if I recall.


In 2010 ? That's when prices were at their highest if I remember correctly. He was about $830,000.


I'm hearing ya Jock. Pendlebury has been upgraded to a Crown Lager at nightclub prices.

I've left him in the carton. If I get a chance, I'll put him back in the ice before the 'Rounds of Death' 11 -13