Jock’s Locks for 2012 – #4 – Brendon Goddard

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Jock Reynolds - The Father of Fantasy Football

Supercoach legend Jock Reynolds

Grand Final Day 2010. Brendon James Goddard soars high above the pack. The ball slaps perfectly into his mits. He falls to the ground. Time stops. Everything is frozen, still.

Jock Reynolds is 30cm airborne. His hands are pointing to the heavens and his stylish moustache obscures a maniacal triumphant bellow of complete bloody joy. Strangers in Red White and Black embrace. In the stands, at BBQs and in living rooms around the world passionate Collingwood fans sit dumbfounded, faint and heartbroken. In the corporate stands and inside the slacks of Edward MaGuire a little bit of wee comes out.

For Goddard, the Saints, for Me, for Supercoach and Dreamteamers this single moment is as good as it gets. Some would argue that the events of the next few minutes would be the catalyst for a drop in Fantasy Footy fortunes for Brendon Goddard in season 2011.

However folks Im here to tell you to forget about Goddard’s early 2011 form slump. What you will see in season 2012 on the park and on your Supercoach and Dreamteam score-sheets will be the reemergence of the most dangerous and damaging player in the AFL. Ross the boss is gone. Watters is here and fresh wind has revitalised the joint.  Brendon will be released. The results will be beautiful to watch. You will see a Back line eligible player racking up at least as many points as the most prolific midfielders. I’ll put that out there and see if time can prove me wrong. It rarely does kids.

Besides all this carry on the stats themselves speak loudly enough.

  • Durable – has played 20+ games for the past 4 seasons
  • A scoring beast – Supercoach averages of 103, 116, 130 and 108 in past 4 seasons
  • Peaking – is 26 and makin hay
  • Backliner – Do I need to say any more? You really need him in the backline if you are fair dinkum
  • Price – pretty high (will be 575k in Sc and 435k in DT) but he has proven that his ceiling is higher than this

What do you reckon folks – will you be locking Brendon ‘Lamb of’ Goddard into your 2012 Supercoach and Dreamteam teams? Matt Priddis, Scott Pendlebury, Bretty Deledio are Jocks 1st four picked for 2012.

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franky saint

Jock, you captured that moment with unorthodox excellence …. "a bit of wee came out" – funniest thing I have read EVER.

I agree. Goddard will be back in town in 2012. He is a lock.

Jock – do you think the saints are a chance?

franky saint

sainter and loving it


Heck yes we are a chance, i'm looking forward to seeing Scotty's coaching style in action and us playing more attractive football


Oh mate possibly the funniest thing ever posted on an AFL blog… summed up beautifully. Don't think i've jumped higher in my life after that almost match winning moment. Pumped to see the boys back to their best this year, with a few newbies that will hopefully slot straight into our best 22. Keep up the good work Jocky!


Saints are gonna go all the way this year, I can feel it. Alot of buzz around the club atm with Scotty and the new staff, Maxy coming home as well as Hamill. And lets not forget Lenny is back and fighting fit. Its gonna be a good year to be a Saints supporter

Dale Woonton

Ha ha, I'm loving the optimism of the Saints supporters. It's what our great game's all about. Of course you're all bloody delusional! But it's great.

BJ is desperate to make his final year at Seaford a big one so yep, lock him in. Especially as a fantasy player with dpp, which just got all the more attractive with the new rules.

Kade Birchall via Fa

"In the corporate stands and inside the slacks of Edward MaGuire a little bit of wee comes out." hahahaha


Well said Jock, fantastic piece, Goddard is a champion. Absolute supercoach lock. While were on the topic i Love the fact that everybody has ridden off the mighty saints. Really enjoying the underdog status. We are the sleeping giant.

Benny J

To quote DT talk on FB lock and leave, Ablett, Swan, Selwood, Goddard, Enright, Deledio..


Yeah no doubts there with this lock. By with such scoring prowess his nickname should be Brendon "Wrath of" Goddard!