Episode 2 – Aspendale Flyers, Prawn Dumplings, Tigers and Giants

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Supercoach legend Jock Reynolds

Jock Reynolds – The Father of Fantasy Football

Fair to say that we have been pretty bloody rapt by the support that we have received after our first episode aired in October.

We are back with another pre-Christmas podcast due to popular demand and swing straight into some juicy inside info that will get your Supercoach and Dreamteam ships sailing in the right direction for next season.

I offer you an insight into my incredible Fantasy Footy mind and discuss a couple of the GWS boys you need in your team next year. Higgo has a look at some promising prospects from Tiger Land and also lifts the lid on his secretive 3 cubed rule. The Crouching One gives us some more strategic gold and draws a stunning parallel between Fantasy Footy coaching and his marriage.

It is a great honour to be running this show with Higgo and The Crouching One and I hope you are enjoying the ride with us.

Jock Reynolds

(ps For some top notch post show reading make sure you are up to date with Jock’s Locks for 2012, read Higgo’s contraversial article on his statistical analysis of the Magpies hopes and Crouching’s Award Winning look at the art of trading.

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Very interesting podcast again boys. However I think you've confused your dislike of Collingwood and Bucks with fantasy football and trying to justify what you "Hope" will happen rather than what will.

Peter Higginbotham

Dear cptFantasy,

My therapist has required me to amplify any sense of emotion or passion that I feel. Unfortunately, a magpie swooped me when I was young – as a result I am trying to express and resolve these negative emotions that have festered.

I am feeling better.


Peter Higginbotham





Janell Howland

Thank you

Alan Lee

Good post guys!