The Ancient Art of Supercoach 2012 TRADING …

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Yes grasshoppers, it is true – when it comes to Supercoach strategy, Crouching One see many things through his Kung Fu slipper of wisdom. However great you think Crouching is, I must bow to the greatness of another ……. for it is said in my village, “Anyone who look this man in eye, turn into stuff inside beanbag”.

This man is Jay To – He make velly good team, he make IMPROMPTU SCE ….. He win whole bloody competition in 2011!

In this, Crouching One first special fried rice delivery, I offer insight into Mr. To’s brilliance. I also offer free bag of prawn cracker if you make good comment.

First, let us look at his team at start and end of season;


Players bolded means IMPROMTU made changes – he used trades ….. more on this soon.

Crouching One think  now;

* Master Jay not care too much about having many player from same team on one line.

*Master Jay start without Goddard and Ablett …. vellysmart move.

*Master Jay start with more than his fair share of spud!

So Master Jay take little bit risk at start, he have some spud … so how did he win?? Master Jay make velly smart trade moves. Now Crouching One look closely at how this man become my hero.


First, here is a little table to help all grasshoppers understand how trades are not all done for same reason ….

In season, you will use all these types of trades. Last two types,  Sideways and Injury are not good, too many of these and your become like rusty wok – no one like this.

I look now at Master Jay’s Impromtu trades – with colour codes to highlight to all grasshoppers how much wisdom this mighty warrior has in his Kung Fuslipper;

So now, like bag that have spring roll in it, we can now see a little bit through Master Jay winning team and masterful trading techniques. He have injury, he even maybe make mistake with Kreuzer, but he win.


Soon Crouching One look more closely at initial team strategy, but first he spend quite time in his cave of solitude on the ancient slopes of Monash Freeway channeling the wisdom of Grand Master Jay.

Sayonara – The Crouched One

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Tiger Cub

Are you a Tiger fan Crouching One?


He is as Tigerish as a Tiger mate!



Before you ask what team support, think of the tick on the buffalo testicle. I am the buffalo whose has itch on left bollock. I can itch, but I perfer eat more grass. For it is said, "Crouching One have ball like sherrin leather." ….. Old jungle saying.

Me hope this answer your question grasshopper.

jimbo possum

his trading was awful, absolute pure arse that he won, like the spud that won the year before. anyone who wins the lottery is not classed as a master of picking numbers.


he has a pretty impressive record spanning a number of seasons – must be onto something?


I think he started with 6 midfield rookies one year and made the top 1000.

One thing I did last year and will again this year is trade heavily early like Jay and get most trades done before round say 14.

Big risk I know but I think it's needed to do well.

Although it worked for Jay for me it did not. was around the 500 rank mark most year then a few injuries late in the season and suspensions pushed me out to 2000 odd.


Thanks for visiting Simmo – amazing how it can swing either way sometimes isn't it. I'n not a big advocate for buring those trades up as early as round 14 but looking at Jays record over the years it must be considered…

jason mcmahon

You gott'a risk it …for the biscuit


Seems the art is to fit as many spud that will play into your team so as to increase your salary cap and trade smart as he obviously did!!!

Dale Woonton

Are you going to sit there with a straight face and try to tell us that last year's winner traded Sandilands out in round 6 and back in for round 7? Crouching one, you need to crouch down a little further so we can kick your backside!



Totally agree that luck played a major part in my SuperCoach win in 2011. However, when there are 400,000 entries, we all need a little bit of luck to help win the competition.

Let's just say I know luck plays a big part in SuperCoach as I believe my result in 2010 (742th) & 2009 (188th) were much better than 2011, however I had horrible luck in those year. 2010 should of been a top 10 finish and 2011 should be top 500 finish. I guess lady luck makes her own decision.


Just confirming Crouching and Jock got it right with my initial team and the trades (ie trading Sandilands around the bye).

Happy to confirm this is me on my twitter account: @ImpromptuSC


Cheers Jay you're a good egg mate


Sent you an inbox on Facebook Jay, for link to Jocks and Higgos Facebook page.

Dale Woonton

Wow! I'm currently wiping egg off my face. Crouching, if we ever meet, you are entitled to one free kick of my backside. But not too hard. Sorry Crouching, how could I have doubted you?


Master Dale,

This OK, but you never find Crouching One – he find you. My kungfu slipper already ask me for kick in your buttock, but I say him, "NO!" For it is true, Crouching One once make mistake too.

Very thankyou much for your interest,

The Crouching One




You're a dag lol. Velly funny!

Tracey-Lee O'Br

Jay's ok..only just got him to Join Facebook lol..sent him an inbox to like the page 🙂

White Lions

"but first he spend quite time in his cave of solitude on the ancient slopes of Monash Freeway channeling the wisdom of "

living the melbourne contextual humour.

priceless stuff.

well done to all

white Lions

Russell Peters

that starting team had so many premiums – not even close this year to getting this many in

4 backs

4 mids

2 ruck and 1 mid pricer

5 fwds

and these are all top quality premuims not lower end like browndawwgg, barlow or grimes that a lot of ppl are putting in this year


Such an interesting starting team isnt it?

Michael Bullet Bandy

Love your work Crouching 🙂


You made a mistake. In round 24 of Jay's team you have Dyson Heppell in the midfield. He is a backman and not dual position, this year or last year, so he could not of been there. I know as I had him in my team.


Also Luke Tapscott you have listed in the forward line for his starting round 1 team. Tapscott is a defender and not dual position, he's not this year and he wasnt last year. So he also couldnt of been there.


Umm, dude i had Heppell in my backline all last year and Tappscott in my Forward line until i traded him out.

I KNOW this more!!!

So DanielSan, check you facts before open mouth. Otherwise garbage may fall out




Choking! Being a newbie I followed the top 10 team’s strategies last year to learn – such as IMPROMPTU.

I thought ‘budgeting’ trades would be critical, only to find that the top teams virtually finished trading in rd14 – as you show. But what killed me is that I choked twice with captain selections; the result being a dropped 300-500 places each time. I think I will change my team name to Greg Norman. While I finished in the top 30, my advice is to stick to your strategy. A 50pt loss of captain’s points is often the difference between a rookie and a premium score.Maybe more skilled players know this but this is my '2 bobs worth'.


As a holder of trades I'm completely re-thinking. Like the slipper says, trade your bloody arse off!!!


I am all for using up all your trades in the first two rounds. If they get better players in or make your structure better then you won't need to trade for a while after.

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ket qua xo so

Are you going to sit there with a straight face and try to tell us that last year's winner traded Sandilands out in round 6 and back in for round 7