Jock’s Locks for 2012 – #3 – Brett Deledio

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Supercoach legend Jock ReynoldsEvery year we get the same old articles telling us that a player is ready for some more midfield time during the next season. Over the years we have learnt to take these articles with a massive sack of salt. Most of the time these stories amount to nothing in the cut and thrust of the season proper.

Now call me a crazy old Galah but I don’t think that we can think the same about the mighty Tiger superstar Brett Deledio. My first thought was that Brett would be tagged to buggery even if he did get a regular go in the guts – but I’ve had a rethink. Dustin Martin. Trent Cotchin. Nathan Foley. Suddenly the opposition coaches have some other Tiger headaches to worry about and maybe Brett the Jet will get a free run of things…

Aside from this speculation the stats are sound..

  • Reliable as buggery: Has played 22 games in each of the last 4 seasons
  • Proven Scorer: 102, 103, 102 and 105 Supercoach average in his last 4 seasons… some of these included very lean patches early in his seasons.
  • Ready to emerge: I have a massive feeling in the waters that the Tigers will unleash the full fury of Deledio in 2012. With some genuine chop outs in the midfield he is ready to blitz.
  • Prime Time: He is 24 – ready for a serious Prime. His body has been well preserved lurking round the backline. Look out. This Tiger is about to Roar.
  • Backline Bandit Having a backline player racking up midfield points for your team is dellliiicioussss

What do you reckon folks – will you be locking Deledio into your 2012 Supercoach and Dreamteam teams? Matt Priddis, Scott Pendlebury and now Bretty Deledio are Jocks 1st, 2nd and 3rd picked for 2012.


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Phillip Molly Malone

Only if he maintains his Defensive eligibility. If hes a pure mid, no thanks!


@jock_reynolds I don't fully agree with your lock number 3. If he is still available as a defender then yes definitely, but if he is only selectable as a midfield I don't think lids is quite at "lock" status. My midfield locks would want to be averaging at least 110. Just my thoughts. Look forward to hearing feedback, for or against.


As always Jock you're on the money.

Dale Woonton

Of course he will be available as a defender! This article hits the nail on the head. Deledio will be in more team than the first 2 of Jocks Locks.

Dave ScoreGasm Simps

If he is a dpp he will be a lock in my team if not i will probably have a second look


hey jock!

big call on deledio, i hope your right mate, i really do. what about foley, any thoughts?

Tiger Tex

I definitely agree Jock. A certain starter up back. (rotating mid)

Q: I'm having trouble finding defenders in the mid price range. Any suggestions?