Jocks Locks for 2012 – #1 – Matt Priddis

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In our first podcast Peter “Higgo” Higginbotham crunched some numbers. Matt Priddis came out as one of the midfielders that we all should whack into our teams next year. Now Higgo is a maths nerd, I love the bloke, but we don’t always agree. But in this case there’s no option but to lock this one in kids – Priddis will be my first picked in 2012.

This bouncy haired ball magnet from the West has slipped under my guard a bit in recent seasons but Higgo’s numbers now speak too loudly to ignore. All boxes are ticked;

  • No long stints on the sidelines – 22, 18, 20, 19, 22 games in his first 5 full season
  • Bloody consistent  – one of only 4 players in 2011 to not score less than 80
  • Still improving  – In the last 5 seasons in SC he has averaged  90, 96, 104, 109 then 114 in 2011
  • In a team on the rise – love the way the Weagles are coming along
  • Is a good bloke  – Important in my selection regime, I like following the good guys

Now he will come with a fair price tag (up around the 600k mark) so you wouldn’t call this man a bargain – but I fancy my chances of grabbing some of the other gun midfielders during the season while they are on a downer. The thing with young Priddis is that he doesn’t have any downers so just go ahead – set and forget folks.

There are 9 of these to come before the AFL Dreamteam and Supercoach seasons kick off so stay tuned.

So what do you reckon – will the man with the Pears Hair get a gig in your team in 2012?

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Yeah, I picked him up last year and he doesn't disappoint…does the hard stuff too, gonna pick up him and either Pendles or Murph and prob Hayes as well and build my mids around them.


But think of his price….will prob be around the 300k mark, worth a punt I reckon


Considering what his pricetag will be, I think I'll prefer having Pendles + Murphy. Will be tough though, last two seasons I've almost had him in my side and bit the bullet for the last 4 games, didn't regret it.

Played every game and lowest score was 92, so super consistent if he can keep it up.


Yes indeed, Sideshow Bob can certainly play the game and does tick a hell of lot of boxes. I think his price will put me off. Little Gazza will cost a fortune and he's my first picked (lock him in as captain all year I say) so not sure there's room for Priddis and his hair in my SC team. Good article though.


Wow, Cynthia really seems impressed!


hey jock!

rory sloane from the crows might be an option, they are takjing him up, and he is classier than priddis for mine.

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Cynthia really seems impressed!