AFL 2012 Round 13 – A Bugger for Backlines

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We all know that the AFL has penned in 3 rounds in a row (11, 12 & 13) in which 6 teams per week will have their bye in season 2012.Jock Reynolds - The Father of Fantasy

Our Supercoach and Dreamteam leagues will have a mid season smoko and teams won’t play off against each other. No dramas there for those in the game out to prove their superiority over workmates, family and friends.

The big problem kicks in for those coaches who strive for overall competition rank. Now I can’t speak for those of you who have not been gifted with as much fantasy footy talent and brilliance as I have – but for me this desire for overall domination kicked in when smashing my workmates at the game year in year out was no longer a challenge. I began playing for national ranking dominance and switched focus at work to mentoring my workmates toward improving their game…. a story for another time.

The big drama for coaches striving for rank comes in Round 13 where our backlines will be absolutely smashed:

OUT: Brendan Goddard, Sam Fisher, Bryce Gibbs, Heath Scotland, Chris Yarran, Grant Birchall, Chris Newman, Brett Deledio, Sam Gilbert, Hamish Hartlett and Shaun Burgoyne

This will be a serious test for coaches who think that they have what it takes to mix it with the Nations best. The Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community will be deliberating over this as a priority during the offseason.

How will you handle this pickle?

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I'll use the DPP rule. I think I heard something about a 3 way DPP? (If so, Goddard should be the first 3 way DPP. DPP's are great for multi-byes.

Jock Reynolds Fantas

Add Suckling to that list as well


What a devastating round! On 2011 averages it leaves you with:


Shaw (101)

Broughton (93)

Adcock (90)

S.Stephens (90)

R.Murphy (90)


Stevens (98)

Enright (92)

Shaw (92)

Broughton (84)

Adcock (84)

Now exactly a lot to choose from, especially when there is so few "premiums" in the backs to begin with.


Cross Hartlett off that list. He is listed as a MID only.


If you were going to cross off Hartlett as he is MID only, why wouldn't you also cross off Gibbs who is in the same situation ?

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