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Jock Reynolds - The Father of FantasyWe all face the prospect of a long stint without any Fantasy Footy action. I have formulated a few ideas that will help you burn your newly found spare time between now and season 2012. They may also enrich your life.

Reinvest in human relationships.

As an experienced Fantasy Footy campaigner I like to believe that I am drawing closer to mastering the art of balancing relationships with my Supercoach and Dreamteam research commitments. However in the cut and thrust of a competitive season it is inevitable that birthdays are missed. It is only human to be distracted away from the majority of conversations by the lure of that refresh live stats button. If your relationship need that bit of TLC what an ideal period between now and February to make up for lost ground.

On the other side of the coin if your Fantasy Footy interests cannot be accepted by your partner as part of the deal this is a great time to do some soul searching – is it time to look at a trade in? If things are grim try applying the knowledge that you have developed in Supercoach & Dreamteam to your relationship. Let her know what she needs to do to become the Premium Lock of your heart.

Increase your efficiency at work

You will no doubt have at least an hour in each workday free that didn’t exist during the season proper. Strive for that payrise and conduct actual work related activities in this spare hour. Alternatively, and in the spirit of the new ‘Don’t stop it – SWAP IT’ campaign, swap your Supercoach/DT time for general sport related Internet browsing

Folks – these are just 2 ideas to keep you ticking over on the off season. What other ideas can you come up with to help the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community get through the Summer?

Jock Reynolds

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