2012 Preview Show – Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community

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Bringing the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community online is a big and rather scary move for our band of Supercoach and Dreamteam Analysts. From its early days in the tea room at work and then into the more structured workshops at Hungry Jacks on Tuesday evenings – it has become clear to all that it would be rather selfish of us to hoard the considerable collective genius that we have accumulated and fostered.  

We hope you enjoy our first podcast. We hope that you can participate in the community in any way you know how. At the very least we hope that your Supercoach and Dreamteam games are able to soar to higher levels in season 2012.

Make sure that you jump into the I Tunes and subscribe to this podcast – there are plenty more on the way

Jock Reynolds

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Blake T

Ba hahaha ….

Weird, crazy, FUNNY. Thanks Jock & Co. Can't wait for the next one!


Bloody bloody funny, fair dinkum unbelievable kack-up.

Keep em coming boys.

Frank Tromboni

Keep the quality coming. Very funny stuff, Jock.

John S

trade up ..trade down. great advice crouching ha ha.

John Pappa

Would like to hear more of Higgo's thoughts re: judd.

Think they may have worked him out toward end of 2011 season.

When can I expect the next one – I pissed myself!


Good podcast but Jock sounds distant (further away from the microphone?) compared to the other two which leads to having the volume up and then Higgo/CT are too loud.


vasculitis rash…

The Jock Reynolds AFL Fantasy Footy Podcast – Episode 1 | Jock Reynolds…


Jock sounds a little different to what he does now…


yea lol