Introducing… The Crouching Tiger

Published by Jock on

If i cah make strategy get my whole family here, i make strategy you win supercoach and dreamteam – me likey AFL velly muh. Welcome all peoples. Crouching One look forward velly much to give you he Kung Fu slipper of wisdom for 2012.

Remember important 3 rule before pick 2012 Supercoach or Dreamteam player.

1. Paint de fence

2. Wax de cah

3. Sand de flo

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lol.. what the??


Weird…just plain weird!


Love the true blue oooooorstralian flavour


Ok that's just wrong 'hey true blue' that is. What are you a country and western folk? Reminds me of my parents! EEEKKKK. Na all things aside hope Crouching reamins cus although he's a you beaut dag, I have to laugh.

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go bang bang






anyone else think this would make page 1 of the hearald for being rascist if it came out in 2018


Haha yep…how's all the spam on the first page?…wtf

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