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Members and guests.

I have finally bitten the old bullet and I am on the wide world Internet. It is possible that some of my followers may be feeling slightly miffed at this and I understand.

For some years now I have been in a position where I could share my advice and strategic genius with you all and provide you with somewhat of a competitive advantage over your adversaries. This has all taken place within the geographic confines of south east suburbia. Enlightening a much wider audience on the world with internet will indeed mean that more students will rise to the next level in Supercoach in 2012.

After I announced my move onto the Internet in the library last week some of you left looking deflated. It is now that I need to remind you fellas of some of the wisdom that I have imparted upon you over the past month. No it was not coincidental. Yes these learnings were intended to help you to adjust to this significant change. Yes Jock will help you through this and looks forward to you all becoming key community members in our push onto the wide open e-frontier.

Like in the game of Supercoach (and I am reminded of the extra trade and substitute scenario this season) – those who are not able to adjust to change will be buggered.

Don’t die on old Jock I need you now more than ever. Lets dominate Australian Rules Supercoach 2012

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JOCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Like if you came here to see what there first article was.




These are the origins of a SuperCoach legend, Jock Reynolds.


Legend Mate
you have transformed me into a SC Beast.
Im in my 3rd season, over the 2nd year blues.
Top 5% currently
thanks Jock, Higgo and Crouching Big Ball One


Im getting my creep on