PODCAST: The Group Chat debuts

Gday community, we’re back at it again as Damo, Lek and Patch sit down to sift through some of the early issues in Supercoach 2019.

They discuss whether to Dusty or not to Dusty, if Fyfe truly is Lyfe and if Kelly got you… jelly? I dunno. We talk about Josh Kelly.

We also go on a stark raving, deep divingly mad look at some ruck statistics – or rather, Patch rants and raves while the other two sit quietly and indulge him.

We also talk early-season injuries, deal with some community comments and insult Patch about everything, because he deserves it.

How are ya travelling, folks? What questions do you want us to cover?

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  1. Boris_Baconbeer says:

    First Yay!! Looking forward to a great pod as usual 😀

    • Lekdog says:

      Cheers B-Man, let us know what ya think. Ask some questions next week too 😉

      • Boris_Baconbeer says:

        And I can confirm, it was definitely a great pod pod :D. Toying with the idea of one of these old names to save money somewhere Hanners, Bennell, or even Birchall for a back-line pov buy. If there is a lack of rooks there he may be the pov buy worth going for. Of course provided he or Bennell play. Early Days though and after my disastrous Wietering pick last year just to be different, I'm scared of doing any of the aforementioned players. Talk me out of it 😀
        Edit: oh I know they ain't pods but they probably should be.

  2. Nick says:

    Dangerfield is a POD right??

  3. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Lads looking forward to having a listen to the new pod.

    Travelling like swanny and dusty on a vegas trip. 😁

    Q to cover.
    Who benefits more from the new rules?

    A. Defenders. Can play on out of goal square, man on mark 10m away.

    B. Ruckman. Can take it out of the ruck and ruckman must come front on.

    C. Midfielders. With 6 – 6 – 6 dont have to worry about a guy coming off the square and have free passage into fwd line.

    D. Forwards. Can use hands/arms in back of defender to go for mark and have alot more 1 on 1 contests.

    Theres a pod right there. 😏

    Good luck ….

    • Lekdog says:

      I love it Trig!

    • Boris_Baconbeer says:

      Would B mean taller rucks better (or jump higher)?

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      Probably D if any but I forecast that it won't make too much difference for any players.

    • Derek says:

      Players like Sicily will be affected by the 6/6/6 rule. Hawks love the extra defender and he is the beneficiary.

      • SW Roosters says:

        The 6/6/6 rule only applies as a starting point at each centre bounce. Once the ball is bounced and in play there is nothing to stop coaches rolling back a spare behind the footy.

        I don't see the 6/6/6 rule having that much impact on intercept defenders such as Sicily.

        Time will tell…..

    • TMitch says:

      Once the ball is bounced anyone can run through the middle/come off the square can't they? If yes then its absolutely no different to the rule that's been in place since Tom wills started the game. No change there

  4. Tyruddanaut says:

    Interested to see Jarrod Harbrow, made most kicks outs and decreased in midfield time significantly, is only 0.3% ownership. One to watch 🤞

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      Conca. 392,300. Most likely will gain significantly more midfield time with Neale and Blakey out. 0.5%
      Hopper 0.6%
      Wayne Milera 1.1%

    • Dice_real says:

      Pearce off Hanley one to watch too over JLT tyruddanaut if fully fit

  5. Dave says:

    Hey lads, where should I send some content for you're consideration?


  6. Sharkmove_King says:

    The SHARKMOVE of 2019 is Michael Hibberd!!!! Forget about last year he just had a bad one….but this is an All Australian half back with solid scoring history sub 400k. Can't believe how much people are talking about the Brodie Smith's and Robertons but not this guy for a little more $.

    There is another one I'm looking at that but he needs a good JLT. Doesn't need to dominate but needs to move well. That player is Tom Lynch. Idea would be to hold him up until his Round 14 bye and then trade to anyone player that will have already had a bye. Mark my words he is going to have some big games early (Jack & Caddy will too) until teams work out how to stop Richmond's forward line.

    • Derek says:

      What can you see Hibberd averaging?

      There are thousands of defenders who will average 70 to 75 this year. Will he do much better?

    • Ralph says:

      Didn’t Hibberd only score well playing as a loose defender? Will the 6-6-6 rule affect this?

    • Sharkie says:

      Hibberd role change, he's done. Simple

      • Sharkmove_King says:

        I'm experiencing some serious deja vu here gentlemen….I got the same comments when I'm mentioned Jack Macrae this time last year, and also Josh Dunkley didn't you guys say I should take a rookie instead? BTW, if u want a bulldog this year it's the Bont!

        That's the beauty of a SHARKMOVE you always get negative comments before it's happened because nobody wants to do it…..That's what make it a SHARKMOVE!

        • Lazza says:

          Not happy with you SK … now why did you have to go and mention the Bont … he's been in my team since day 1 … currently in 3% of teams… .. watch that soar now …

        • Rick Grimes says:

          Agree the Bont is being overlooked, but still don't see him improving his average all that much. Hibberd no good. Lynch will be feast or famine. Could be worth it.

    • fatboyfat7 says:

      I had Lynch in my first draft that I posted but got put off with the query over him being ready for R1. In 2017 he was right up there with the forwards so with better supply he can easily push last seasons average up. Obviously the MAJOR concern is his knee. He he's named R1 he should be considered.

      Hibberd? Yeah, nah…

    • Dice_real says:

      I like the Hibberd call and rate him. Just don't see Melbourne using him to be supercoach friendly.
      His last ton was 20 games ago

    • Donald Drumpf says:


    • Tangles says:

      Dont like the Hibberd call but back your gut SK, have been thinking of T. Lynch for the last week or so. Priced cheap

    • TMitch says:

      You're not going name every sub 400K player as a shark move like you did last year are you mate? It was funny for a little while last year but wore thin very quickly

    • Wombat says:

      Dude you've been doing this for a couple of years now. In the preseason you predict 30 or 40 players to be the sharkmove for the current season and never get one right. Maybe if you predicted 5 or 10 and they actually improved or made good money you could keep coming here and posting stuff as if you actually knew something of value you wouldn't be annoying.But my 5 years old daughter could also name 40 players as a breakout or sharkmove and come back 12 months later highlighting the single one that worth something and claim she was a guru.
      Stop wasting our time

      • Cogs says:

        I agree. I actually miss wows analysis on players. Wasn't just random statements was often thought through very well

    • Rick says:

      Can't have him. You don't 'just have a bad one' for 22 rounds. Pass

  7. ToughBretts says:

    Love the pod boys, excited things are starting up again.

    Can I have your thoughts on Stephen Hill and Josh Smith (WCE from Collingwood)? (Both currently in my side)

    Stephen Hill is set to take a lot of midfield minutes according to Connor Blakely, and priced as a 388k defender with 4 of his last 6 seasons with a 89+ average, with midfield expectations and still 28 years old. Why is he in 0% of teams?

    And Josh Smith (244k fwd) has already set records at west Coast for their 2km time trial and is reportedly the fittest guy in the club. I think the Eagles are more than ready to move on from Chris Masten and wingmen with huge tanks usually do alright down the Optus Stadium wings (see: Gaff, Andy).

    Are either of these guys categorically bad plays?

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      I say do it, it's a big SHARKMOVE!!!!

      Of the 2 I like Josh Smith better, mainly because of the price.

      Stephen Hill not so sure. I have as only 3 of the last 6 seasons 89+ and 1 of those was off 18 games. So 2 seasons out of the last 6 (33%) have been successful years, but the last 2 have been write offs. It's a low percentage play imo.

      Smith is different. He is younger and a change of club can kick start a guys career. He has averaged 70 in his career and it's very possible he could lift that by 15-20 points with a change of club. Main problem with him is if he is best 22?

      • ToughBretts says:

        If Hill is fit I’m willing to take the gamble that he’s been playing out of position off half back, when he was drafted at #3 overall with the expectations of being an elite midfielder – has averaged 24.9 touches a game in a season before

        I think West Coast would be excited about Josh Smith. So far he’s made a good of an impression as you can possibly make by the end of January. He’ll get a chance in JLT, if he takes it..

    • Derek says:

      I read Hill had some problems with his quad. Hurt whenever he kicked the ball ( not good for SuperCoach), was expected to have a delayed start to season

      • ToughBretts says:

        Yeah he’s coming off quad surgery I think but he’s been running since New Years so he should be good by April

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      I heard something about Stephen Hill's scoring to be negatively impacted this season. I was considering him too. Don't take this as gospel because I don't know exactly what it was but take it into account

    • Patch says:

      I'd need to see a lot more than time trials for Josh Smith in order to consider him, while Stephen Hill has the potential but depends a lot on his role. Don't mind them at this stage but certainly wouldn't be locking them in

    • Dan says:

      Billy Hartung used to be up there with Smith and Hill at Hawks preseason runs…need I say more.

  8. Xman says:

    Who do we think are going to average over 100 this year as a defender?

    Also Can anyone recall what was jake Lloyd’s roll was last year, did he score most of his points playing as a spare or did he generally have a man? Likewise with Whitfield did he score his points as a loose or did he just get good midfield minutes?

    • derek says:

      Laird & Whitfield would be the only ones i think will average 100.

      Lloyd had an amazing 2018…. too amazing if you look at his previous years. He will be affected by Mills back in team.

      Sicily will be affected by the 6/6/6 rule, hawks love having him as the extra defender, he won't get that as much this year

      Simpson will average 99.7 like every other year for past 30 years.

      • RoyWetard says:

        I imagine that a team that wants a loose in defence would start the player on the wing before pushing back.

      • ToughBretts says:

        I think the 6-6-6 rule is going to have less impact on general play than people anticipate. Sicily will just need to lineup on a wing FOLLOWING A GOAL only, so he will only be disadvantaged by inside 50 entries directly from a centre clearance. Hawthorn also had the highest percentage of long effective kickouts (compared to short effective kickouts) in the comp, and Sicily is their main kickout man and will be wildly benefited from the new kick-out rules.

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      Laird, Lloyd, Whitfield and Sicily are nearly guaranteed to. Simpson and Hurn would be in the next bracket and Ryan, Crisp, Andrews and Witherden have a shot. I wouldn't rule out Hibberd, Williams, Harbrow, Milera, Mills and Weller

  9. SHU says:

    brayshaw, bont, yeo or merret? i want to have pods but am struggling. not sure who to fit for who.

    current midfield is macrae, cripps, neale, yeo, martin, setterfield, stocker, bewley (atley, ling, hind)

    also thinking about starting with fyfe because freos first 3 games are insane but still not sure about his longterm fitness.

    also, who is thinking a bit crazy and is tempted by lobb…?

    • ToughBretts says:

      Yeo and Merrett, id wait and see with Neale. I’m a Brisbane supporter and I think he’ll kill it but I’d still like to see before I pay 600k for a guy in a new system in a pretty stacked midfield with Berry, McCluggage and Mathieson likely to spend a lot of time through there with Zorko

      • derek says:

        i might be bias, but i don't see Yeo as an Uber, and at his price this year you would only get him if you think he is 110+

        Neale will do well, however he might find things a bit different without a 7 foot ruckman tapping it down his throat.

        merret can go Uber

        The Bont i worry will become a perm forward. so many midfielders at the dogs now.

        • SHU says:

          Neale won’t have to play alongside fyfe which should make it easier for him, and it’s not like he is leaving a good ruckman in Sandilands for a crap in Martin. Also I reckon with gaff gone for the first few rounds yeo could up his numbers even more. And that may be true about bont, I just expect him to blow up one of these years.

          • Dukes says:

            Neales SuperCoach average is higher playing with Fyfe vs without and yeo also averaged more last year when playing with gaff vs without

            • Dukes says:

              Agree about bont though, he just seems destined to have a 120 season

            • SHU says:

              Wow didn’t know about neale and yeo, that’s interesting but yeah bont is tempting. What r people’s thoughts on brayshaw?

        • ToughBretts says:

          If you take out Yeo's 27 last year he averaged 111 in the remaining games, and projects to spend even more time in the guts this year. I would bet he breaks 110 average

      • SHU says:

        I think that won’t effect him at all, Neale was a gun with Fyfe mundy Stephen hill and all the other youngsters like cerra brayshaw blakely etc. also beams played well and it’s basically a swap of Neale for beams and neale is better. Also, you don’t trade such a high pick for a player of u don’t intend on him being elite.

        • ToughBretts says:

          I hope you're right mate, but my point was just that I would suggest having a look first before spending absolute top dollar on someone in a system we haven't seen them in. 100% of players who have started over 600k in the past three years have fallen below 600k at some point.

    • Holty01 says:

      I’m actually concerned about bonts scoring this year. He has been a SuperCoach favourite to the people at champion data and when there are some extra points to be handed out to reach the 3300 in the game, Bont seems to be a benefactor because of his impact in a game. Now that there are extra points been given out with the kick in, there may not be as many extra points to give out which could mean the likes of Bont may no longer be the benefactor of as many extra points.

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      I would say don't go for PODs. The only time you should pick a POD just because he is a POD is when you can't choose between more than one player.

      That being said, I like Brayshaw and Merrett as under-priced options, but Brayshaw was too inconsistent and his scoring potential is going off 6 games within 8 late in the season. Merrett, on the other hand, is racing to be for round 1. Everyone thinks he will, but time off training is time off training

  10. Wyld One says:

    Do you magnificent gentlemen believe Caleb Daniel can be a genuine POD if he continues to play off the HBF as he did towards the end of last year?

  11. Sound says:

    Patch could you invest in a decent mic?

    • Patch says:

      Is this Lek's alt account?

      The mic's not the problem, my inability to use technology seems to be the issue. I am working on making me not sound like I'm using a toaster.

  12. derek says:

    I've set up a Cash League. Nothing too rich. $20 per player should add a bit of interest. Winner take all.

    email: [email protected]

    if you would like to join.

    I'll send you banking details and league code.

    Only bad players need apply 😉

    Only 4 spots left.

  13. Rivo says:

    Great POD chat Lek, Patch & Damo. The Cox curse will surely disappear?

    I’m starting with Grundy/Gawn combo (and Fyfe).

    As for PODs, I have Higgins at F3, Brodie Smith D4.

    My question though is which of these to start with…

    1. Sam Walsh M6 & Collins D5, or
    2. Foley/Atley M9 & Roberton D5?

    • Rivo says:

      Any thoughts folks?

    • Lekdog says:

      1 but I think Walsh is overpriced and won't generate enough cash, hope to be proven wrong

      • Sharkmove_King says:

        I don't know Lekdog, I'm hearing the top3 of last year's draft could be close to being the 3 best players drafted in the last decade. Don't think the other 2 have a great SC game (yet) but Walsh on the other hand has massive numbers in everything he has played in.

        • Wombat says:

          Boys and men Sharky
          This century #1 draft picks first year SC average
          2000 Nick riewoldt -43
          2001 Luke Hodge -63
          2002 Brendon Floggard-56
          2003 Adam Cooney-47
          2004 Brett Deledio-75
          2005 Marc Murphy-70
          2006 Bryce Gibbs-63
          2007 Mathew Kreuzer-60
          2008 Jack Watts-26
          2009 Tom Scully-71
          2010 David Swallow-80
          2011 Jonathon Patton-45
          2012 Lachie Whitfield-73
          2013 Tom Boyd-44
          2014 Patrick McCartin-37
          2015 Jacob Weitering-68
          2016 Andrew McGrath-71
          2017 Cameron Rayner-60

          Swallow and Whitfield both in teams full of young players so not a fair comparrison. Murphy and Gibbs at Carlton fair comparrison

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      1 fo shoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
      The blues are loving Walsh and McKay put a specific request to put him in your team!
      Collins is a rebounding key defender in the worst team in the league

    • Patch says:

      "The Cox curse will surely disappear?" – every Supercoacher, every year since 2013. Logically, Grundy is the best selection. Logically, there's no reason he won't continue to dominate. Logically, he's the biggest lock since Brendan Goddard in 2013. But I'm not basing my non-selection on logic here.

      Hard to tell early on, but I'd go option two.

  14. gator59 says:

    Thoughts on
    Zerrett and Gawn.. Vs.. Fyfe and Kruez

  15. Whitey says:

    Kruez is injured again I think

  16. A GRADERS has finished well up the ranks for the last few years and I am looking for only 5 players from last year_NORMS REBELS Last years winner_BUCKLEYS A CHANCE david _THE WALL chris_UNWORRIED AND UNSULLIED Anthony_Deafness Nicholas 4th last year_This is without doubt one of the premier leagues so please let me know your team name should one of these are not playing THANKS GUYS NDD

  17. PizzaSafety says:

    Only slight concern with Whitfield is the tag, got held to 67 by Neal-Bullen and to an 89 by Banfield but I guess not many teams will tag a half-back. I think he showed in the back half of the year that he can get even better so he's worth picking and it's very very difficult to see him not being at least top 6 in defence.

    My mids at the moment are Fyfe, Kelly, Neale, Yeo and Dusty. Will consider the likes of Macrae, Crouch and Zerrett depending on the rest of preseason and which rookies I choose. Only 5 players out of 14 have backed up 120 seasons with a 120 season since 2008 (Gaz, Swan, Pendles, Danger and Fyfe) and whilst I think Macrae can do it I have a slight concern with how he goes with extra attention, he was held to 98 by Banfield, 74 by Hutchings and to 10 disposals by Harmes in the 2nd half in their second games vs the dees. Fyfe and Kelly haven't had perfect preseasons but I think they're both good enough to overcome that. Kelly still finished top 5 in his time trial and you'd think he'd be a lot better this year than he was last year when he wasn't training much.

    • kevwal says:

      Whitfield is a conundrum for me, I don't like putting two players from the same side on the same line (to start the season). I believe Zac Williams will average between 95>100, while Lachie will average 97>103. There is a $140k difference in price, is it worth the 2>3 point (possible) gain?

      • PizzaSafety says:

        Yeah I feel like they can steal each others points but I expect Whitfield to spend more time on the wing with no Shiel and Williams back. That seemed to be the case in the two finals last year. I do think the two can also function together in the back line like Doch and Simpson or Hodge and Birchall.

        • kevwal says:

          JLT may give a pointer as to what system the Hawks will use, might not either, Clarko is a cagey cove.

        • Wombat says:

          Definitely both Pizza. Many would say that mushrooms and anchovies could never work together but a good Cappricossa is possibly the greatest pizza ever

      • Sharkmove_King says:

        No, with your projections you have to go Williams or bite the bullet and go both.

  18. PizzaSafety says:

    A bit of exaggeration on the J Kelly injury proneness, especially if you think Coniglio is a safer option

    J Kelly
    2014: 18 games, missed 1 game to a hamstring, 1 to an eye injury (which is not to do with injury proneness), 1 game in the NEAFL, one as a sub
    2015: 18 games, all games missed he played in the NEAFL
    2016: 22 games
    2017: 21 games
    2018: 15 games, 1 games missed through concussion, 6 to groin issues

    -He's only been injury prone one season!

    2014: 14 games, 1 missed due to a shoulder, 7 to a thumb injury (not do with injury proneness)
    2015: 18 games, 3 games to a shoulder, 1 to a hamstring
    2016: 21 games
    2017: 7 games, missed 15 games to ankle injuries
    2018: 21 games

    Where did you get the idea from that Josh Kelly has been a longterm injury problem?

    Fyfe on the other hand does have a long history of injury.

    2012, 9 games, missed 13 games to shoulder injuries
    2013, 19 games, 2 games missed to suspension and was rested in R23, yes that was not an injured year.
    2014, 18 games, suspended for 4 games, another example where he was not injured
    2015, 18 games, 2 due to a thigh injury, 2 due to a leg injury
    2016: 5 games, misses 17 games to a leg injury
    2017: 21 games, 1 game missed due to a sternum injury and played about 6-7 games with a small fracture in his sternum his club didn't pick up on
    2018: 15 games, 1 game missed due to suspension, 6 to a hamstring.

    Since 2012 he has missed 41 games due to injury and 7 due to suspension. So Fyfe is very injury prone, there is no doubt. He has a very high ceiling and you have to hope and pray he can stay away from suspension and injury for a year, because if he does he could end up being a huge bargain.

    But don't hate on Kelly, he was available for selection in 65/66 games in the three years prior to last season and 85/88 games in the four years prior to last season.

    • Lekdog says:

      I think the worry comes from that groin though, blokes just get ruined by it.

      Agree that it's probably overblown but they both consistently miss extended time, the reason is probably irrelevant.

      Do you think they'll both play enough games to warrant selection?

      • PizzaSafety says:

        Cheers Lek, but I don’t get what you mean by Kelly consistently misses games if that only happened last year and not his other years. Outside of the groin injury he’s been no worse than all the other top mids in terms of injury. Groin injuries are nasty but the majority of players get over them and move on with their careers so it’s more unlikely than likely he has any issues with that this year. The problem was he didn’t get surgery and hoped the issue could be managed instead, which proved wrong. The bigger problem is how slow he starts. Compare that to Fyfe who gets injured all the time in all sorts of ways so that it’s clear his whole body is injury prone and gets suspended, you know Fyfe will miss games but Kelly is just nowhere near the same case. Cogs has missed more games than Kelly the last 3 years and Macrae has missed 7 games in the last 3 years with hamstring injuries, Kelly has some risk based on one injury but not “injury prone”. Fyfe plays 17 and Kelly plays 20-22.

        • Lekdog says:

          Understood, Kelly has never played a full season before though and misses 3-4 games on average, Fyfe admittedly misses a lot more. I'd rather just lock away Cripps and Neale and not even worry about these other two

          • PizzaSafety says:

            Kelly has played a full season in 2015 (18 AFL games and 4 neafl games) and 2016 (22 AFL Games) and missed one game in 2017, like I wrote above. He had been unavailable for selection for 3 games between 2014-2017 and had missed 0.75 games per season from 2014-2017. I totally get not starting with Fyfe and I understand concern over Kelly's groin but he's just not in the same category as Fyfe as an "injury prone" player. Including last year where he missed 7 games through injury and on average he's missed 2 games per season in his 5 year career, you can't include games where he was playing in the reserves as a 19-20 year old as games that he missed

            • Lekdog says:

              If we don’t count reserves games and disregard injury ruined seasons everyone is a good selection

              • PizzaSafety says:

                Your point was about how injury prone he is, I'm sorry but how is him playing in the reserves as a 19 year old evidence of how injury prone he is? You said he's never played a full season when he has. Cripps played 3 games in 2014 but you can't add that to how injury prone he is. If you want to remove all context from the reasons why young players missed games early in their career then you have to say that Kelly has played 94 games (100 including finals) and Cripps 81 games since both were drafted in 2013.

                • Lekdog says:

                  I guess the language I used wasn’t correct. I said injury prone but probably should’ve said he tends to miss games (a lot of players do) but you’ve now convinced me that as long as he has no preseason hiccups with that groin he’s a good pick

                  • PizzaSafety says:

                    All good Lek I was just saying games played in the neafl don’t count as a sign that he’s not dependable because now he’s a bloody star and not going to be anywhere near the neafl. The groin is still a concern so I understand you can be hesitant because of that. He still came top 5 in the time trial but did so last year as well so who knows if he’s really going well, I did hear people saying he was going well but who knows

  19. Marty Hore and Tom Sparrow turning heads at Melbournes Qld training camp both good options

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Hi Neil, I've had both on my bench for a while now, so happy with that information.

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      Melbourne's 22 is pretty stacked fellas, who cones out for them?

      • Wombat says:

        Max likes a cone but the rest are pretty straight Sharky

      • GreendaleFC says:

        We'll have to wait and see but Hore could possibly be Jake Lever's replacement for the first half of the year. Tom Sparrow has looked good at training and I have high hopes for him, but I struggle to see him making the 22 unless there are significant injuries.

    • Wombat says:

      Hahaha you're a shocker NDD neither of them have a chance before round 6 unless the carlton curse moves south and 50% of the squad joins the injury list.

      • Wombat appropriately named I know Gawn well not puffing now get it right before making comments like that. One of Hore or Sparrow will debut early the other not long..Both in my team. Melbourne are in Mooroochidore at present and one aim is the forwards. Smith Weideman Tommy Mcd and Preuss is their prefered option but Gawn not out of it Two defenders not a lock in the Dees are Lewis and Hibberd plus Smith going forward Oportunities are there for Hore or Sparrow

        • Wombat says:

          You're a deadset Troll mate, who said anything about Max being unfit and puffing? A penchant for ice-cream doesn't insinuate a lack of fitness so pull your feral head in. As far as Sparrow and Hore are concerned you're as bad as Sharkmove, every year you name every melbourne player that is yet to debut as being the next big thing and never mention the players who breakout (brayshaw) get over yourself you've never ranked inside the top 1,000 in SC and probably never will

        • Wombat says:

          I've just been told what you were suggesting Neil.
          If you actually did know Max you'd know that he's an ice-cream fiend.
          I'm an athlete and like most people on this site I'm not part of the drug culture the you're so au fait with so when I saw the word cone I instantly remembered the big fella down at Loch always having a cone outside his mums cafe whenever he had a break.
          You obviously don't know him any better than the other 90,000 in the stands at the G

          • Actually you are wrong I didn't mean that..I meant .Max loves a fag and I was relating to that but I see your point with the cone connection. I live nearby to his mums shop at Phillip Island and bump into him quite often He helps out on weekends.and knows how dedicated a demon I am and have been for over 50 years . Sorry if you took it the wrong way and yes I do go overboard about dee players and haven/t finishefd top 1000 but like most fans I love my team I hope I am correct with Hore and Sparrow cheers

            • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

              I hope u r right too on hore and sparrow as be nice to have a couple of cheap rooks early esp in def

              Though just not sure who comes out esp with viney and pruess in the 22?

              Long way to go …

              • Hi Trigg need to be at your best against Warney mate in ORIGIN. the coaches like Hore's precision kicking Salem and jetta are also reliable kicks so it will be tough and Sparrows body is there already but the mids are well served too I will back both in

  20. RoyWetard says:

    I've tried to put together what I think the best starting team from last season was.
    Laird 550,800, Simpson 516,300, Hurn 487,200 (Murray 123,900
    Sicily 402,800, Doedee 123,900, Finlayson 123,900 (Murphy 102,400
    Mitchell 653,500, Oliver 612,800, Macrae 587,800, Cripps 537,300 (Banfield 123,900
    Coniglio 452,400, Jacobs 200,100, Kelly 117,300, Holman 102,400 (Fogarty 117,300, Garlett 117,300
    Grundy 534,700 Gawn 503,700 (Olango 102,400)
    Heeney 536,300, Westhoff 479,600, McLean 470,200 (Waterman 123,900
    Smith 439,100, Darling 397,900, Fritsch 117,300 (Ryan 117,300
    Remaining Salary – 124,300k
    If somebody advised you a week before the start of last season to pick this team. Would you have followed their advice?

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      I would steer clear of Hurn and Simpson, but I had everyone else in that backline anyway.
      No love for Dangerfield? Only finished 5th overall. Macrae would be a bit too risky and who was Jacobs to anyone who didn't like Norf. The rest of the players, minus Fogarty, found their way into the team start of R1.
      Grundy scorched me the year before so no way Jose.
      Didn't know Westhoff was in supercoach at that point and frankly didn't care. Darling wouldn't be considered and I had the rest.

      Overall: I had over 2/3rds (!) of the players by round 3 (Traded for Sicily and McLean) but still had a shocking season. It really shows its a marathon, not a sprint.

    • Valens_FC says:

      Great post Roy… very thought provoking in terms of what is the ideal starting structure. Last year was a really good year for rookies (especially mature age), but it didn't absolutely lend itself to a straight Guns n Rookies structure when you consider that Sicily, Coniglio, Smith, McLean, Westhoff and Darling (could have you got Hawkins in that place?) were all ultimately good starting selections.

      • RoyWetard says:

        Darling had a strong first half while Hawkins had a strong second half of the season. (Looking back I should've put Fyfe in for Oliver.)

    • Dan says:

      I had 21 of those players and still had prob my worst year in 5 yrs. Doesn't take much to be 1-3 players off and be playing catch up all year.

    • M-Town Ballers says:

      I had most those guys and was 19th by round 7

  21. gator59 says:

    Hi to John Team name Black Flag… I have to leave you league Holy Grail due to having to go into Dereks cash league

    Sorry and I hope you fill your league with top coaches… Cheers Gator

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Hi Gator, sorry to hear that, but at least you joined, most couldn't due to being maxed out, so good luck in the cash league.

  22. TMitch says:

    Something for the Worpedo fans to digest
    James Worpel
    11-career games including 2 finals all games virtually without an opponent due to King Tom getting all of the attention
    3 x below 40 including 1 final
    3 x 40-70 including 1 final
    4 x 70-100
    1 x 100+ Vs Carlton
    Opponents- Saints,Bombers,Lions,Blues,Freo,Bombers,CatsSaints,Swans mostly poor opposition with mediocre midfield depth
    Finals Vs tiges and Dees
    11 game average 67.9
    2019 SC price $395,700 his B.E. is already 4 points higher than his average
    Without TMitch he'll get a qualified opponent.

    Zac Fisher
    34 Career games no finals
    1 x below 50
    7 x 50-70
    7 x 70-100
    2 x 100+ including 117 Vs Premiership eagles
    First 6 game ave 88 – Season ave (injury affected) 72
    First 6-games 2018- Tiges,Suns,Pies,Hoppers,Eagles,Dogs apart from suns all have strong midfields with good depth
    2019 SC Price $392,800 equals his B.E. but 16 points lower than his first 6-games average

    • TMitch says:

      I forgot to mention that worpels finals average (when he had an opponent) was only 45.5

    • Wombat says:

      Aaaaargghhhh! Why'd you have to do that? Now that Titch is gone NOT having Worpel was going to be my early POD. Now you've alerted everybody that when he has an opponent he's actually spudpedo.
      Thanks mate, not. I might have a look at fisher during JLT though

    • PJ8 says:

      Good piece

    • Sc_Wow says:

      This is garbage. He was not in the midfeild for a lot of those games so your theory of virtually no oppenent is false.

      Without Tom Mitchell there will be a lot more possessions and midfeild time going around.

      There was a bloke with a average of 70 in his first year didn't even crack a ton, in his second season he was the 5th overall points scorer.

      Zac fisher has just had more games to prove that he is mediocre

      Chances are this comment gets removed because it challenges the option of the Jr community

      • Wombat says:

        You are obviously not WOW (more likely NDD trolling again) because your comment is totally wrong
        Vs Carlton Wing = midfield
        Vs Freo rotating through midfield
        Vs Essendon rotating through midfield
        Vs Geelong Wing = midfield
        Vs StKilda Rotating through midfield
        Vs Sydey splitting time midfield and forward
        QF Vs Richmond rotating through midfield
        SF Vs Melbourne rotating through midfield

        Maybe do some research before your next trolling attempt mate.

        • Sc_Wow says:

          No it is wow. And you've just proved my point, a few rotations is not the same as full time mid. I had worp in my team last year he played a lot in fwd line.

          • wombat says:

            I didn't prove your point mate I blew your point out of the water and cooked it on the bbq.
            The data/facts backed up exactly what I said
            You claimed he didn't play midfield in most of those games I showed you that he did play midfield in most of those games.

            Maybe this year if you pay attention to people who obviously know a lot more about this game than you do you won't go backwards every week after the byes like you usually do 🙂

          • SC_Better_Than_you says:

            If you had've started Seedsman last year like I suggested and got Brayshaw before his price rise like I suggested you could have got your first top 100 finish. But instead you chose to call everybody wrong and crashed and burned hahahaha. Unlike me who again stormed into the top 100 after being 2,000+ at bye time.

    • Hio says:

      This is garbage. He was not in the midfeild for a lot of those games so your theory of virtually no oppenent is false.

  23. RoyWetard says:

    What I believe to have been the best starting team of 2017, This was soooo much harder than the 2018 team.
    Docherty 591,600, Adams 527,900, Laird 526,800 (Otten 123,900
    Marchbank 236,100, McGrath 211,800, Hampton 160,000 (Stewart 117,300
    Neale 612,800, Sloane 591,000, Dusty 588,300, Mitchell 565,600 (Petrevski-Seton 189,300
    Kelly 473,800, Murphy 432,500, Oliver 382,500 , Powell-Pepper 135,300 (Pickett 123,900, Parfitt 117,300
    Kreuzer 398,000, Witts 217,600 (Strnadica 102,400
    Dahlhaus 520,700, Macrae 511,700, Yeo 409,200 (Houston 117,300
    Nankervis 366,400, ANB 264,400 , WHE 213,300 (Butler 123,900
    Remaining Salary – 47,400k

    • TMitch says:

      are you selling tickets for a ride back to 2017 in a time machine Roy? If yes, I'll put 100K on Dusty for the Brownlow if no, whats the point of the post?

      • RoyWetard says:

        I was interested in seeing what the best starting team from past seasons were to see if it could help with this year.

  24. Ewoks*Stormtroopers says:

    Hop on League 556895. Hoping to go top 1%, get on it!

  25. Richard says:

    Looking to get into a cash league this year. Let me know if any are abailable please. Cheers

    • Such is Fyfe says:

      Hey mate, I'm setting one up.. Email [email protected].

      Currently got 10 in a Facebook chat who are all keen, just haven't finalised all payments yet. Can add you to that if you're interested!

      $100 prize structure as follows:

      18 entrants x $100 fee = $1,800 prize pool as follows.

      Champion – $625
      Runners up – $300

      Minor premier – $100
      Highest score of the year – $100
      Consolidation award (Winner of Bottom 8) – $100

      $25 weekly to the highest score of the week, in the unlikely event the highest score of the week is tied both will be paid $25 and the latter comes off the champion’s prize end of season = $25 x 23 = $575

      Aiming and expecting to fill all 18 spots, but it is my first year running my own cash league so unsure if all spots will if they don’t: back up plan would be in the event a non-paying floater wins any of these awards would go to the next best paying player in the league.

    • Derek says:

      Email [email protected]

      I have 3 places in a $20 cash league

  26. Maverick_ says:

    How do we feel about Miles &Libba do we start one? two?
    last year i started Coniglio (you beauty!) & libba (buuuuuurrrnnn)
    currently have miles locked in but tempted by libba again… oozes so much class when his up n going

    • gator59 says:

      Hi Mav you wanted to jump into my league .. The Rat Pack.. Just let me know if you still want a spot .. If so I'll free a spot up for you

    • Ja191 says:

      Libba is just too injury prone for me mav plus his role is uncertain. Miles on the other hand is a lock for me if you can fit him in, being a tiges supporter he knows how to get the pill and is very durable

    • NoLanguage says:

      I'm starting Miles and Hall pending JLT. Passing on Libba

    • Derek says:

      Libba’s price is appealing. If Greene doesn’t play round 1, I can see Libba being a good option. Also depends where the rookies are. Libya not in my team yet, but he only needs to finish JLT with no injuries and he will be close

  27. PJ8 says:

    Great chat boys. Starting to get serious now…

  28. TMitch says:

    LDU was the most hyped rookie of 2018 and in 2019 he's only $8,200 more expensive than his 2018 starting price and $9,800 cheaper than Walsh.
    IF LDU was a 'LOCK' in 2018 without having a single AFL game experience why isn't he a super lock in 2019 when he's cheaper than Walsh and has 7 AFL games experience?

  29. hedski says:

    There is a good article at AFL.com.au about every team's kick-in specialists, it's a good read check it out.

  30. Krupa says:

    Early days but would like some advice lads. Ruck area I know looks dodgy. Maybe Midfield too deep? Could trade the bont or dusty down to a mid pricer then upgrade mumford. Im stuffed for rounds 1 and 2 if Clarke doesnt play to cover Mummy.

    Def: Lloyd, Laird, Whitfield, Williams, Rozee, Collins ( Goddard & Wigg )
    Mid: Macrae, Cripps, Fyfe, Bont, Dusty, Stocker, Constable, Bewley ( Collier-dawkins, Valente, Hind )
    Ruc: Goldy, Mumford ( Clarke )
    Fwd: Danger, Smith, Dunkley, Setterfield, Corbett, Petruccelle, ( Burgess & Cavarra )
    Cash left over $53,000

    • PJ8 says:

      I wouldn’t be selecting Mumford even with cover. Think you need to make that change that you mentioned and upgrade him.

      I like the midfield. I’m a big believer on spending big there so personally wouldn’t change it, but if you need the funds for Mumford you might have to. I have a similar but even more spend in the midfield but much less in defence. Maybe make a change there to free up dollars.

      • Krupa says:

        Thanks for the feedback its appreciated

        • JohnDJ59 says:

          Agree with PJ8, a Grundy/Goldy is probably the minimum that you would need in the ruck, you could downgrade Whitfield to a rookie to make that happen, both your mids/fwds seem fine.

  31. Sellars1226 says:

    Anyone know who Collin O’Riordan from Sydney? Is he promising will he get much game time ?

  32. NoLanguage says:

    Anyone else considering Salem? Averaged 104 the last month and Melbourne love it in his hands coming out of the D50. New rules will help him too

    • Adam says:

      Shhh Mate. Dont tell the community about a potential POD who may, thanks to the kick in rules, average an extra 5 points per game AND is at 23 years old with a fairly reasonable price tag.

    • The Ranger says:

      On the watchlist

  33. hedski says:


  34. PizzaSafety says:

    Def: Sicily, Whitfield, Witherden, Williams, Quaynor, Hore (Brownlow medalist Tobe Watson, Burgess)

    Mid: Fyfe, Kelly, Neale, Yeo, Dusty, Walsh, Bewley Hind (Stocker, Constable, Atley)

    Ruck: Grundy, Gawn (Fort)

    Forward: Danger, Heeney, Wingard, Setterfield, Corbett, Cavarra (McAdam, M Parker)

    47k in the bank, going to use that on the rookies I imagine and spare 20-30k. Zerrett out of contention to start in my side with his syndesmosis, he should be a good post bye get. I think Walsh will be worth the cash because his junior numbers are through the roof and record breaking (34 points more per game than brayshaw at u/18’s) and he will get midfield minutes.

    I don’t plan on starting Cripps because I don’t see him getting better and contested possessions at that high a level are not incredibly sustainable, he will average 115 but not 120 plus. I started him last year and love him don’t worry. I would like Macrae for Fyfe but don’t have the cash, if rookies are cheap I Will get the guy

  35. Sc_Wow says:

    Mini team reveal
    Lloyd Laird
    Macrea Cripps
    Grundy Gawn
    Danger Heeney

    another 5 keepers in there too

    • PJ8 says:

      I have the same 8 players. Great minds think a like. Now I am interested in the rest….

  36. ToughBretts says:

    Curious about which PODs are taking peoples fancy.
    Which players over 200k & under 5% ownership are in your current side?
    I have Harris Andrews, Zorko, Menegola, Jack Martin, Josh Smith (WCE)

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Nank, TK, Yeo, Mills all under 10%

      • ToughBretts says:

        I love Yeo but decided I'd prefer Matt Crouch for 550k (also 7% ownership)
        Mills, Papley, Ainsworth and Andy Mcgrath all on the midfield minutes watchlist

        • BrownlowBoy says:

          Yep, also I've been looking at Ryan Clarke from the Swans, Jack Martin who you listed and Bailey Williams.

          • Adam says:

            I would be careful about Bailey Williams. Is young and looks promising but if you take out his 139 in rd 3, his scores vary between 47 – 90. I think he is only good if there is a significant number of WB players injured and he can slot into a possession heavy role.

            Otherwise, has a low floor and needs at least another half season to develop his game.

    • The Ranger says:

      Very tempted by Menegola

  37. KeenButClueless says:

    I am having a nightmare pre-season. Today was probably the lowest point.

    I read the AFL website and they have an article on who is taking kick ins. They do it alphabetical order, so from Adelaide I am reading that Brodie Smith might be a big beneficiary of kick ins.

    Keep reading.

    Giants – Heath Shaw.

    Keep reading

    Melbourne – Hibberd.

    I already had Short over Witherden. Hmm ok. I already had Mills – the classic preseason midfield minutes – in an intra club.

    Only 3 forwards, so three rookies onfield. If there is one hate in Supercoach for me it’s forward rookies. Guaranteed to lay 30-40 point turds. Three of them. Really the only way to avoid it is to play a rookie at R2.

    Of course the normal roll through of premiums through the midfield. Fyfe in. Fyfe out. Martin in. Martin out. MacRae in. MacRae out.

    But it was today that did it. The day you seriously think about putting a Brodie Smith or even Heath Shaw (how many Giants defenders can you fit in one team?) in a team you are already unhappy with is the day you push the clear team button. And put it away until JLT.

    • ToughBretts says:

      Don't overthink the rule changes in my opinion.
      They will benefit some players but I can't see any rule change turning a guy from an 85ave to a 100+

      As far as the forwards, Will Setterfield, Ned McHenry and Josh Smith (244k) all project to play far more up the ground than traditional forward rookies (Liam Ryan last year, Irving Mosquito this year, etc.)

      The chopping and changing is all part of the fun, figuring out different price structures, finding low ownership % guys who could break out. Keep studying! Can never be too prepared 🙂

  38. ZzZCalintZzZ says:

    Not sure at all what set up to have this year

    Lloyd, Laird, Whitfield, Roberton > rooks.
    Macrae, Cripps, Oliver, Fyfe, M.Crouch > rooks.
    Grundy, Longer
    Dangerfield, Wingard, Dahlhaus, Kennedy > rooks.

    I learnt from last year, you just pay the big bucks upfront when they will highly likely finish top 3 in their respective position.
    I'm most excited about M.Crouch Whitfield, Wingard and Dangerfield this year.

    • GloryDays94 says:

      Not a bad set up.
      I dont rate Dalhaus anymore and not sure about Kennedy either after injuries all year last year.
      Also what is your reason behind Longer?

  39. Nofork&Chance says:

    Lads, any Jockreynolds Group or Leagues set up yet?

  40. Select_and_Forget says:

    There's a story on heraldsun website about a team that finished top 100 in 2018 without making a single trade! I'm not a subscriber so I couldn't read the full thing but the google results state "It happens every year a team that is seemingly abandoned early in the season finishes top 100. This year……"

    Makes me feel a bit poor when I study form every week and run out of trades with 2-weeks to go and still can't break the top 150

  41. Tangles says:

    Geez there are a couple of people that come onto this comment thread and think they are God's gift when it comes to Supercoach knowledge.

    They clearly don't have much confidence in themselves and come here wanting applause, worship and think they are the guru of all supercoach knowledge. Get a life and stop taking yourself so seriously your not as good as you think you are.

    It's a pity cause this a great site for those that like to talk supercoach and the majority of comments are constructive. But there are a few who sound like kids when they engage in pathetic ego arguments.

    • skindog says:

      Grain of salt mate.

    • Ja191 says:

      That’s life though always going to be different types of people good and bad, this community is generally good though

    • KeenButClueless says:

      i am a little concerned that might be me. If it is, then i can assure you I never wanted to come across like that, or like a pathetic kid. I don’t consider myself an expert at all. I came onto this site a few years ago, and for the most part tried to extract as much knowledge from better players than me. After a while, I felt that I needed to put back, rather than just take. I am supercoach obsessed so I spend a lot of time here. So if I am coming across badly, I apologise and will try to create better posts

      • Skindog says:

        All good bro, don’t stress, everyone’s allowed an opinion, not your fault, sounds like someone has their panties in a bunch, might actually think he’s the best and the king of SuperCoach, by the sounds of it!

      • ToughBretts says:

        These posts are always about people leaving smart-ass or rude replies, dw

      • I rather enjoy your posts Keen even though I have disagreed on some but always something interesting to be read thanks for contributing

    • PJ8 says:

      Always been a great forum to throw ideas out and give personal opinions. I don’t think anyone would consider themselves an expert, a part from the originals and content providers. If you don’t like it, leave.

  42. Josh says:

    Here are rookies who are that are training well and too keep an eye on in the JLT

    G, Logue $164,300
    M,Hore $117,300

    J,Atley $123,900
    B,Bewley $117,300
    N,Hind $117,300

    D,Fort $117,300
    J,sweet $102,400

    J,Corbett $123,900
    N,Blakey $166,800
    B,Cavarra $117,300

    I hope this can help

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Nice post Josh. Constructive and timely rook update. Great stuff.

    • Adam says:

      Isnt Blakey injured though?

    • Beezneez says:

      Apparently Tom Sparrow Melb mid $117,300 could be added to the list. Ned McHenry and Chayce Jones have been leading the Crows in their 2km runs. However can't see either breaking into the Crows lineup early but who knows? Even though Jones was the Crows no.1 pick and, to me, looks the goods the Crows usually give their draftees time to develop in the 2's. e.g Gallucci although Fogarty was a bit of an exception but he has a strong body whereas Jones needs some time in the gym.

    • fatboyfat7 says:

      Any word on McAdam, will he get a game?

      • Beezneez says:

        He looked really good playing for Sturt especially in the SANFL finals. Only time will tell. He'll be vying for a spot probably as a small forward with the likes of Murphy, Gallucci and Stengle with Gallucci having the inside running imo. JLT form as a better indicator. I've decided against him at this stage for those reasons but, if picked round one, he's in for me.

  43. Matt says:

    Hey guys.
    I need some help here. Must be a new rule in that im unaware of. Ive completed my team yet when i click save my team it tells me i cant afford that trade…
    Very confused..

    Is there a cap on what you can spend on each line or something meaning can you only spend like 3mill on your midfield or something like that.. please help

  44. Ewoks*Stormtroopers says:

    It's obviously early days, and things will inevitably pan out differently, but so far …

    Def: Laird, Whitfield, Milera, Williams, Williamson, Logue (Hore, Wigg)

    Mid: Cripps, Fyfe, Neale, Martin, B. Crouch, Ellis, Stocker, Atley (Constable, Bewley, Hind)

    Ruck: Grundy, Martin (Fort)

    Fwd: Westhoff, Heeney, R.Gray, Weideman, Setterfield, McAdam (Corbett, Cavarra)

    $2200 left. Rooks of course are subject to change.

    I know Lloyd, McCrae and Danger are notably absent, and of course they'd be great to have – but maybe wait for a price drop? Bit too much mid-price madness? Love to see some thoughts.

    • Gord29 says:

      Would be at least starting danger

    • Derek says:

      Milera will have too many to compete with, can’t seeing him becoming a keeper. If you looking for a POD, Mills is same price and McGrath is $50k cheaper

    • Derek says:

      If you are liking Westoff, you should have a DPP at R3

      • Gord29 says:

        Good point Derek but if fort gets early games you could down grade him comes buys to a dual position then and make some cash

  45. Gord29 says:

    Nank and b Smith with 1.7k or Goldstein and Roberton with 21k?

  46. Sam says:

    Rank the following in order of best to worst;
    Sloane, crouch, dusty and brayshaw

    De goey or lynch?

    Roberton or Brodie smith?

    Whitfield or hurn?

    • Josh says:

      I think de goey roberton whitfield it’s hars to choose between roberton and Smith I would choose roberton only for the cash you save you can upgrade another player to a premo

    • Maverick_ says:

      Hi Sam

      my thoughts on the above in order best to worst and no doubt everyone is different and may not agree…
      #1.Dusty – with lynch he wont go forward as often now so more midfield minutes watch him bounce back
      #2.Crouch- a ball magnet if he can stay fit he is good value but starts seasons slowly n comes home hot
      #3.Brayshaw – Showed his class in the last 9 rounds. he had 7 scores 110+ and the other two above 80
      #4.Sloane – yet to see him break a tag he is shutdown to easy, not for me

      De Goey is an unknown with beams coming back how will that effect his time in the middle??
      Probably still got him ahead of Lynch expect his scores to yoyo but he will kick some bags

      Roberton & smith.. watch JLT closely and make a call then. maybe smith marginally if you have the 50k

      Whitfield over Hurn for me prefer his job role and more room to improve being that real breakout age

      hope that helps.

  47. John says:

    If u had to pick one mid priced mid (under 400k) who would you pick. I'm leaning towards libba as he can make the most cash (hoping to trade him for MACRAE at around 450k

    • Josh says:

      I would go A Miles I’m a bulldog supporter and I don’t know where he is going to play

    • skindog says:

      Libba will always play in the guts, just depends on how his body holds up, and Macrae wont drop to anywhere near $450k

    • Peter56 says:

      I am hoping to go Libba but this question and others like will hopefully be answered in the JLT. Until that happens I am just trying to get the Premos

    • DavidC says:

      These middle of the road picks like Libba and Miles are worse than the expensive rooks imo. Walsh is tearing it up and would be a better pick because he is cheaper yet people are ruling him out as an expensive rook in favour of those guys. I'm staying away, also don't have Walsh by the way.

    • NoLanguage96 says:


  48. Josh says:

    I know it’s a long shot but the talk out of St Kilda is that b longer is killing it on the training track and it’s the fittest he’s looked I know he won’t get me hundreds but with the money I saved got me Lloyd and matin so I’m hopeing it will make up the points I lost my rucks at the moment are Goldie longer fort but I have enough cash too go fort too Naismith for back up

    • Xman says:

      As a saints man he will boost his average up to around 85 I believe. Will be the main man all year with a couple of other pinch hitters. As a keeper no but could be an option for a step into goldy or Gawn

    • Such is Fyfe says:

      He's in my team.

  49. Stompers says:

    Does anyone know if S Martin will ruck on his own? Also will Grundy will keep his 130 points average from from the start, could be a cash saver to make one of the other lines stronger, but will need a trade to get him later hummmm

    • ToughBretts says:

      I can’t see his role changing at all this year. McInerney played a bunch of games last year and he was just there to make a contest in the forward line and chop out 5 mins a quarter. Even if Big O or Archie aren’t named it’ll be someone like Marcus Adams taking that 5 mins.

      I’m starting Martin over Gawn under the assumption Preuss is named round 1 (Gawn has said in the media that he’d like them to play in the same side), as I won’t LOCK Gawn into a 120+ average if he’s sharing some ruck duties

  50. Flagpies says:

    DEF: Laird, Witherden, Mills, Williams, Logue, Hore (Burgess, Wigg)

    MID: Cripps, Oliver, Kelly, Neale, Yeo, Smith, Stocker, Hind (Constable, Bewley, Valente)

    RUC: Grundy, Goldstein (Fort)

    FWD: Dangerfield, Heeney, Gray, Setterfield, Corbett, Cavarra (Mosquito, Hill)

    40k left

    Thoughts and opinions welcome.

    • Whitey says:

      Pretty solid mate, maybe 3 semi mid priced def is one too many but I see their potntial. Maybe try to upgrade one of them.

  51. Adam says:

    First Crack for 2019 Boys n Girls
    Laird. Ryan. Witherden.
    Williams. Birchall. Wigg.
    Clavarino. Hore
    Cripps. Fyfe. Beams. BCrouch
    Miles. Libba. Walsh. Atley
    Smith. Bewley. Sparrow
    Martin. Westhoff. Sweet
    Danger. Degoey. Dahlhaus
    Kennedy. Greene. Setterfield
    Corbett. Cavarra
    24k left any thoughts good bad otherwise

    • Whitey says:

      Would drop one of the mid price fwds to a rookie then improve Dalhaus, Greene, Kennedy or Degoey. Not sure about Degoey, with Besms turning up his midfield time will be limited, will have big games but could also have some quiet ones. Westoff might not play in the ruck with Lycettcoming in which could change his scoring potential too. Also Birchell unlikely to play until early into the season.

      • skindog says:

        try going a 3 5 2 3 ratio, those players just are not going to cut it mate and you'll be wasting a lot of trades, put a linr through Birch and B. Crouch, and pretty much what the boys above have said,, have another crack mate, then post again?

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Hi Adam,

      Not sure about this side mate. Dont mind the Luke Ryan selection but that is about it for the positives. On the negative, you have far to many injured/prone players. (Birchall, B Crouch/Libba/Greene/JJK). You also have a number of non keeper premos such as De Goey, Dahlhaus, and JJK. Your ruck combination is iffy also. You really need a Grundy or Gawn in there. IMO there are many far better premo keeper options as well as guys with a much lower injury risk.

      You are asking to use up a lot of early trades due to the above mentioned risks and player choices if you start with this team. Have another play with it and I am sure you will come up with something much sharper.

      Good luck mate.


      • Adam says:

        Bloody cheers guys I’ve deleted most guys out except rookies and I’m re jigging it
        Hopefully something comes thru this time but hey it’s only early

  52. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Alrighty folks! Time for my first crack at putting a side together. This is what I have come up with-

    DEF: Rory Laird, Lachie Whitfield, Zac Williams, Connor Rozee, Griffin Logue, Marty Hore (Callum Wilkie, Harrison Wigg)

    MID: Jack Macrae, Patrick Cripps, Nat Fyfe, Lachie Neale, Dustin Martin, Anthony Miles, Brett Bewley, Nick Hind (Liam Stocker, Joe Atley, Irving Mosquito)

    RUC: Brody Grundy, Todd Goldstein (Darcy Fort)

    FWD: Patrick Dangerfield, Isaac Heeney, Josh Dunkley, Will Setterfield, Christopher Burgess, Ben Cavarra (Mathew Parker, Brodie Riach)

    I have a few POD players in mind, but I am keeping those close to my chest. But as a nucleus team, this side is my starting point. Some rookies are likely to change once JLT commences.

    Hit me with the feedback! Cheers community.


    • skindog says:

      I like it Hawk, a few similarities to mine, Ive toyed with blokes like Rozee and Rankine, unless we're struggling for rooks i wont touch the high priced boys, never make enough money and rarely score well, jmo mate, but i like,,

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Thanks skindog. I agree with you on those pricey rooks like Walsh, Collins, Rankine, Lukosius, etc. They more often than not disappoint by not scoring well enough as well as not making enough cash. I have steered away from them for now. I just have a gut feel that Rozee is one exception. He is a gun kid. The JLT will give us more clarity about the rooks as its still very much early days. Cheers mate.

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Looking good TopHawk, I won't comment on the rookies since it's still guess work at the moment. I've been tossing up between 13 premos and 9 rookies, compared to 11 premos, 3 mid pricers, 8 rookies and as much as I would like to go guns/rookies, the one with the mid pricers actually looks better.So you are a bit in between my two with 12, 2, 8. Out of the main players I have 8 the same. We are about the same in the rucks and fwd lines, I'm also going with two premo rucks and three premo/rookie fwds Our difference is in def/mid, I have just one premo in def with my 3 mid pricers and 2 rookies and I've gone with 5 premo mids and three rookies, no mid pricer there, since I have more confidence in the mid rookies turning up.Overall the nucleus of your team looks the goods TopHawk

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Cheers mate! I am very much a guns and rookies man. Just one mid pricer and then 13 premos and 8 rooks.

        • JohnDJ59 says:

          I was as well , but my three mid pricers of Witherden, Williams, who I consider keepers and B.Smith gets me one less rookie than if I had gone pure guns/rookies and I still end up with 13 keepers, so happy with that. PS I count two mid pricers and twelve premos in your current team, you aren't counting Williams $407,800 as a premo are you ?

    • Whitey says:

      Pretty solid. JLT is so important, if we can find Dodee's and Finlaysons again it means we can go with only 3 premo's at the back and take some risk on mid process. Bring on late Feb.

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Thanks mate. Hanging out for the JLT!

        • Derek says:

          JLT will determine where the rookies are, which will determine where we have our 12th keeper.

          I have 2, 5, 1, 3 keepers at the moment, but I’ll most likely want to start with 12. Williams at D3 is almost a keeper that everyone will have. My 12th keeper will start where there is less rookies, at moment it looks like Ruck or Forward.

        • Lazza says:

          Still a little over 3 weeks to JLT …. the wait is killing me…..

    • _Kyle says:

      A solid engine room there mate. Quite similar to mine however im not a fan of fyfe. After learning that the blokes never played a full season iv been turned right off and looked elsewhere. Not an issue that i want any part of.

      Like the goldy pick. Preuss gone should do him wonders and with him playing along side gawn at the dees there are too many ? Over gawns game imo.

      Looks a solid team overall. Im still throwing up between lloyd and laird. Curently have lloyd in my team atm. What are your thoughts on greene? If hes fit and firing surely hes a must have in the FWD?

    • Holty01 says:

      Like it Hawk. Very similar to mine except don’t have Fyfe Heeney or Miles. I’m also tossing up starting Andrews from Brisbane as well

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Geez that is a massive engine room there hawk!

      Big spend.

      Like all of us will depend where the rooks look likely to get a game.

      I reckon there may be more rooks in the mids so I have gone one less premo in the mids, one more premo up fwd.

      But as happens this time of year constantly revolving/evolving.

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Thanks Trigga. Are you speding more cash down back this year with the new kick out rule? I know some coaches are going 5 premos and 1 rook to try and cash in on potential extra points for kick outs. I am not sure. I have 3 premos and 3 rooks. I may decide to go 4 premos and 2 rooks as a happy medium as I am not 100% sold that defenders scores will increase dramatically. What do you reckon?

        • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

          Depends if i go Grawndy.
          If go GG have pretty much a gnr setup so 3 premo – 3 rooks in def and fwd.

          If go.with someone like goldy looking at 2–2 (with williams one of the 2 middies) in def and 4 premo 2 rook.fwd line.

          Both look good depends on if and where rooks appear.

    • Ralph says:

      G'day Toppa, not sure if you know or even if you care but Laird, Whitfield and Williams all share the same bye. Just a heads up in case that changes your structure a bit

    • Moustachio says:

      Too much GnR, you need some value midpricers or you'll spend half the season trying to get those 8 potential turds off the field imo.

    • NoLanguage96 says:

      Good lookin side mate!

      I've gone with a similar approach (also have Dunkley, Goldy, Fyfe, Neale and the GWS boys down back) but have Oliver instead of Macrae and TMac as a bit of a POD up forward. Too early to tell with the rooks but keep an eye on McKay from North – training very well from all reports.

  53. Harry says:

    Trying to pick a semi-bye friendly team, generally what’s a good premium structure for each bye round?

    • KeenButClueless says:

      If you have 14 keepers, then 3-5-6 or 4-4-6. The logic being in the second bye round you would be adding at least one premium, and in the last bye round you would be adding at least two premiums.

      There has been a point of view that you don’t worry so much about the byes and just pick the players you want because it will level itself out across the bye rounds. Whilst I can definitely see both sides, I fall on the plan for the byes side.

  54. KSheedy says:

    Does Bolton coach the Carlton womens team as well? The women seem to an equally atrocious attack strategy and capability to the men. Although, I reckon if you took Cripps out of the mens midfield the womens midfield would thrash em.
    AFL should put us and them out of their misery and kick them back to the VFL they are an embarrassment to our game at every level.

  55. Maverick_ says:

    Would love some feedback on my side community.
    Early days so alot will change no doubt once JLT kicks off.
    Am worried i may be too mid price heavy with Newman, Miles & Libba all in there & one premo short in the guts.

    DEF: Lloyd, Sicily, Witherden, Newman, Rozee, C.Burgess (Wigg Hore)

    MID: Cripps, Fyfe, Kelly, Neale, Miles, Libba, Stocker, bewley (Atley Valente Hind)

    RUCK: Grundy Goldy (sweet)

    FWD: Danger, D.Smith, Heeney, Setterfield, Blakey, Cavarra (Stengle Corebett)

    let me have it.
    $1100 left over

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Hi Maverick. I like the look of it. I am not sure if Newman will be ready to go come round 1. (Touch and go) Perhaps turn him into a Logue or Quaynor type and use the extra cash to upgrade Libba to a keeper mid premo. One too many midpricers in Libba IMO who is also very injury prone. Other than that, this side is very very solid. Cheers

    • Maverick_ says:

      Cheers guys solid suggestions TH and I have made a few minor tweaks like ya suggested I think deep down I knew I was one premo short in the engine room..
      Newman -> quaynor
      Libba -> Merrett
      Stengle -> mosquito
      Had to make the third move was 2k short of Merrett

  56. Xman says:

    Brodie grundy in a massive chunk of teams this year, what’s everyone think Jordan Rougheads role is going to be and will it impact grundys scoring? Similar to preuss he wasn’t drafted to play vfl was he?

  57. skindog says:

    Are people considering Brodie Smith? keeps popping in and out of my side, nice two scores last year, soooo tempted???

    • dontblushbaby says:

      Mid Pricer , could be a good gamble but not for mate mate, maybes injury proned also , missed a lot last year

      • Maverick_ says:

        I'm going to pass on him Skindog. hoping there are enough rookies down back to go 3 premium 3 rooks onfield.
        If I do need a midpricer ill be watching newman closesly.

    • DavidC says:

      He teases every year but never quite makes it, not for me. At least Roberton has shown in the past he can be a keeper. He might be worth the risk.

  58. dontblushbaby says:

    C.Mills @ 429K or Z.Williams @ $408K ? I have currently both @ D3 & 4 but not sure if to to keep one or two them or I'm looking at going harder in the FWD's, advice will be gladly accepted

    • Maverick_ says:

      i think there will be enough def rooks to only have to take 1 at D3 with D4-6 being rookies or turn one of mills/williams into a premo and play the other D4 if your bank allows it.
      i like williams for a small cash saving and you know his role at GWS for now.. mills still an unkown till JLT.
      His Breakout is coming but who knows when! longmire just needs to throw him in the guts and watch him explode, hopefully soon. watch his preseason closely.

    • skindog says:

      ive thought about Mills to Blush, but ill wait and see where he play, also i somehow replied to yours and Mavs replies on my post but not in my actual post, sorry, dont know how to delete it?

    • KeenButClueless says:

      I have fallen into Mills the last two years. In 2017 when I had him, I was noticing he was getting to 70-75 by 3/4 time very regularly. So I thought that it would only need natural improvement and he would be a 95 ave defender. He didn’t really go on with it like I hoped in 2018, then he got injured. Now with the possibility of midfield minutes, he’s in my side at the moment (also with Williams at D4). Like you I would prefer a value forward. I just haven’t found one I prefer to Mills in defence. If Greene was fit, it would possibly be him. At the moment it feels a real stretch to get that value.

      • Derek says:

        I’ve had Mills last 2 years as well, classic cognitive bias.

        He was always going to be a midfielder/forward, but Swans made him a defender. He has been ok but it isn’t his natural position. I watched him at the academy for a couple of years in the guts, no one could touch him.

        If he was under $400k I would be considering him. I do like the look of McGrath for $50k less.

    • Derek says:

      Look at McGrath as well

    • NoLanguage96 says:

      Not sold on Mills. Williams however is too cheap to ignore IMO

  59. skindog says:

    I agree Blush and Mav, and i hate mid price burnmen, but he can play, even if he makes it to the bye rounds id call that a win, but he has to make it there, think ill flip a coin come 10 mins before rd 1

  60. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    Whats everybodies thoughts on Wingard this year? With titch gone for the season he should get a good crack at the midfield, i'll be watching keenly in the JLT.

  61. Ralph says:

    Coniglio or Dusty? Think Dusty will spend more time mid than last year but really like Cogs as a POD.

  62. TommyC99 says:

    Hey fellas,

    Interesting debate, Cripps v Macrae? Both have tremendous upside. I'd ideally love to squeeze them both in but unless i go with an extra midprice, doesnt look like i can get them both in.

    Also thoughts on Jack Gunston this year? Tossing up between him and Heeney. Both had 4 scores below 80 last year but Heeney had almost double the tons.

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      As a little Mexican girl once said:

      "Why can't we have both?" 😁

      • TommyC99 says:

        I have managed to get them both in, at the expense of Heeney and Merrett, and putting in Dunkley. A lot to spend on 2 players in the mids but with no Titch and Danger being locks in the guts, it could be worth the spend

    • Rick Grimes says:

      Gunston is on my radar. I think he'll be up there in terms of total points.

  63. Adam says:

    Rightio take 2
    Lair. Ryan. Witherden. Williams
    4x Rookies
    Fyfe. Cripps. Coniglio ?. Beams. Merret
    6x Rookies
    Martin. Westhoff.
    Danger. Heneey. Lynch ? Greene ?
    4x Rookies
    103k. Left. Proj 1727
    Any thoughts Cheers

    • skindog says:

      Hey Adam, Westhoff probably wont have the same role as last year with Lycett being recruited, you really should have one of Grundy/Gawn, cogs is a good pod atm, be careful with Lynch and Green too

      • Adam says:

        Cheers mate, thoughts on Westhoff are he might get up the ground more few more positions
        Yeah Greene and Lynch are JLT will sees

  64. ZzZCalintZzZ says:

    I hope Hanners does not end up with 105 avg after 10 rounds. Be a lot of annoyed coaches if he did.

    • Rick Grimes says:

      It could happen, but based on what we've see last couple of years, there's just no case for the bloke. I won't be annoyed, just very surprised.

    • Holty01 says:

      I have him and unless he gets injured in jlt, he will be staying. Struggled with injuries last 2 years so hopefully will get a good run at it.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Dave, I still reckon Miles is a better bet, he's not the waiting bench guy anymore, he'll be the star of the midfield in a once again, up and coming team, also known as poxy lol.
      I'm hoping I can use Miles for a stepping stone to someone better anyhoo.

  65. Rick Grimes says:

    Here's a very risky, possibly shark move (dear I say it). Pearce Hanley. Awkwardly priced at $296k, but apparently is injury free and putting up good numbers. Could play an important role for Suns. If he lasts 10 rounds, can seem being a nice jump to a premo. Few IFs there, mind.

    • Dice_real says:

      Like it Grimesy. Had a good year with him 4 or 5 years ago when he was playing on ball

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Cant have tooo many suns in def so will probably pass for now but be a sneaky pod

  66. Rick Grimes says:

    What is the communities take on Menegola this year? She's a pretty crowded midfield down there at Geelong. Does he maintain his average? Is probably max priced, but loved his consistency.

    • Xman says:

      In my team. Can only see him getting more mid time with gaz moving more fwd/back. Fingers crossed

    • Beezneez says:

      For mine it's between him Heeney and D Smith. Only thing keeping him out is another Geelong player called Dangerfield in my fwd line.

  67. Ryan says:

    Whats everyones thoughts on beams lads

    • Yeahnah says:

      not a bad shout but hard to see him improving from last year in a stacked pies midfield. won't be top 10 imo

      • ToughBretts says:

        He's not in my current side, but Beams' best years all came in the most stacked SC midfield ever. Swan, Pendles and Beams all averaged 120 odd. He was also one of three players from bottom-four teams that ranked top 50 in score involvements, so it stands to reason that a vastly improved team would mean a vastly improved Beams.

        • ToughBretts says:

          (Zorko and Gresham the other two, both should have big years if their teams can improve around them)

    • Maverick_ says:

      Big fan of beams.. A jet when his up n going
      feel his underpriced and I know people are weary of the pies stealing points from each other but there are Plenty of points to go around. Watch his JLT closely Ryan I know I will be mate.

  68. Rick Grimes says:

    Here's where I'm at:

    Laird, Ryan, Williams…rookies.
    Macrae, Cripps, Cogs, Yeo, Steele….rookies.
    G & G…rookie.
    Menegola, Heeney, Gray, Dunkley…..rookies.

    Will almost certainly change completely.

    • ZzZCalintZzZ says:

      I personally think Wingard can match Gray in the mid to high 90's for less coin

      • Rick Grimes says:

        You could be right. Gray will be needed in the middle which should push him back to a 105-110 ave, imo.

    • Kind person says:

      No danger. Interesting one.
      Hope this doesn't offend you but I'd put the number one forward in my team

    • Holty01 says:

      Love the Steele selection Rick. However I’ve backed him last 2 years and hasn’t live up to the potential I was hoping for. I’ve been scared off him now. He is a gun though and this may well be his breakout year. Good luck

  69. The Ranger says:

    This weeks team…13 keepers, a stepping stone and rookies.

    Laird, Witherden, Williams, rookies
    Cripps, Macrae, Fyfe, Kelly, Treloar, Miles, rookies
    Grundy, Goldie, Fort
    Danger, Heeney, Menegola, rookies

  70. NoLanguage says:

    Righto boys and girls, welcome back to 2019!

    Rough first draft would love some feedback – have left most rooks out pending pre season footy.

    B – Laird, Sicily, Williams, Roberton
    M – Cripps, Oliver, Fyfe, Neale, Hall, Miles
    R – Grundy, Goldy, Preuss
    F – Danger, TMac, Dunkley, Setterfield

  71. GloryDays94 says:

    How many people are going 2 keepers and 2 mid price in DEF?
    Seriously considering it with Williams and Smith

    • Kind person says:

      3 keepers 1 mid

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      I am contemplating 3 keepers and 1 mid also. Just in case kick out defenders do pick up their scoring with the new kick out rule. Not going to get carried away and unhinge my overall team structure for the sake of it.

  72. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    Thoughts on Kelly or Menegola? bit of a stacked midfield at the cats

    • Holty01 says:

      Both will score well and be keepers but neither are in my current team

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi Josh, I'm thinking about Kelly this year, reckon he could get to a ton average or thereabouts..was pretty solid last year.
      Menegola probably less of a risk though.

  73. Derek says:

    Will a player score points for a kick in after a behind if they kick it from within the goal square?

    What if they put their toe 1 cm over the line as they kick it?

    Please don’t say they don’t get points for the first one but they do for the second?

    • PJ8 says:

      I have wondered the same thing as I read the rule as that being correct. If part of the player leaves the square it is counted as a kick.
      Apparently it will be decided by the champion data staff on the day. So I would say it is at their discretion

      • Derek says:

        Old habits die hard.

        Ryan kicked to himself once last year. Once!

        He might start the season kicking out of the goal square out of habit, but as the season goes on and he/they realise they have an extra 5 m to run, the kicks will be outside the square.

        This is huge!

        • kevwal says:

          This IS huge. I don't think it will take long for players to grab that extra 5m, they MUST be training for it already. JLT will show how much affect this extra 5m will have on the game. It was mentioned in an earlier thread, the big running wingers are going to be gold for SC.

    • redgumwon says:

      Hey Derek check your email for info on the Draft league for this year

  74. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    Taylor Adams, Jack steele, Nick Newman and Goldstein
    Coniglio, Kelly, Witherden and Mumford with whichever ruck rookie plays covering him for 2 weeks

    • Derek says:

      Whatever combination doesn’t include Mummy. Are you really considering him?

      Why did he retire in the first place? What has changed except he is 2 years older.

    • PJ8 says:

      Yep agree, no Mumford

  75. Burt says:

    Michael Gibbons? When is this lad going to be available to select in SC? Rookie price I hope?

    • Northernsoul74 says:

      Needs to get picked up yet. Assume Carlton will take him but they haven’t yet.

      • The Ranger says:

        Hey Northern, off topic but whats your take on Libba?
        Are you thinking of starting him?

        • Northernsoul74 says:

          Yep he’s in my team. Flying in training, ha I guess to be held back if anything. Slight question mark over how all the Dogs midfielders fit in but that’s what JLT is for.

          • The Ranger says:

            Hmmm…been tossing up between him and Miles all preseason so far.
            Thanks for the intel mate.

      • Lazza says:

        Carlton has 2 spots to fill now with Bugg retiring. Under the new rules they can replace him. If Gibbons does get a go there, he never will.

    • Holty01 says:

      It’s beyond me why he has not been drafted. Has so much ability but keeps getting overlooked. Surely he is better then a lot of these other kids who get drafted. Let’s hope Carlton pick him up as it would be fantastic for sc but being a Carlton supporter also, he would slot straight into our midfield.

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Blues are just waiting for JLT to see how he goes in a match and fits with structures.

      Will be drafted by the blues and word is with lineup rd 1 with Walsh.

    • Lekdog says:

      Herald Sun article last night says that they're waiting for match simulations to finish but he'll be picked up and a R1 berth is likely. If SC does their job he'll be 102-117K and an absolute lock

    • skindog says:

      March 15 is cut off time so will be picked up around then, Hawks have looked at him but think Carlton will pick him up, Carlton have been told apparently that hes not allowed to play in the practise match against Hawthorn or any of the jlt games,

  76. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Some big news out of WA this morning. Nat Fyfe has been pulled from pre season training after he copped a hard tackle which has inflamed his troublesome elbow. There was no major damage, but after this incident, I have decided to remove him from my side. For mine, there is now just too much risk that he will miss games with injury niggles throughout the season. He would have to tear it up in the JLT for me to even contemplate changing my decision. Cheers community.

  77. 209085 Last 3 spots in Agraders / Please only coaches who will stick it out in this league

  78. GloryDays94 says:

    Walsh is currently in 39 percent of teams… anyone here starting him so far?

    Big risk on a rookie who is priced so high

    • Russty_ says:

      Not in mine GD…can't remember the last time a high priced rookie either paid off or ended up a keeper.
      Let's face it, he'd have to be a keeper to start with, in the hope he scores good points from go time, could be wrong but don't see it happening.

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Not starting in my side. Too expensive. He would have to demonstrate a tearing JLT preseason and even then, I would not start him. If he pumped out some further serious scores in round 1 and 2, only then would I consider investing in him on the bubble.

    • Holty01 says:

      Not in mine at present but have enough money to slot him in. Depends on who is selected in rd 1. We may not have the choice not to play him as we still don’t know what rookies will be playing. In the end, he will need to be averaging 17 more points a game then a rookie valued at $117000 to be worth the extra spend. Not impossible but as history has indicated, it’s normally better to start the cheaper rookies

    • RoyWetard says:

      In 2017 Andrew McGrath was priced at 211,8k. After Round 6 his price had risen 138,9k to 350,7k at an avg of 78.2.
      Last year Ben Jacobs was priced at 200,1k. After Round 6 his priced had risen 111,3k to 311,4k at an avg of 68.
      Bailey Banfield was priced at 123,4k. After Round 6 his priced had risen 146,5k to 269.9k at an avg of 62.
      Same year Lachie Fogarty was priced at 117,3k, After Round 6 hs priced had risen 177,5k to 294,8k at an avg of 69.7.
      The goal (to me at least) is to have scored more points than everyone else by the end of the season so the question is what do you believe will generate the most points?

      • Liam says:

        The thing is you would have a Banfield or Fogarty type anyway.

        You have to compare Walsh to the 6th best rookie assuming you are starting with 5 non rookies in the mids. I’d rather Walsh then 2019’s Barry/Garlett

    • Maverick_ says:

      I’ll pass GD,
      I’m sure there will be better value elsewhere just got to sit tight. I’ve started the more expensive rookies past years and it’s never really paid off points wise or for cash generation.

    • Lazza says:

      I had him in my first couple of team iterations … but at his price the return on investment will be too low … there’s $90k more than Bewley, Valente and Hind. $90k is the difference between Ross/Crouch/Hunter/Heppell and Cripps.
      Cripps plus one of those $117,300 rookies will IMO give a better points and $$ outcome than Heppell and Walsh for example..

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Looking forward to seeing how he goes in

      Everyone is raving about him and his work rate, clean hands, burst of speed and endurance.
      All things we look for.

      Worked out if i want to start Grawndy then swapping miles to walsh i can upgrafe goldy to gawn.

      Case of then who scores more?
      Goldy and Miles?
      Gawn and Walsh?

      Hoping JLT will give me a clue.

      • Liam says:

        Gawn and Walsh once you add in upgrades and the points that you will lose in the last 10-12 rounds particularly of having Goldy instead of Gawn.

        For what it is worth my point predictions are:
        Miles 89
        Walsh 71
        Gawn 118
        Goldy 106

  79. Trying to get Grawndy and 5 prem mids without compromising my Def o r fwds greatly and cant manage to.Thinking Fyfe to Merrett might help NDD

    • Russty_ says:

      Giday Neil, I agree Fyfe out for a cheaper more durable option until Fyfe gets 100%..Merrett's better than 100 av of last year….Brayshaw I reckon could do good things this year and average over 100 easy.

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      With grawndy something has to give
      1 less premo mid most likely

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Hi Neil,

      Zerrett is a great option if you want Gawn at R2. Fyfe is a non starter after this latest setback.

      I am comfortable with Groldy. It locks in Macrae into my side with the saved cash.

      Gawn has Pruess as company and at the same time is very expensive. Maybe NDD knows something down there in the land of the demons!!

      Cheers mate.

    • Maverick_ says:

      After hearing about Fyfes elbow today his out for me.
      It was always in the back of my mind his injury history & today was the last straw. I’ll be trading down to either bont or beams pending JLT form. Merrett also a great selection NDD currently my M5

  80. Not in mine For a bit extra you can have LIBBA or Miles

    • Holty01 says:

      Or Hanners?

      • dontblushbaby says:

        I know some who going Libba,Hanners and Miles to start with, mid price madness, ect.ect

      • no way Hotley Miles is the only one I would look at

        • Holty01 says:

          Fair enough. I will probably start with Hanners though. He is the only mid pricer who has ever been elite. And at only 27, he may well be coming into his prime. Just can’t pass up on someone who averaged 110+ a couple of years ago at his current price

          • gator59 says:

            If you need a prime example of being a fallen premo it's Rocky and Hanners is treading the same path… I said it last year and I'll say it again DO NOT pick any Saints… If you do it's only the mature age rookies for cash gen

          • NoLanguage96 says:

            Wouldn't touch Hanners with a 100 foot pole

  81. Ja191 says:

    “Jake Lloyd is still recovering from hip surgery, expected to be in full training in the next 1-2 weeks.” Hmmmmmm worth looking at him as an upgrade target now perhaps?

  82. John says:

    Neale or Oliver??? Tough choice

    • Maverick_ says:

      Neale for me till I see how Oliver’s recovered from his two shoulder surgeries.. may affect his bullish attack on the ball and his tackling. Hopefully he plays some JLT

    • derek says:

      i am a massive Oliver fan. Today i changed Oliver to Neale.

  83. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    With the goat now moving out of the midfield does this open the door for constable?

    This snippett of information made the ears prick up – narkle may get alot more mid time making him relevant again as a cheap fwd.

    Might be a sneaky f4-5.

  84. James says:

    Gawn, libba and Neale
    Westhoff (who will hopefully end up being swung into forward line as keeper), miles and MACRAE

    Both left with around 40 k

  85. John says:

    Who's more important to have MACRAE or Gawn

  86. NoLanguage96 says:


    Fyfe & Zerrett


    Dusty & M.Crouch

  87. Shaun says:

    Can anyone please tell me why i dont get wigg from gold coast doesn't appear so i cant pick him cheers

    • hedski says:

      Should be in def @$102k

    • gator59 says:

      Have you got the filters switched on with the DPP button on… If you have that on he won't be there because he's not a DPP player

    • Lekdog says:

      Search his name, some of the 102k players seem to be hidden by the UI

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      Yeh I've also noticed the last player is hidden by an ad banner or something…..Either do what Lek said or you can change the search from low to high (that way he'll be at the top)

  88. derek says:

    assuming both Libba and Greene play round 1.

    Rookie & Devon


    Libba & greene

  89. derek says:

    I'm going against what i've done in previous years.

    I'm not going to worry about a risky R2 – Gawn is in my team.

    The new kick-in rules is huge. I'm spending money in Defense (i usually wouldn't even feed a defender). Lloyd and Laird locked in.

    Only 1 Mid-price – ZWilliams. All others come with risks.

    Value in the Guts. Plenty of choice with premiums to not have to play the very top dollar for a premium mid-fielder. Kelly, Neale, Dusty, MCrouch, Merrett all offer value.

    Danger, Heeney & Setterfield pick themselves (Devon, Mundy and Chad – one to be selected). Only question will be if there are another two rookies good enough to be on the field?

    Lloyd, Laird, Witherden, Williams, Logue, Wilkie (Hore, Wigg)
    Kelly, Neale, Dusty, MCrouch, Merrett, Stocker, Bewley, Hind (contable, Valente, Carter)
    Grundy, Gawn
    Dangerfield, Heeney, DSmith, Setterfield, McAdam, Parker (Burges, Cavarra)

    • gator59 says:

      Looks like you've been looking over my shoulder Derek

    • kevwal says:

      14 keepers!! I think Williams and DSmith are not stepping stones, picked to produce the points. I have 13 keepers(includes Williams) and one mid-pricer in AMiles, Grundy/Goldy for me. Just can't let go of Macrae or Cripps.
      Lloyd, Ryan, Williams, Quaynor, Duursma, McKay (Hore,Wigg)
      Macrae, Cripps, Neale, Coniglio, Martin, Miles, Bennell, Constable (Bewly, Valente, Hind)
      Grundy, Goldie(Fort)
      Dangerfield, Heeney, Dunkley, Rozee, Setterfield, Parker(Woodcock, Cavarra)

      • derek says:

        Macrae & Cripps vs MCrouch & Merrett

        $250k difference. Will they produce $250k more points?

        • Ballsy not to go with Macrae or Cripps. Think you need one of them but should be your next choice .Cant have them all

        • kevwal says:

          Can we afford to wait and get them in later, they will be top ten midfielders, possibly top six? Projections say Macrae/Cripps will produce 40pts per game (between them) more than MCrouch/ZMerrett, that's over 800pts. Is 800pts worth more than $250k.? The, possible, loss of points and the cost to get them in later in the season is too much for me, I'm stuck on keeping them.

          • Derek says:

            I just annoyed every year, when I ‘pay the price’ and get the expensive mids, to see others pick them up for $550k

            • Liam says:

              Basically everyone drops in price, Crouch,Merrett and Dusty will be available at 500k at some point

        • Holty01 says:

          Hi mate. I think you are missing the most important thing with SuperCoach. Have you taken into account your weekly captain? Macrae and Cripps are 2 who id trust putting the C on. Merrett and Crouch not so much. So make sure when you take that extra $250k spend into account, you look at those extra points you will get with that captain as well

          • Derek says:

            Good point.

            Can’t have Grundy and Gawn everyweekI

            • derek says:

              or Danger

              • Holty01 says:

                Yeah mate. If you are comfortable with those 3 as ur captain choice each week then the C doesn’t mean anything with Cripps and Macrae. Myself personally will be loading up on probably Grundy and Macrae early with the C

              • Sharkmove_King says:

                Grundy, Gawn & Danger are 3 solid captain options for a starting team. I also suspect Dustin Martin will be too most weeks.

    • derek says:

      it all depends on quality of the rookies. If i can't trust the forward rookies and the defense rookies look ok, my plan would be to get rid of Laird and go an extra premium forward (Mundy, Chad or Hoff)

    • GloryDays94 says:

      I like the set up Derek. But a huge risk not picking MacRae or Cripps. I would be watching Gawn and Laird as their production could drop this season.

    • KeenButClueless says:

      Longer alternative might solve your issues. It does give you the extra premium in Attack, and would allow you to upgrade one of your mids. It is still 14 keepers, plus a stepping stone.

      You have regularly looked at value in R2. Hasn’t worked as well as you would like, although Lycett was ok last year. This might be giving you cognitive bias against it. Either that it is the pure definition of madness where you do the same thing over and over and expect a different result!

      • Derek says:

        Cheers mate. There has been a few teams with Longer at R2, don’t you worry about that. The Hoff at F2, looping into R2. Crazy stuff.

        • Holty01 says:

          Yep and I was one of the crazy’s a week ago with Fort at r2 and Hoff looping. After a couple of days though commonsense prevailed

          • KeenButClueless says:

            I am still flirting with Longer at R2. Gives me B Smith at D5 and Zac Bailey at F4.

            The alternative is Martin R2, rookie, rookie.

            Whilst I think all 3 will be stepping stones, it’s more likely to go wrong than right. I think Martin’s ground game gives him the edge on Goldy, but neither are Gawn. So, like everyone, need to decide to start with him or trade to him.

            • Holty01 says:

              yeah Longer at r2 could work. He will be tempting if he performs in jlt. As you said, starting him frees up some extra cash that will strengthen other lines.

              • derek says:

                if i have Longer, i upgrade a rookie to the Hoff.
                not sure if that gives me much extra.

    • redgumwon says:

      I do see huge risk in picking the two best rucks from last year. Not many ruckmen since big Dean Cox have backed it up two years running. I'm not starting either Grundy or Big Maxie this year. I think there if far to much risk at their price. So I'll be going something like Stef Martin and Goldy. These two could both end up being in the top 4 ruckmen and it gives me more cash to inject into the midfield.

      Another thing to think about both Grundy and Maxie from memory both bled a serious amount of cash last year before going up again. So you are a fair chance to pick them up again later in the year cheaper if they are on fire and the other rucks are duds?

      • Ja191 says:

        Yeah but every player will eventually drop in price it’s the points that they score up until that point which you are missing out on. Plus sometimes it’s not as easy as just trading them in later in the season with more urgent matters getting in the way – which is why I just set and forget players of their quality/I personally believe you need to start one or the other

        • derek says:

          that was my biggest take away from last year. Paying top dollar for the premium players only to see them drop in price and other pick them up cheap.

          • redgumwon says:

            Form or injury can also be a huge factor. I remember paying top dollar for big Maxie only to have rip his hamstring off the bone. after his best season ever. Like I said the ruckmen for one reason or another seem to have trouble backing up the next season. This worries me so I'm going to look elsewhere to start. If form warrants then I'll get one or both later. By doing that I can spend more in the midfield or forward line on A graders

    • dvj says:

      You have hit the nail on the head Derek & really you’re the one that has to be happy with your strategy. I’ve been playing Supercoach since it started & I’ve made all the mistakes you can & still do! Ie. going with the crowd, trading too much early, picking all the dearest players, etc. The basic Guns & Rookies strategy has always been the best. These days picking rookies is the easy bit as there is way to much information out there. Ideally it might be better to have a team with 4 or 5 different strategies so you can guarantee at least 1 of them will be a gun side? Takes a bit to manage though. I do miss the good old days when we were locked out when the first match started. Luck then played a big part when players didn’t make the side or were withdrawn at the last moment. I think it made for a more interesting competition. While I’m on that, when is the prize money going to go up. It’s been $50000 for many years!!

  90. TMitch says:

    Could every supercoach who has ever finished a season ranked inside the top 50,000 PLEASE submit an offer to manage the player list at the Carlton Football Club. SOS has dug such a massive hole that everybody that they've approached to take over has laughed at them and ran away!
    The Carlton board have devised a cunning strategy for the 2019 draft that involves a dart board and a blindfold and are confident that it be a huge improvement over previous years where they were limited to GWS rejects and players identified by the media.
    Even Tom Bugg, a man who was desperate to reach 100 games retired on 96 to work for his girlfriend rather than carry the embarrassment of playing for Carlton

  91. NastyPastie says:

    Do you dream of playing AFL football but don't have any football ability at all?
    Don't worry with our two-step program you can now get yourself onto an AFL list no matter how slow,fat or talent-less you are.
    Our two-step program can even get your deceased ancestors and family pets onto the playing list at an actual AFL football Club.
    STEP 1. Change your surname to Silvagni
    Step 2. Nominate for the AFL Draft

    Congratulations you are now an AFL footballer contracted to the Carlton Football Club

  92. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    team has changed countless times over the past few days, here is its current form,

    DEF: Sicily, Simpson, Whifield, Ryan, Williams, Collins, (Hore, Wigg) I have loaded up the defense as i think these players will see a fair increase in their output due to the new rules

    MID: Cripps, Neale, Coniglio, Dusty, Walsh, Stocker, Bewley, Constable (Valente, Atley, Hind) 2 uber premos, 2 undervalued (IMO) picks, hopefully Walsh breaks the 'overpriced' tag that number 1 picks carry around, anxiously waiting for JLT

    RUC: Grundy, Fort (Sweet) Might have lost my marbles with the fort selection but if he can act as a jarrod witts esque pick back in 2017 i think it will pay off greatly, again one to see in JLT. I predict Grundy to be the cox curse breaker

    FWD: Danger, Heeney, Gray, Dunkley, Setterfield, Parker (Burgess, Corbett) Might as well be a second midfield line lol.

    That is my team as of now, im sure it will change tomorrow, if not in the next hour. Thoughts?

    • GloryDays94 says:

      Not sure I like how deep you have gone in DEF
      Walsh is a huge gamble for such a high priced rookie
      Fort should be bench not R2
      Probably gone a bit deep FWD also
      I like the POD picks in MID though

  93. Such is Fyfe says:

    Here's an analysis of my team, would love to get some thoughts/advice. I hate seeing teams with no reasoning of own picks so I'll write a little bit of my thoughts process. Won't post closer to kick off as it becomes more locked in but for now, 'Such is Fyfe'.

    DEF: 3 – 1 – 4
    Simpson, Short, Witherden, Hanley, Williamson, Collins (Hore, Wigg)

    First of all, I hate spending over $500k for a player in defence, no matter the year. Although for D1 I'm eyeing off either Simpson or Sicily, Simpson gets the nod due to his durability, can always pick up Sicily after his suspension. No role changes at Carlton, no reason he can't continue. Durable. Consistent.
    Short is my POD, he's got a huge kick and could be a huge beneficiary of the new kick-in rule IMO.
    Withered another beneficiary can go to the next level.
    Gold Coast could be kicking the pill out of the square up to 100 times a game at stages this season, Hanley could be a nice stepping stone if so.

    MID: 5 – 1 – 5
    Cripps, Kelly, Treloar, Dusty, Crouch, Miles, Constable, Bewley (Stocker, Smith, Hind)

    Pretty self explanatory. 5 mid premo's = early points.

    RUCK: 1 – 1 – 1
    Goldy, Longer (Fort)

    Obviously taking the punt here but I'm a huge believed in the Cox Curse. I never start the most expensive player in the season, nor do I ever start the most expensive ruck. In this case, Grundy is both. I'll trade Longer @ approx. $400k R6 to Grundy approx. $600k, essentially saving $150k. Longer can and will do the job until then.
    Goldy to be back to his best this year.

    FWD: 4 – 0 – 4
    Danger, Menegola, Smith, Heeney, Setterfield, Cavarra (Corbett, Mosquito)

    This is the not mucking around club. Four FWD/MID's, four midfield guns all capable of averaging 100+. Locked in.

    I'll be keeping a keen eye on rebounding defenders JLT but for now, 12 keepers, essentially 9 midfielders. A tonne of guns & a few POD's amongst the ranks (Short, Treloar, Crouch, Longer, Menegola). What's the community's thoughts?

    • Nice person says:

      Waste of time, too much wrong but you seem pretty set on it being right. Hope this didn't offend you

      • Such is Fyfe says:

        We'll see.. finished around the top 1,000 last three years. Trying to crack the top 100, sometimes it's the players you don't start rather than the ones you do

      • Russty_ says:

        Telling someone their team is a waste of time is offensive..but you knew that, do you have any advice for Such is Fyfe that could help him improve his team..Nice Person, or do you prefer to take cheap shots at people and end it with "no offence"?

    • KeenButClueless says:

      No Grundy will be a make or break call. I would suggest downgrade Miles to Rookie, Hanley up to Williams and Goldy to Grundy.

      Even if Goldy is back to his best, he’s not a 130 player. I think Grundy is. I think he’s a really valid captain choice as well. Whilst I am sure that his price may drop during the year, I do think it’s worth paying because of the double points he offers.

      • Such is Fyfe says:

        Yeah I agree, should probably get Williams back in. Just tossing if he's gonna be that top 10 defender? I've had Williams in my side but for now he's out, Hanley's just snuck his way into D4 for now… see how they fare in JLT.

        I really like the idea of Miles averaging 90 in their at such a low price, not much to contest him at GCS.. reckon he'll be the pick of mid-pricers!

        Some bloody valid points, wasn't thinking about captaincy but I read an article Grundy was just walking after his off-season surgery too. Not even in full training yet? Always try to start players with a full pre-season into them.. just can't warrant the $ for now. See how the big man shapes up JLT!

        Cheers for the feedback, might try get Williams in! Might be too much value

    • BlueBaggerJosh says:

      Yeo, Rozee and Goldstein
      Walsh, Williams, Grundy

    • Blueth says:

      Like this team. Except I have no idea where this Longer thing has come from.
      Sometimes its an easy game. Just ask, 'can PLAYER A, play football?'
      I think everyone knows the answer in Billy's case.
      Hanley is sneaky, i like.
      The game has passed Miles by, the VFL just masked it. Trap.

      • Such is Fyfe says:

        So do I downgrade Miles to Gibbons and then upgrade Witherden, Short or Hanley? to who?
        I did have Whitfield in earlier versions but still skeptical on the tag.. maybe Hurn?

    • _Kyle says:

      You may save 150k on getting grundy in later but realisticly i see longer averaging 60-70 while lets say geundy averages 125 (slightly below last years average) over 6 rounds thats a loss of 300 points. Is that really worth it?

      • Russty_ says:

        I reckon the main problem with picking a Ruck like Longer as R2 is…watching his scores every week, best run he ever had was from from round 16, 2017 when he was averaging 63.
        He strung a few scores together in between a few mediocre ones to finish the year on an average of 78.
        Ended up playing 17 games for the year, his most consistent year ever by far.
        Not sure if anyone remembers but Gawn was pretty mediocre before he got his big chance to be number 1 ruck but that only lasted a couple of seasons before he exploded and embraced his role to become a powerhouse.
        Longer doesn't seem to be the 'embrace the opportunity' type…he had a chance to claim StKilda's number one spot when McEvoy was traded out to Hawthorn in 2014..so why didn't he?….maybe he just doesn't have it in him.
        5 years later, he's still struggling to assert his reason for being traded to StKilda. Could be wrong but I wouldn't be surprised if another StKilda Ruckman edged him out this season.
        That being said, maybe those of you who choose to start him as a cheapy option only need to hang onto him for 6 rounds or so, but don't expect great scores, they could be painful to look at, lol…and it can be very difficult to end up with the best R2 after starting with someone so cheap and lowly scoring.
        I'd like to see him do well…but the worst thing StKilda ever did ruck-wise, was trade Big Boy McEvoy out.

        • Such is Fyfe says:

          I've had him in there from the get-go and haven't really contemplated it too much. You two are really making me do some thinking!

          My thought process behind it was merely yeah, save the $$$ with not starting Grundy. But also, I do think he has some scoring capabilities if he is the #1 ruck at Saints, all I need is around an 80 average for it to be deemed a win in my eyes. Might make me $50k-$100k by R6 and then he is the first upgrade to the highest scoring ruck men, presumably Grundy.

          Could definitely be six weeks from hell if it goes pear shaped – but I do also have Fort on the bench, big rumours about him getting an early gig at the cattery. Dare I say he could be R2 for a couple of weeks if Longer doesn't turn it on…

    • Undefeated says:

      Have a look at my recent posts comparison with defenders vs forwards. I think you'll find short and withers won't be worth the pick let alone top 6. Possible but doubtful. I'd spend the 500+k and lock up those blokes. Especially with new kick in rule.

      • Such is Fyfe says:

        Who are your top 6 defenders for the year?
        According to AFL.com, Short took like 50% of kick ins last year but played on a small percentage of those (around 15%).. just thinking he could start playing on to the side and kick down the wing with the new rule. Greatly increase his output, JLT will tell.

        I am considering downgrading Miles to Gibbons though and freeing up the cash… not starting Lloyd, think Laird can drop with Smith and Sicily I can snatch up after he gets suspended.
        Tempted on sneaking in Whitfield though? Not sure.

  94. LEO says:

    Will Josh Kennedy from WCE be good at 390 this year

    • Whitey says:

      Definite value, will get some big scores but also miss out some weeks. Not sure if he is a top6-8 fwd though. Has been a bit injury prone of late too.

  95. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    Do we think Matt Crouch can get back to his 2017 form this year? I wasnt really watching him closely last season, does anybody know why his scores suffered so much? Was his hamstring holding him back or was it just a bad year for everyone at adelaide?

    • Holty01 says:

      I think the later. You seem to score more in a winning side.

    • GloryDays94 says:

      He had some niggles and the whole team was down. Expect him to be back to near 2017 form this season

      • AuroraBorealis?! says:

        I'm hoping so as he's currently in my side, too much value to pass up at this point

    • NinthAgain says:

      I personally reckon he will be a top 5 mid in terms of average this year. If there was a guy to average Tom Mitchell-like numbers in terms of stats, he would be the one that could go the closest (even close enough is ridiculous numbers). Would not be surprised if he averaged above 120 points, but 115 is what I expect

    • derek says:

      i think there are 10-12 midfielders who are all on a similar level. Add to that the older blokes who can still have a decent season, there isn't much between the top 15. Crouch is in that group and one of the cheapest, in my team

    • NoLanguage96 says:

      Beast. They had the year from hell the Crows, Crouch will be back. He's in my side atm

    • The Ranger says:

      He handballs a lot and his disposal efficiency isn't great.
      That's all that's held him back from the Uber bracket before and I think it will again.
      I think he'll be top 15 but not necessarily top 10.

      • Nice person says:

        How has he been held back from being an uber premo, 110avg and 6th overall in 2017

  96. Gen says:

    Grant Birchall. If he is fit and showing good JLT signs – a good rookie price option to generate cash.
    He has just turned 31…
    Anyone want back me up here?

  97. SHU says:

    Revised team: Score Galore

    DEF: Laird, Whitfield, Williams, McGrath, rozee, quaynor (hore, wigg)
    MID: Macrae, Cripps, kelly, Martin, Merrett, stocker , bewley, atley (dursma, hind, valente)
    RUC: Grundy, goldy (sweet)
    FWD: Danger, Heeney, Dunkley, Setterfield, mcadam, cavarra (Parker, Wilkinson)

    48k left.

    Not sure whether to go mills or mcgrath, and also not sure if I should go lloyd or laird or both. And also struggling a little in the midfield because rn I’m paying big bucks for macrae and Cripps and I may change one of them for Neale or crouch but still unsure about crouch. The midfield is becoming insanely difficult for me because I’m intrigued by players like treloar yeo brayshaw bontempelli taranto crouch but ofc there are limited picks. And I’m hoping longer shows up in JLT and may consider him.

    • derek says:

      Mcgrath maybe effected by smith and shield getting more midfield ahead of him. he doesn't have a high ceiling but there is good value there and he is probably 10-15 points undervalued. 80 – 85 ave won't put him in the top 8 defenders.

      Mills has been training this year as a mid/forward. rotating with Parker. Heeney is full time mid. Mills will take some time getting used to his new role, but he was an elite midfielder as a junior, has really good size this year. i have a bias towards him and have started him last 3 years. not in my team this year. yet. if he was $50k cheaper.

      both are out of position players so worth considering

      • SHU says:

        Is devon smith likely to get more midfield time this year? because if so i may have to select him over dunkley.

        Back on point. its a difficult choice because both of them recently dominated match simulations whilst playing in the midfield so i guess it will have to come down to JLT.

  98. Sharkmove_King says:

    What does Walsh have to average for a pass mark for coaches that start with him? Because, for me he's an absolute certainty to average over 70

    Hard to compare different drafts and different seasons but Walsh's junior numbers for a number 1 draft pick are almost unprecedented.

    Higgins had similar junior numbers, but he was drafted at 19 and played as a small forward, yet still averaged 72.

    I don't wanna make any bold predictions because it seems to upset people on here, but ignore him at your peril! That is all…..

    • Ja191 says:

      Would much rather having a look at him actually playing and picking him up on the bubble if he tears it up rather than gambling on him at his inflated price

    • TMitch says:

      Jack Watts had similar junior numbers to Walsh
      His 1st AFL season SC average was 24.
      I expect walsh to be better than Watts but you need consider that a 117-123k rookie averaging 65 will make a lot more money in 6 weeks than 200k+ rookie averaging 75

      • Brandon says:

        Andrew Mcgrath averaged 78.1 after round 6 in 2017.
        Starting price: $211,800
        After round 6: $350,700
        Increase of $138,900

        Bailey Banfield averaged 62 after round 6 in 2018.
        Starting price: $123,400
        After round 6: $269,900
        Increase of $146,500

        Give and take a couple of points each way on your suggested averages, Banfield over McGrath (in their respective years) would’ve earned $7600 more over the first 6 weeks, but McGrath outscored him by 96.6 points.

        What do you value an extra 100 odd points over the first 6 weeks at? Surely more than a $7600 price difference…

        • Brandon says:

          In saying that, he’s not in my team as yet 😂😂

        • Sharkmove_King says:

          Well pointed out Brandon especially since you don't have him in your team…it shows your at least open to considering it.

        • TMitch says:

          Almost a fair point but my comparison was a 10 points p/week difference yours was a 16.1 points p/week difference or 61% more points than the difference I quoted.
          It also depends on what you do with the 90k you save by going for the cheaper rookie. This year that 90k is the difference between a player who averaged 88 l/y and a player who averaged 105 l/y which, makes up for the 100 odd points and you get a keeper in the 105 ave player thus saving the trade that you'd use on the 88 points player. Trades are valued at about 100k

        • _Kyle says:

          Something that you omitted is that in picking banfield you saved 90k that could have been used upgrading a 500k player up to an uber 600k premo where you have the oportunity to make up those 100 points

      • Sharkmove_King says:

        I'm not convinced a 117-123k rookie will make 'alot' more money than a 200k rookie if averaging 10 points less. The 200k rookie in this example is scoring more points and will get you to a premium earlier.

        The other thing I'm not convinced Jack Watts averaged what Walsh did in his junior years. Do you have those numbers handy? Regardless, for the sake of comparison I only use midfielders against midfielders. Can't compare Jack Watts playing key forward on a smaller boy when he will be playing on a bigger man the following year.

        Midfielders are much different as they don't get tagged so won't have an opponent following them.

        Good discussion though and appreciate your thoughts.

        • Rocksta_ says:

          Spending the extra money on Rookies whom may or may not deliver ussually means that you start with one less Premo. The aim of the game is to get to full Premo as quick as possible using the least amount of trades.
          No 200K rookies for me.

    • KeenButClueless says:

      The other point to consider in this discussion is what do you do with the extra cash at the start. Let’s say, for discussion sake that it is Walsh/Neale vs Rookie/MacRae. Then whilst you might be 100 points over the 6 weeks on the rookies, if MacRae drops from 127 to 125 and Neale rises from 111 to 115, then you will be 10 points a week behind for as long as it takes to get MacRae. You might be lucky and get him in the first 10 weeks, but I think unless he drops to a stupid amount, you really have to be lucky or possibly spend an extra trade to get him. If they hold their averages, you are behind after 6 weeks.

    • TMitch says:

      I'll be taking Stocker before Walsh if he's fit. Morrish medal winner despite a busted Jaw and 80k cheaper than Walsh who didn't win the Morrish medal but won the Larke. Stocker is the same height as Walsh but 8kg more muscle and a genuine inside mid equally adept on either foot TAC cup averaged 22 disposals, 13 contested possessions, 4.5 tackles and 5 clearances. Walsh isn't so good on the clearances and tackles stats and will be relying on others to get him the ball. Stocker gets his own ball and scores points when his team don't have the ball which is most of the time if you play for Carlton

      • Blueth says:

        Outstanding post. Here Here.
        Also Stocker is $34 for the Rising Star.
        Gamble Responsibly.

        The only rookie i'd consider at an elevated price is Bailey Smith.
        Of course this is all bunk til we see JLT scores.
        We'll see whose brave with their rules if Walsh averages 115.

    • Rick says:

      Pick a $117k rookie save the extra $70k for your premos.

    • Lazza says:

      Comparing Walsh and Higgins actually proves the case of not selecting Walsh.. apart from Higgins being rated the best ever by Champion Data pre-draft, being selected at 19 meant his price was only $130k.. Walsh will need to average 86 to make the same $$s.
      The return on cheaper rookies will almost always be better..

      • Sharkmove_King says:

        I don't agree. Higgins price last year has nothing to do with if Walsh is a good pick or not. The point is Higgins averaged 72 last year as a small forward with brief stints in the middle.

        I think Walsh will average more than with greater midfield opportunity.

        • Lazza says:

          I think you have missed the point … If you are looking at Walsh as a keeper then go ahead .. and good luck with that.. if you are looking at Walsh as a cash generator…. Walsh will need 86 average to make the same $ as Higgins did… I’d rather pick a cheaper player who can score 72 and invest the $77k difference elsewhere..

  99. Gen says:

    Midfield is Danger, Cripps, Oliver, Fyfe/Kelly?, Shiel
    Fyfe or Kelly?

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      Kelly. Start with him for the next 5 years and he won't let you down

    • hedski says:

      Swing Danger fwd Gen and bang a Dusty/Zerrett/Crouch type in the mids.
      Not sure out of Fyfe/Kelly, line ball, I'm not starting either currently, bit worried about injury (probably wrongly).

      • derek says:

        i read that Fyfe's elbow is stuffed. fell over on it and went home crying

        • hedski says:

          Traded him to Neale as soon as I heard.
          Thinking hard now how to get Macrae in.

        • Beezneez says:

          He was on last night's news laughing off suggestions there was anything wrong with the elbow.

          • Gen says:

            Haha yeah look fyfe is a big tough boy Im not reading into the elbow rumour one bit if it doesnt affect his pre season form

        • TMitch says:

          Only bursitis it can be fixed in a few days with a cortisone injection. The bursa is like a little pillow full of fluid you have them in your shoulder as well when they get inflamed they get a bit painful but its nothing that an injection of local anesthetic can't relieve immediately

          • Beezneez says:

            You're right TMitch. Bursitis can be a bitch but nothing that can't be fixed by a needle and a bit of rest of the troublesome spot

    • Rocksta_ says:


    • The Ranger says:

      Danger has to be at F1 Gen.
      And if I had to choose I'd take Kelly. Just.

      • Gen says:

        Yeah I had him there for ages but while playing around just had him in the mids and will swap to Fwd when i actually need to…. ? Dont see the downside to it

        • DavidC says:

          Nothing wrong with starting Danger in the mids Gen. As you say, just move him forward at some stage when you get the chance.

          • The Ranger says:

            I think it's an accepted norm to play mid/fwds in the fwd line isn't it?
            With Danger in the mids you're bringing in an additional fwd.
            With Danger in the fwd line you get to bring in an additional mid.
            We all have our own way of playing the game but any mid/fwd that can average 100 is going in my fwd line not my mid line.
            It's of course handy to have a swing set but that's normally done with rookies.

    • Beezneez says:

      Put Danger fwd and take both Kelly and Fyfe.

  100. TMitch says:

    Angus Brayshaw come on down
    Nearly won the Brownlow!
    Averaged 108 over the last 9 games
    Priced for an ave of 97
    Clayton Oliver had bilateral shoulder reco's in the off season

    I probably shouldn't be highlighting him but, I'm a good bloke 🙂

  101. TMitch says:

    Think I might start Goldsack and Woodcock

  102. Starting with GAWN GRUNDY Macrae and CRIPPS is a big spend and worth it but geez it is a hard fit. Part of my strategy was a solid defence but that has suffered Laird Howe Williams and Witherden now make up my main defence Menegola is going to be very important in my view and sits at M5 to sure up a weakened Forward line if needed. Would have been good to have a Brayshaw or Crouch but Cripps/Macrae just too good to ignore Danger Smith and Dunkley who will have a ripper year make up my fwds



    X X X


    X X X

    • Rocksta_ says:

      You can get most of them in.

      I have Grundy, McCrae, Cripps
      Crouch at M5 with Danger, Heener and Dunkley as my Premo fwds
      Laird, Whitfield, Witherden and Williams as the backs.

      • derek says:

        my gut is saying no to Dunkley. I can see him doing a tagging type role and Mclean being the point scorer. staying away from all the doggies, including Macrea until i see how they line up.

        • Rocksta_ says:

          McCrae is bloody expensive, but I just can’t bring myself to start without him because of that enormous ceiling that he has.
          I’m sure people will be able to pick him up cheaper during the season, but at the loss of how many points along the way?

        • Yes Derek Bullies are a worry He could easily end up HEENEY

    • KeenButClueless says:

      Hi Neil. Whilst your logic makes sense, it just never feels right to have a forward in the mids. You will need to buy 4 premium mids, which will be expensive. I think you can be sure that you will pick up forwards through the season for 450k, but you would be happy to buy a fallen premium at 550k. You might end up not having enough cash to properly stock your midfield.

    • gator59 says:

      Howe is injured again Neil… Same quad as last year

    • Maverick_ says:

      Don’t mind what you’ve done NDD gone hard on blokes you know should finish near the top of there position but I just can’t bring myself to do it knowing they may very well drop in price and hope to get them then. Previous years I’ve spent big on the best midfielder/s & ruckman and watched them fall drastically and people around me get a bargain.
      I’ve gone after value this year mate.
      Atm I have Cripps Neale dusty Merrett M.Crouch & miles along with Grundy & goldy for me at R2.

      • I favour Guns n rookies this year Maverick. Williams and Witherden will be my only midpricers ..Miles interests me but I think I am set Took Derek's and Keen's advice and slotted Heeney and Brayshaw in to replace Dunkley and Menegola makes sense Funny thing I ended up with exactly zero bank Thanks for all your advice guys appreciated NDD

        • Derek says:

          Heeney will be 100% midfield this year. Parker and Mills will be rotating mid and forward

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Hi Neil. I like the look of that premo side. I think Howe is not 100%, so id be wary starting with him, but otherwise very solid mate. Cheers. TH

      • just about nailed it now TOPPA .I checked a lot of data and have concluded that Macrae Cripps and Grawndy are simply too good. so the 4 are in.Also Oliver is also a must have as I believe his operations are 100%.The downside for this huge outlay is defence which has much better options in rookies and midpricers anyway Checked out a few kids Two to watch TH are Hill GWS and Joshua Corbett GC Good Luck mate

        • TOPHAWK1 says:

          Corbett is in my team already. Ian Hill I am aware off and I will watch him closely in the JLT. I am still hesitant to start with Oliver because of those shoulder ops. But you are well connected to the Dees, you reckon Clarry is fully recovered and ready to go round one? Because if that is the case, I will start with him without hesitation. Cheers mate.

          • Clarry's shoulders are fine and so is he however he will be more forward this year with Brayshaw set to attend most bounces

            • _Kyle says:

              You think clarry will be the one who is pushed forward more? I would think as the dees best mid hed be just about locked in for the same game as lat year and having gawn hand it to him on a silver platter.

              Furthermore would he still score well playing more forward? The kids never been much of a goal kicker to date so i would think a move like this would hurt his scoring a lot. Hes more the titch type who racks it up through gut running to make the points. Hes currently in my side but if you reckon hes gonna be more forward you may just shove a bit of doubt into picking him

              • By more forward i mean compared to 2018 I know his form is ordinary as a forward but they like it and with Brayshaw coming on Melbourne are entertaining it. You will find , Kyle , Brayshaw and Oliver will split it. Wont affect Clarries output particularly if he learns to kick. He is my M3 I chose him over Brayshaw who has a lot more 80's games Clarrie rarely puts one in Cheers and good luck

  103. RoyWetard says:

    Do you prefer having a VC loophole on the bench with no cash generation or having a playing rook with no loophole available?

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      If the playing rook is capable of making 200k profit (60ish average for ~117k) I'd take that for sure. You pretty much never have 30 playing after Round 1

    • KeenButClueless says:

      Derek had a really good suggestion on this as well from a few years ago. His idea was to start a rookie that wasn’t going to get a round 1 gig, but was pretty certain to get an early run at it. If memory serves, it was Berry that year. It worked well. Looking at it this year, Woosha said Mosquito would probably debut, but not round 1. I also think maybe Watson from WCE is in that category. If Constable is not picked round 1, he could be another.

  104. Rocksta_ says:

    Heeney or Menegola at F2?
    I can’t decide.
    Does the fact that the GOAT is playing predominantly forward this year mean more mid time for Menegola?


    • Ralph says:

      Heeney for sure. First full preseason and is toning up on only 20-25 touches. With Hanners gone too and Menzel coming in it also means he won’t have to play as a forward target as much and there’s more mid time on offer.

    • KeenButClueless says:

      I have a suspicion that it might be Parfitt. I don’t have any stats to back that up, but I do remember a good patch last year before he got injured. He just resigned, so might be a Smokey. He was on my list of breakout contenders, but his starting price is just too high.

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Menegola doesn't have the tank to play big mid minutes.

      It will be shard between Kelly, Menegola, Narkle, Dahlhaus and probably Constable.

      Expect Danger to spend a lot more time in the midfield.

    • The Ranger says:

      Shame they both have the same bye eh Rocksta?
      Heeney by a short nose for mine.
      Which still leaves F3….

  105. derek says:

    I've set up a Cash League. Nothing too rich. $20 per player should add a bit of interest. Winner take all.

    email: [email protected]

    if you would like to join.

    I'll send you banking details and league code.

    Only bad players need apply 😉

    Only 1 spot left.

  106. Rocksta_ says:

    Personally I think Dusty and M Crouch are no brainers at their respective prices.
    Dusty will spend less time up forward due to the recruit of Lynch, and Crouch was carrying injuries for a significant part of last year .
    Lock em in and throw away the key I Say!

  107. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    Sam Collins a lock or better to go a cheaper option like Wilkie?

    • Derek says:

      Always look for the cheap options, only need them for 4 to 5 weeks. Need to hold the expensive rookies a bit longer

  108. JohnDJ59 says:

    Thought I would post my team since I am finally happy with it, make of it what you will.. Def: Laird, Witherden, Mills, Williams, Rozee, Quaynor,( Hore, Wigg ). Mids: Cripps, Bont, Dusty, M.Crouch, Merrett, Walsh, Hately, Constable, ( Bewley, Hind, Hays ) Rucks: Grundy, Goldy, ( Sweet ) Fwds: Danger, Smith, Heeney, Rankine, Blakey, Setterfield, ( Parker, Cavarra ). Going with three MP in defence that I think could be keepers, I did look at the fwd line ones, but wasn't convinced they would work, was always going with five premos, three rookies in the mids. I have some expensive rookies on field, thinking it is easier to go down in price than up.

    • I have seen a lot of similar Goldy based teams.. Mills is the interesting one sure to get a lot of mid time .All the top recruits are present Walsh Rozee Hately Rankine maybe just too many

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        Hi Neil, I just saw the post about Smith, so I might have to rethink that pick, Heeney could move up to F2 and a cheaper player could replace Smith. I put most of the expensive rookies in, just in case they are any good and we don't get enough cheaper ones to pick. All my bench rookies are between $102,400 – $117,300 if more turn up I would pick them over my expensive rookies. I tried my team with Fort at R2 and was able to have stronger def/fwd lines, but I would only go down that path if Geelong was very positive about him being their number one ruck.

    • Derek says:

      Why did you go Laird ahead of Lloyd?

      I have both, but depends on where rookies are, I might need to go an extra premium in forwards, laird or Lloyd might have to go as Williams and Witherden seem too good value

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        Hi Derek, it was actually a last minute change, I'd had Lloyd from the start, I was just a bit worried about how Mills would effect his scoring, since it was around the time Mills injured himself that Lloyd's scoring spiked. I would prefer to have both, but at the moment can't afford to, I could still change them back depending on how they go in the preseason games.

  109. Sharkmove_King says:

    Just because players can play on from a kick in doesn't mean they will (at least more often anyway)

    If you think the team without the ball trust to create a zone which spreads roughly 60 metres up the field. Any more than this there will be too many gaps within and any less you run the risk of a player kicking over top of the zone, right?

    So, now the logical thing for a player kicking in would be to use those extra 20mts to kick long hopefully over the zone.

    But what if the opposing team starts the zone further up the ground? Meaning, if will be very easy for the player kicking in to hit up a short target, but trying to kick long will most likely make the ball come straight back.

    Could these new rules see less playing on?

  110. RoyWetard says:

    Laird and Yeo/Sloane/Zorko, Dunkley and Yeo/Sloane/Zorko or Laird and Dunkley?

  111. Skindog says:

    Devon Smith has an injury, a “partial disruption’ to his bicep, Essendon say it won’t impact him, that it is only minor?

  112. Borko says:

    Here is my team. At this stage, it’s very ‘cookie cutter’ with the exception of R2

    Lloyd, Laird, Williams, Newman, rookies x 4(D5-8)
    Macrae, Cripps, Kelly, Neale, Martin, Miles, rookies x 5 (M7-11)
    Grundy, Longer, rookie
    Dangerfield, Smith, Heeney, rookies x 5 (F4-8)

    I am hoping 11 of the players (out of the 15 listed above) will be keepers, meaning I need to upgrade a further 11 players.

    My question is this:
    1. Is Longer a realistic option to avg 70-80 and play every game until R8 or R9
    2. How many PODs do I need to liven up my team? I am thinking maybe 3 more – 1 on each line to go with Longer in the ruck.
    I feel like this is a solid structure … am i on the right track?

    • Team looks good Borko. I am not really keen on Newman but in a crappier team could do well. I would upgrade him Mids is a great line .Longer a risk even short term as the points loss increases good luck

    • Derek says:

      As someone who has started TBC, Lobbe, Sandi, Lycett as my R2 in recent years, you ride a big roller coaster, cheering every possession they get as most are contested and score well.

      The main fear is they get injured early and you don’t have the cash to go up to anyone good.

    • GloryDays94 says:

      I like the 2 mid priced options in defense.. so many back there this season. I am going for Williams and Smith

    • Derek says:

      Longer won’t average 80. He might have a few 80’s but there will be a 50 in there as well.

      POD can also be when you don’t have a player. I’m going no McCrae or Cripps.

    • Borko says:

      Thanks for the advice … will look at Hanerbury, Mills, MCrouch, RGray as PODs. I am sold on a 250-350k R2 … just need to pick the best one! I just think set and forget is not the best ruck strategy

      • Derek says:

        There are few options at that price, but it only takes an injury to a teams #1 Ruck and there could be a 5 week window or more.

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Nice team mate. Starting with Billy Longer is scary though. There is serious downside risk there. It might be worth spending the extra to get someone like Goldy. He is great value, and you know what you get. You might be able to find a few bucks in the back line to make it happen. Do you really need to spend mega coin to have both Laird and Lloyd? Just a few ideas mate. Good luck this season! Cheers

  113. Sausage says:

    Does Mummy have a ban at all for that video leak? If not, why isnt he more popular? Surely a 90+ average for him.

    • Sausage says:

      Dont worry just searched it up, going to have to field Longer or Naismith

    • Derek says:

      He will struggle to average 80+. Hasn’t played for 2 years and he’s old. Won’t take him long to remember why he retired in the first place.

      • Peter56 says:

        I think he will be in the 90's
        If you are going to take the risk are you better to go a Clarke or Fort?
        Think JLT will be the big eye opener and we will have a better idea in 40 days.

    • Lazza says:

      Mummy will be lucky to play 14 games.. will miss the first few and has already missed over 3 weeks of the pre-season with a hammy .. forget him.

  114. DILDOR says:

    Carlton have signed M. Gibbons. Surely hes a walk up start. Any idea what his price and position will be?

  115. Shake_n_bake says:

    JJ hurt his ankle not sure how serious.

  116. GloryDays94 says:

    Hey Guys

    Would love some feedback on my current team, have been chopping and changing so much..

    Not sure whether to go two mid pricers back or one back and one Mid.

    Lloyd, Simpson, Williams, Smith, rookies

    MaCrae, Cripps, Kelly, Crouch, Merrett, rookies

    Grundy, Goldy

    Dangerfield, Heeney, Dunkley, rookies


    • Ja191 says:

      Good team glory, for me it’s all guess work until we see the effect of some of the rules + rookie availablity on each line will change structure

      • GloryDays94 says:

        Just wish they didnt have the stupid AFLX and played a couple more games of JLT.

    • Skindog says:

      Lloyd’s injures atm, I would go another and get him in later

  117. it is a big spend Kyle but aside from Williams and Witherden I am not keen on midpricers . in previous years they popped up early like Cogs last year I am still looking for that 382k Oliver one will be there NDD

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi Neil, I'm thinking about starting Brayshaw and Taranto in the mids, definitely Heeney Fwd, I think all 3 could go to another level this year, if not I could crash and burn and get stuck with non premo mids but that's all part of the fun of it I reckon…bring it on!
      Have been tempted by Dusty but that guy always seems to burn me in the first half of the season, my best mid as of now is Cripps.

      • All three are in the mix Russty

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Hey Russsty. I am seriously considering starting Taranto in the midfield as well. I reckon he could go 100-105 average this year. Instead of starting Brayshaw, have you considered starting with James Harmes?

        • Russty_ says:

          Hi Hawk, yeah considering Harmes for sure, looked great last year and much cheaper, just want to see how he goes in the preseason games and what his role will be first.

  118. Whitey says:

    Any love for Mundy, had 11 100's last year, did have one 53 against Richmond but all other games were pretty reasonable. I get that he is getting long in the tooth but he is very durable, only missing about 6 games in the last 4 years. Could see a little more mid time with Neale going and the inevitable Fyfe injury they will being looking for experience in there to help the kids.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey whitey, he's a pretty dependable choice really, had his best average for 3 years last year at 96..Can't complain about that.
      Only risk this year is, if this is the year his age catches up to him, he could slow down dramatically, on the other hand, he must know his own body pretty well and how to take care of himself, because he has one of the most consistent records in the game.
      I'm just going 3 premos in the fwds this year with 1 expensive rookie and 2 rookies.
      Premos being Danger Heeney and Smith, I'd like to fit Mundy in but have other lines to think of first.
      He's definitely a POD right now though.

    • The Ranger says:

      Def on the watchlist Whitey, I think he'll be the one to get extra mid time with Neale gone and Blakely down.
      I can't see Ross running with a midfield full of kids, he'll want a bigger, older body in there.

  119. Russty_ says:

    I'm thinking of starting a pod in the mids who banked 19 scores of 90+ in 2017 and 17 scores of 90+ in 2018.
    Averaged between 105 and 110 in those 2 years.
    Seems like a reliable safe bet to me and not overly expensive..does anyone know who I'm talking about? 🙂
    Just wondering why no one seems to be interested in him this year.

    • Lazza says:

      I’m starting with The Bont this year…has averaged similarly over the past 5 yrs.. ready to go bigger with Macrae and Dunkley taking the heat…

    • PJ8 says:


      • Russty_ says:

        You got it PJ

        • PJ8 says:

          Absolute gun. I knew straight away after your description as I have been pondering also and had just recently studied his history. Always seems to get overlooked in SC every year due to Danger & Selwood’s status.

    • ToughBretts says:

      I’m a huge Duncan fan.
      However I’ve just taken him out of my team due to the cats talking up the prospects of running a midfield consisting of Quinton Narkle, danger, Kelly, etc.
      Duncan’s ability to play a more outside role could be his downfall this year, but he does still represent a high floor play that definitely won’t cost you a games

  120. Russty_ says:

    Hey guys, I am back from my 10 day Golfing odyssey holiday playing 6 different Golf Courses and realising that I suck at Golf as far as scoring goes, I can hit it really far but sometimes it goes 250 metres onto the other fairway.
    Anyway…I was wondering, who in your team this year do you think will break out and score like a super champ and vault your team ahead of the pack, the guys many were doubting but you believed in would propel you towards Supercoach glory this year?

    My picks for this year are…Francis, Miles, Taranto, Brayshaw, Heeney, one other guy who I'd rather not name yet. 🙂
    Could be really embarrassing at the end of the year but I'm willing to put myself out there.
    How about yououououououoooiiiii ? 🙂

    • great to have you back Great topic and I think Harmes will have a break out year Does everything tags kicks goals tackles hard almost your complete player/

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        James Harmes I really like as well as Taranto. It will be a toss off the coin who will get that M5 spot in my side. Harmes looked awesome towards the end of last season.

      • Russty_ says:

        Hi Neil, yeah Harmes I'd like to find a way to fit him in but would like to see what his role will be first, looked pretty darn good last year, really came along.

    • Nice person says:

      Interested as to where you see these break out guys getting their points.
      Francis looks class, but can't see his game style making him a premo defender.
      Miles has shown us what he's got with a class midfeild around him, he had plenty of opportunities and is a decent player but now he will have to win his own ball and will be getting flogged every week, not sure where those points come from
      Tarnto definitely is a jet but didn't show a massive ceiling last year
      Brayshaw and heeney I can see improving but they are priced to do so anyway

      Ps what's your handicap

      • GloryDays94 says:

        Mate Taranto will average 100 plus this year easily. He will be a permanent MID now Shiel is gone.

      • Russty_ says:

        Hey NP, if I end up going with Francis it'll be in the hope he can maintain an average of around 80ish or more, and eventually upgrading him to a premo defender, same goes for Miles and who knows?..they could surprise and do more.
        Taranto, I'd be happy if he was averaging 100 or thereabouts as he frees up some money to add to other lines, and he could be upgraded later in the season quite easily.
        I'm playing off around 10 to 15 depending on the wind and how well my back's holding up that day, wish I had more time to practice but usually have big gaps in time between rounds.

    • Holty01 says:

      Hey Russty. Your golfing ability sounds similar to mine. I give it a good crack but end up walking twice as far as anyone else as I’m walking fairway to fairway looking for my ball.
      Anyway, this breakout player is a good topic. I’ve always tried to pick 1 or 2 each year but at present mine is more elite players who dropped off last year and I think they can recapture their elite scoring again. Zorko is one I’m looking at. Has come back this season the fittest he has ever been which is a good indication he wasn’t happy with last year.
      My roughie however is Williamson from Carlton. Won’t average you premo numbers but I’ve heard rumours he will be used more as a rebound defender this year as Docherty is out. I’ll keep my eyes on him in JLT.

      • Russty_ says:

        Hi Holty, yeah it'll be interesting to see how the Zork goes with Neale in the midfield and if he cops a tag or not, will be good to see Williamson in the JLT and how he slots into their backline..I'm trying to avoid too many expensive rookies but I'll probs end up going with Quaynor or Logue depending on how they look in the preseason games.
        Cheers mate.

    • Captain Risky says:

      Good topic. I like those 5 – Francis, Miles & Heeney in my current team Watching Berry & McLuggage, Parfitt, J. Higgins & Worpel through JLT. Maybe Gresham, although the saints are crap ( Sorry!)

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Hi Russty all of the players named should do well, although I think Brayshaw had his break out in the second half last year. I'm expecting big things from Taranto and Heeney, but out of all of them only Heeney is in my team.

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      I just put Brayshaw in at M5

  121. Paul says:

    Anyone got an opinion on Jasper pirates down back? Coming back from injury but had some good years at Port.

    • Russty_ says:

      Ahhhhhrrrr Paul, Jasper Pirates :)….A little bit inconsistent score and injury-wise for me mate…plenty of other better options out there I think, were you considering him for D3 or 4 ?

      • Paul says:

        He’s d4 currently. I feel like there is some cash to be made, depends on his preseason I guess.

  122. Paul says:

    Sorry Pittard

  123. Nice person says:

    Yeah OK but is that good enough?

    • ToughBretts says:

      Agree, if you’re not EXPECTING a 108+ average then it’s not worth spending premo money on. Find an extra 40k and get Zorko

  124. Nice person says:

    Harris Andrews will be the new swing man this year, we all know how that goes for scoring

  125. Been thinking about Macrae @ 690k I know I will regret it but have swapped him for Beams. The savings of 140 k enables me to upgrade my worst defender WIGGS to Tom Williamson plus a 50k bank. I looked at the doggies ruck set up and they must be rated bottom 4 English and sweet just don't cut it and Roughie's gone ,say no more about collingwoods and their mids Am I on the right track..NDD

    • Nice person says:

      No beams will play 15 Max

      • I have a fair idea who Nice person is and if I am right your judgement is to be highly respected. Maybe my plan was good just the chosen player wrong

        • Russty_ says:

          I don't think NP is the person you think he might be Neil, I think he might be a certain person who just keeps on coming back..certain traits are emerging again as they always seem to.

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      I am always worried about Beams. That shoulder of his………….He is 29 years old now and despite that not being that old, he may be past his peak. In any case, he is too much of an injury risk for mine. You can grab Matty Crouch for a similar price, but he has that slight hamstring risk attached to him. I am more bullish about Crouch though as he will be part of a Crows side seeking redemption after last year's disaster. He has Jacobs there feeding him plenty of footy too. Cheers Neil.

    • skindog says:

      NDD i think starting without Macrae is a loss, he'll still get plenty of ball, and you'll loose those points and maybe hard to get him in later, you'll kick yourself later, he gets large numbers, very risky imo, id be waiting to see what rooks are named, keep youre core strength, your spine if you will, and hes definitely in that core,,

    • Holty01 says:

      hi Neil. I wouldn’t go Beams (durability) but if you are going to take the risk in not starting Macrae, take the punt on a POD.

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Hi Neil, I'm not going with Macrae either, but I never was, he will be one of my upgrade targets if he is still one of the top three mids. Having said that, if you were planing to have him in your team from the start, then that is what you should do..I picked seven players that I wanted to start with in my mids and chose five of them.

    • The Ranger says:

      Beams is just too much of an injury risk for me to start with him Neil, he's not even in full training yet as it is.
      I'm trying to make sure my keepers have all had full preseasons and don't have a history of injuries.

    • Derek says:

      I just worry about any bulldog mids and where they will play and if there are too many mouths to feed

      $690k is too Rich for me

      Same with Collingwood, very crowded in there and many mouths to feed. Not sure what Beams TOG was last year with the bears not having many other options, just think his minutes will be lower this year, then add the injury concerns.

      Merrett, Dusty or Crouch and save $140k, allows a Walsh in guts to pick up any points you would miss if McCrae does score well

      • Nice person says:

        McCrae is a superstar

        • Derek says:

          Agree. But there is some uncertainly with the bulldog midfield, you don’t want any uncertainly if spending $690k

          • Nice person says:

            No uncertainty where he will play. Maybe the rest but not him

            • _Kyle says:

              You are forgetting that libba will be returning to the mids. While it may have no affect on mcraes game there is every possibility that it may whether that be for better or worse is anyones guess

      • Skindog says:

        Wait what, ?? Walsh to pick up points of Macrae does score well,? Your not comparing are you? Insane,,

    • Maverick_ says:

      You were on the right path neil till you mentioned beams then you took a left turn instead of going right!
      I too am not starting Macrae at that price but like others have mentioned beams durability is a worry.
      I have slotted MCrouch in for the same price i think he is unders and will have a cracking year mate.

    • Rick says:

      Start with Macrae. If he spuds it you can downgrade to anybody. If you don't have him and he's flying, impossible to get him in.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi Neil, I've only just brought Macrae back into my team, like you said earlier in the year, he's a bonafide gun and has come of age and can be too hard to acquire once you've missed the boat.
      I wouldn't think Liberatore or anyone else will affect his output because he's just so good, cheers mate.
      Also, he's one of the few you can rely on for a Captain's pick, who knows how to go big.

  126. Tom says:

    Hi all, first time poster…
    Would love some feedback on my team please. Have played for year…going for a slightly more unique team this year…

    Back: Lloyd, Laird, Simpson, Rozee, Collins, Quanor, (Wilke, Wigg)

    Mid: Cripps, Yeo, Dusty, Merrett, Sloane, Walsh, bewley, setterfield, (valente, Ely Smith, Hind)

    Rucks: Grundy, Goldy, (fort )

    Miss: Danger, Degoey, Darling, Daniher, Blakey, Cavarra, (Parker, Corbett)

    Thanks everyone! Love the posts!

    • gator59 says:

      All you need Tom is Dahlhouse and Dunkley and you'll have an all "D" forward line…. All looked good until I saw the forwards… Degoey, Darling and Daniher all gotta go

      • Tom says:

        Thanks Gator…I know degoey is only just starting to build to full fitness but do you know something about darlings fitness?! Last year he had an incredible run of large tons and if not for a couple of low injury effected scores would have averaged well into the 90’s…. understand Daniher is a huge risk but I may have some inside word….;)

        • gator59 says:

          We all gotta take a risk somewhere but all 3 are risks and if you start them all you're gunna be chasing everyones tail to get back in the race.. You're going to lose some serious points there mate … Try and get the likes of Dunkley, Smith, Heeney, Menegola or even a Buddy in there

      • Nothing wrong with an all dee forward line GAT

    • Rick Grimes says:

      Hi Tom. Agree with others, solid bar 3 of the 4 Ds up front. I like De Goey but fear he'll be up and down. Try to work a consistent performer like Heeney, Smith or Gray in there if you can.

  127. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Hi community!

    Michael Gibbons the new Carlton recruit looks very interesting. Has been a star in the VFL over the last 5 years playing for Williamstown. He runs really hard, attacks the footy ferociously, plays midfield and kicks a few goals to boot. What are the chances he plays round 1? Is there any more intel on him? Lek dog might know a bit more about his prospects? Be good if he was priced at $102K and had mid/fwd eligibility. Be interesting to see how he goes in the JLT. TH

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Spot reserved for him on my fwd bench hawk.

      Now he has his chance will give 120% and word is looking likely to line up with Walsh in.rd 1.

      Happy place is open hawk. Jump in mate.

    • Liam says:

      Almost guaranteed to start round 1

    • Holty01 says:

      He will play. In fact, I think he is good enough to play in most sides. If he starts, would not be surprised if he averages 75+

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Hawk, great that he got picked up…will he be a fwd or mid if he starts? Reserving a spot for him regardless.

    • Seen a few willy games last year and they just keep producing gems like him but keep on eye on Werribees Corbett he's a ripper current Round/Fothergill medalist in only a short season

  128. Krups says:


    Would like to know do you use R3? A non playing loophole option,
    or are you going for a cheap playing ruck for short term backup. If the later how much is too much money sitting at R3? Thanks

    • Peter56 says:

      This year looks to be a bit different and there should be some really cheap playing ducks, so this year it might be a position to make cash.

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      I like to have a cheap non playing $102,300 rookie at R3, just makes it easier for the loophole, looking at Sweet this year.

  129. RoyWetard says:

    For anyone interested in joining a tipping league – 220013

  130. Smokey says:

    Playing with Fire – but at least I have Danger on every line 🙂

    Laird, Simmo, McGrath
    Smith, Roberton, collins

    Cripps, Fyfe, Kelly, Brayshaw
    Miles, Libba, Setterfield, Constable

    Lobb, Longer

    Danger, Smith, Heeney
    Darling, Moore, Blakey

    • Nice person says:

      Have fun when your rucks score 80 combined points
      No offence

    • Russty_ says:

      How much money left over Smokey?..have to agree with Nice about your rucks, reckon you need at least one of the big 2 or you could start way behind the 8-ball.

    • Derek says:

      Yu must have cash left?

    • Smokey says:

      LOL that's what I love about this site (sarcasm) everybody thinks they're an expert and entitled to deride anything that they didn't think of themselves.
      Plenty of unsubstantiated claims but nobody with the knowledge or intellect to give valid reasons.
      When you hang sh*t maybe back it with your actual ranks from the last few years, trolls.

      • Smokey says:

        You're probably all currently running with teams teams that have 6+ rookies on field and have to gaul to bag a team that is full of actual round 1 starters.

        • Nice person says:

          A team full of mid pricers won't get it done, ever. Plenty of rokkies play every year
          But stick with this team and see how it goes champ

      • Russty_ says:

        Didn't think I was being sarcastic, just honest Smokey…You posted, so, I assume you wanted a response from someone?
        Thought I gave a valid reason as to why I posted what I did about your ruck strategy.
        Don't think anyone was hanging sh*t on you….I'm not like that and neither is Derek. We weren't bagging you mate, don't let a single opinion sour your opinion of the whole site.
        Can't speak for the other bloke, he doesn't seem to have much of a filter.

      • Loop says:

        I started with McGrath last year because I thought that he might be a stepping stone. He had a great first round but after that he didnt score well or make any money towards an upgrade. I wouldnt pick him this year. I like that your team is different but I think that you might have too many players to upgrade. My rank was in the 400s last year but to be honest I'm not sure how that happened. I'll go with the same strategy this year and see if it was just a fluke.

    • skindog says:

      Damn Smokey, people gave you sound advice and you went all defensive, your rucks are shocking mate, wont score anywhere near enough points, and wont generate enough cash for you to upgrade them to premo keepers, Rooks are your cash generators, your wayyyyyy behind the eight ball on this one mate, maybe take the criticism as posotive, the boys arent putting you down, just trying to help? or keep it and we'll talk at the end of season!! enjoy your year Smokey,,,,

    • The Ranger says:

      If you're happy going with a mid pricer team then that's a pretty good one Smokey.
      You def have danger on every line!
      Good luck mate.

    • Maverick_ says:

      Hi Smokey,

      Alot has to go right for you with this side with so many midpricers but hey it may just come off for you!
      Personally i try keep to only 2-3 midpricers and even that is enough to keep me up every night worrying.
      I wish i had balls of steel like yourself though i take my hat off to you Smokey.
      Just noticed also mate you only have danger in your fwd line his not on every line

  131. Russty_ says:

    If Michael Gibbons starts in the mids round one and you were going with Walsh or Stocker would you ditch them for Gibbons or still play 2 of the 3?

    • Derek says:

      I’m really hoping I have the cash to get Walsh in team.

      But if Gibbon is $102k the decision is easy. Gibbons ahead of Walsh

      • dontblushbaby says:

        Agree, same thinking , however we need all our rookies to play a number of games to generate cash , How often do we see players play round 1 & 2 then get dropped , I see Walsh & Stocker as ones they will persevere with , good luck to Gibbo ,hopes he makes it

        • Derek says:

          Most rookies who play a game or two and then dropped is because of a best 22 player returning. Alway think about a rookie who gets a game round 1 and if there is a player about to return who will replace them.

          • Russty_ says:

            Very good point Derek, and that happens quite often, examples could be the guys who make up the numbers while players like Greene, and Daniher are given extra time to recover, almost as bad as Liam Ryan last season who tore it up his first few games and then got injured, gotta make sure we get the rookies as right as we can at the start.

            • KeenButClueless says:

              That could be Quaynor and Crisp. If the Pies pick Quaynor Round 1 and Crisp is in, he might be worth a shot, but if Crisp is out, then I will no matter how much he tears up JLT.

  132. SHU says:

    Hey fellas, was wondering if there was any way of seeing your team from last year or even previous years in supercoach? im curious to see certain mistakes i did and how i started etc etc

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi SHU, don't think so mate, I tried looking for it and I have SC Gold…think you just need to record it yourself, I know the other one AFL Fantasy you can look back on previous years.

  133. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    Ok after much deliberation this my fairly risky, perhaps stupid, team. Still JLT to go and that is where most of my picks will be locked in or needing to be changed, especially in the case of rookies.

    DEF: Kade Simpson, Whitfield, Witherden, Newman, Williamson, Burgess (Wigg, Hore)

    I seriously can't believe SIMMO is at 7% ownership, he had his second best year supercoach scoring wise last year at the blues with an average of over 105 and imo, will only go up from there with the combined factors of the unfortunate loss of docherty for a second straight year and the new kick in rules (albeit a smaller boost should be expected than others due to his high 'kick to self' rate), if not can be relied on for a 95 average like he has done for the past gazillion years.
    WHITFIELD is a very popular selection and rightly so as he is on an upwards trajectory. Has all the tools to boost his average above three figures this year as he chips in with kickouts when need be and his role as a winger/half back allows him to rack up the points
    WITHERDEN'S 84 average last year includes an injury affected 13, kick in boosts for defenders should make him a good selection as he is the go to man at the lions just needs to find a bit more consistency as he scored below 70 4 times last year. Underpriced at 450k and i think he could push to a mid 90's average.
    NEWMAN displayed his scoring potential in his first year at the swans however lacked the opportunities which he should easily find at Carlton in the absence of Docherty. Hoping for an average north of 85 to make a straight swap very easy but could even be a keeper if his average is at 90 and other inevitable problems rise within the season.
    WILLIAMSON is at the very hefty price of 189,000 however with a rebounding defender role likely to fall his way, he could make some handsome cash if he can capitalise on the opportunity. He is well regarded at the club having played 15 games back in 2017, just has to overcome injury problems which he is making steady progress from in this years preseason.
    BURGESS, WIGG and HORE are my current rookie selections in the backline and who i think are likely to make early appearances.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi Josh could you post your complete team all together?
      Better to see the whole thing in an overview, I reckon Goldy and Martin are both very solid but…they could both end up 3rd and 4th best rucks.
      That's why I'd say, find a way to get Grundy in….also I know you love your Blues but I reckon Williams would be a better pick than Newman, the way to do this could be leaving Wingard or Mundy out for the extra cash, maybe even Quaynor for Williamson.
      Parker from St-kilda should be a good chance to start this year too.
      Gotta say I don't like the Steele pick much, you need your mids to be able to deliver at least 13 + tons per season, not sure if he can do that and the team he's in sucks…because our recruiting staff suck.

      Just suggestions mate, you've obviously thought long and hard about it all. Good luck for this season.

      • Hi Russty Quaynor looks to be a good cheap option down back as you say but I am just wondering whether Josh got his Steeles mixed up. Sidey would be a decent pod but the saints version is a good trier who luckily finds himself in a poor team Bet Gator would back that up Goldy and Martin are still 10 to 20 points below Grawnddy Set and forget however the extra 150k could turn a Steele into an Oliver a real prem cheers mate

        • BlueBaggerJosh says:

          Does Quaynor have the job security of williamson though, williamson is almost guaranteed 22 games if not injured imo, obviously comes to the JLT and round 1 lineups. I'd be stupid to take someone 40k more with less scoring potential. Definitely meant to say steele from the saints, sidey is in a team of 22 midfielders lol. Agreed with the rucks, ill have to get grundy in somehow but im going with goldy over gawn, just a gut feel

        • Russty_ says:

          Hey mate, I just took it on Josh's naming of surnames in his team, I firmly believe Jack Steele is not a good supercoach option though, just not enough tons per season historically.

      • BlueBaggerJosh says:

        Good luck to you too, yes i have haha my team has taken many forms.
        complete team that i went through
        DEF: Simmo, Whitfield, Witherden, Williamson, Burgess (Hore, Wigg)
        MID: Cripps, Yeo, Dusty, Steele, taranto, Walsh, Stocker, Atley (Bewley, Hind, Watson)
        RUC: Martin, Goldy (fort)
        FWD: Danger, Heeney, Mundy, Wingard, Setterfield, Corbett (Cavarra, Wilkinson)
        I agree my blue bias probably took over, williams is very proven. I only had Wingard in to fill my fwd line and he is having a pretty shocking pre season so ill definitely consider your suggestion. I honestly do want Grundy and am probably just trying to convince myself lol. It is one of taranto or steele for me, i like to take at least 1 midfield 'breakout' punt, with the cash left over from your suggestion ill upgrade the one least impressive in the JLT.

        • Russty_ says:

          Hey Josh, no worries mate, was just throwing my 2 cents worth in, no one's right or wrong in the pre-season.
          Newman could tear it apart in the JLT for all we know…and then everyone will want him…and you will be the prophet who foresaw it…lol
          You have Taranto and Steele in your mids at the moment, but other options to consider might be, Brayshaw, Harmes, Kelly (Geelong),maybe even Miles for extra cash… for Steele, I'd keep Taranto!…Gresham is another one to consider maybe over Wingard, would free up some dosh too.
          You'll have a good year, cause you think about what you're doing…I'm sure you'll get it all right by round 1.

        • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

          Hi Josh.
          Im not one to make suggestions on a team as everyone has different strategies and ideas in this game. It is what makes it so great.

          If you have done your research and are happy with your choices then back yourself in. Pending JLTof course.

          I will say it is definately not a cookie cutter team and a good coverage team. By that i mean you only have minimum rooks on each line so have used the money saved on not taking Grundy to pump/ramp up your def and fwd line. 1 short in def I assume it is Newman/Short?

          You have nailed most of the rookies based on likelyhood of getting a gig early.

          Good luck. Back ya Gut.

          Also Williamson has suffered a health set back and wont play for awile so wont be there rd 1.

    • Derek says:

      The thing that will affect Simmo the most this year will be Newman. The fact that you have Newman says you think he will do good. I can see a 5 – 10 point drop this year, still makes him a top 6 defender but I wouldn’t be paying, cough, $570k for him.

      • BlueBaggerJosh says:

        That is a very good point, however from simmo i can only go up to sicily who triggers the no flog alarm, laird who i think will actually decline this year and lloyd or down to the likes of hurn or ryan who are just a tier below. Maybe i should find a way to get Lloyd in.

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Hi Josh, I like the way you have thought everything out and are taking on the advice of people on this site, if you aren't maxed out in leagues I have one you could join 'Holy Grail' code 461265

      • BlueBaggerJosh says:

        Haven't joined any leagues yet mate lol, How many leagues can you join? This is my third year so i dont know too much lol

  134. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    MID: Cripps, Yeo, Dusty, Steele, Taranto, Walsh, Stocker, Atley (Bewley, Hind, Tobe watson)

    CRIPPS is my absolute favourite player in the game and i would be doing myself a disservice not selecting him. Started him last year for a 22 point increase on his average and will be doing the same this year. First picked and not moving out of my team.
    YEO seems to be a forgotten man at 6 % ownership due to the loss of his DPP but i just cannot ignore him. He has broken the 'Yo-Yo' moniker with an 108 average which could have been even higher if not for a horrible 27 score in round 3. Coming off of a premiership, Yeo will further establish himself as a star.
    I was one of the many who started DUSTY at a bank shattering 660k after a record breaking year in 2017 and saw his price and average decrease significantly. This year at starting price 100k cheaper, im hoping the Tigers and Dusty are motivated after their loss to Collingwood in the finals and martin rediscovers his 2017 magic. The arrival of Lynch should ensure Martin stays in the midfield.
    This is where things become speculative. STEELE was an awesome selection in 2017 in our supercoach forward lines taking his average above the 90 mark. In 2018 his average slightly improved but it is his finish that excites me. In the last ten games of the season he averaged a huge 110.2 supercoach points. He has all of the attributes of a supercoach beast in the making including a superb tackling side to his game and i am hoping he takes this step into beast status this year. At over 510k, i will be hoping this POD pick of mine becomes a certified premo.
    TARANTO is another speculative, POD pick that finds his way into my side at 480k. With the loss of Shiel to the bombers, Taranto should enjoy a plethora of midfield minutes, something that was crucial to his 20 point average increase last year. This same increase in average could be replicated this year as Taranto seeks to carve his own spot in the Giants midfield room. I expect an average of mid 100's.
    Yes WALSH is very expensive. Yes expensive rookies do not usually work out and you are better off starting a rookie 70k less who will score the same if not more however Walsh is not your typical number 1 draft pick. He has been praised almost ad nauseam however his numbers prior to joining carlton do not lie. Many expect him to make an immediate impact and eventuate to be one of the greatest number 1 draft picks in recent memory and i am one of those believers. Will have to keep an eye on the JLT.
    STOCKER, BEWLEY, ATLEY and HIND are my choices to debut early and make some substantial cash. WATSON is a placeholder for GIBBONS.

  135. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    FWD: Dangerfield, Heeney, Mundy, Wingard, Setterfield, Corbett, Cavarra, Wilkinson

    DANGER is a lock. Enough said.
    HEENEY has teased us with potential to break out however has posted pretty much identical averages two years straight. This year it is time things change and Heeney proves himself in a full midfield position. I can se him pushing his average far into the 100's
    With Simmo and MUNDY in my team it is starting to resemble less of a supercoach side and more of a retirement village. However, with the Neale trade coming off and the injury to Blakely, Fremantle will be eager to reinsert a mature body in mundy among the kids in the midfield which should see this 1% POD reward me nicely.
    WINGARD, ahhh the classic burnman. Wingard has frustrated many over the years however he rewarded me last year for jumping on him late after a role change in the midfield and riding to the end of a season with a 103 average. Priced at an 88 average, Wingard is too underpriced to ignore as the absence of Mitchell should see Wingard play all year long in the role that provided an 103 average late last year.
    SETTERFIELD is also another must have, whether in the fwd or midfield.
    CORBETT, CAVARRA and WILKINSON are my picks as to who i think could earn themselves games this season.

    This team leaves me with 0 in the kitty, a sign of a job well done or perhaps a symbol of my chances of winning the 50k this year.

    • I didn't mind your format Josh but you seem to have a lot of picks that i would only be thinking about. Staggered you dont have a mountain of coin Players like Wingard Newman Martin Goldy Mundy Yeo and Steele are your pods but are my 'next in line ' players Sorry to be negative but being a pure Guns n rookies person I think your team is full of holes but I bet a few pay off Good luck and a great read cheers NDD

      • BlueBaggerJosh says:

        Thanks a lot for reading and good luck to you too, yeah you make a very good point however i am set on Mundy, Goldy and Yeo, both are certified premos not next in line players imo. Wingard, Newman Martin and Steele i agree with, will have to reconsider

  136. JohnDJ59 says:

    Is anyone going to be brave enough to have Fort at R2, if Geelong make it clear he is going to be their number one ruck.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hell yeah John!…imagine how much we could improve our other lines?…Smith and Abbott are both under injury clouds.
      That would literally free up 400 grand.(for me…I have Goldy)

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        Same, I keep looking at it and my def/fwds, look so much better.

        • Russty_ says:

          Could be a good year if that happens, Maybe Fort is Geelong's saviour in the rucks and ours in Supercoach.

          • JohnDJ59 says:

            Yes they have been pretty hopeless in the rucks, it could be a fresh start for them, pick him and stick with him.

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      Yes definitely. He will be one of the best scoring rookies so you want that on the field. But also, it gives you a few weeks to see who the 2nd best ruck is (assuming Grundy is r1). You get to see the Preuss factor. You get to see how Mumford goes.

      Only con I can think of is if he gets dropped/injured there is nobody to sideways to, unlike other positions. But, I can almost guarantee you will trade out a premium early due to injury.

      So, let's say Josh Kelly goes out like last year at the same time Fort is out. Kelly out for rookie, Fort out for premium.

    • RoyWetard says:

      One option I at least am looking at is starting Mummy at R2, using him as a loophole while giving Fort a 2 game trial.

    • BlueBaggerJosh says:

      Westhoff R2, swing him fwd with a ruc/fwd rookie and have fort on field rather than a fwd like cavarra or parker. Ruckman score much easier than rookie fwd's

    • Derek says:

      I would. I love a risky R2, I would probably use the money to get Hoff in forward line and loophole him and Fort. Cats play before Port 4 of the first 5 weeks, plus gives a backup if Fort gets an early rest

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        Thank's for all your feedback, Westhoff in the fwd line with Fort at R2 and a fwd/ruck rookie on the ruck bench would be the way to go. I currently have Grundy/Gawn and would be able to see how Gawn goes before getting him in like sharkmove said.

  137. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    Taranto and Whitfield
    any midfielder not Macrae or Cripps and Williams?

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      M,Crouch or Merrett, going with the lower priced value picks, so in keeping with the Taranto selection.

    • Russty_ says:

      Kelly or Oliver and Williams.

      • Derek says:

        I’m a big Oliver fan, but he hasn’t done any contact work at training. He is doubtful to play any JLT. He should play round 1, but won’t be in my team

        • DavidC says:

          I heard Oliver might play forward a bit more this year, a bit of a Dusty type role. Mind you it hasn't hurt Dusty's scoring too much.

  138. dontblushbaby says:

    I see a lot of teams with A.Witherden in them but not H.Andrews ? I believe he could push to be in the top 5 Defenders by year end ? or is Witherden seen as more value or just a better pick ?

    • Nice person says:

      Reports Andrews could be a swingman this year

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      Just safer. Key backs are too risky as premiums because their role can change from 1 week to the next to become more accountable. Take Rance or Hurley for example…. They have scored like premiums in the past,but not anymore, even though their form hasn't become worse.

    • DavidC says:

      As mentioned above, Andrews is being trialled in the forward line in some match sims. I'd stay clear.

      • Russty_ says:

        Yeah Dave, in Friday's Intra-club match he played mostly forward, shame cause I was seriously considering starting him, the points he got last year for spoils and intercept/contested marks was huge…also read that it might not be until later in the season cause of Gardiner and Adams struggling with knee injuries..but it will probably happen eventually cause Fagan wants to take pressure off Hipwood and let him roam a bit more freely at half forward.

  139. Nice person says: